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I swear I am learning Japanese unconciously every time I am presented with Masha quotes. Most of the time I don't bother since some do explain what he said, but sometimes curiosity got the better of me and I tend to analyse. But Japanese language especially when limited by Twitter's limit of words after using good old online translator makes no sense. So please, if you, master of Japanese language can care to just help me to deconstruct and explain how exactly to read a sentence in Japanese AND rearrange to readable English, I will be most grateful. Be my sensei, please!!

Oh masters of the Japanese language, can teach me how to deconstruct this sentence "ホッパン甲子園開催してえな" I know what it says since it was explained BUT using translator it makes no sense. Can teach me to read it, deconstruct it? Please? I know first few ermmm words (?) means hotpants but the rest just makes no sense after I used even a credible online translator!


vspirit said...

hope a fellow student is good enough. might i recommend an online dictionary? <-- this. it is my bible. input in whatever order you wish these two words:「甲子園」,「開催」.

してえな = wanna (slur and all included, which is prolly why the translator couldn't make sense of it)

after you get the individual meaning of each word, just let your logic do the math and your english skill the language conversion.

Funn Lim said...

Ok, let me see if I get this right. Breakdown of words...


甲子園 = dictionary says Koshien, a stadium, baseball tournament
開催 = meeting, event, exhibition
ホッパン = hotpants
してえな = wanna (very long word for a wanna)


hotpants Koshien meeting/event wanna

and that means he wants hotpants at a .... ermmm...gathering? I don't get the Koshien part. He means the place, the baseball or the idea of a huge gathering?


Ok, I failed. Sorry sensei!!!

Funn Lim said...

Eh very useful link though! Thanks!! If your standard is student standard, that means I fail big time because you are very excellent!!!

Funn Lim said...


Ok, at FB someone said literally it means "hold hot pants senior school baseball games" which makes no sense and someone else said "He would like to hold a National-level Hot Pants competition"

So Koshien indicates national level? And 開催 is organising a competition?

So he meant "I want to hold a nationwide hotpants competition?"

I think my problem is the してえな and the Koshien part, rather native so no wonder I can't get it!

Funn Lim said...

Ok sensei Vspirit, I am attempting Moon. So far I am dying but never mind. Shall let you see. I am using the approach of deconstructing each word, the rearrange into English.

I hope on my first try I get 30% correct. I shall consider a success if I get 30%. Just 30% which means Wow Wow... Moonlight... already count! YEAH!!

vspirit said...

tbqh, i'm not completely sure what he's trying to get at here. my first understanding was, "Dayum! I wanna hold a concert at Koshien filled with gurls, gurls, GURLS in hot-pants!11!!" but i dunno if they hold concerts at the koshien stadium like they do in yokohama. until he explains it (if he ever does), tho, i'm just gonna keep on assuming that's what he's trying to say.

vspirit said...

come to think of it, i think that's prolly what he's trying to say. koshien's a big stadium and i just read that they do hold concerts there. pretty grand scale ones too. so i guess it's kinda like the rolling stones holding a concert at wembley with mostly only girls in bikinis as audience. so yeah, he's basically saying "Dayum! I wanna hold a concert at Koshien filled with gurls, gurls, GURLS in hot-pants!11!!

Good luck to him in achieving that.

Funn Lim said...

Which is different from what some are saying. So he is either saying

I wanna hold a concert at Koshien with girls in hotpants!! (can! Why not?!)


I wanna hold a gathering the likes at Koshien with girls in hotpants!!

i think the only think we can agree on is the type of garment to be worn!

Oh Masha, say what you mean, mean what you say, after all twitter has 140 words for you to use!!

vspirit said...

Haha for all we know he might be saying he wants there to be a major junior women's softball league where all the players have to wear hotpants as uniform or something. when he mentioned koshien on last week's tamaraji, this is the direction he hinted at (cos he was talking about how he wears a custom-made male version of denim hotpants to exercise before a show cos they're easy to move in). if that's really what he meant, i'd pelt him with rotten eggs if i were a professional woman athlete. >.<

Funn Lim said...

Denim hotpants??

Eh, beach volleyball must be his favourite female sports then.

izumisano said...

Er, I always thought he was in dire need of rotten eggs. What about "Let's have a Hotpants Koshien!" said in the tone of a "Hotpants Olympics"? where everybody is in hotpants as vspirit says....Why does it sound like some AV title now.... >_<'

izumisano said...

Or mud wrestling?

Funn Lim said...

That Koshien part is confusing the hell out of me. Whatever it may be, he certainly stresses on HOTPANTS!

Mud wrestling? Izumi, what happened to you?! MUD WRESTLING?!!

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