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I have been reading some good and bad comments by fellow artistes as well as netizens about Masha and I feel it is a good time to start a thread about that. I will try to post the source of the quote whenever possible. If you know of any, do let me know by using Post A Comment.

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By Michihiko Yanai about Masha on "Kazoku ni Narou yo";
I later got the idea not to convey the feeling of excitement before marriage from Fukuyama. But before that, I received mails from Fukuyama saying "I want to compose a little up tempo song," or "I am indecisive if I should do a ballad." I received lots of mails from Fukuyama! The last mail was "Sorry, it has become a ballad." ... I have been having this thought that Fukuyama is a person who has creativity direction. Such a person can compose a strong song like "Let's become a family." When I first heard of the song, I pondered whether "Is this alright?" I received the job for "Zexy" till now, and from this, Fukuyama's song "Let's become a family" is borne. It's FUKUYAMA!

A very old quote and thanks to River for digging this out. My respect for Sion has trippled, even if I do think his way of singing is not my cup of tea. By the way, Masha's rendition of Sorry, Baby was excellent.

"He’s a guy who seems to goof off and seem informal and his style doesn’t exactly fit in with the rock genre. Some of my friends got angry because they don’t consider him as true “rock.” they come up to me and ask, “why are you letting a f*** like that sing your song?” But see, i would answer them, while we’re all drinking and being roudy and big shot - the stereotypical but sort of true “rocker” - he’s quietly working, always; even with a busy schedule like his. When i see that, I think he’s more true “rock” than any of us here. That’s why I’m happy he did what he did.” ~ SION 1995 commenting on fukuyama’s cover of his song, “SORRY BABY”

The following is an interview with Satou Takeru who portrays the assassin Izo in Ryoma-Den in the Magazine Jounon August 2010 issue, as translated by Cube of Takeru. The following are snippets on Masaharu-san. For the full interview, check out the website; 
I think if the kind of Ryouma whom Fukuyama-san portrays existed, I think everyone would be fascinated by him.

Filming with Fukuyama-san, I have to say that I think he’s a great person. I realized a lot of things about him. Like he has a really gentle way of being. When you face him, he always has such a tender look to him, and the way he speaks is so refined. At one point I was kind of coughing, and he said, “Do you have a cold? You should take some medicine” and he pulled out some medicine he had and gave me it. The idea that Fukuyama-san always carries medicine around with him kind of shocked me (laughs). He has a roundabout way of caring for people, and he’s a really stoic person. When he eats with other people he always pays attention to anything they might need, and not even alcohol undoes him. He doesn’t say it like, “If it’s alcohol then anything’s good” he says it like, “I find that I am fond of savory drinks.” Seeing that kind of attitude makes me think “How cool.”

Our personalities are different, but I think that our values are pretty close. We were just talking about random stuff and we came to the topic of women, and he said, “I’m not popular with women at all.” By the end of that conversation he ended up saying, “We’re both in the same Not Popular with Women Club” (laughs). We came to the conclusion that we’re not popular because we’re too serious. Guys who take things more lightly are probably more popular. For example, there are guys who can say to a girl, “I can definitely do this!” And then guys like me falter and say, “I can definitely maybe not do this.” Women tend to say things that are theoretical as if they’re facts, so they like it when men do, too. When I said this to Fukyama-san, he said, “I guess that would make Oomori-san really popular, then.” He may have a very quiet appearance to him, but Fukuyama-san likes to make jokes. I think he’s a kind of playful person (laughs). Kagawa-san is also interesting. Everyone likes to drink, and he always had really funny stories to tell whenever we all went out drinking together.!

The following was in a letter written by Masha's High School teacher in “A Letter from His Teacher” (34:45) in “10th Anniversary Fukuyamateki-saiten Fukuyamagnum Inasayama” 2000 Concert DVD 
Normally, he’s (Masha) a fun and popular student. To take it further, you could call him a “lady-killer” (laugh). He was obviously not interested in learning English, but joined the English club only because the consultant teacher was pretty like Ishino Mako!

I don't know who said the following but taken from the book "Fukuyama Masaharu ~Sokuseki~ [1969-2003]  (足跡, Footprints)" from the section "Of Bottles & Genes" 
I remember the first time I drank alcohol in his house, it was whisky. He’d taken out a bottle of whisky and, saying, ‘It’ll burn our throats if we just drink it plain, but add in milk and it’ll taste great!’ he started mixing the whisky with milk right in front of our eyes.  Then he turned to us, ‘Oh~~this is really good, here drink it!’ That was the first time I saw someone mixing milk and whisky together, I was a bit shocked. But Masha said, ‘This tastes fantastic! My tummy feels nice and warm now, and I want to go to sleep, awesome!’!

Neighbours of the Fukuyamas in Nagasaki taken from the book "Fukuyama Masaharu ~Sokuseki~ [1969-2003]  (足跡, Footprints)" from the section "Of Bottles & Genes" 
Masha was a very lovable child. When you talk to him, he’s always smiling, a happy child. Although he could be a bit naughty and undisciplined at times, I’ve never seen him skip school. When I asked him, ‘Masha, have you been paying attention to your schoolwork?’ He would say, ‘No problem! I’m sure to get promoted to the next year! Teacher has only ever been mad at me for fighting, never about my studies.’ That child sure knows where he stands. He’s very enthusiastic in the things he wants to do, a very sensible child.”

Yoochun of South Korean boyband, TVXQ (aka DBSG/Tohoshinki) on what type of actor he would like to be ...
Fukuyama Masaharu. He can sing and act well. I want to work hard to become someone like him!ma Masaharu. He can sing and act well. I want to work hard to become someone like him!


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