[INTERVIEW] Shin Domoto Kyoudai interview [21.05.2006][Ep 249] : Most favourite interview thus far

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For the curious few, the above are Masha's childhood pictures. The other older but skinnier boy in the picture is his older brother. The second one should be when he was a teenager although I can't be sure because I never did find any English description but looks like him, should be him. If it is not him, do tell me and I will add the name here as that may just be a lookalike picture. But the childhood photos, he looks exactly as he was then as he is now. A beautiful baby boy grew into a beautiful man.

Now the title Shin Domoto Kyoudai or New Domoto Brothers (Kinki Kids) interviewed Masha during Milk Tea time and the date as described by the video is 21.05.2006. Should be around that time. He looked the best during this time, well fed, healthy, fresh, handsome and more importantly relaxed. Definitely before Galileo. Love the suit, the hair and the rather frank interview of the most mundane things ever interviewed on TV and yet the most interesting; don't we all want to know what our favourite stars are up to during their free or private time? Well they discussed about underwear, laundry and much much more. Best is the Q&A where Masha was asked rapid fire questions and he gave surprisingly thoughtful mature answers even if some betrayed his true nature; he can be quite a perv when he wants to be! The young pretty girl you see sitting behind him was a special guest star in Galileo, the episode entitled Predict if I am not mistaken. The most beautiful killer wife remember? She is famous in her own right, Fukada Kyoko if I am not mistaken.

Anyway you can view the videos online at Tudou and Youtube but I know where you can find the high quality rip AND best of all, River of MashaPlus Info Forums prepared an excellent well timed subtitles taken from the translation by Izumisano from MashaPlus Info Forum and Masha Heart! I wrote a short guide on how to hardsub the subtitles here.

I hope you will enjoy the interview as much as I did. All links after Read More ...

The Original Raw Video
You will find it here at domotokyoudai@livejournal or to save time, all direct links here at ...

File 1 (100MB) | File 2 (100MB) | File 3 (100MB) | File 4 (743.24KB)

The Translated Portion
All by Izumisano of Masha Heart. I am adding the links to the text, in case you're interested in reading them

The Subtitles
Timed and prepared by River of MashaPlus Info Forums using Izumisano's translated version of Part 1 to Part 4. The Deleted Scenes is a different video by itself.

The subtitle only file can be downloaded here [33.37kb]

The English Hardsubbed Version
Burn by me using the RAW file above and  River's softsub but added in English translation of the song Milk Tea taken from Please do not repost the direct links elsewhere but redirect them to my email or here. Thanks.

File type


File size

English hardsubbed 

Where to download
Use Post A Comment in here and leave your email address and I will send you the links to download at Megaupload in 1 file and an alternative of 3 files at 4shared to be rejoined using HJSplit.  If you don't wish to post your email here, just send me an email at funnlim(AT)gmail(DOT)com. Make sure you specify the file you want. No reposting or reuploading of this version at any blog, forum or sites allowed. You may however refer them to this post as to the availability of this version.

The Screencaps
Just to let you see the quality and how the subtitles are positioned.


Anonymous said...

hi there

i come across to your blog by chance and found loads of fukuyama's goodies here. thank you for creating this blog. ^^

aside from RYOMADEN, i'd like to know more about Fukuyama-san on Shin Domoto Kyodai too. can i have the link of that chat show programme please? thank you very very much in advance.

my email is

cheers! xx

Funn Lim said...

Email sent! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hello. sorry but please send me the link again as I accidentally delete your email. I need MU link for Fukuyama Masaharu in shin domoto kyoudai. thank you again
my email is

khanhdan said...

hi, can you sent me the hardsub :D
my email is

ayaryo said...

Hi, I would want the full MU link for the English Hardsubbed of Domoto Kyoudai please. Thank you very much.

This is my email :

Sakurai Hisa said...

I dont know if you will receive and reply to this or not, but the least I try. (^_^)b

Hope you can share the hardsub file. My email is :

will wait patiently. (^.^)v

Funn Lim said...

All sent!

Alia Liverpool said...

i just found ur blog.n i know i'm very2 late to ask this.n hopefully still exist.


can you give me the link of Fukuyama in Domoto Kyoudai???i was an avid follower of DK,but nvr seen Fukuyama in it before,so hopefully u can send me the link.

the email is:

sorry again for asking.

n thanks for all da Fukuyama Masaharu's goodies in this blog.LOVE THEM!!!!!!!

Funn Lim said...

Alia, please check your email.

Ebi said...

Thank You So Much for sharing...
The show is so hilarious and I Love it since it's very rare to see Masha guesting on a show like this~

I already have the softsub but the hardsub one will also be great,furthermore you subbed his performance for Milk Tea (The song is very sweet >.<)

Hope You don't mind sending me the hardsub links?
My email:

Thanks in advance ^^

Funn Lim said...

Ebi, sent.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog and found all lot of masha stuff and being a big fan of his and the show. Could you please send me the link. Thank you!


MatsuSayuri said...

Oh...I want to watch this! Please send me the Megaupload link to


Funn Lim said...


Anonymous said...

hye...can i have the download link please..^_^ and thanks for sharing this..^_^
my email:

Funn Lim said...

Erika, sent the email!

Maggie said...

really want to see the hardsubbed one ^^
if it's okay my email is:
Thanks in advance.

ikiroikiro said...

I haven't seen this DK yet. I would be really grateful if I can have the hardsubbed file, so I can understand it. Thanks a lot for sharing it. :)

Funn Lim said...

Maggie and ikiroikiro, sent! said...

Domo! Thanks for sharing!
I'm watching Ryomaden and I really want to watch more of his apperecense in variety shows! :)

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