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For the life of me I can't remember how to access his radio shows real time, although I have the softwares. There are simply so many channels and frankly I rarely listen to his shows, except for once, just to hear Hatsukoi being played in full for the first time. And I don't know Japanese so I can't understand what's the laughter's all about. Anyway I do know there are many of you who are interested but the thing is listening live is such a hassle due to unstable connection unless you're in Japan and if you're in Japan, I think you may find my post rather pointless. Anyway as I was saying, I do know where you can find the full copy or just the request song itself for download not long after the show finishes. And I am talking about 2 shows; the ANN (with the song request segment and Sou-chan as his partner) on Saturday night (if I am not mistaken starts at 11pm Japan time?) and TFM, the child friendly one on Sunday afternoon (if I am not mistaken 3pm Japan time? not sure as I never listen to this one). I can't put the direct download link here but I can as always direct you to the place where you can find the link. It is not hard to find, as I already put all the links here at the bottom of my blog but sometimes as they may be buried in many replies, you may be frustrated. SO, I will as best as I could and when I could, post the place to find the download links not long after they're uploaded, usually a few hours after Saturday (which means Sunday morning) and later for TFM links, probably Monday Malaysian time. Once I post you must download very fast because the download links are always available for about 24 hours only. I know it's kinda rush but the rules are not set by me and the files aren't big so you will have plenty of time. So if you wonder how I got the Request songs in the embedded radio player, that's how. Practically stalking the one particular forum, interestingly I can't read Chinese. Thus far the uploaders (the same 2 or 3 people) did not say you must be members to download or hide the links unless you're registered with the forums, to make the files accessible. Their only concern and request and rule is NEVER TO UPLOAD THE SAME FILE IN SOME OTHER FORUMS OR ELSEWHERE. What they mean I think is THE FILES ARE TO BE DOWNLOADED FOR PERSONAL VIEWING ONLY. Share between yourselves but not openly and in public. I think that is pretty easy to do.

Ok, so if you really want to download his radio shows in full plus the ANN request songs (which you can find in youtube by the way) for your own personal collection and not sure how or don't want to waste time waiting for it, let me be your middle "wo"man. When to check my blog? Usually, but not for certain, but usually...

ANN Request song - Malaysian time after 1am Sunday
The entire ANN show - probably around the same time or Sunday afternoon
TFM - from the pattern it could be Sunday night or Monday morning or sometimes a few days later. TFM isn't the priority I suppose since ANN seems more popular amongst fans discussion. But don't quote me. Maybe the fans are just busy discussing what he said and did on the shows.

As for the translations, none whatsoever. Sometimes some interesting snippets will warrant some translation but not the entire show. That would be asking too much of the fans!

If you want to listen in live, well I just can't remember the names to lookout for in Keyhole TV or Peercast. But anyway, connections aren't great anyway so listen to it later!


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    Sometimes I receive some media files or stuff about Masha that can't be publicly shared, but I can however share privately, such as concert clips, etc. I would love to share whatever I got with you, as a way of disseminating information of Masha to the masses. You probably have all that stuff if you're an experienced fan, but if you are new to Masha or does not know other experienced fans, you probably won't have most of what I can send to you. I don't send emails often, since frankly I don't get such stuff often but when I do, I will send the link if I am allowed to do so. So do join my contact list but be reminded, you're not allowed to repost/redistribute/reupload whatever I send you whether in whole or in part. Anyone interested, redirect them to my blog and ask them to join my contact list. But this is only open to those who will answer the questions in the form below accurately. If you're successful, you will receive quite a few emails since I group all links together into categorised documents. If you're not, I will email and inform why (probably answered some wrongly, such as title not in Romaji or wrong answer). Once you found the answer, please RESUBMIT THE FORM. If you did not receive my emails (whether the many materials or rejection email) within 3 days of joining, please do resend your request. Thanks for joining!



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