Faito! [Fight!] ~LYRICS~

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ファイト or translated as Fight! or as it is sung, Faito! I am not joking that Faito is the romaji version of the title! I love this cover version. Anyway great that there is a PV-like video for this one! Anyway you can find this in his great cover version album, The Golden Oldies. I was really curious about the lyrics, the original singer, etc and so I spent 1 hour googling AND I FOUND THE INFORMATION!! All after Read More!

I found loads of versions of this song and since I didn't know who is the original singer, I had to dig deeper and deeper and finally found the original singer who is a woman! Masha seems to cover a lot of female singers' songs! I love her version too. Very feminine until she bares her soul and sang with grit and determination. Anyway her name is Nakajima Miyuki. Digging even deeper, found out the song is from 1988. Old song!

I hope the following is the lyrics to the intended song because I think they're! Taken from Greg's Translation. After reading the lyrics, it is like self examination and as she or Masha sings FAITO!!, very inspiring too! An uplifting song in my opinion! If the following is not the lyrics do tell. But I have a feeling they are.


あたし中卒やからね 仕事をもらわれへんのやと書いた
女の子の手紙の文字は とがりながらふるえている
ガキのくせにと頬を打たれ 少年たちの眼が年をとる
悔しさを握りしめすぎた こぶしの中 爪が突き刺さる
“No one will hire me because I didn’t graduate from high school”
Writes a girl in a letter, her writing is angry and shaking
They call them kids and slap their faces, though their eyes are wise
They regret too much; their nails cut in their fists

私 本当は目撃したんです 昨日電車の駅 階段で
ころがり落ちた子供と つきとばした女のうす笑い
私 驚いてしまって 助けもせず叫びもしなかった
ただ怖くて逃げました 私の敵は 私です
I was witness yesterday, at the train station stairs
I saw a girl fall, and the woman who pushed her smiled
I was shocked, but I didn’t help and I didn’t scream
Instead I ran away scared – my enemy is myself

ファイト! 闘う君の唄を
ファイト! 冷たい水の中を
Those who won’t fight may laugh
At your fighting song
Stand up from the freezing water
Even if you tremble

暗い水の流れに打たれながら 魚たちのぼってゆく
いっそ水の流れに身を任せ 流れ落ちてしまえば楽なのにね
やせこけて そんなにやせこけて魚たちのぼってゆく
Battling against the dark water, fish swim up
What you see in the light are the broken scales that have fallen off
Even thought it’s easier to give up and flow with the stream
The get thinner and thinner as they swim up

勝つか負けるかそれはわからない それでもとにかく闘いの
出場通知を抱きしめて あいつは海になりました
I don’t know if you will win, but fight anyway
Show up and hold on, they will be your sea

[Repeat chorus]

あんたに送るけん持っとってよ 滲んだ文字 東京ゆき
They say the gate of a rural town will take it’s revenge
They say if you ever leave, your whole family has to leave
Though I thoughtlessly tried to burn this ticket, it wouldn’t burn
I give it to you to keep, it’s wet letters say “To Tokyo”

[Repeat chorus]

あたし男だったらよかったわ 力ずくで男の思うままに
ならずにすんだかもしれないだけ あたし男に生まれればよかったわ
I wish I were a man, with forceful manly thoughts
Maybe I would have turned out bad, but I wish I were born a man

ああ 小魚たちの群れきらきらと 海の中の国境を越えてゆく
諦めという名の鎖を 身をよじってほどいてゆく
These fish shine so bright, they move beyond the boundaries of the sea
They twist and free themselves, from the chains of hopelessness

[Repeat chorus x2]


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