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UPDATES - 08.10.2010
Added full translation on Masha's portion from that Chinese translation as to why he is Most Loved Celebrity of 2010


One of those ranking news that must be mentioned because it is really the ultimate popularity contest. Anyway I shall let the intro at this site explain what this is about ...

For many years, beauty and fashion magazine “anan” held a popular ranking survey of “Suki na Otoko, Kirai na Otoko ranking (loved guys, hated guys ranking)”. This ranking was well known and a popular survey by anan, but they stopped publishing the ranking in 2008. With this absence, weekly magazine “Shukan Bunshun” took over the survey. They asked 2,000 women (18 to 39 years old) all over Japan on who their most loved and hated male celebrities were

Well, 2010 is not over yet so if this is the celebrity ranking of 2010, it is a bit premature but no doubt who will be no. 1. Like I have said, 2009-2010 is Masha's year as was last year. Anyway, no. 1 on the list is none other than the guy whose this site is devoted to, ah yes, Masha! Why? Reasons given as translated by Mashamasha of HK Fans Discussion Forum were ...

(The main reasons for his placement in the ranking)

(popular but don't look like playboy and narcissist)

(handsome but love saying H (H is sex in Japanese) things, very natural and friendly)

(even saying H things, not disgusting, just feel he is young and fresh)

(H things out from his mouth become funny jokes)

I think these reasons are often repeated whenever we hear about Masha. Interestingly no one mentioned his handsome looks and more importantly his talent. Or maybe these are just highlighted reasons.

I think no. 3 on the list was the young Galileo himself!  I also see another Ryoma-Den co-star in the list. You can check out the rest of the list as well as the Most Hated list in the site I just mentioned. Luckily unlike those American rankings, Masha did not end up in both Most Loved AND Most Hated list but Kimura Takuya did. Which makes me wonder, if he most loved and hated in Japan? Great for Masha's fans because Masha is LOVED in Japan. I see that as great news confirming something we all already know, whatever the ratings of Ryoma-Den may be.

The link to the full article in Chinese and some English translation after Read More link.

Translated into Chinese here. Masha's portion is very interesting, assuming the Chinese translation is somewhat accurate like the original Japanese and thanks very much to my friend Kidd for translating rather excellently to convey what the housewives and general female population of Japan thought of Masha. I changed a few words as she did include the actual sentence in Pinyin for me so I understood what she meant and my comments are in Italics.


夺取木拓王座的是他多年来的劲敌——“国民情歌王子”福山雅治。后者在2008年《ANAN》的“最受欢迎男艺人”评选中仅次于木拓,名列亚军。福山前段时间在公信榜举行的“最美的日本人”评选中亦排在第一位。“他年轻的时候感觉还不成熟,那时对他没多少好感。但35岁后,他逐渐散发出男人的魅力。演技方面也是如此,现在觉得没有人比他更适合演龙马”(33岁 职业主妇)。“看起来MOTE(很受欢迎)的男人,看起来一点也不narcissist(自我陶醉,自恋癖者)的人”( 34岁 公司社员)。“他是一个念旧重情的人。虽然少年时代在故乡长崎经历了一段艰苦时期,不过成名后他依然对故乡眷恋不已。回长崎开个唱,和歌迷坦白自己的成长历程令人感动。内心有女生一样纯真的心底,很喜欢他这点”(33岁 家事助理),不少女生对福山赞不绝口。特别值得一提的是,很多女生觉得福山在NHK大河剧《龙马传》中的演出让人见识到他性感的一面“声音也很性感,用耳机听的时候有种他就在面前和我说话一样的错觉的亲切”(22岁 学生)。福山出色音乐天赋,和清新的性感气息令日本的主妇少女为他神魂颠倒。“最近在《龙马传》展示了他之前秘密锻炼出的好身材,慢慢喜欢上他了”(38岁 主妇)。“修长的身形是我喜欢他的理由之一。而他还没有结婚就更加让我妄想联翩了……”(36 专业主妇)。

By Kidd
Fukuyama Masaharu

The one who snatches the throne of Takuya Kimura is his rival of many years - 'National Prince of Love Songs' Fukuyama Masaharu. In year 2008 ANAN's "Most Popular Male Artist" selection, the latter came second to Takuya Kimura, getting the first runner up spot. Fukuyama also top the list for "Most Beautiful Japanese people" in a survey done by Oricon. "When he was younger, he gave off an immature feeling. At that time, I didn't have much good feeling for him. But, after 35 years old, he gradually emit a masculine charm. It's the same with his acting. Now, I can't think of anyone hat is more suitable than him to play Ryouma.' (33 years old housewife). "A popular man, but not one bit narcissistic" (34 years old office worker). "He's someone who cherish the old and loyal (loyal is the simplified word, the real Chinese word used is something akin to someone who places high importance to love and loyalty). Even though he went through a lot of hardships in his hometown in Nagasaki in his younger days, he still cherish it endlessly after he became famous. When he went back to Nagasaki to hold his concert and related his growing up experiences honestly to his fans, it was very touching. He has a pure heart and I like this part of him" (the part on pure heart is a simplified version of the actual sentence in Chinese which sort of meants that he has a pure uncorrupted heart, akin to those an in innocent pure young girl) (33 years old housework assistant). Many women praised Fukuyama Masaharu endlessly. Particularly need to mention is, a lot of women feel that Fukuyama's performance in NHK's Taiga Drama "Ryouma Den" allows people to see his sexy side "His voice is also very sexy. When you use earphone to listen to it, it will give you an illusion of closeness that sounds like he's speaking to you right in front of you" (22 years old student). Fukuyama's remarkable musical gift and his fresh/clean and sexy aura makes Japan's housewife and young girls fall head over heals in love with him. "Recently, in "Ryouma Den", he has revealed his great body that he secretly trained up earlier, and I slowly grow to like him" (38 years old housewife). "His slender frame is one of the reason I like him. And the fact that he's still unmarried makes me day dream even more...." (36 years old professional housewife).

My favourite part?

And the fact that he's still unmarried makes me day dream even more....

Very very true because very very honest!


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