[AWARDS] Special Award for Contribution to Art (Television Category)[The 48th Annual Galaxy Award 2011][02.06.2011]

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I didn't even know! Anyway Masha actually attended an award ceremony today, 02.06.2011! I will let River's translation do the talking;

Fukuyama Masaharu during the Galaxy Award Ceremony: "Music is next."

The Galaxy Award was held on the 2nd June, and Fukuyama Masaharu, the receipient of Special Award for Contribution to Art (Television Category) went to accept it. He said, "The award is given after 20 years of my debut, and it motivates me to work harder in the future." He also joked, "I wish I could follow it with Music award next time."

He was actively involved last year in television, as a lead for a taiga drama Ryomaden and also as a narrator for NHK documentary, Hot Spot, The Last Paradise. [Source]

Thanks to Rinko who said he said (rough translation) "I have never got such a wonderful award so I'm glad to get it. Next I wanna get music award!" but so short? What did he say about Kodama-san I wonder?

Is he gonna announce his marriage next? I am shocked. I mean shorter hair, surprise appearance and of course, notice the super tight pants. And his super serious face. He is also super slim. Everything super. But this is good news. There will be more pictures. And he has got a special recognition for contribution to art as in TV! I would have thought music would be more appropriate but this may encourage him to do more TV roles eh? Ryoma-Den certainly upped his recognition level!

[ADD] Thanks to Mashamasha for this great snippet! He actually won one for radio (ANN) in 2003!! Click here. He didn't accept in person I believe. Wow! So TV and radio. Music next?

[ADD] Rinko further explained the speech; "And he said about Kodama San. "When I couldn't dicide which I played a role of Sakamoto Ryoma or not,he said ""An actor who can play Ryoma is you,only you."". So I dicided to play it. I'ld like to tell him that I could get this award."

More news, pictures and videos after Read More link.

Anyway some pictures (if there's more, you will find them in Facebook page) whilst we all wait with abated breath for more pictures, more news and dare I say, videos...

Well, CONGRATULATIONS MASHA!! A special recognition at such a young age!

The video...

News proper thanks to Tokyohive;

Fukuyama Masaharu receives award at 48th Annual Galaxy Awards!
Actor Fukuyama Masaharu (42) attended the 48th Annual Galaxy Awards on June 2nd to receive an award!

The Galaxy Awards were created to encourage the continual improvement of the Japanese broadcasting industry, and nominates individuals and shows from four categories (TV, radio, CM, and news) to receive awards each year.

Fukuyama won the individual award in the TV category for his performance in the NHK Taiga drama “Ryomaden“, among others. The actor was sitting in the back of the auditorium, and was followed by a spotlight as he made his way to the stage.

“It’s been 20 years since I debuted, but I haven’t had much luck with awards. It didn’t hit me at first [that I had won]“, he said honestly. He said he wished he could show his award to actor Kodama Kiyoshi, who played the part of Fukuyama’s father in “Ryomaden”, and who passed away on May 16th.

He reflected back to the time he got the offer to join the production of “Ryomaden”, saying, “I went back and forth trying to decide whether I should say yes or no. The person who finally pushed me to accept the offer, who told me, ‘You’re the only one who can play this part,’ was Kodama.”

In addition to Fukuyama’s win, the long-running TV show “Aibou“, starring Mizutani Yutaka, Terawaki Yasufumi, and Oikawa Mitsuhiro, also won an award in the TV category. The show was chosen for tackling tough issues while also maintaining a playful quality to its stories, as well as for its well-written script.

The award ceremony and press conference, thanks to Anthippi. Quality is ok.

>> MKV format
>> MP4 format


vspirit said...

lol. congrats to him. he really wants his music to be recognized, doesn't he? he said so as much in one of his recent radio shows ("...blah blah, a music award one of these days, preferably a non-posthumous one, would be reeeeally nice yanno...and i don't mean those gold and platinum awards they give you when you reach a certain figure in sales. i mean those artsy-fartsy ones where they have a panel of judges vote on who they think the winner should be blah blah blah" he went on for a full 5 minutes on the subject) but they keep passing him over. and then he gets recognized in the acting department when even he doesn't really recognize himself as an actor (you should listen to the way he compares himself to career-based's way full of fact, his radio shows are 90% made up of lol tho u know that already, heh).

Funn Lim said...

I wish I could understand Japanese! I can't! So frankly never knew it was 90% so funny. Funny though like you said, recognised for acting when music awards eluded him. Thanks to Ryoma-Den.

Von said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vspirit said...

why don't you pick it up? =) it's worth the trouble, i assure you. especially if you're a fukuyama fan. his radio shows alone will make it worth your while.

here's a lil' sample to help push your decision-making one step towards the right decision:

snippet of lol on suzuki talking fm on the day he turned 42 (i would hesitate to call this word-for-word since i'm only typing this up from memory but this is more or less it):

MF: Masaharu Fukuyama
AS: Akihisa Souguchi

MF: You know how I was a 4 over kilo godzilla baby and all, right?

AS: Yeah, that never ceases to amaze me.

MF: I know, right? You don't see babes born that size everyday. Anyway, so I asked my ma the other day how she and da came up with my name and you know what her answer was?

AS: Eh? No. What?

MF: ".........dunno."

AS: Wha...? For srs??!

MF: For srs! I was like, "WUUUUUUT? Like, how can you NOT know? You're my mother, aren't ya!? Aren't mothers supposed to know these kinda things???!" And she was like, "Sorry, but 'at's da' truth." Seriously, what kind of mother doesn't know this sorta thing? But I geddit, you know? That I was just some poor homeless kid they picked up from lord knows where and am not really theirs. I mean, talent like mine doesn't run in the Fukuyama line so it's not like it wasn't obvious...oops! I was just kiddin' bout that last bit, of course, gyahahaha!

AS: So your ma srsly doesn't know?



MF: Ohhhh, izzatso? Well, I'm soooo sorry you had to go through all that on my behalf. Any inconvenience caused is hereby sincerely regretted and yadayadayada. Hmph.

AS: *dead0rz from LHAO*, yeah. all that and more, every sat and sun (his mashako segment on talking fm, especially, never fails to amuse--uh, no pun intended). *snicker*

Funn Lim said...

He seriously said that?! I am tempted, but I don't think I will be good enough to understand 30% of what he said. Not sure where to start. Classes? Can't be self taught and frankly no Japanese here to practice! I heard he used a lot of colloquil sort of slang. Is it true?

Oh don't tempt me! I am already doing so much, now learn Japanese? My mum will go "Why don't you learn Mandarin first!"

vspirit said...

oops! my memory's messed up a bit. sorry it wasn't souguchi. it's that almost-always-silent iwanami dude (tho you gotta love the way he reads out the mail during the mashako segment). so just scratch out souguchi's name and replace it with iwanami's. sorry for the error!

...and i really do hope you'll consider picking the language up. ^_^

Funn Lim said...

This is TFM issit?

Thanks for this funny snippet and yes I am very tempted because I am kinda frustrated by the lack of translation to his lyrics. Now I am not sure where to start.

vspirit said...

wow. you're fast. i wasn't expecting a reply this soon. and yeah he srsly said all that. and that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the lol cesspool that he is. there's a LOT more where that came from (his stance on why he pisses sitting down is also another recent gem, and the fact that he loves drying his armpits and uh...other sensitive lil itty bitty areas with his hair dryer set to 'cool' mode after a hot shower or bath. in his own words, it just

colloquil sorta slang? i guess most people do and he's just not an exception.

why don't you start with weekly classes or something? there should be japanese language schools here and there where you are.

i'm no good at mandarin either haha. in fact, i made a half-taiwanese co-worker laugh today when i attempted to speak it. she called it "cute". even now, i'm not sure whether to be flattered or insulted. it's pretty mortifying sometimes how i can understand a foreign language like japanese better than what's supposed to be my mother language. sad, really. but my folks never gave me any trouble about it. my mom went and learned the language together with me in the beginning too (though she dropped out pretty early lol).

Funn Lim said...

I am sitting in front of my computer now because this is my surfing time. Yes I am looking at classes to see if doable but they all seem to say have to sit for tests. I don't want tests! Anyway still looking.

But yes, "his stance on why he pisses sitting down "... why? Don't leave me hanging like this! The rest I can guess but sitting? Germs and all?

I demand you tell me why!!

vspirit said...

lol...sure, i love to share. but first, i gotta ask you something.

i'm not sure what sort of image you have of him in your head. if you have this shiny cool dude image of him, going further might ruin that. i mean, he /is/ a shiny cool dude but his shine comes from a slightly different sort of glitter than the rest, if you know what i mean. and it's exactly what makes his shine genuine (unlike the superficial sort entertainment industries all over the world are infested with). but it might act as a turn-off for some. if this cool dude/erojiji mirror image that he has is exactly what you find fascinating about him and will endear you to him more (like it did with me), then i'm more than happy to share. ^_^

Funn Lim said...

No worries, I am not under any illusion nor will I like him less. I like his music and acting. What he does in private is his business. But yes I know about the Heaven moves, I know he loves his hands action very much whilst watching one particular sort of movie or trailer clips, I know his obsession with cleanliness and his demanding nature as a cleanoholic, I suspect he loves his hands more than he loves commitment, I also happen to know about all his previous ero talks or rather man talks regarding traffic jams and a need to rush to the toilet. And I know he is an expect when it comes to guessing bra sizes.

So share away! What did he say about the toilet? Because some fans know generally but didn't say specifics,mostly because they either don't know or they don't want to spoil the image. The fact that this man can share such intimate details, whether true or not in public means as his fan, I can take it. I have passed the shocked stage, when I first saw him throwing water onto himself and started to grope himself in front of thousands of people.

Funn Lim said...

In case you may worry his other more... newer fans may think, you may email me at

There are many things about him I never posted, the same reason as your worries, don't want to shock people too much. To some he is still an idol. To me he is a musician so he can do whatever he wants, but not the creepy kind.

vspirit said...

well, if the dude feels comfortable enough to share with an entire nation of 45 million (even more, in fact, with the existence and help of y**tube), who am i to decide what should be censored and what shouldn't. in fact, i'd love it if everyone were to find him even more endearing due to the fact. i was just concerned about what you thought. and since you're entirely okay with it, here goes:

this whole toilet thing was during a recent ANN tamashii no radio show...i think. out of the blue, he just mentioned that while out eating with a friend recently, he suddenly brought up the subject of loos by asking the (unfortunate) companion whether he's the kind who sits or stands (AS: "Don't you have better things to talk about over dinner?"). apparently fukuyama himself is the kind who sits and when asked why, he said it's cos when he first used the western sorta toilet back when he first struck out on his own in Tokyo at 18, it splashed here there and everywhere so he resorted to sitting down cos he doesn't want his loo to smell like ammonia-tinged human waste after a while. and he sits even up until today, when there are no urinals to stand against.

during the course of this conversation, he also mentioned that his first encounter with western toilets was back when he was 12, during a school trip (his home back in nagasaki had loos that were practically holes in the ground). he didn't know what to make of it, much less use it, but when a boy's gotta go, he's gotta go. so he lifted up the toilet seat and squatted on the porcelain edges, hanging on for dear life by hugging the water tank ("This must actually be when the inspiration for Edge of Chaos first made itself known to me LoL" -MF).

AS: Haha, must be tough, doing your lil' business and worrying you might fall off halfway through.

MF: Yeah, tell me about it. I remember thinking, "How do them Westerners use this thing? Man, it's so gonna take me ages to get used to this..."

AS: Most people would actually squat on the toilet seat though...

MF: Yeah, I dunno why I didn't think of it. I remember lifting it up and down wondering what it was for and then decided to just leave it up.

AS: So why didn't you just ask someone, if you didn't know how to use it?

MF: Hey, you're male, too. So you must know about this thing called male pride? I may have been a kid but I /was/ a pitcher for my softball team and some of my teammates were there, yanno. I just couldn't bring myself to ask...

so! he's the sitting sort. and upon his confession, some fans wrote in telling him that's not a very manly thing to do and threatened (jokingly, i'm sure) to leave his fanbase. lol. ("OMG, whodda thunk I'd lose fans just cos I don't want my toilet and legs smelling like ammonia???!!!" -MF)

Funn Lim said...

Thanks so much!! I do know about the part about first encounter with western loo but not the whole sitting down. Sometimes I do wonder if he is joking; till this day, he sits?? Oh Masha, ever thought of aiming well?

This is fantastic!! Actually you can tell me anything about him. I am eager to know more of the real Masha but I suspect what he shows his fans may not be the 100% him. I won't abandon him for such a cute snippet because everyone has their preference.

I suspect fans would tolerate his oddity rather than he marrying!

Thanks so much again! I so envy you for knowing Japanese and fantastic translation.

May I repost it at a fan forum? I am sure they're eager to know. Not sure if you joined; MashaPlus. Not even sure if you're in my facebook page.

But what a gem!

vspirit said...

haha, we all don't show a hundred per cent of ourselves to even people we know or love, do we? it's not like we want to hide part of ourselves but our natural instincts will just dictate our actions without our thinking about it. it's all part and parcel of being human. but that's different from being fake. i didn't know fukuyama well enough before and while i knew of him and was aware he had this cool image going on, i wasn't especially interested so my impression of him was vague at best--i couldn't even recall what he looked like properly until very recently, after i've become a fan lol--and now his face is burned inside my head. i still can't say i know him well but after listening to his radio shows and watching some of his interviews, he doesn't strike me as fake, for one thing, which is rather rare for someone who's practically revered as an entertainment industry royal.

i'm most amazed by his musical talent, tho, and while it was something else that made me sit up and notice him a lot more than i did before (seriously, he's only ever left me a passing impression of cool before and nothing else--i only knew him as the guy with the cool voice who sang niji and more recently, the ryoma dude--i didn't actually start watching ryomaden until a few weeks ago, not being a fan of taiga and all lol) it's his music and live performances, after purposefully looking them up and listening and watching my fill of them from various sources, that delivered the final and most definitive persuasion that made me a loyal (i hope) subject >.<

hm, i'll share if i can recall more, or if i come across anymore. but srsly, it'd be so much better hearing it from the man himself rather than reading translations (my half-baked ones included) of his antics...his choice of words and the very expressions he chooses (albeit not consciously)to express them in...they're things that make you glad you're alive--if you have a sense of humor, that is. that's an absolute requirement to enjoy his shows. because they can become hazardous to a person's mental health otherwise.

vspirit said...

oh sorry, i think i forgot to answer your most important question. i don't exactly mind you sharing what we shared here elsewhere but before you do, you need to make it clear that these are more type-ups based on memory rather than valid translations. so while i'm pretty confident that the gist is more-or-less accurate, i've taken a lot of liberties with the phrasing and such since they're all based on memory and thus is through my impression filter (which is why i said it's better to learn the language and listen on your own xD). since i'm too lazy to translate directly (though i do it sometimes), this is the best i can offer. as long as everyone understands that, i'm okay with sharing. ^_^

and yeah, i've come across the name of the forum but it didn't occur to me to check it out. lol. some fan i am, huh? i'll do it soon. thanks for the reminder. (=

Funn Lim said...

Thanks! No worries! I wrote there roughly translated from memory! The girls are having a good laugh, with pictures!

Come join us! We certainly need someone more who can understand Japanese.

Funn Lim said...

Do you know someone called River a fellow fan of Slam Dunk?

And by the way I don't mind any half bake translation, better than none at all! All fans appreciate any snippet and I understand the difficulties of translation but thanks very much for making an effort!

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