[SINGLE] Kazoku ni Narou yo/Fighting Pose [Single][31.08.2011]

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UPDATES - 09.09.2011
Strange. I checked official site and it writes this single is released in Taiwan on 05.09.2011. Now I am confused. Anyway it is released in Taiwan. Anyone buying from Taiwan?

UPDATES - 05.09.2011
Taiwanese fans, do mark your calendars for 09.09.2011, and expect I believe CD version + DVD Mini live. Will reveal more when I can reveal more but I think I already revealed it. So back to square one, Asia Tour Masha? Stop the whole fake kekkon thing, Asia Tour, say it now so that I can save money!



Not yet confirmed but to me pretty set,  CONFIRMED that there is new single coming on 31.08.2011 which includes the wedding song Kazoku ni Narou yo (家族になろうよ) and WOWOW theme, Fighting Pose which we have yet to hear at the time of posting where Masha sang live at Osaka concert on 30.07.2011! And he will premier the song in ANN next week on 06.08.2011 (eesshhh! when I am not here!!). There are other goodies in the release as well, I will explain in italics. Safe to say which one I will be getting!! I am not sure which version I am getting!!!! Not fair to make me choose!!!

Masha sang Fighting Pose for the first time live at Osaka concert on 30.07.2011 and will debut this studio version on ANN on 06.08.2011! For more snippets on this song itself, check out ANN snippets (30.07.2011). This is also WOWOW official theme for their special celebration to be held on 1st and 2nd October 2011. There may be some interesting stuff in my post about that.

Kazuko ni Narou yo was broadcast on ANN sometime in April 2011 if I am not mistaken. I honestly can't remember and my post didn't say much which reminds me to next time make a note of release dates!

You can find the English translated lyrics to Kazuko ni Narou yo here.

All the info can be found at the official website.

All are basically the same but I personally bought from CDJapan due to new registration points which allow me to knock off some yen and they were packaged nicely and arrived 1 day before official release. All delivers internationally and I believe only CDJapan accepts Paypal. I tried a mock buying Limited Edition Type A and Amazon was the most expensive costing 3605 yen (where 1700 yen is for shipping - maybe Fedex?) whilst the other 2 were the same with 2805 yen (with 900 yen as EMS fee). But since I still have 519 yen to discount from the final price, I think I will go for CDJapan.

Limited Edition Type A
HMV | Amazon Jp | CDJapan

Limited Edition Type B

Regular Edition

For more such as which is which, check out Read more link where italics are my own comments!


There will be 3 versions. Version 1 will probably be the limited edition where you have CD + the unplug live I'm With U DVD BUT not DVD for the 2 new songs' PVs. Version 2 will be I suppose Special or whatever edition with CD + the DVD for the 2 new songs' PVs only. Version 3 will be CD only. So if I want Unplug Live Plus the PVs, I will need to buy both! Oh clever! Clever! But between the 2, I feel you will find the PVs anywhere but maybe not the Unpplug Live DVD which you have seen clips but not the whole thing. You've heard them, but not seen them! So I will say you will probably know which one to get!

Price : 2000 yen/RM77-00

1. 家族になろうよ (Kazoku ni Narou yo)
2. fighting pose
3.  Hard Rain (Osaka version) from WE’RE BROS. TOUR 2011 「THE LIVE BANG!!」
- Not sure which song so we will know later but seems to be from the Live Bang 2011!
4. 家族になろうよ (Kazoku ni Narou yo) Wedding Ver.
- Let me guess, he adds wedding bells perhaps?
5. 家族になろうよ (Kazoku ni Narou yo) (Original Karaoke)
6. fighting pose (Original Karaoke)
7. 家族になろうよ (Kazoku ni Narou yo) Wedding Ver. (Original Karaoke)

- These are from the I'M With U unplug live!!

2. 幸福論 (Koufukuron)
- I will buy this!! One of my most favourite song, finally a PV treatment??
3. 蛍 (Hotaru)
4. 群青 (Gunjou Ultramarine)
5. 心color ~a song for wonderful year~

I want this DVD!!

Price : 1800 yen/RM69-00
- CD and DVD. Seems no PV for certain releases and no I'm With U broadcast.

1. 家族になろうよ (Kazoku ni Narou yo)
2. fighting pose
3. Hard Rain (Osaka version) from WE’RE BROS. TOUR 2011 「THE LIVE BANG!!」
4. 家族になろうよ(Kazoku ni Narou yo) Wedding Ver.
5. 家族になろうよ(Kazoku ni Narou yo) (Original Karaoke)
6. fighting pose (Original Karaoke)
7. 家族になろうよ (Kazoku ni Narou yo)Wedding Ver. (Original Karaoke)

1. 家族になろうよ(Kazoku ni Narou yo)
2. fighting pose

Price : 1300 yen/RM50-00
- CD only. Imagine you pay about RM30-00 more and you get the whole thing! Come on! Buy the whole thing!

1. 家族になろうよ (Kazoku ni Narou yo)
2. fighting pose
3. Hard Rain (Osaka version) from WE’RE BROS. TOUR 2011 「THE LIVE BANG!!」
4. 家族になろうよ (Kazoku ni Narou yo)Wedding Ver.
5. 家族になろうよ (Kazoku ni Narou yo)(Original Karaoke)
6. fighting pose (Original Karaoke)
7. 家族になろうよ (Kazoku ni Narou yo)Wedding Ver. (Original Karaoke)


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