[NEWS] Ryoma-Den wrap-up party [11.10.2010]

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I have previously mentioned briefly of Ryoma-Den's wrap-up party or as they call it, crank-up party here which was held which many fans suspect as Westin at Ebisu, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan on 11.10.2010. Mashamasha translated some snippets from various posts from cast members, ex-producer at NHK who were there and it sounds like a smashingly huge party. Comments in italics is by me.

"there are 1000 people in the party and masha went to greet each of them one by one" [Source]. This blog entry from one of the cast member did mention how friendly Masha was and how great the party was. No full translation as yet since he wrote really long.

"SION also went to the crank up party and sang a song with masha. He said originally he did not plan to go because he just played a little part, but then he received a phone call (probably from masha) to ask him to go" [Source]

I am not sure if this translation refers to the same party but I just post here first. "see these posts in 2ch, masha hold mini live in the 二次会 (party?/small band?), and as many are musician, they also play music instruments"

but based on the posts, it seems the newspaper said most actresses (including the 4 main actresses) did not come, but hirosue has prepared video comment. 蒼井 was in Korea (even not, she wouldn't come because of 武市) and hirosue couldn't come because she is too hot topic now, but don't know why the other 2 did not come. Seems like a male dominated party then.Curious too why none of the 4 leading ladies came. I mean even SION who has a small part came. Since it was not opened to paparazzi, surely they should at least make an appearance unless they're out of country or filming elsewhere? It is after all a thank you banquet for the staff and not just the actors.

Pictures at the event after Read More link.

There were pictures from the event and the close-ups were posted by the ex-producer at NHK which was later removed (and I think I know why since only Masha's ones were removed but come on! Let us in on the fun too! We fans are part of the "production" team as well) but reposted by really quick thinking Japanese fans at forums.I took these from HK Fans Discussion Forums. By the way the guy in mask is Masha. And his gesture in the top right picture seems to be holding of the samurai sword. Or is it pinky swearing? Probably a symbolic gesture of something.

The following picture caused a bit of confusion amongst fans since it bears no description, so it may be taken before or after the party. I suspect after because he looked subdued. It could be other days. Frankly no confirmation. Love the glasses though.


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