[RECAP] Radio Charity Song Music SP "I'm With U" : Masha's 24 hour live broadcast

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Thanks to Izumisano for this piece of news;

As reported, the total donation collected from the I'm With U 24hrs Radio Charity Musicthon is JPY103million (USD1.3 million). Donations were collected from the broadcast on 9 April upto 31 May.

On 09.04.2011 from 1AM Japan time to 10.04.2011 at 1PM Japan time, Masha and Sou-chan hosted live ANN broadcast for the full 24 hours, with many guests coming along. He basically stayed up the entire 24 hours, spoke a lot and sang little except for a Live Jam (with full concert band mates!) during the normal ANN broadcasting time, had a pyjamas party with guests singing Gang and him wearing a pink pyjamas specially made by his stylist with a pink cap included and ended the entire radiothon with a live request version of Sakurazaka. All in the name of charity for the recent earthquake and tsunami affecting Northern Japan on 11.03.2011. Amazingly there were tremors felt during the live broadcast. It was an amazing 24 hours and his fans gathered at ANN building to watch the live feed available there whilst official site was added with some great pictures and even greater pictures in BROS member site. Since in the name of charity, you will find all these pictures, nicely enlarged for clarity in my Facebook page in the folder with the same title.  You will find some of the official pictures in this post. My only request is you don't reupload the missing ones found in Facebook anywhere else.

After the read more link, find old reminder notices, a kinda full recap thanks to his fans who stayed up for more of the night, download links and pictures.

UPDATES - 08.04.2011
Just a reminder; Masha's 24 hour radio live broadcast will run from 09.04.2011 at 1pm Japan time to 10.04.2011 1 pm Japan time. This is a radio broadcast, live and from what I have been reading, it will be awesome as he will be moving his concert equipments into his radio room or whatever you call it and guests will be coming in so I am sure there will be some exciting live jam during the 24 hour broadcast. Rumour has it there may even be live feed so let's hope if it is true, it is free access to all. Even if not true, at least you get to hear some amazing stuff on air. I am not his radio show follower so I can't tell you the full details but generally if you wish to listen in, I know of one way and it is easy, so follow step by step if you have never ever done this. This is assuming you have unfettered internet access and I hope you do.

1. Download Keyhole TV (which is free) here.

Click DOWNLOAD (Keyhole TV Download) > Choose your OS platform such as Windows > Click on SetupKHTV3.16.exe to download

I see also an update folder for Windows so just download that also if you're downloading Windows version by clicking the Update folder > Click on FixKHTV3.16.exe to download

Install first the SetupKHTV3.16.exe, follow the instruction. When done, open it. If you've downloaded the Windows version, don't open it yet, open FixKHTV3.16.exe, follow instruction. When done, click to open.

2. Once Keyhole TV is open, ignore the list and just copy and paste the following into the SEARCH column


Click Search and you will see ニッポン放送 1242 in the list. Click on it.

3. And you're in!

It is that simple! However connection may be unstable sometimes, so be a bit patient. I will find out whether there are alternate ways or other channels. If you know, please do share with me.


For Malaysia, it is 12pm to 12pm! For the rest of the world that is not of similar time as Malaysia, check here.

As for the live feed, no news yet but look at this post for any updates, I will post if I can find.

Some useful links for you to follow this live broadcast but I am sure all in Japanese;

- Official Twitter (but I don't think Masha will be posting, probably the staff)

Since this live broadcast may have many snippets, etc, I have decided to give it its own special post. Hopefully I can find some interesting stuff out there.

Whereever you may be, if you have the time, do tune in. After all it is 24 hours, even with the time difference, there will bound to be some minute that is suitable for you!

UPDATES - 09.04.2011 (10:39AM MALAYSIAN  TIME)
Ok, forget about the channel I posted below. Izumisano just posted that you will have to switch between channels as not one single channel with broadcast the whole 24 hours of the show. I am reposting what she wrote;

15:00~16:00 HBC
21:00~23:30 HBC
23:30~25:00 HBC, IBC, NBC, RCC, KBS, ABC Osaka
25:00~05:00 IBC, NBC, RCC, KBS (some channels only to 04:00)
09:00~13:00 IBC

RKB ラジオFukuoka has it from 18:00~25:00, but it's not on KeyHole

I could find all the channels in Keyhole except for IBC and HBC. I wonder which of these is ニッポン放送? And nothing starts at 1pm? Anyway just give them a try.

UPDATES - 09.04.2011 (12:09AM MALAYSIAN  TIME)
Thanks to Mashamasha who says "sou-chan will be absent in the first 1.5 hours because he has fm program in that time period",

Some updates thanks to Izumisano.

On the speculated Live Feed, very bad news for us not in Japan, as usual although right now I am really not sure if the ANN lobby is live feed or just the radio broadcast.

They will broadcast it 24 hours on the TV in the ANN lobby    No online streaming  also through F-mobile site, both will also show updates throughout the 24 hours.

However, BROS members may get something out of it. I think same contents as F-mobile site. Since I can't publicly say, I will leave it at that but BROS members do log into BROS from time to time. Won't be live feed, but stills.

On the guest list, the following, so far (all Japan time, for Malaysia it will be 1 hour earlier);


桐谷 Kiritani Kenta (Ike Kurata)

高田文夫さんと松村さん Takada Fumio & Matsumura Kunihiro (the comedian)

惣之丞 Kaname Jun (Sawamura Sonojo)

亀山社中 Kameyama Shachu members (tentative)

武市大森 Nao Ōmori (Takechi Hanpeita)



リリーさん Lily Franky,Pierre Taki

Unconfirmed time
武田鉄矢さん Takeda Tetsuya

- Live jam at Post #732 Page 49 (Password protected, hint is there)(11.30pm to 1am)
- First part of broadcast (09.04.2011-1pm to 11.30pm) at Post 816 at Page 55
- Second and last part of the broadcast (09.04.2011-10.04.2011 1am-1pm) Post 862 page 68 (does not include the live jam which can be downloaded separately as included in my post) or alternative here at Post 934 page 63.
- Specific part at the end of broadcast, Sou chan sounded like he was crying at Post 817 page 55
- Sakurazaka (live request ver)(2.18MB/MP3) at Megaupload or Mediafire
- Gang karaoke session mentioned in the recap can be found in Post 848 page 57.
- Mini live clip can be found here at Post 875 page 59.
- Mezamashi report on 11.04.2011 (Youtube video removed by user!!)

09.04.2011 1AM Japan time. And so it begins! Masha is on air! Open your keyhole TV and switch to ニッポン放送. This is going to be one long post.

The following all by Izumisano except where noted. More will be added!

I think he's started with letters from Miyagi. Phone calls in. Lots of people's voices in that call.

09.04.2011 1pm
Kokoro Colour BGM!

He's talking about the TeamAmuse project
He went outside to say hello? There was a capture of many people shouting at the same time.
He's playing Kokoro Colour the song now.
He's gone out to call out to the crowd again.

Phone call with 渡辺美奈子 Minako Watanabe (Ibaraki Broadcasting). She's talking about the situation in Ibaraki now. From twitter, she reports the damage from the rumours of the nuclear plant is as bad as the devastation from the earthquake. The fisherman are badly hit.

Report from Fukano Kenji of RFC Radio Fukishima: 
From twitter, they're trying to come to terms with the nuclear plant now, and in making sure things are safe. He's calling for people to eat the food in Fukushima.

They're talking about a newspaper press which continued printing by hand even the day after the disaster.

Masha's tweets: 
フォロワー増えたね、ありがとう!でもまだ足りない…。目指せ、レディー・ガガ!! 福山  (He's calling for more donations?)  6 mins ago

はじまりますよ、お前ら!福山  (We're starting, guys!)  1 hour ago

He's gone out to talk to the people in the lobby. A boy said he's called Ryoma 

Sou-chan joined the programme at 13:10 since he had another FM radio programme before.

From the tweets and discuss comments, it seems Tomi-san came in the past hour. She's now 9 months pregnant. Masha said in a loud voice to her baby "GENKI DESU KAaa~!?"   And Sou-chan added, that wasn't your dad!  

Masha kept tweeting (not for donations) but more followers. They now have 10,624. His target is to exceed Lady GaGa's 10 million
はやく1万いきたいなう! 福山 #FUKUYAMA24 (1 hour ago)
めざせ、10万! 福山 #FUKUYAMA24 (41 mins ago)

Koide Keisuke came 20 mins ago.
Ike Kurata came 10 mins ago.
Porno Graffitti now.

Takada Fumio, Matsumura Kunihiro & Harada Taiza (Kondo Isami) arrived 15 minutes ago.
Takada Fumio has requested for "Anpanman no March"  

Squall!! He stopped it after the intro.
Takeda Tetsuya!!

Oricon News on the radiothon (thanks to mashamasha)
Fukuyama Masaharu's "24 hour Live Radio" starts, calling for donations from around the country"

They interviewed a little boy in the crowd. Not sure, if he said he's been to or going to Masha's concert!
Hahaha! Kinpachi sensei sure sounds like he's enjoying himself.

Sonojo!! aka Kaname Jun!!  
Kaname Jun's request MJ's Heal the World, oi, he cut it! Oi!
AKB48 is here. 

They just felt another tremor in the studio.

Miwa just sang live on the show. She hosts the tues ANN.
After their stint, Matsumura Kunihiro (the guy who does great imitations) stayed back with Takeda Tetsuya (can see him in the pic). I think he then went out and had some fun with the crowd. Masha and Sou-chan went outside (with mic) and we could hear something like Matsumura-san and crowd in their own little show. They tried to call him but I think he didn't hear them, so they came back into the studio.  

I think it's now Ayanokoji Kimimaro. Masha said he looked like this guy on the second day of the Budokan daikanshasai when he tied his hair back.

Saigo-san is here. (Takahashi Katsumi)
From twitter, he just celebrated his 50th birthday. Happy birthday, Takahashi-san!

After his stint, Anayokoji Kimimaro said (loosely translated) "Meeting Fukuyama Masaharu-san is a bit like seeing myself when I was young. Not many people can remember me in my youth. This is what I think anyway, and I feel honoured to be able to meet him." (from twitter)

They just took a call from a listener in Ōfunato, Iwate where they went on location for Ryomaden. She requested for Nakajima Miyuki's Jidai which Masha just sang not so long ago in ANN request.

Oh here comes Bob Dylan finally, covering Nowhere Man.  Sorry, someone said it was Paul Westerberg. Yes, he did do a Nowhere Man cover in 2002, but so did Bob Dylan in his Genuine Never Ending Tour

New Tweet by Masha:
フォロワー増えた?そろそろお腹空いてきたなう。by福山雅治 (4 mins ago)
Has the no. of followers increased? I'm getting hungry.

One more (also from Sou-chan?)
The people on the donation floor (1/F) are calling "Masha, Ganbatte~". I'm thinking "everyone's very energetic!" The show will keep going with all the energy from you. Thank you.

I read somewhere the live jam will be at the normal Tamaraji time (when all the regular channels are carrying.)

The Kameyama Shachu members are here!

We have Kawaoka Daijiro (Taro, Ryoma's nephew); Sugiyama Hikihiko (Kozone Eishiro); Korechika Atsushi (Chiya Toranosuke); Matsumura Ryota; Taniguchi Shota.

It's Takechi-san, Hirai Shujiro and director Oomtomo Keishi!

Another tremor (magnitude 5) in north Miyagi

Latest tweet by Masha:
Is everyone alright in the tremor?

Many people are tweeting to say his hair is great and he looks like he's become younger.

Fom twitter, it was a listener (18 year old Yuki) who was talking about her home. She had to eat her birthday cake in the dark because of the power loss after the earthquake. She said her dad is 40 years old and is really cool. Apparently the old man got a bit of a shock after he heard this.

Takeru Sato and Miura Haruma are here!

It's Ueno Juri now.... with Gou OP Theme, reciting peotry by Kaneko Misuzu [River]

It's Okada Yoshinori now!

New Tweet by Masha:
酸素、美味いねby福山雅治 (3 mins ago)
Oxygen, yum!

From Fukuyama24 twitter, both Masha and So-chan are inhaling 酸素 Oxygen now. It sounds like they've opened the studio door. Masha was saying thanks and bye to some people?

Takeru and Haruma! [River]

It's Perfume!!

SION [River] Sion said his song is a "kitchen recording". No title [Airin]

Kame-chan! [Angel]

it's Kishitani Goro right now, the person that request HEAVEN and Terawaki Yasafumi. [River]

According to Oricon, at 1030, normal ANN's hour, Masha will be holding an acoustic live, so better tune in then! [River]

masha is moving to another venue for mini live from 10:30, now he has rehearsal [Mashamasha]. He is in green trouser today, still in same clothes after ten hours broadcasting [HKFC]

Live jam just started with HELLO!! Sounds like entire concert there! Wow! And Masha can still sing after 10 hours of non stop talking?! He just introduced his band in the studio with him. Really is a mini concert [Funn] they are now in ニッポン放送's 銀河Studio (Imagine Studio) [Mashamasha]

The setlist:-

- Koufukuron
- Request song time : Hotaru
- Gunjou Ultramarine
- Shounen
- Ashita no Show
- Kokoro Colour
- Ammonite no Yume (as he introduced his band), the end

10.09.2011 1AM
Back in studio, Sou chan taking over, I don't think Masha is there yet. Masha is on his way so right now others are taking over the mic for awhile. He should arrive soon since can't be traffic at this hour! [Funn] Anyway pyjamas party talk [Szeying]

Waiting for Fukuyama san in the studio

オードリー are on air. They're still waiting for him, they said he might brush his teeth and have a bath too and changing into his pyjamas!

オードリー did a hilarious impersonation of Masha singing Gang! Anyway Masha is back in studio.

Read Sou chan tweet and some followers tweet him to get a photo Masha in pyjamas. If not a photo, a description will do. Let see whether Sou chan will [Angel]

Masha probably walked out for a moment as could hear girls screaming Masha!Masha! at 1.24AM!! [Funn]

Huge party going on with karaoke session of Gang. Kinda funny! Screaming fans! Means crowd got to see!! I read the pyjamas he is wearing is specially made by his stylist [Funn] it is silk [Angel] and pink (?) [Mashamasha] with night cap [Izumisano]

Audrey's Kasuga-san performs Gang in front of Fukuyama-san. The studio is hyped up! Everyone on 1st floor is hyped up!

Miwa is back [River]

ANN announcer Kakihana went to Miyagi Ken today and is reporting back on the damage he saw. He's interviewing a Tamaradi listener Takeuchi-san in Ishonomaki city.

a comedy duo called どぶろっく followed by another comedy duo called "Doki Doki Camp"

Fukuyama24 twitter:
Mina-san, are you able to stay up?  Lily Franky san is coming up at 3am! (15 mins to go)

Lily Franky and Pierre Taki are here. Thanks to Mashamasha, one of the rather risque talk is as follows:-

one listener asked whether masha has some special habit which others do not have

F: I often keep the hair short
Sou: Why do you do that?
F: Because it can make it look bigger

I shall let you guess which part of hair he meant, and let's just say look below. Oh Masha, too much info. He always seems to refer to his Little Masha as well... never mind!

they went out for a while and asked if the (lucky) girls were "genki".. [Rapere]

His No.1 and 2 imposters are here now! Ooyama Hideo and Micchi!
Twitter says Masha has cut his hair (but he didn't tell his covers!!) Poor Hideo-san and Micchi-san are still sporting Ryoma hair!

Heart!    (Micchi's request)

(Edit) He's got the 2 of them doing his talking now  
(Edit) Oh gomen Masha! Latest tweet explains that Masha and Sou-chan were changing out of their pyjamas when the 2 other Mashas had the mic.

And now they're eating ramen. They had Fukushima cake after Fukushima Kitakata ramen (reported to be within the top 3 ramen in Japan). Twitter confirms they were eating cake and famous products from Miyagi and Iwate.

They were shouting "Uuuuumaaaaaaai!" which is same thing as "deeeeeliiiiciooouus!" while they were eating different products from Fukushima [Halad]


Good Luck! Request from Hideo-san

(Edit) Just now, announcers from radio stations in Ibaraki, Fukushima, Tohoku and Iwate called in to report what the morning in each of their cities look like.  

(Edit) This is ANN announcer Ueyanagi Masahiko talking about his experience being in the middle of the earthquake.

Simon and Garfunkel, Bridge over Troubled Water, request from Ueyanagi Masahiko 

(Edit) New tweet 
皆さん、まだまだ元気ですかー? (unsigned but sounds like Masha)
Is everyone still holding up?

Good Morning, my butt hurts....

He just went out to say Good Morning to the crowd and got another round of screams and cheers.  

(Edit)  Kusakari Tamiyo (Ryoma's mom) is here!
She sent in an email to Tamaradi last night 

The song 'ave maria' is so beautiful by Miyamoto Emiri 

AKB48 Achan

Imagine by John Lenon

Hiroaka Yuta. There's even guy's voice in the crowd! according to twitter, around 20,000 people (in total probably) came to NBS building to see the live.[River]

ヤッパテリーさんは良いなぁ、東根作24年前から知ってるけどヤッパカワイイなぁby福山雅治 (3 hours ago)
As expected, Terry-san is fantastic, and I'd known from 24 years ago that Tonesaku is so kawaii.

ヤッパリさとみちゃんスゲー可愛くなってるんだけどby福山雅治 (1 hour ago)
Something about Satomi being kawaii?
and what's this? 写真2人並んで撮って、あ、抱き合った。

ウチのあっちゃんは良い娘だよねby福山雅治 (1 hour ago)
My lovely daughter A-chan (Atsuko Maeda)

it seems masha just talked to a shop owner in 大船渡市. He went to the shop when filming ryomaden, the owner told him the shop has been flooded away during the tsunami, but his family is all safe [Mashamasha]

ウチのあっちゃんは良い娘だよねby福山雅治 (1 hour ago)
My lovely daughter A-chan (Atsuko Maeda)
Sou chan just tweet... It is coming to an end [Angel]

Last song, sung live, his classic hit, Sakurazaka, after 24 hours on air without sleeping! [Funn]

Ended with broadcast of Kokoro Colour.

10.04.2011 1PM Japan time. THE END! Masha, Sou chan, especially Masha, I SALUTE YOU!!

All by Mashamasha

On Masha greeting the fans
i think they have not left the studio during the program (except for changing clothes etc), They just wave hands to the monitor so the fans outside know masha and sou-chan are calling them, and the staff let the voice of the fans in so masha can listen (they mute it in the rest of the time). originally there were monitors in the building entrance area and the 1st floor, due to safety reason, they removed the ones on the 1st floor at night, so fans are all in the entrance area

On sleepiness
at the start of the program yesterday he said the staff need to prepare for the program, they almost did not sleep, but he himself slept a lot, but already felt sleepy

On the guests
平岡 is the last guest, when he saw the rundown, he asked why I am the last one? he must feel pressure of being the last

it seems 大泉 is in ロケ, yataro does not like appearing in radio (that's why almost all main casts came to ann/tfm last year he did not come)

On Sou chan
i just listened to the ending part again, sou-chan was reading a letter and suddenly stopped and can't finish reading, then dead air for a few seconds, and masha said something.

On lyrics
Masha changed some lyrics of Ultramarine and Kokoro Colour as follows:-

誕生と破壊と理想  >>>  生産と破壊と理想  (This one some said he wants to refer to nuclear power)

今年もまた終わろうとしてう やり残した気分と来年の期待と >>>
今年もまた出逢うんだろう   知らなかった涙と知りたかった笑顔と

On the fans at ANN lobby
according to jp fans report, there were around 800-1000 fans in ann studio waiting for masha after the finish of 24hrs radio, he still looked fresh, and greeted and thanked the fans before he left

Listeners' feedback
the next email is also very funny, the man said his wife insisted to go to the concert in 三重 (Mie) this time, and the reason is very simple: her name is also Mie. She knows masha will keep calling her names during the concert 

On how the whole 24 hours broadcast idea started
Fascinating stuff!

24 hrs radio chief director updated his report. He said how the 24hrs radio get started is after the first ANN after 311, masha stopped him and told him he had a request, then he and amuse staff told him their request [Source - 11.04.2011]

masha said after ANN on 19 Mar, he had meeting with amuse staff and ann staff to initiate the project.  After 311, he again realised the important role of radio, people can get news information and entertainment from it as long as they have battery, even though during the power cut . So he wanted to do something via radio to give support to the people.

Sou-chan did not join the meeting, and actually he was informed about the project only on the next day. Masha said they did not involve him in the meeting because they knew that he would agree to participate anyway

ニッポン放送 holds 24hrs radio every year in X'mas as charity donation event for blind people, but it always takes a year ahead to decide the host, rundown etc. This time it took 2-3 days to set the outline, and 3 weeks to complete everything.  And having 71 no of guests is the largest in their history. [Source-28.03.2011]

scriptwriter of ANN said masha has raised two requests: he wanted to avoid using the terms "disaster" and "in the disaster" during the program, and when he knew the staff had plan to do relay in northeast (?), he asked to bring necessary items to the people there, and he would bear all the costs

By Izumisano
Translated from mashamasha comment. During the 24 hours radio, Masha said, as he was touching Tomi-san's tummy, that it reminded him of the marsupials (animals with pouches) in a particular programme, for which he was recording the narration yesterday. So it seems they only finished the voice recording for the Hot Spots Australia episode the day before the charity radio show!

Even when announcing an aftershock, Fukuyama Masaharu managed uplifting words "Let's make our smiles blossom more and more"

Masha interview a total of 71 guests!

Airin of MashaPlus
20,000 fans who personally went "on foot" to the donation box area at the radio station headquarters.

At the end of the program he said: "I don't know what this song would sound like, but I'll sing it." Fukuyama played his acoustic guitar and sang "Sakurazaka". Eventually he added: "For 24 hours, we tried our best. Hearing from the stricken areas, I know we have to work harder. Everything that we can do, we will do from today."

Yahoo Japan
3000 fans greeted Masha after the broadcast as you can see in the picture below. He still looks fresh after talking and singing for almost 24 hours! He thanked them for coming as well as appealed for more donation.

More on the above picture and what actually happened by Mashamasha, translated by Izumisano.

Mashamasha gone through some of the reports of the fans who were outside ANN studio that day. They didn't know whether Masha would be leaving by the front or back door, so there were a few hundred waiting at the back door. Some staff then told them to go to the front, that Masha will be leaving from the front and wants to talk to them. So everyone waited nicely on the opposite pavement.

While they were waiting, staff were keeping order and kept saying to them: "Fukuyama-san would like to say hello to you all. Because he trusts you, so he feels it's ok for him to leave by the front door. He really trusts you! Fukuyama-san will be out shortly, please stay where you are, and don't take pictures whatever you do, please co-operate and don't let Fukuyama-san down."

The Mercedes soon came for Masha, and he came out shortly after (around 1:30pm). He was wearing a T-shirt given to him by one of the guests (Sandwichman, comedy duo) which had "Soul with Touhoku" printed on it. He spoke to the fans with a loudspeaker, but it wasn't loud enough and there were too many people, quite a few fans couldn't hear what he was saying.

Before he got in the car, Masha showed off his "Soul with Touhoku" t-shirt, then took a deep bow at the fans, waved and left.

During the broadcast, the fans outside where listening to the radio as they waited. They cheered when they heard Masha sing Sakurazaka, and clapped when the show was over.

Hiraoka came out before Masha and he too waved goodbye before he got into his car. Then another car drove up and staff began loading baggage in, which included that white stick he always uses to massage his back (as in the what-is-he-doing pic in BROS?), thats when they knew this was the car for Masha.

After Masha left, both Hideo-san and Micchi came out to shake hands with the fans.

By fans
Guess where Masha went after 24 hours of non stop broadcast? Home to sleep? Nope. Fans said "He went to Iriomote-jima to film Hot Spots AFTER the 24hrs radiothon." WHAT?!

Taken from various sources. If you can't see the pictures or could see only a frog picture, please register a free account at imageshack, log in and reload this page.There are more Masha specific pictures that can't be reposted openly so do join my Facebook account to see those pictures, such as the Pyjamasha picture.


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