[CONCERT] Fukushima Live [17.09.2011]

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Masha will be participating in what was the worst kept secret appearance but that is in the past, that is Fukushima Live, a charity event with an apt slogan "NOTHING BEATS FUKUSHIMA, DOES IT ?". Indeed, nothing at all. The live concert is an event that spans several days from 14.09.2011 to 19.09.2011, many artistes but Masha himself will appear around 5pm on 17.09.2011. I think he might sing or at least the concert on that day might end with the song I Need You & I Love You Fukushima with Masha on the guitar. He might sing Fighting Pose and frankly not sure how long his appearance is but from the time table, it might be under 1 hour. Hopefully longer. I am very excited with the possibility of a live streaming!!


For Masha, it will be 17.09.2011 at 5pm Japan time (4pm Malaysia time)

It is a mini concert of sort and fans are going there and if you are thinking about radiation and all, I think there is a link there "Radiation" so if you know Japanese, have a read to know what it says on that issue. From what I know, it is ok.


Great news is all these will be streamed live over at Youtube! I didn't know Youtube could stream live at all. You can watch from the following channels:-

- Kaze to Rock Channel (Youtube-concert stream)
- Kaze to Rock 2 Channel (Youtube-surrounding areas stream)
- Higashinihon (Youtube-rest area stream)
- Google site (not confirmed)

Official site to view the time table, the view on the issue of radiation, buy goods and more.

UPDATES - 14.09.2011
It has started! Go tune in to the main concert streaming video here. Visuals and sound is clear but depending on your connection, it may be stuck and unstuck a bit. At least better than Keyhole TV. Masha's part not yet but you can watch others.

UPDATES - 15.09.2011
Bookmark the following links. Masha is on the 17th Sept at 5pm Japan time, remember!! Thanks to Izumisano for the links.

Live Fukushima 2011.09.14~09.19 (
09.15 - 1500~2000 (
09.16 - 1500~2000 (
09.17 - 0900~1830 (
09.18 - 1500~1900 (
09.19 - 1700~2200 (

Missed the darn show due to lightning, thunder, rain, too afraid to attach my modem. Anyway from fan reports, seems like Masha may be a diva now. Because his ENTIRE crew was there and it was like Live Bang show. He appeared a few minutes earlier than his scheduled time at 5pm and sang for I believe 45 minutes or so. He sang;

1) Asuheno March
4) Kazoku ni narou yo.
5) Revolution Evolution
6) Fighting Pose
7) Kokoro Color
8) Sakurazaka

Quite an impressive list! Anyway hoping for some Youtube video or something soon. Some screencaps is available in FB but I will repost here later when the rain is not so severe.

Some snippets by Mashamasha;

Btw in the mc part masha talked about アンパンマン (anpanman). He once said he hated アンパンマン (anpanman) though their birthday is the same. (anpanman) caused him trauma in performing outdoor live event. He said many years ago he attended a live event with him and (anpanman) and some other artists as guest. He performed right before (anpanman) and he felt on the stage that all the live audience were waiting for (anpanman) performance and wanted him to finish asap. The worst thing is before he performed, the live event staff told him that (anpanman) had another event to attend after tge live event so they need to cut masha's part (sing one song less than originally agreed) to let (anpanman)finish early

UPDATES - 18.09.2011
Basic summary thanks to Akari;

He came out two times, once for his own show 45 min (asu e no march, hello, it's only love, kazoku ni narouyo, revolution evolution, fighting pose, Kokoro color, sakurazaka) and then for a second time in the very last show of the night where everyone (samba master, yanai michihiko, begin, etc) sings/ performs/hugs on stage with I LOVE TOU INEEDYOU FUKUSHIMA, and Fukuyama is rocking his guitar for the song along side sambo master (guitar solo!). Fukuyama's performance was great! Got the crowd to bring out their live bang! Towels (a lot of them had one)! At the end of the concert. He changed his shirt to the tsunami awareness tamashii shirt and he really revved up his guitar! He sincerely shook hands with Yanai and others before and after the show, and the whole thing ended with fireworks! A ton of people cried when I LOVE YOU INEED YOU FUKUSHIMA played, the first time when Sambo Master performed it (he was sobbing  the whole time he sang it and so was the audience, because he's from Fukushima) the second time with the makeshift band by Yanai and Sambo, etc, and the third time with Fukuyama as a guitarist and everyone else singing it together on stage!

I think the following are the links to respective parts thank to HKFC. I haven't seen any of the videos below so I am not sure;

UPDATES - 19.09.2011
I haven't watched this yet, still downloading one source, and waiting for another source. Anyway, some pictures, most thanks to Anthippi;


UPDATES - 20.09.2011
Download Masha's segment thanks to Anthippi. Very clear video despite being streaming. However this does not include the encore part at the end.                Part 1                Part 2                Part 3                  Part 4

UPDATES - 24.09.2011
News Zero reported on the event on 22.09.2011

UPDATES 29.09.2011
New Zero on 28.08.2011, with in depth interview of Masha at backstage of Fukushima Live

UPDATES - 24.10.2011
Thanks Izumisano for the tips. 90 minutes documentary on this event can be seen in Youtube. Watch Part 1 here and part 2 here


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sarah lee said...

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