About Masha : Marriage or the rumour of marriage, impending or otherwise

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UPDATES -09.02.2012
Fresh new evidence with pictures! Yeah right!

UPDATES - 28.01.2012
Masha's response at the bottom of this post!!

UPDATES - 27.01.2012
Not a marriage rumour but a relationship rumour, with pictures, blow by blow account and this time a new girl! Scroll to bottom to read!

UPDATES - 21.04.2011
Oh yes, a fresh one!

UPDATES - 04.03.2011
Oh no not again! I am not sure if it is old news brought up as new news (they did have a drink or whatever in a pub according to eye witness (see the THE SETUP part of this post) but Taiwanese news... just scroll to the bottom...

UPDATES - 11.01.2011
Rumour is back thanks to China news and I will explain why I think it is trash. 

UPDATES - 25.11.2010
All the latest rumour of him planning a July wedding with Manami Konishi after Read More link as they're too long! The news is fake. Manami Konishi has denied it. Depending on which report you read, some went as far as to say Manami Konishi denied ever dating Masha.  Amuse has denied it. One co-star denied it and even said Masha denied it. Mother of Manami Konishi slammed the door on the reporters and now even Masha's mother reportedly denied everything. And since Masha is not in Japan but with the rare action of Amuse actually issuing a denial, you can safely say everybody, and I mean absolutely everybody who is now a spokesperson for Masha denies everything. I swear at the time of posting this on 11.11.2010 at 11.21AM Malaysian time, it is a true fact. Can't guarantee that for entire year. Well, do get ready though. He is of marriageable age. 

For more of the details, scroll to the bottom of this post.


I was doing "spring cleaning" for my website when I checked out fans forum and guess what I read? Marriage rumours! And guess who's the bride? Well, I have seen her before. Those familiar with her will know but I am not but I remember seeing her pictured with Masha before some years back and even then there were rumours. Read all about it after Read More link. ANYWAY don't cry yet! Still a rumour/gossip.


By River and Izumisano

Now, according to the tabloid magazine, it's back to Minami Konishi. Seems like Masha went drinking with friends and he talks to Koni-chan on the phone. Apparently the relationship is stable even though they rarely met. During the last dinner, when Masha had to leave early. Someone asked if he was going on a date and he said yes.

Apparently there is always someone marrying every year after filming Taiga series and so this year it has to be Masha. Izumisano found some pro and counter arguments (even the Japanese tabloid can't agree!) and translated from here  ("according to a regular at the bar who overheard them") as follows:-

We have other reporters arguing against the validity of the rumour, that it is nothing but publicity for both parties...

* First para repeats the original report about "Koni-chan" and extends the rumour to marriage within the year. It talks about the intense race for a scoop on Masha etc.

* Then, the normal intro on Masha (good looks, ero talk etc.), rumours surfaced in Autumn 2006, talks of them viewing property together in 2008 and how everyone generally thinks they've broken up already.

* Next para is a quote from an entertainment reporter - FM well known for his guard. Previous rumours have come to nothing, no definitive evidence, mgt company usual denial, gay rumour well established, rumours of Konishi Manami dating other people, Fukuyama well-known for his requirements on good looks and a conservative personality, which do not match with Konishi

* Another quote from a fashion magazine writer which basically serves to bad-mouth her

* Next part says they'd both separately said in previous interviews that they wanted to get married. So if they'd been dating for 4 years, then it could be true?

* Finally quotes the same entertainment reporter above - he questions the assumption that they were dating in the first place. He believes it's all for publicity because of the recent drop in ratings of Ryomaden (izumi: and this will help???) While she's got 2 movies upcoming in July and Autumn, etc. etc.

So the conclusion here is they're just making use of recycled old talk.

Apart from the above, some reaction by the news as translated by Mashamasha from HK Fans Discussion Forums.
several entertainment reporters discuss the recent rumours in a tv program. About masha's one, they said they have followed this since the rumour came out several years ago, they can't find anything to prove the rumour is true. So they believe that this rumour is fake, just someone spread it through internet. They also added that there's rumour that masha and the girl went to travel overseas together years ago, and after their research, they find that actually they had been to different places...

If you're familiar with Japanese series, you will probably know her. I don't so I went in search and found her looking very familiar but with different name, or slightly different name until I realise perhaps the forum got the spelling wrong a bit. So let's assume it is her, I am 99% sure we are talking about the same girl here...

Manami Konishi

1978, so so young as in 32 years which in retrospect isn't very young  but from the pictures she looks rather youthful.

More info about her


Not a bad choice. If this IS the same person we are talking about, she has a cute and youthful face and a killer body. Masha certainly has good taste in girls. But again rumoured to have dated 4 years and not one single picture of them at least 1 feet apart? Ok there is one, the one I was telling you but not one of them looking lovey-dovey? Maybe he will pull a Jang Donggun, and I will be singing Tracks Of My Tears the whole year long! But seriously, she looks lovely. I just hope I won't chance upon her "sexy" pictorials.

I didn't, since I haven't got into the discussion yet but he was rumoured to marry Miho Shirashi one year ago in 2009. Just based purely on looks and first impression, I think I like the now rumoured wife to be a whole lot more.

I had to comb through my entire collection and I looked and looked and looked and... FOUND IT! I thought she looked familiar when I was googling her name (albeit slightly different spelling). I think this is the same girl, from the file name, I suppose this was in 2006? Exactly 4 years ago? I am very bad at recognising people. I thought all along she was a staff but now...

Body language wise, if they were dating then, I doubt it. So let's put them together now, next to each other. If it is near marriage, I am sure you can see the closeness or at least some of it. Anyway the body language in the picture below is more evident. I have a sneaking feeling...I don't need to spell it out. If they're not together now, I just have this feeling the attraction is mutual ... 2 photos do look good together...

Uploaded with

Anyway at this stage and until he actually marries or give announcement of it (which he will through his radio shows) by 31st December 2010, it is still a rumour or rather a gossip at this point. Face the facts; he will get married some day, have children some day, retire some day. Question is WHO, HOW MANY & WHEN, respectively.

Tracks Of My Tears lyrics are ready to be posted anytime!

The translation is from here whilst the original report is from here

It has been rumoured that actor Fukuyama Masaharu (41) and actress Konishi Manami (31) are an item after patrons who were in the same bar as them at Meguro-ku, Tokyo, heard Fukuyama confessing to Konishi saying that "I feel great.". Before that, Fukuyama had been listening very intently to Konish.

Though this conversation has not been confirmed by any photos, the rumours that the two were together are true.

Looking at the original article and using online translator, some salient points of this new rumour ...

1. he was unusually drunk
2. usually he drinks by the corner surrounded by (let me get this...) LARGE MEN (woahhhhh)
3. but that day his attention was all on his lady friend
4. something about saying "I feel great", rather coyly said if the translator is to be believed
5. the best part? I am not sure how this part got into the conversation but the translator translated certain words as "Mr. Fukuyama was devoted to the listener and containing penetration speech".

The title of the article was something along the line MADLY IN LOVE!

03.11.2010- FURTHER RUMOURS 

[Earlier] My hands is shaking as I type this; not from disgust but from shock because this came out of nowhere. This news site says Masha is planning to wed Manami Konishi next year or is it he has already married her in May?. From my basic understanding, the invitations has been sent out in October, they wanted May wedding but due to the concert tour it has been pushed to July 2011. The article did say something about him purchasing a high rise apartment and she commuting there as a wife. Also said venue will be changed if leaked to the media. Look, Masha ain't that naive. If he wants a ceremony he can't hide it. So either he will marry quietly as in just register or he tells the world and just let them see. I don't see how he can hide such a ceremony. He is just too famous. Now... now... he is not in Japan, this was to my understanding not confirmed (nor denied) by either party's rep and so I suppose when Masha is back in ANN and if he starts the program by saying "I am getting married" then you know it is true. The article is being translated but before you cry tears of joy or shock or sadness, I did speculate if he is seeing anyone it will be this actress and if he is to marry anyone, who better than a dimpled cute woman? Their children will be very cute! However just let me sit down in shock first. My hands are still trembling but no I am not crying. I am just quite simply ... well... shocked. Feeling rather ambushed by this sudden "confirmation" with "arrangements" and all. You know what I mean? I do want to say one thing though. I believe they're dating, I believe they will marry. Why? They have been consistently linked together and yet not one word of denial not just from Masha but also from Manami Konishi. Which means whatever not denied must in the end when repeated many times is true. Fans are speculating maybe she is getting married but not to him. I mean how difficult it is to check if she is dating and marrying anyone? I tell you...oh never mind!

[Add] 2 hours later, I've calmed down. Have you?

[UPDATES] A bit of history on the originator of the above news ...

River of MashaPlus Info Forums said "I realise where the website got its source: menscyzo. As someone who follows Masha's news, I'm going to put a huge disclaimer here: DO NOT BELIEVE CYZO. There. They have a huge tendency of making up stories based on filmsy evidence. However, it was Josei Seven who broke the news. And this is where I'm torn, because well, Josei Seven* is a reputable tabloid. Normally, if they report something, the artists' reps will confirm or denied or put up a standard disclaimer: That's none of our business. It's too bad Masha is not in the country, unless someone can retrieve him from the deep Amazon jungle, we will not get a confirmation from him. Poor Koni-chan, she's facing this alone at the moment. She can't simply made up a story, publicity stunt or not."

[FURTHER UPDATES] Manami Konishi had a public event today and so all eyes was on her naturally and thanks to Izumisano of MashaPlus Info Forums for the following confirmation ...

"it's confirmed to be a false rumour. Koni-chan has denied it flat."[Izumisano - Source]

Further, River translated the news from Oricon ...

Konishi Manami denied the marriage rumour with Fukuyama Masaharu.

Actress Konishi Manami was reported in Josei Seven magazine of her impending marriage with Fukuyama Masaharu. Reporters rushed to the venue of the place of her new movie promotion to get further details. At the event, she said 'I wish there's something to celebrate, but that report is ridiculous.'

This Christmas, she'll be working. Fukuyama, who currently hosted two radio programs, has also denied any dating rumours . On the report of the wedding invitations, she mentioned 'it's probably the staff's birthday invitations.' Nakamura Toru, her co-star in the movie, who has been married for 15 years, also added that 'love doesn't change, it'll still be there.' Which Konishi replied with 'I wish I encounter someone like that, to be married one day.'

Further speculation that ...

So she denied the marriage rumour, but if my translation is correct, she doesn't deny the dating rumour? Only Oricon added that Masha himself denied the rumour, but it was instead implied (I'm lonely! I will die alone~) rather than I heard him flatly says no [River] I think it was Koni-chan who said that, as for Masha, she's only been up his radio show once or twice, and she also denied the rumour that they've been dating for the past 4 years [Izumisano]

I wonder was that when the rumours started?

Since River is rather accurate in her translation as in the essence of it, I would agree especially this line...

On the report of the wedding invitations, she mentioned 'it's probably the staff's birthday invitations.

My opinion is if this is as quoted by her, then by denying it is a wedding invitation and saying it is a staff birthday invitation, she is sort of tacitly admitting they're in a relationship isn't it?

I still believe they're in a relationship and since a strong word of denial is used, probably the wedding is not anytime soon if any. And when Masha is back, I am sure he will comment on this since Manami Konishi commented on it. Oh dear, imagine his surprise when he is back from trekking the jungle and oggling girls in bikini with all these storm brewing!

Personally I feel AMUSE being his management company should issue an official denial unless they themselves were taken by surprise.

By the way, she looks very pretty and classy. And yes, once the shock was over I was thinking good for him and now I am like ok back to square one. I do realise NO now doesn't mean NO forever. There is still an August wedding... but I do think he may be on his ASIA CONCERT TOUR 2011. Since there is no flat out denial on any relationship at all, they might have already married. OK! KIDDING! GOMEN! GOMEN!

To be sure, let's wait for him to come back and then make a statement. Hopefully he will.

And here is Mashamasha explaining everything ...

not yet have josei seven on hand. But just sum up the fans discussion in 2ch, the magazine said koni held her birthday party on 26 Oct, her mother came to tokyo from Kogoshima to attend this birthday party. They did not say masha was there or not (but actually masha already left Japan at that time) They took a picture of koni's mother attending the party. The magazine said this birthday maybe held as a goodbye party to her single status (the magazine added although she did not announce anything in the party) And since October, some people received the invitation card from masha and Koni. The reporter said they did take a look at that card (but they did not post a photo of the card). For oricon news, they said when the reporter asked follow up questions after she denied the marriage, koni replied she has been his radio program guest. They interpret it as she is saying that their relationship is nothing more than that, i.e. koni is also denying the dating rumour. Oricon news also just updated the article with the words "also, fukuyama's agency co has denied the rumour". Yahoo article more explicit where she denied they were marriage plans or that they were dating at all.

Very slow response from "fukuyama's agency". By the way she actually apologised for the inconvenience caused.

[UPDATES - 04.11.2010] Chinese press reporting. Don't know how to read so I am not sure being 1 day late would have afforded them the luxury of printing the story, the news and the denials from both sides. The video reporting is here. The title seems to suggest the marriage ceremony is next month. Nowhere in the original article ever said next month. How did HK media arrived at next month?

The following thanks to Izumisano;

- Apple Daily included denial of marriage but not the dating part
- That video did not include both denials (so ignore it)
- All Japanese media including Sponichi, Sanspo, Sports Hochi and Daily Sport Online (Sports too??) all included denial of marriage and dating with the exception of SanspoSports Hochi both being more complete included as well Amuse's denial.

News in English for completion sake courtesy of Tokyo Hive...

In its latest issue, published November 4th, weekly gossip magazine “Josei Seven” reported that Fukuyama Masaharu and Konishi Manami are ready to get married.

According to the magazine, they are planning to hold a wedding ceremony after the NHK’s drama series “Ryomaden” finishes its last episode, which is to be aired on November 28th. ”Josei Seven” also reported that the couple started seeking a place to hold their wedding in May, and they have already sent out all the invitations in the middle of October.

The big couple’s relationship was first reported in 2006, however, they have never been caught in any decisive photo, so there was also a rumor that they already broke up.

The possible bride of Fukuyama, Konishi showed up at the collaboration event for her upcoming movie, “Yukizuri no Machi” (will be released on November 20th), and Tokyo Tower’s Christmas illumination lighting event on November 3rd. Because of the report in “Josei Seven”, many media rushed to the event in hopes that she would give insight. However, Konishi denied the marriage rumors, and even denied their relationship. Fukuyama’s agency denied the report as well

Manami Konishi's absolute denial can be viewed in her own words in this video here somewhere about 3:45 minutes into the video. She seems to take pains to stress her point as I kept hearing "hontoni, hontoni". Just a repeat; she denied any marriage rumours, she denied any dating rumours, she even denied any relationship rumours, she just stated they met at the radio show once or twice (for interview-I wonder is there a copy of that show floating in the net?!) and she definitely denied any link to Masha. And Masha's rep, that is AMUSE denied the rumour. Now for completion sake, waiting for Masha to come back and clarify.

And he's not gay!

[UPDATES - 05.11.2010] Some doubts left, well Mashamasha has posted some missing link in HK Fans Discussion Forums, reposted here for completion sake (actually I am being a busybody here)

How they met? Or rather when did all these started?
as i remember it is (invited) consecutively 2 times to ANN. At that time, ANN has special part which invited guests to read out listener's letters on a special topic, she went for consecutive 2 weeks. Another guest invited for this special part is Shibasaki Kou 

i just go to check fans page, it said the special topic of her term is called 100人のラブメッセージ、この想い届きますか?. They need to read out 100 listeners letters, but in the first time they just completed 84 letters, so she went again to read out the remaining 16 letters. But it did not say it is consecutive two weeks or not.

I value her feedback so this is what she has to say on all these wedding rumours
the most shocking moment ... is when I see the cover of the magazine. The headings they use seem to very 堅料 (sensational?). But then when more details about the article came, it becomes more and more 流 (impossible?) because everything they said does not have evidence, just quote somebody's words. What I am worried now is they actually have evidence, e.g the picture of the invitation card, but they just don't post it for this time and post it in coming issue

I wouldn't worry. Because if there is an invitation card, Manami Konishi and Amuse wouldn't deny it categorically and absolutely. The last impression good reputable stars would want is to ruin their reputation of perceived honesty. So now, I don't think there is an invitation card of that sort. Anyway the world or at least in Asia awaits with abated breath for the return of our prodigal son to either admit (which looks bad on Manami Konishi) or deny (which will make a lot of people very happy). Worse of course and the route he might take is to stay silent which will fuel the rumour further but I doubt that since AMUSE issued a denial on his behalf. Surely they must have contacted him when he was running after some lizard in Madagascar to authorise a denial? I've been reading some reactions which weren't good but rest assured at this moment, the entire expose is not true. Some still believe they're an item and hiding something, like yours truly but I wouldn't go as far as to say hiding something. I will take her word for it about the absolute denial which makes me believe they dated but since parted ways. So far a lot of fans and non-fans are taking the entire thing lightly but at the same time seriously because until the hero sings, no one will believe or disbelieve.

But Masha, forget the lizard! Hurry back before Hurricane Manami strikes again!

[UPDATES - 06.11.2010] More denials, sort of. Co-star of Ryoma-Den Kagawa Teruyuki denied a report from the same source that Manami Konishi was at the Ryoma-Den wrap up party on 11.10.2010. He said he didn't see her there. Further he said all these marriage rumours may not be true at all. Mashamasha further stated "Besides, 香川照之 (Kagawa Teruyuki) went to Nagasaki last sunday (31.10.2010?)  to flim ryomaden  special (on air 29/12 & 30/12), he said masha told him he was in Buenos Aires (Argentina) at that time". Now I am kinda confused. Which time was he referring to I wonder? Great though these 2 are close enough to confide in each other!

Interesting because if all these is not true, there may  be a conspiracy as such because Mashamasha noted "the fans said that in a local tv program today, the MC (or guests?) said actually besides Josei Seven, there is another magazine who got the "invitation card". But this magazine (i think it is Friday) did a lot of investigation but still can't get any evidence to prove the "invitation card" is real thing and the marriage gossip is true, so they don't write anything out".

Friday has more journalistic integrity than others. And going back to Manami Konishi's absolute denial, this might be a prank, although a very "perfect" timing prank, depending on how you see it. No wonder Friday said to Josei Seven to show proof if they had any, since Friday only had a card to go by perhaps.

Interesting. I will say this post of mine will go on and on and on until Masha himself issues an official statement. And since even friends or co-stars of his has been issuing statement, I will say he is bound to make one soon enough.

[UPDATES] 07.11.2010
Now I am a bit lost. The supposed wedding is in December 2010? Specifically 18th December? His schedule as revealed by Mashamasha is ...

"When he announced the Best Bang information in radio, he already told (should be in TFM) that this time he probably won't do any TV promotion, and joked that that's why he needs the radio staff to help him promote the album, say getting drunk in the bar and then telling other customers that fukuyama has best album released on 17/11, many many songs etc. He just said again in tfm (07.11.2010) he won't do promotion for the best album "

He might be back for the Ryoma-Den special in end of November (23rd November) and speculated will leave and then return mid December for preparation for the year end concerts. So 18th December does sound like a possible date for a wedding if any. Anyway what am I saying?! Both have denied so that's that!

Mashamasha further posts and this is delicious if true...

"again, not sure how reliable it is: one guy writes in 2ch said her relative's friend (or someone who knows someone) is working in amuse, Team Fukuyama is extremely angry about this nonsense marriage gossip. Actually amuse wants to sue Josei Seven immediately, but given the best album is coming, and the work with NHK, it is difficult to do this. (I think it means NHK does not want to see their people get involved in this kind of litigation)"


Mashamasha has the latest update...

"Kagawa Teruyuki told in a PR event on 04.11.2010 that he has personally asked masha about the gossip marriage, and masha has denied it to him.  [Source]"

Anyway translation proper by Izumisano ...

"In essence, this happened in one of the Ryomaden "Behind the Production" talks. (There have been 4 in the past month.) The first thing Kagawa-san said was "Minna-san, Fukuyama-san is not getting married (so soon)! Please rest assured. I confirmed it with him." Which of course got everyone in a frenzy. Then Kagawa-san went on to say he feels like he hasn't seen the last of Yataro. And that Masha said if they made Yataro-den, he wants to be Shibusawa Eiichi."

So ermmm... he is the spokesperson now? Good to know. Did he call Masha? I wonder ...

Anyway it seems AMUSE and Josei Seven does not have a good relationship as in the part this magazine has made many "revelations" about Masha, mostly about the women he dated. That's one part of the conspiracy. Like I said, Masha come back soon!

Wow, so many press people there! If you know Japanese you will probably hear her deny the rumour, explain how it probably came about, deny the relationship, explain how they met for that 1 or 2 times, deny everything. I still think he should make a statement when he returns. If he remains quiet, this will forever be speculated and unless he wants some peace of mind, this is how the profession works. You can't work in public sort of work and expert a private sort of expectation. So many things can simply be ignored, but when it gets to this huge a news with accusations being thrown around, a short response would be apt and quite enough.

Who knows, Josei Seven might just post the rumoured evidence called wedding invitation card in next issue. Either that or a full page apology which I feel AMUSE should demand for that. And mind you, a good amount of money can maketh a convincing invitation card.

Oh Masha... where art thou voice Masha?

[UPDATES - 09.11.2010] Manami no more?
According to this really tabloid sort of article, Manami Konishi's heart may actually belong to another; not sure who but some handsome president of her management company? Or some company she is associated with.Which is why she will not marry Masha, it says.

Well... it's getting more complicated isn't it? Do you see this as good news or bad news or quite simply rubbish news? I am numbed. For all I know Masha may be back with his "hatsukoi", whoever that may be. Or could this be a red herring? Damage control PR?

Got the latest from HK Fans Discussion Forums, new issue does not have invitation card. Probably AMUSE said "You print, we sue" or maybe there isn't one as Josei Seven and the likes might have learn to read that "BIRTHDAY" is not "WEDDING". And not sure about whose mother, but I believe Manami Konishi's mother came out and denied any relationship between these 2. Nope, it wasn't her mother, she shut the door on the reporters. So who's mother that denied the relationship? Can't be Masha's okasan, she is above all this. Now I am confused.

Yep, the earlier statement reportedly by a mother said there's no such thing as a relationship between the two was indeed by Masha's Okasan! Reporters were sent to Nagasaki to investigate this statement and I am sure Masha will be darn pissed to know his aged mother is being harassed as well. Anyway reportedly the marriage rumour and invitation card is debunked because impossible to have a wedding in December and no one could confirm who the supposed invitation was sent to and no one in Nagasaki got any invitation  at all. Masha's Okasan reportedly said there's no such invitation sent at all. So since reportedly she denied any relationship and she denied the invitation, which means as we all suspected after this story went on and on and on that perhaps the supposed invitation card is fake and Miss Manami Konishi spoke the truth, so bless her! Theory is now back to magazines using this "story" to boost sales. Frankly isn't that the function of a tabloid magazine? Well folks, we have on good authority, from every "spokesperson" of Masha except the man himself (as he is not in Japan) debunking this story, including the "bride", the mother, the "mother in law" (kinda), best mates and basically every fan there is.

All of the above gathered from the article posted at HK Fans Discussion Forums, using online translator which says the magazine is "Bunshun Weekly".

Masha, if you don't come back soon and make a statement, the paps will move next to your friends and then your school, etc and if by now no one knows you're supposedly getting married, in a week or so the entire Japan if not the world would have known you're getting married in December even if you're really NOT getting married in December.


Mashamasha I believe got hold of a magazine Bunshun Weekly as stated above, I think she must be referring to it and she says in HK Fans Discussion Forums ..

There is a photo of the birthday party invitation card. Just summarise what is said in the magazine ...

They first interviewed those who went to the birthday party, the people said it is totally not a wedding announcement party purely a birthday party.

Then they interviewed Manami Konishi's agency co, they said they don't expect it becomes that big news. The birthday party was joined by around 70 people who have worked with Manami Konishi's, including some media people. They invited Manami Konishi's's mother to join to give her surprise. Maybe it is the first time they organized such big birthday party to Manami Konishi's, that's why the marriage rumour came out. The agency co even said she is really busy, she won't have time to date and get married.

Then the magazine reporter went to nagasaki to interview masha's friends. His friend said none of them received that invitation card or heard of his marriage. He said he does not believe masha will get married without informing his childhood friends in nagasaki.

Then the magazine said it maybe true that masha really has plan to get married in near future because according to his friends, masha's brother just had his 3rd child, and masha mama always said she also wants to see masha's children. When masha had drinking with his old friends after the inasayama live last year, when his friends talked about their children, masha said he also wanted to be like them (to have children) in the near future. But masha and masha mama always say they prefer masha's wife to be an ordinary woman, not actresses etc.

Then they interviewed masha mama through her home's intercom. Mama said absolutely no marriage, no invitation card!

Then the magazine interviewed one entertainment production official/representative. This guy said since spring this year, a number of magazine got the dating gossip. Josei seven and another magazine (must be Friday) went to do investigation, but couldn't get any evidence. If it is really like Josei seven said the wedding venue is confirmed etc, the agency companies won't deny the gossip in such way. Given the timing when the rumour came out, this created great promotion effect for her new movie.

Lastly they interviewed Josei Seven, Josei Seven said their denial is within their expectation. But they said their magazine always report things based on comprehensive investigation

Hmmm... who's the girl Masha? Anyway I think this explains it then. Except this won't stop until Masha announces he ain't getting married to Manami Konishi, at all. Since he has plans to get married and have kids, he might be looking or may have found her.

Masha since he returned from his trip abroad has not made ONE SINGLE COMMENT on the above. NOT ONE. I applaud his consistency. Anyway HK media that is Apple is not finished yet;

藉今年 NHK大河劇《龍馬傳》人氣爆燈的日本男星福山雅治,前日按傳統跟明年大河劇主角、事務所師妹上野樹里作交接儀式,其間他不時微笑,但原來在背後卻嬲到爆炸。

Ok, someone translated for me and basically this "news" says that Masha wasn't very happy that his rumoured girlfriend is always using his name to raise her own popularity everytime she has got a new film or leading role. He may be smiling during promo (such as  the passing of baton ceremony) but inside he is in fact not happy at all. Last part wasn't translated for me but from what I can understand, he vows never to see her again?

Anyway, I must emphasise, he did not comment at all about Manami Konishi or the marriage or the uproar since his return. In fact the above is just pure speculation. Masha, until and unless you utter the word NO, this will go on and on and on like that Celine Dion song about doomed lovers on a sinking ship.

[UPDATES - 11.01.2011] And the rumours are back on, courtesy of China news now here. Thanks to Szeying for some translation, the rest is by me ...

Mentioning after he will marry Konishi Manami after We're Bros Tour.. Saying that last time Konishi Manami turn down the rumour openly is to force Masha to marry her.. Both had ask Tetsuya Takeda to be the host of their wedding..

And I am adding that ... So Josei 7 was groundless abt the date of marriage but the marriage rumour was true, according to the article. The marriage was then postponed due to exposure and Josei 7 is sticking to their story that these 2 are together and they will marry in later part of next year.

My conclusion? Trash. The entire article is based on Josei 7 which they quoted extensively. The lady has denied this rumour forcefully, to the point of saying she hardly knows him, she has never dated him, and I do not believe Masha will be forced into marriage like this. Moreover her apologies and denials were very strong, he denied it later on, his mother denied it, everybody denied it. To then get married, that would make them look like idiots and how would the fans feel after such strong denial? Idiots as well. No, I don't believe this. I believe she may be getting marriage but the groom ain't him. He will get married one day, but the bride isn't her.

Ok, case close until Japan side starts all over again.

NOT QUITE. Apparently he will marry her at the end of concert tour in July 2011 (but we all know end of concert tour is in August 2011) and bring her along for honeymoon during Asia Tour and greet the fans in HK or something like that [Source]. By now my 2 reaction is...

a. Masha you wanna marry just marry. Don't wait till end of year
b. bring to HK to greet fans? Doesn't he know that particular lady conjures up a lot of mixed emotions and no one will say WELCOME BRIDE OF MASHA but rather probably sneer at her?

Like I said, if this is true, the bride ain't her. And Masha will not bring her out, yes she will follow along for the tour but not like honeymoon during tour and let fans see. And even if this is true, my only conclusion is he may marry one of the backup singers who are rather pretty. Because who else gets to spend so much time with him??

04.03.2011 : Case reopened?
Re this news here  and the last paragraph which suggested they were spotted again somewhere. In a restaurant in Tokyo as suggested in this article.  Both articles are on 03.03.2011 an 02.03.2011 respectibely and since not a whiff from Japanese media (it must have originated from some Japanese gossip mag though I haven't heard anything yet) I would say this might be old news brought up as new news. If Masha isn't really with her, after all the troubles, I don't think he would want to sit down and have a drink with her. If he is still with her, how this relationship can last with the man gone for work most of the time is beyond me. If they're secretly married so all those going aways don't matter to her, let me first say I will be pissed if this news is not shared with friends. But from Masha's reaction I could deduce all those speculations are just trash, including mine.

21.04.2011 : New alert! New alert!
Re here, saying he will go public soon with his wedding plans. Frankly, I don't believe this until he actually goes public. From the way I see it, I doubt it. But who's the girl? Same rumoured girl or different one?

[ADD] Thanks to Airin for the very detailed explanation, just don't ask what is strawberry hunting but we all know what is bust exercising girls. Oh Masha, what you need is a girl who doesn't fancy you but you fancy her, you need the chase and not some blind dates. And since Ryoma-Den??

Magazine Shuukan Bunshun is reporting in its next issue some comments that that Masha wants to marry a normal ordinary (non-entertainment industry) girl.

He was quoted as saying that after reaching 40, he started to want to get married, and he would like to have 2 (or so) children.

According to the comments, his office staff have been involved in arranging dates or setting him up with potential marriage partners from the ranks of ordinary girls.

He (or his staff) brought a girl(s) to the Ryomaden set while filming at locations and there were secret gatherings/meetings/liasons at drinking pubs and so forth, but he never quite stuck his neck out there and fell for anyone.

It goes on to say that according to the magazine, he isn't dating anyone at this time, but if he were to do so, it would be with a traditional family-oriented girl.

Another post mentions that he has enjoyed quite the bachelor life hanging out with Lily Frankie, including going "strawberry hunting"!!!, but more recently he has been set up with drinking dates in search of a good woman.

Basically, in a nutshell, what I read is not that he is getting married to a specific person, but rather that he has been getting "hooked up" or introduced to non-entertainment industry ladies on a casual dating basis by those around him. So far, he hasn't been impressed to the point of wanting to pick one and get married, and even though there is no shortage of "bust exercising" girls who would love to marry him, a prospective mate has to deal with some pretty high expectations "hurdles".

I'm not sure he is going to like this article or this press. At this source, they ID people from his record company along with "Real Live" as sources and the Shuukan Bunshun magazine.

27.01.2011 : New woman, new relationship, with a huge bunny involved!
Woah!!!! I went on a trip for 2 days and suddenly boom! rumours! gossips! bunny?! Yeap!


Friday published about a new rumoured relationship which Masha's neighbours said started like last summer, with a very low profile and almost no gossip actress by the name of Fukishi Kazue. Apparently, Friday said they don't have conclusive evidence but decided to publish whatever they have because they well.. they're a gossip magazine. Nothing is conclusive until Masha says it is. Anyway Masha is or was not in Japan during the publication which I believe was 2 days ago or something. The pictures showed the lady walking in and out of the purportedly Masha's residence holding a huge cage with a huge bunny. Masha was seen walking in and out with a few guys by his side, 2 of them his managers. Neighbours said they often saw her entering his place since last summer. Agencies for both stars didn't directly deny the allegations but they didn't admit either. I think I read she was there to put the bunny with some friends or something. Seriously, my mind just went blank after the word bunny. Anyway you might wonder they know each other? Thanks to fellow fans, yes, they do, way back in 2001 during a photoshoot for Anan (you can see the pictures here) and she is purportedly a fan of his and watches his concerts, etc. Some fans even deduce she's the real deal. Is she? I don't know. Maybe true, maybe not. Right now it is not marriage rumour BUT relationship rumour. I still think he will just marry and then announce. But now I am thinking does Masha like Bunny? No? Then no way they're in a relationship! Just imagine 5 single actresses walking in, imagine what Friday will say eh? Anyway fans even said Masha has moved from that "love nest" already some time ago. Some fans pointed out the background pictures are inconsistent. Basically it is not rumour, just plain gossip at this stage. Anyway I still think he is single. Why? Errmmmmm... because he has yet to meet me! Kidding! Kidding! Anyway general consensus is fans like her. I don't know her so I don't know what to think. She's young by his standards but good point is she is very very very low profile.

For the "scandalous" pictures (why can't Masha be more like Raymond Lam and Ron Ng from HK with all their GFs taking bed pictures, etc?!), go to post 300 page 20 or click here, here, here, here, here and here.

And English translated news with picture here at Tokyohive. But do take note, when she was supposedly spotted at his place on x'mas eve or day, Masha was having concerts at Yokohama. So this could mean either she was there for someone else or he lets her into his apartment, alone with her bunny. If it is the latter, I suspect wedding bells soon. But my feeling is the latter, until Masha confirms or deny and in his usual fashion he probably won't say anything at all. So speculate away!! By the way fans do like this "pairing".

28.01.2012 : Masha's response!
Sort of. In ANN show tonight 28.01.2012, Masha responded to the rumours of him and Fukishi Kazue and basically it is strange he even responded at all but anyway he kinda sort of said "No comment" but reading the translation by Mashamasha, it is "ignore". So basically he won't waste 1 second of our time to confirm if true or untrue or even acknowledge the lady as his girlfriend or not his girlfriend. The tone is as if either she is real and so he doesn't wish to say more or in my personal opinion; it is akin to "puh-leazzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" sort of response which if I were the girl and am his girlfriend I will throw a tantrum, like cook his black bunny or something ala Fatal Attraction. Mashamasha went further and translated he said "they just talked about the pictures in Friday, but masha said he won't talk about this topic. He said "スルーで"  (which Mashamasha said means 無視 meaning IGNORE!) he said if he knows he will appear in the magazine, he will have wore better and kakkoii clothes. The one in the picture is too ordinary. And he even joked his manager was also in the picture"

I think if he can joke that way it means he is not ready to confirm the bunny is his, yet. Imagine you're the girl... I will be pretty pissed off.

09.02.2012 : Cap-gate!

First bunny gate (see 27.01.2012 above), and now cap-gate! Yes both wearing same cap. Not very subtle hint eh? Maybe this is an exclusive cap that he shares freely with his celebrity fans who attends his concert? Do I believe he is seeing someone? YES. Is she the one he is seeing? MAYBE. Will he let us know? NEVER, not until after he registers his marriage. Anyway see post #522 page 35 where I also took the scans for more report in Japanese, something about the bunny's name in his greeting cards or something. Oooooohhhh... big clue eh? No?

By the way why they were connected it seems may have something to do with this BROS new year postcard where the words in the paper he is holding up is the name of her rabbit. My take on this is HA HA HA and also maybe she named her rabbit after she saw the postcard and not the other way around?


vaberella said...

This is completely unrelated to the topic at hand since you did say it was a false alarm. Have you heard anything that would suggest there would be a season 2 of Tantei Galileo?

Funn Lim said...

Hi. None so far. If any it would be a movie sequel from the looks of it as the author did write a follow up to Suspect X book from what I heard. However I doubt it would be next year since for half a year confirmed he would be on a tour and if the Asian Tour 2011 is true, then the 2nd half would be taken as well. I do wish he has a script and is considering it.

savvy said...

Do you still update this blog? Why did you stop.. I love it for the lyrics translation. Relatively new to Japan and loving every inch of Masha <3 although he finally got married! And not to any of the previously rumoured girlfriends!

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