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Previously, a new addition to my blog, I will find in the net great stuff that I can't repost here but can certainly point the way for you which I shall call the SURPRISE! post. Now it is a collection of Masha's latest news all in one post as well as some pictures and other stuff that I can't repost but can links directly. Does not include radio link (that will be under SNIPPETS) or song download links. Mostly pictures and news source. Will also include some of my own post that I feel you may not have seen but would certainly be interested in! If I do not mention the name specifically, just assume the source is the HK Fans Discussion Forum. The post you see below is the latest post.

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[26.10.2010 - current]

I have been rather slow on Masha's latest projects and news lately. I did post about the GREE cms and also the end of the We're BROS tour 2011. Thanks to Mashamasha and Izumisano for the news, in that concert he announced he will be writing a themesong for the new doraemon movie, Animal Adventure - Island - Doraemon: Nobita and miracles 『ドラえもん のび太と奇跡の島 ~アニマルアドベンチャー~, out on 03.03.2012. I wonder will his Masaaki make an appearance? And Daikanshasai 2011 will also be on WOWOW except it will be on delayed telecast on 01.01.2012 at 8pm Japan time on PRIME channel. Hopefully I shall be able to watch it since it is a no single live thing. And that's about it. I am sure there are more TV appearances coming up though so do check the COMING SOON panel from time to time.

More news and interesting Masha related links after Read More link.

Thanks to River for the translation from this original news here and the pictures from here.


Ishibashi Ryo (he was  the Nagasaki magistrate in Ryoma-Den), Fukuyama Masaharu will collaborate on Ishibashi Ryo's first solo album since ARB. The album will be released on the 7th Dec, and Fukuyama contributes the guitar melody and participates in the chorus. The song is a bonus track, titled 'AFTER 45'.

Fukuyama himself is a big fan of ARB. He said he listens to their songs when he was in high school. And he used one of their song to audition for his current agency- Amuse. According to Ishibashi, he was thankful Fukuyama agreed to participate in this project. 'I can never forget the first time we met. He brought the much-needed edge into the studio'.

Video report from ZIP;

Great news! I hope it is true. Fans are saying he hinted in I believe the latest issue of Nikkei Entertainment that he may be acting in a TV drama next year. Will it be Galileo sequel? Shouldn't that be a movie version? Or is it another TV series? What then of the Asia Stopover? Very excited!

More from Nikkei Entertainment interview thanks to Mashamasha;

He said he doesn't appear in tv except for tv commercials this year (so he hasn't counted those music show performance), the public may be asking "has fukuyama disappeared?" "Is he burnt-out as a result of ryomaden?" Therefore he wants to appear in tv next year

btw, he was asked to name some recent tv programs/movies he likes, and he mentioned The Hangover II and Kick-ass, 

he said both Hangover I and Kiss-ass are recommended items in dvd rental shop so he rented (or bought?) the dvds. As he found Hangover I interesting, he went to cinema to watch part II

And more!

he said he has stock of songs to be released because he keeps writing songs whenever he has time. There are already over 10 songs which are almost finished, and many more which are WIP. He will feel anxious if he does not have stock on hand

He said he does not have time to rest, while the public often think he is rather idle (because he does not appear in tv very often). Then he explains his work schedule (song recording, attending meetings about CD cover, CD promotion, concert rundown, concert goods, DVD releease, PV, radio, tv commercials etc). That's why he enjoys having concert tour the most as when he is having tour, he will not be disturbed for tiny things.

Back to square one. Fans are speculating, hoping against hope for the much speculated then died out then alive again Asia Tour 2011. My feelings have always been the same; he will spend winter Daikanshasai out of Japan. Question is where, which stop? Again I speculate December, from looks of it I will say Taiwan is a definite stop, HK hopefully too and that's about it. Why Taiwan? Because he mentioned Taiwan and HK several times, maybe Korea too. Moreover a specific announcement was made unofficially as to the impending release of 27th single in Taiwan, if I am not mistaken the Mini Live DVD version on 09.09.2011. Fans ask why specially announce? Don't read too much into that announcement, maybe they just want people to know hey! got album selling. Because if they want statistics, I am sure online sites can help compile a full list of purchasers and he will easily know foreign fans buy his albums as well. Let's not torture ourselves but I always believe the intended press conference in Taiwan for The Best Bang Asia edition before the whole tsunami/earthquake disaster was meant to announce something. Maybe he will do so for this Taiwan release. So far no news if he is going to Taiwan thought but I wouldn't be surprised if he does. But he doesn't need to break into international market, it is a novelty rather than a necessity, like thanking fans. I just hope I can be wherever he chose as his first, middle and last stop out of Japan!

It's official since Masha himself announced this in Okinawa concert on 28.08.2011 which what is termed as the worst kept secret, in a good way.

Masha will be making an appearance and performing in Live Fukushima, a huge fund raising event spanning several days with some big names. You can see the full list at the official site.  Masha's appearance is on 17.09.2011. This is exciting. Maybe Masha will play the guitar in I Love You & I Need You Fukushima and play a few songs as well. Very very exciting.

Anyway news can be seen here at Tudou (starting at 28 seconds)

Yes, he was on the show on 25.08.2011 and thanks to the wonders of youtube, and the generosity of his ever sharing loving fans, you can listen to his deep low voice for part 1part 2part 3 and part 4. Any great snippets do share! What they talked about?? Check out the news here, where is it 1000 fans waited to cheer for him? Very lively eager bunch and nice to see Masha posing next to fans (even if separated by thick glass window or something) grinning happily. Okinawa seems like a sunshine sort of place eh? Even the radio hosts seem to be rather "HA!!! HA!!! HA!!! type". Anyway that nice grinning picture with a TV screencapture (that from HKFC-not sure if Okinawa related but looks the same shirt)...

Photobucket Photobucket

Video report here. Am I mistaken or is it they allow 1000 fans to walk through the glass panel to just wave or look at Masha like some aquarium?!

The article from Oricon, loosely translated by Izumisano - So 1000 people came but only 500 go to see him through the glass window. Poor thing for the other 500. And the concert will be 15000 per show?

Singer-actor Fukuyama Masaharu guest starred live in FM Okinawa's Golden Hour on the 25th. Fukuyama last held an open house live radio broadcast about 10 years ago, and this is the first time he's performed live in Okinawa media.

1,000 fans came from all over Okinawa to catch a glimpse of Fukuyama, who will be holding his first Okinawa live for 2 days in a row in the 27th and 28th. Fukuyama was all smiles when he waved back in response to the support he saw.

"It'll be great to be able to sing together with my Okinawa fans in my first Okinawa live." He said in his first ever promotion (event) in Okinawa. It was only announced 2 days ago that he would be appearing in the radio show. The station's 70 hotlines were jammed as people phoned in to join the viewing, and all places were taken up within 30 mins.

The 500 lucky viewers who were received their numbered tickets out of 10,000 applicants parked themselves in front of the radio booth, as they listened to Fukuyama talk about the making of his new double side A single "Kazoku ni Narouyo/Fighting Pose" and such casual banter as "You have beautiful smiles here in Okinawa."    

Towards the end of the programme, he said "Thank you for waiting all this time. 20 years after my debut, I am finally able to hold a concert in Okinawa (not sure). Although we have a typhoon approaching, I hope we won't have any problems. Of course (the concerts) are always for the fans, but I'm really looking forward to this one myself as well. We're ready for the rain. Come, let's have a dream of a midsummer's night!" 

Before the radio show, he held a press conference for the Okinawa mass media, where he talked about set-up of an exhibition booth for Tohoku products at the concert venue; and how they would continue to collect donations for the East Japan disaster. This first Okinawa live is expected to bring in an audience of 30,000 people in total for the 2 days


Take note. Masha will be on another radio show other than his own that is FM Okinawa's Golden Hour from 2pm to 3.30pm Japan time on 25.08.2011 (Thursday). Not sure if for the entire time. Source is here. So if you're in Japan, do tune in, maybe record and send to us all? Because outside Japan, can't tune in. You can use Keyhole but I am told you will require password to log in and listen and frankly, I do not have the password and I do not know anyone who does. Sigh....


You know, Masha has been going on and on about hotpants during ANN (see 13.08.2011) that as Mashamasha from HKFC puts it;

because masha has been discussing hot pants, jp fans are discussing whether he will wear hot pants himself in okinawa. masha said he wears short jeans doing physical exercise at backstage, inspired by B'z's 稲葉浩志 (Koshi Inaba), and some posted young masha wearing short pants look, slim and straight legs

So Masha wear hotpants during his super hot Okinawa concert on 27th and 28th August 2011? You can see some sample of his super skinny, super long and not sure about now but then super hairy legs here at Post #209 Page 14 or you can find them in my Facebook page in the Vintage Masha folder.


Pure speculation but fans speculate he has the time and I believe he has the intention. He may be one of the Special Secret Artist at the charity concert, Fukushima Live which runs for several days, but one particular date says "Special Guest Artists" and that is on 17.09.2011. So right now we are all guessing but I do think he will make an appearance, not sure which date.


This is old news but still worthy news. Remember Masha was at Beijing Olympics in 2008? Well, Chinese fans actually recognised him! Even when he kinda went incognito, I mean he looked... like every other better looking passenger walking out at the arrival gate at the airport. Well, look at the video at Youku here for evidence. Kinda shaky, very short, the rest is about how our eagle eyed fan felt upon spotting him. My question is, did she know he was there or was it purely a coincidence even if she had her camera on? One thing for sure; I noticed she screamed FUKUYAMA-SANNNNNNNNNNN several times but I don't think he looked her way. Oh Masha, that's not the way to treat your international fan?! Did he glance at her? Did he? I think he did, a tiny glance and then he walked really really fast. Sometimes I wish for more spontaneous interaction  between Masha and fans. Not everyday you can spot him at a foreign airport. Anyway some blurry screencaps, he's the guy in white with the huge silver luggage;


If I read right, this chinese article is suggesting the reason why Masha is still unmarried is because he is picky and he is picky because his mother is picky? So to avoid strain in wife-mother relationship, he prefers someone who gets along well with his mother and his mother prefers someone not in the entertainment industry? Did I read right? Excuses! Moreover he is always in Tokyo, mother is always in Nagasaki, hardly any change for serious blow up. Of course all mother in laws would like a good daughter in law, someone not as exposed to the complicated world of the entertainment business, so I suppose the army of AV actresses that Masha is a fan of is out of the question. Nonsense! At his age, I am sure his mother is thinking "Dear boy, just get married will ya?". It's him, he has such a high standard, he is picky.

From HKFC, "Sakurazaka will be used in Disney on Ice festival". Wow! Remember in ANN I believe he mentioned about Mickey san? Wow. Anyway source news is here. From what I can understand, Masha of course is honoured. This is indeed a very interesting collaboration.

PANEL ATTACK QUIZ 25 ON 22.05.2011
I was surprised by this tv appearance and it seems no one knew. Anyway thanks to Mashamasha for the news and screencaps;


masha appeared in today's Attack 25 special (the program which Kodama san has been the host for 30 years). Unfortunately Bros didn't inform in advance so many fans missed it. Fans said masha looked almost  crying (based on his eyes and voice). Masha said when he visited Kodama san in hospital, he asked him what he wanted to eat, then he replied Nagasaki's jelly. After masha arranged and brought it to him, he ate 3 of it. When masha talked about this part, he looked about to cry. and masha just said when he visited him, he asked him when is Masha getting married.

For Masha's sort of official statement of Kodama san's passing, click here (see ANN post 21.05.2011)

[ADD] Masha's part around 8 min. Thanks to HKFC. If you can translate what he said exactly, I would appreciate it!

Some translation of what Masha said by Roadsong:-

Out of my own discretion, I treat Kodama san as a father. I sent him a mail but he did not replied till seven weeks ago. He said he could finally sent a reply (due to health condition he could not reply Masha). He was healthy then and we talked a lot, like Ryoma den, for about 2 hours. I thought I should not disturb him and told him I would take my leave. He said 'so soon?" I asked him what he would like to eat and he replied "Nagasaki loquat jelly" I managed to got it and passed to him. He ate about 3. I thought I had done the right thing. (in here, Masha said "よかった”)

Kodama san is 表現者 (ie. something like artist). Even though  he is gone, his works will always be with us. His works will remain in all the audience and his supporters' memories.  

And more from Mashamasha;

he said Kodama san looked very genki when they met even though he lost a lot of weight. Kodama san said his condition has become better so he was able to reply masha's message. When masha told him it's time to leave as he didn't want to disturb him from taking rest, he looked disapppointed and said "you have to leave la ". Masha believed Kodama san would soon make a comeback and when he knew Kodama san had that movie project, he asked Kodama san to let him take part in it.  

From what I could gather, it would seem Kodama san's death was sudden. This is very sad indeed. RIP Kodama san.

Great news for HK Fans. Since I am not familiar with HK channels, I will report as I see, news thanks to Izumisano - Ryoma Den will start showing on weekdays Mon-Fri at 11pm 2nd May onwards in I-cable.


The following is a screencapture from an upcoming TV interview meant for promotion of Suspect X to be broadcast in May 2011 on paid channel, Sky Prefect TV (paid channel - boo!). We won't have access since it is cable TV. Mashamasha explains "promotion interview for broadcast of youghishi x in 日本映画専門チャンネル in May" and Emma further explains "the channel is going to show Yogisha X in 1 May in the channel, then masha went to do a promotion interview of them, the interview will be show before and after the movie". However look at that hair. This is at the time of posting sorta his latest look. Looks great! Image taken from HKFC. Hopefully someone might actually record this. Anyway kinda reminds me of Beauty Or Beast hairstyle or back to Milk Tea time. Gorgeous.


The trailer;

You think Ryoma-Den is no more? Of course not! HKFC posted some really nice screencaptures, never before seen so they must be from the recent releases' TMO. Not allowed to repost so you have to go there and have a look at Post #591 and 593, all at page 40.

ANN on 19.03.2011 he says he is in some secret location. Some rumours that I read (3rd hand rumour by the way) that he is hiding somewhere with his girlfriend. We have yet to establish who his girlfriend is, so I am glad to know we can skip that part. If he is hiding, I don't think you can find him. If you can find him, then he isn't hiding. The connotation is he is escaping the Tokyo radiation thing which is negative connotation. Some says he is in Tokyo. My feeling is he is either HIDING with his mother in Nagasaki or HIDING in Tokyo. And when I say HIDING, I mean he is holed up somewhere probably writing a new song for charity causes or planning with fellow musicians on how to best raise money for the troubled Japan. I do not believe he is with any girlfriend, unless the girlfriend is his back up singer or employee. I don't even believe he has a girlfriend right now. In fact I think that is last on his mind because he has a host of rescheduling to do and worrying on everything. Anyway, we shall see soon enough where is Masha. But wherever he is, whoeever he is with and whatever he is doing, I hope he stays safe and don't drink the water, yet. I don't know him, he definitely will never know my existence, but I worry about him like I do an old friend (OK! LIKE MY BELOVED!! I am not married by the way because my one true love is HIDING somewhere in Japan!). Masha, keep busy and stay safe


Today, 21.03.2011 is Masha's 21st year in the music business as Tsuioku no Ame no Naka debuted today in 1990. Happy anniversary Masha. May there be 21 years more, wherever you are right now. Probably in Nagasaki working on a charity single. I don't know. 21 years... how time flies.

Can't be Asia Tour 2012? At least not for the whole year. Since I speculated the usual Winter Daikanshasai will be overseas, my thinking is 2012 will be back to acting year. Question is, is Galileo 2 in the equation? Well, let's see first, if his hair is of any indication.

First, please don't be shocked. Masha has been talking about his "little Masha" for many times over the course of many years, if you have been listening to ANN as often as his ardent fans. And it is a well known fact he has suffered "wardrobe/zipper" malfunction over the years during concert, I don't think anyone saw anything but the obvious fact is he has had to zip up a few times over the years in the middle of the concert. And it is a well known fact, in the past that he did not wear underwear or any "protective" garment underneath, however I did wonder is he still into the "no underwear" rule? Well, recent incident at THE LIVE BANG!! (not sure which show but it must be either during Osaka or Wakayama concerts) confirms altogether 3 things;

1. he's still rather candid about his ermm...little brother we shall now call Little Masha and make no mistake, he does emphasise on the little. He's being modest I am sure and if he's not, I applaud his candidness? Why? You know those things about men, ego and their "brothers" so to speak.

2. he is still NOT wearing underpants during concert. Why he doesn't wear one in the first place is again has been discussed many times but I suppose basically he doesn't like to wear one, and the hassle of having to wash one, which he explained in the Shin Domoto Kyoudai interview which you will find in my blog. I suppose more importantly, maybe he has a physical reason to feel discomfort with wearing one, hence he did not and it is pretty normal actually, not wearing one

3. he is still having zipper malfunction, fans did suggest buttons but the way he moves and the pants so tight, I would say even buttons will somehow pop open.

And I can't believe I just spend an entire paragraph discussing about his ermm... you know... there.

Ok, the news proper and by the way, Masha did say this zipper incident may happen a few more times in this tour, not to say it is deliberate but it could and I do hope it will happen during my day at the concert (3rd August 2011 - Yoyogi) and that I shall be close enough to be able to do what one very observant and very kind concert goer did in the news proper, and may I just add that not that I want to see or say hello to Little Masha, but those zipper malfunction thing is almost as expected or anticipated as his Heaven/Gang moves with the whole touch-touch-squeeze-squeeze moves. Now I have one more new sentence to learn in Japanese; "Please tell Masha san his zipper is open!!"

Finally, the news from ANN blog translated by Izumisano whilst for all directly related news to The Live Bang!!, click here.

A listener wrote in to say she was sitting very close and saw it, so she asked a staff to let him know. He took a look to check and then just zipped up so casually that people were wondering if that was what they saw.

He confirms that he's still "no pants". He said it's a good thing that Masha's Masha is so small. If it were big, then something might have come out and said "Hello" just like the song "Hello", he adds y'know "sonna hazu wa nai sa" (It wasn't supposed to be that way) and Sou-chan replies "sore wa wakatteru" (That I know)

Meanwhile, Halad of MashaPlus also translated some choice quotes from this article;

"It's just like having two buttons open on a shirt"

"To put it simply, it's service! Because you paid so much to come, you should at least get this much service!" 

"It's ok if it's just the fly that's open but it would be bad if something's coming out of it...."

And finally for those who has missed that and is going for his concert (like yours truly), Mashamasha says;

masha said he expects it will happen 1-2 more times in this tour

Basically Masha was seen at a stage theatre on 16.02.2011 (I think), produced by AMUSE. I think he has been seen in theatres very often. He likes stage theatre? Anyway glad to know he goes out a bit. Wonder with who?

Re the gossip here (in Japanese) and the supposed picture of Masha with... frankly I am not sure who the girl is. Is it him? Even the naysayers are doubting that. Why is it that pictures of Masha with supposed lady friends/future wives are always like pictures of Nessie or UFOs? Small, blurry, can't even see. Frankly, sort of his height but face bit too round. Surely 3kg doesn't translate to that! I wonder where it was taken? Date is 16.01.2011. Airport?  If it is him, maybe lady assistant? Can't he have lady assistants? Female cousins? Mother's friends? Neighbours?! Anyway I don't think it is him. Face a bit different.Sorry, face very different. A bit too big.

A better summary by Izumisano;

Another purported picture of him, this time it said it was someone not in the industry. Can't see the faces at all, but it claims she's very pretty and looks like another actress. Even the blog writer cannot vouch for the validity of the picture. Did you check the link? It points to an adult site again.

Frankly I didn't even see anything else but the article and the picture so I didn't know it points to an adult site. Do be careful when clicking any links there. 

Thanks to Mashamasha who talked about where Masha is and thanks to Izumisano for making sense of what she wrote, the source being here, Masha is...

He was seen in Barcelona yesterday! They're filming the sequel to Amalfi, it's called アンダルシア (Andalucia?), due for release this summer and he still has long hair.

Yesterday would mean 14.01.2011 if I am not mistaken, so he is still in Barcelona I suppose which means ANN not live again? But I thought Amalfi is going to be a TV series? Now there's a sequel. And still long hair? STILL LONG HAIR? Somebody must have forgot their glasses when they thought they saw short hair. And Masha oh Masha, can you stop doing guest starring and just give us a movie or a series proper? How many minutes this time? 10 minutes? And your name will be as big as the title, probably bigger.

[ADD] 16.01.2011 - Fans  saw Masha at the airport today, says he is back in Japan. So soon? Not taking a breather?

KARA’s Gyuri expresses interest in Japanese actor Fukuyama Masaharu
The following news reported on 10.01.2011 taken from here and can be read originally from Oricon ...

Girl group KARA held a press conference in Japan to discuss their upcoming drama “URAKARA” on January 10. During the press conference, leader Gyuri delivered a passionate love message to the popular Japanese singer and actor, Fukuyama Masaharu (41), who starred in the NHK Taiga drama,”Ryomaden”, last year. Gyuri announced that she wanted to be loved by him.

In KARA’s first ever drama, “URAKARA”, they appear as themselves and try to accomplish different romance-related missions. The girls are supposed to make men their victims by making them fall in love with them. The cost surpasses that of a normal because filming for this one is done in both Japan and Korea.

Though in the first episode the man to fall in love with Gyuri is actor Nakamura Shunsuke (35), she requested that the next time it be Fukuyama Masaharu. She blushed and admitted, “I’m a big fan. It’s my dream to one day co-star with him.” Could this result in a cross-cultural romance?

KARA and Fukuyama are under the same Japanese record label and they met for the first time when they appeared together on the December 24, 2010 episode of Asahi TV’s “Music Station”. Fukuyama has also praised KARA on his own radio show. Gyuri, left with a lasting impression from their “Christmas Eve meeting”, suddenly delivered her proposal, leading the drama staff to say, “It would be nice if he could appear on the final episode.”

Well, they're from the same company right? And he does love their butt dance and all. And she is pretty, and awfully young if I am correct. But like River says, get in line. But please, let this not start another rumour. But I bet Masha will gloat about this till the end of ANN's show this Saturday. She is rather pretty.

And that was my reaction when I read that ...

Lin Chi Ling was "found in the vicinity of Masha's (probably ex) apartment or something. There was allegedly a video of them walking together" [River]. Source news is here but I strongly advise against clicking video link over there as "that video link leads to an adult site which requires downloading a programme to watch it" [Izumisano]. "Previously, when she was in Japan ("She was starring in the jdrama Tsuki no Koibito with Takuya Kimura" [Angelreii]), the reporters did asked her which artist she likes. And she answered Masha" [River]. I wonder how did Takuya Kimura feel when his name wasn't it?

Within the vicinity of his apartment? Probably he lives or lived in centre of town and any stars would live centre of town so basically it could be vicinity of any famous person's home. You can see a tiny picture there, supposedly Masha. Dressed like him but is it him?

Sorry to burst many bubbles, if Lin Chi Ling is involved with anyone, it would be some super rich businessman. Somehow I don't think Masha fits into her lifestyle so to speak. Moreover, and if I may emphasise, the article was as Angelreii puts it, "dated in April 2010" and I wasn't even aware of it.

So if Masha missed ANN and is in Taiwan, I would believe more likely he is there now for the food because of Super Taste than to jet there to see Miss Lin who by the way is a lovely woman and for all the cup sizes talk and all, is within Masha's radar but let me put it this way more clearly before you mistake my post; total and utter rubbish.

I repeat, that article was way back in April 2010.

I posted about Masha's musing on singlehood and stuff on recent TFM show on 26.12.2010 which depresses me a little and Taiwanese media picked up on this and published what he said on 30.12.2010. Thanks to Szeying for the translation. Source article is here.

Recently, Masha mention about his view on marriage during the radio recording. He say that he is not like what was mention in the rumour that he enjoy his singlehood. He say that he is drained from work and so he might not have time to accompany his wife and kids if he gets married. He say that he wants to have kids but at this age, he will not hope to have grand children. 

Second paragraph is on Hirosue Ryoko (Kao in Ryoma-Den). Her second husband Candle June originally resist to media interviews. However, after Hirosue Ryoko is pregnant with his child, he did not pick his jobs in order to earn money for the family. He take very good care of Hirosue when they went shopping and even though he has a dissipated appearance but he is actually a good husband and father.

Like I said in that TFM post, it is not too late Masha. If you get married and have a child within the next 5 years and your child marries by 25 and first child by 26, you can still see your grandchild. I don't expect Masha to die too soon. Not until he is 100 and Japanese has generally long lives.

Szeying translated some news on Masha and it has something to do with the possible Asia Tour 2011 [SourceSourceSource]. Yes, it was the countdown 31.12.2010 show.

"Masha had an press conference(including media from Asia) before the concert. He was late for 3 hours due to the rehearsal and he appear in an athletics suit with an apologetic face. He express that he wish to further develop his career in Asia. Amuse request the media from Asia to stand in a row for handshaking purpose."

My prediction for Sept - Dec 2011. A possible Asia Tour. No Winter Daikanshasai but a possible year end concerts with overseas fans. If true, my prediction; first stop, HK, then Singapore will be somewhere in it. Malaysia will not be in it. If true, would appreciate anyone in HK and Singapore to get me a ticket, which will be like winning lottery tickets. I have been to HK, I am familiar with HK, I don't mind going to HK.

A more specific translation by Izumisano;

"he made it a point to meet with media from Asia before the start of the concert, but because of delays in rehearsal, we finally saw him appear in the conference room after a near 3-hour wait, dressed in a tracksuit and looking apologetic. Fukuyama's management company had requested media representatives from each country to stand in a line, and walk up to shake hands with him one by one, as if we were lucky fans who won in a draw to go backstage and meet their idol."

You ARE lucky fans won a draw to meet idol. If you don't want that, quit your job and let me do it, for free!

There was a shrine at the daikanshasai 2010. I think it is tongue in cheek, however the media may not find it amusing.

Thanks to Izumisano for explaning what's the shrine is about, which is not to say he is god but it is a very Japanese thing and as you know Japanese culture, takes a bit of time to understand! She also explained why Daikanshasai.

"The Japanese have shrines everywhere, you can find tiny ones even by the side of the road. They are just places for people to pray for blessing. He's had a shrine set up in all his daikanshasai concerts, not for people to pray to him as a god, but because daikanshasai means a "big festival to give thanks". He held his first daikanshasai in 1998 year-end to thank the fans for staying with him throughout his 2 years of hiatus. They don't burn incense but they do ring the bell, clap their hands and pray. It's just a very Japanese thing to do.

They call it the Fukuyama shrine because it's set up at the Fukuyama concert.  While "daimyojin" 大明神 can be translated as demigod, if used on a torii, it means a big torii of the "myojin" style. See here and here for ref.

So "Fukuyama daimyojin" 福山大明神 was the name of the torii. The Chinese article simply copied it and used it out of context in their title [福山大明神很神] turning it into a play of words where they are sarcastically saying he's now a god. They follow up in the content by referring to how they were made to wait for 3 hrs and then being treated like fans who won a lucky draw to see their idol, rather than the media. But the way the article wrote it was terribly misleading, they can't expect everyone to understand the use of "daimyojin" here. The whole article simply paints Masha as high and mighty. That's why River was saying to take the Chinese press with a pinch of salt."

Pure speculation. With the announcement of additional concert dates in 2nd half of the year (We're BROS concert tour 2011), speculation is rife that since these are called Summer Daikanshasai, there may not be the yearly usual Winter Daikanshasai (year end concerts). I myself am thinking what about Asia Tour 2011. Fans are buzzing of course; it could really mean no year end concerts, it could mean they may also be year end concerts, it could mean new TV series, it could mean personal vacation, Asian Tour 2011 (maybe he wishes to spend new year with overseas fans??) and it could also mean the usual wedding rumours aka a winter wedding, even if as of now he is officially not getting married, yet. He denied it flat (see 18.12.2010 post), in his own way. Ok, ok joking, if he's gonna marry I think he will do the Ayumi Hamasaki way; just announce he is getting married but first wear a tux or something in some big show (don't you dare Masha! We fans deserve proper full page BROS announcement notice months ahead, so that we can pool resources and buy you a great big wedding gift!). I hope, and my guess is if there is really no year end concerts, it should and hopefully mean filming obligations. He should make it a point to film 1 series and 1 movie per year apart from all those yearly concerts and concert tour every 2 years or so. Wedding? Nahhhhh, he can still marry and do all that in the same month. Since he will marry a very obliging and understanding wife! Honestly though, my new year wish for Masha is to be happy. if he is happy married, then so be it. If he is happy single, well so be it. From his recent musings about lonely life, life without children, etc, I wish him only happiness. Moreover, I do not wish to push him to choose between career or marriage. I am sure he has earned enough to retire very confortably but I believe he can be like Takuya Kimura; married, successful and with that attitude you just love to hate but gotta respect.

I am not sure when was this but maybe it is related to 29.11.2010 post where I repost "masha held a ryomaden gathering last friday (26.11.2010) (sourced from the dining bar's staff and one of ryomaden actors' blog)". Anyway one fan took a picture of the said gathering at a traditional looking restaurant which you can see in Post #43 Page 3 which is  very very blurry. Anyway Mashamasha says "the restaurant ryomaden team went to is this one, one of the customers took the picture of them and posted in her blog, but can't see clearly. They are on the upper floor.". Frankly I can't see anything except a bunch of blurry looking people. 

Next, not sure if it is the same event but some guests were invited which of course is linked to Masha, such as his former Galileo co-star Shibasaki Kou. However a magazine clarifies and as translated by Mashamasha "as what the below post said, the magazine said shibasaki was invited by yataro. He did not invite the lead actor (Yuji Oda), but as fate would have it, the lead actor was having dinner with his wife on another floor. When masha and yataro heard from waiter that Yuji Oda was there , they went to say hi to him. Oda introduced his wife to them, and masha praised his wife and said she was very pretty, he was jealous of Oda. Then masha and yataro invited Oda couple to join them, Oda also introduced his wife to ryomaden team. the magazine said Oda is also happy that his wife is praised by masha. Then ryomaden team changed to another place to have karaoke. The magazine also said the team (around 30 casts and staff there) used notebook to watch playback of ryomaden in the restaurant and all were very high. Masha said thank you and hugged each of them. A few pictures, one of them is masha and Hiroshi Oizumi standing outside the building (like waiting for car)"

I am not sure if the scans here (of a rather pissed off pouting looking Masha) has anything to do with the event above but worth a look at Post #55 Page 4

It seems "masha held a ryomaden gathering last friday (26.11.2010) (sourced from the dining bar's staff and one of ryomaden actors' blog)" [Mashamasha]. I wonder who was invited?

Nothing scandalous. Great to know he keeps his friends close, and colleagues turn friends even closer. Thanks to Mashamasha for this piece of unconfirmed news, "he and Omori went to see Tsutsumi Shinichi's stage drama last night (Sunday-11.2010), then they three went to pub for men's talk. He was just back on saturday (20.11.2010)". As for more great snippets, do read this post on his appearance at Waratte Iitomo! today.

Thanks to Mashamasha, we now know! He is in Thailand! He is coming back soon and will appear on  fuji tv waratte iitomo this coming Monday which means on 22.11.2010! I thought no promo? And what is he doing in Thailand? Holiday by the seaside? Anyway Mashamasha said he called the program today about his whereabouts! So yeah, Masha is coming back! Will he sing? By Monday we shall know! (Rumour has it he is in Phuket and some say he is with a woman or looking for women, not sure. All I can say is if a tourist is there for some leisure and rest by the beach, Phuket is a natural choice. Maybe he has been there before and liked it. As for that woman/women rumour, I believe it is a complete BS. If he is with a woman or in female company, he would go to a remote island, not one as well known as Phuket)

I think it may be issue #88. Anyway if there is a picture which shows a yearning, this one at Post #462 Page 31 is it. Just imagine, Papa Masha. I wonder who will be the lucky girl eh?

Bungeishunjū (文藝春秋) Issue Dec 2010
Fantastic photoshoot on Ryomasha. Is it me or whenever I see a Ryoma photoshoot, Masha is always almost bare faced, as in minimal make up and almost inevitably black and white? You can read some except here (in Japanese) and I am hoping someone somewhere might just buy this issue, scan the entire 9 pages of interview and pictures and post them up! Hopefully but I wouldn't get my hopes high though...

Masha's schedule for the next month
He's not in Japan we all know that. And Mashamasha just posted the following:-

"When he announced the Best Bang information in radio, he already told (should be in TFM) that this time he probably won't do any TV promotion, and joked that that's why he needs the radio staff to help him promote the album, say getting drunk in the bar and then telling other customers that fukuyama has best album released on 17/11, many many songs etc. He just said again in tfm (07.11.2010) he won't do promotion for the best album "

So he won't be doing promotion? Surely he must appear in Music Station and what nots to sing a song or 2?He might be back for the Ryoma-Den special in end of November (23rd November) and speculated will leave (for what I am not sure) and then return mid December for preparation for the year end concerts. And nope,  I MUST STRESS no wedding in sight even if a December wedding is speculated even if both parties have denied everything. I must say the timing fits. Darn tabloids figured out everything for him.

Vote for Masha!
Because he deserves it! Anyway he is in the Top Pop Artist Category for the Japan Billboard Music Awards 2010. Public voting is from 01.11.2010 - 15.11.2010. Since I am not sure if this is open to all public or just Japanese public and how to vote, I depend on you who knows a bit of Japanese to vote all the way! Click here to vote. I hope Pop Artist is just a general translation because I never thought of Masha as a pop artist. If he wins I definitely regard this as a Award and Recognition post. And I doubt he will show up to pick up the award, if any.

A nice Magazine cover
Excuse me if I sound incoherent since my hands is still shaking from this rumour. Anyway you will find a rather nice cover of Masha here at Post #63 Page 5

Ryoma-Den last episode
All good things must end and I can't believe 1 year has passed. Anyway about 1 year. Thanks to Izumisano for the following info on the last episode of Ryoma-Den:-

From the NHK World Premium site, it's confirmed that episode 48 (final episode) on 28/11 will be 75 mins long, which mirrors the first episode. Showing time 8pm ~9:15pm (Japan time)/7pm-8:14pm (Malaysia time).

Where is Masha now?
He's been pretty quiet since the end of Ryoma-Den filming (11.10.2010) and fans are speculating he is not in Japan as previously blogged about. That I suspect is true. Now fans are sort of sure he is not in Japan for a month due to this documentary. I believe that is true also. So... it is a working holiday? If it is a month, I suppose he will be back in Japan around mid to end of November 2010? We will know when he talks about current affairs and his current working schedule in ANN soon enough.

Some more Ryoma-Den scan
Unknown magazine but a rather cute one of Ryomasha and a child actress. What's with this "show you the hand" thing? Scan at Page 996 Post #67 . You may also want to check out Post #990 page 66 for an auction picture of BROS issue #88 (I suppose the latest) where the cover is the outtake from THE BEST BANG!! DVD/CD cover. Nice to know he was very relaxed when the very serious picture was taken!

Some Ryoma-Den scans
Ryoma-Den is finishing soon so these scans at Page 957 Post #64 may be some of the last pictures of Ryomasha you may see. Until the promotion starts again when the series is broadcast in Taiwan and everywhere else. My question is will Masha go to their talk shows and accept an interview?

All about Masha's hair
An interesting snippet thanks to Mashamasha...

"btw, bought TV Fan and TV Navi, both 4 pages interview, but TV FAN pictures are better and the interview is funnier. 

The reporter asked masha how he is going to do on his hair style. Masha said basically he is a kind of person who won't do something not wanted by others, so if fans think short hair style is better, he will cut it. If fans think the current one is ok, he will keep it 

But masha added sometimes it is quite troublesome to have short hair because it will need hair cut frequently. He himself prefers to keep the long hair for this winter because it keeps his neck warm. When he ties up his hair, he will feel cold and have headache "

He has never had long hair like Ryoma-Den so frankly Masha, all these winter and long hair... doesn't make sense.

Further fans said they saw him at the airport a few days ago. So it must be true, things being so quiet, he might be on a holiday out of Japan.


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