MAGNUM COLLECTION 1999 "Dear" [Compilation] : Full track list

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This best of or compilation album was released in 1999, featuring many great songs up until that date. It's a huge collection of 28 songs over 2 CDs from the info I could see and you will find remixes, live versions as well as studio versions as well. Some of my favourites are Good Night, It's Only Love, Dear, Hello, Message to the ever popular concert song choice, Peach!! which means this album covered a lot of grounds as far as I can see. But the best were the live versions, some he hardly sings these days from what I can observe such as Dead Body and Blood. Good Luck in here is the live version and an excellent song. His vocals here improved tremendously from the early 90s releases. A definite great compilation album.

The following is the full track list of this album and whereever noted means the following either combination. Please take note ALL posts about songs come with an embedded video either the concert version, PV version or just the song version found in Youtube or uploaded somewhere and played through an embedded radio player. Some may contain screencaptures taken from the video source.

[EL]English only [RL]Romaji only [KL]Kanji only & the various combination  [English title]English translation of the original title in Japanese [Nb]Remarks or notes by me. If you don't see any indicator for EL, RL or KL, it means it is not translated yet at all.

You will also find the following songs grouped in the relevant Albums list as well as individually listed in Songs list in the left panel.

All after Read More link.

More information on this album and the individual songs can be found at Jpop Stop!

CD1 Tracklist

1. Tsuioku no Ame no Naka (remix) (追憶の雨の中) [RL-EL] [Rains of Recollection]
2. Kaze wo Sagashiteru (TV Special/'95 Style) (風をさがしてる)
3. Tada Boku ga Kawatta (remix) (ただ僕がかわった) [EL] [It's Just That I've Changed]
4. Good night (remix) [EL-RL]
5. Yakusoku no Oka (remix) (約束の丘)
6. MELODY (remix)
7. Koibito (remix) (恋人) [EL-RL] [My Lover]
8. Tooku he (remix) (遠くへ)
9. Marcy's Song
10. IT'S ONLY LOVE [EL-RL] [Pics]
11. 1985 Nen Factory Street Natsu (1985年 Factory Street 夏)
13. Asu he no March (明日へのマーチ)
14. Dear [EL-RL]

CD2 Tracklist

2. Message [RL]
3. Ima Kono Hitotoki ga Tooi Yume no You ni (今このひとときが遠い夢のように)
4. Heart [EL]
5. you [EL-RL]
6. Like A Hurricane
7. Makimodoshita Natsu (巻き戻した夏)
8. Peach!! [RL]
9. Squall [EL-RL]
10. DEAD BODY (Live/'95 Style)
11. BLOOD (Live/'95 Style)
12. Good Luck (Live/'95 Style) [RL-EL]
13. SORRY BABY (Live/'95 Style)
14. Motto Soba ni Kite (Santa Monica Blvd./'99 Style) (もっとそばにきて)


Anonymous said...

Hello, i like your blog very much!!
Could you get the lyrics (english if possible) about the song:
Ima kono hitotoki ga tooi yume no you ni

Thanks in advance and good work!

Funn Lim said...

Hi Anonymous! The Romaji and Kanji I think I can find but the proper english translation I don't think so. I am still hunting for proper translation. All I can find are those Google translation of kanji lyrics and they're terrible.

Anonymous said...

i request the same, if it is possible. thank you

Fuku said...

please, translate: Ima Kono Hitotoki ga Tooi Yume no Youki

TV-Rocker said...

Hi! I'm a fan of Masha, who found out this blog recently.
I translate Masha's songs into English every week in my blog( :Sorry, but mostly written in Japanese. See "魂のラジオ," and you can find these translations)
I'm English learner.

I managed to translate "Ima kono hitotoki ga tooi yume no you ni" into English, which is shown below.
But I'm not sure whether the song's title was rightly translated, because in Japanese title, some words are cut out to express ambiguity.
(In exact description, the title goes "now this moment,like a faraway dream" in English, so you can add some words to understand the tile as you feel.)

Here is my translation:

"Seems Like This Moment Now Is a Faraway Dream"

"I was dreaming," you said.
With hoarse voice, at silent dawn.

You buried your head in my chest.
Your sigh silently spilled over and fell out.

While I was dozing off,
with my both arms,
I was drawing your actual warmth closer to myself.

Like seeking the continuation of your own dream,
your eyes are swaying without any sound.

While I was dozing off,
with my both arms,
I was drawing your actual warmth closer to myself,

Soft sunlight is playful beside windows.
It seems like this moment now is a faraway dream.
Sorrowful, and kindful.

While I was dozing off,
with my both arms,
I was drawing your actual warmth closer to myself.

"Let us have a dream in this morning,
to be able to follow our memories all along, throughout..."

Funn Lim said...

Thanks TV-Rocker for your translation! As usual I am very appreciative of your time and effort, so many songs untranslated!! I will be sure to post that up, especially one from a native speaker. Thanks again!

Funn Lim said...

By the way I can understand your meaning on the title. In fact your translation has a flow, it makes sense! Thanks again.

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