[COMPILED] WOWOW Fukuyama Masaharu 36hours TV Special Live Circuit [01.10.2011-02.10.2011]

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UPDATES - 01.10.2011 to 02.10.2011
Today's the day!

Masha was in the following videos wearing a motion capture device. I think the effects is meant for 3D TV.

5 shows, 5 different themes as you can see from the setlist. Thanks to Ellen for the info, 2nd, 4th and 5th before live audience, 1st and 3rd without live audience. Each live audience is different people, but all 5 shows are live on the same stage at different timing. The timing itself I have posted somewhere below.

Thanks to Mashamasha;

In the mc he said today and tomorrow wowow is free to watch, and he himself also gets no pay for performing the mini live...... Then he immediately laughed and said he just told a lie

You can find this round 1 files in post #28 page 2. Time limited download, until 02.10.2011 only.

Or alternative you can download the file here. Choose Multiupload file for faster download.

Thanks to Izumisano for the info, it was 20 min long, he was interviewed and then he sang;

Sou ~ New Love New World~ [Watch]
Fighting Pose [Watch]


Thanks to Izumisano for the info, the following is the setlist for Round 2;

- Sorega subetesa
- Ashita no show
- Hotaru
- Kazoku ni Narou yo [Watch]

Watch the full version for Round 2 here (1st part) and here (2nd part)

Find the files at Post #57 Page 4. Some pixelation but has interview.

1 am

Thanks  to Izumisano for the info, the following is the setlist for Round 3 which is acoustic unplugged;

- I love you and I need you Fukushima
- Naitari Shinaide
- Koufukuron
- Gunjou

Watch the full version for Round 3 here (1st part) and here (2nd part)


Thanks  to Izumisano for the info, the following is the setlist for Round 4

- It's Only Love
- Ano Natsu mo Umi mo Sora mo
- Milk Tea
- Sai Ai

No interview. Watch the full version for Round 4 here (1st part) and here (2nd part)


Thanks  to Angelreii for the info, the following is the setlist for Round 5

- Sakurazaka
- Marcy's Song
- Heaven
- Revolution//Evolution
- Nigerarenai
- Fighting Pose
- Keshin
- Kokoro Color

Watch the full version for Round 5 here (1st part), here (2nd part), here (3rd part) and here (4th part). I read Heaven is missing. And it is missing, as clarified by the uploader. What a pity! He did all those squeeze action up close during prime time! And it seems Revolution//Evolution is also missing!

More news after Read More Link.

UPDATES - 09.09.2011
Cm for WOWOW, narrated by Masha. Weird and I really don't know what it is trying to say. GREENRED.  BLUE. Apparently there is green, blue and red theme, as shown here.

UPDATES - 04.09.2011
Got some info on the mini live on WOWOW, all info thanks to Thitirat. Masha will have 5 segments of Mini Live of different theme, each 30 min long, and they will be on as follows, all times are japan time:-

1st October
10am, 7.30pm and 1am

2nd October
2.30pm and 7 pm
A digest or repeat of all 5 segments same day, at 8.05am.

WOWOW will also rebroadcast an edited version of Okinawa concert (28.08.201) on 1st October at 4pm.

UPDATES - 28.07.2011
Masha hinted in Osaka 28.07.2011 concert that Fighting Pose may be released as a single in a month's time, which would make that August, but it could be September too!

UPDATES - 28.07.2011
Ok, got some clarification on that WOWOW thing, still not sure if accurate or not. WOWOW will broadcast on 1st and 2nd October 2011 5 segments of Masha specially filmed concert for WOWOW. Each is 30 minutes long with different theme. AND then there's a 6th segment, a recap and I am hoping I am right to say it is a recap of all 5 segments thus making it 2 and half hour of recap! But my feeling is it could also be a  TMO. Could be! No news if actually will be streamed live and when I know more, especially for foreign fans, I will sure to post here!

UPDATES - 28.07.2011
27.07.2011 is day 1 for Osaka concert and guess what? No debut of Fighting Pose. Masha said to check out ANN this Saturday. Liar!

UPDATES - 27.07.2011
There was a confusion when I first posted the original news. Some part are correct, but most isn't I believe. It is true on 1st and 2nd October 2011 WOWOW will let viewers tune in for free for a 36 hours of specials, movies, etc. It is true Masha is I suppose you can say spokesperson for WOWOW for this occasion and his new song, Fighting Pose will be the theme for this event. It is also true he will hold 30 minutes mini concert during these 2 days. However what is more accurate is it will be 5 separate 30 minutes mini concerts, each with different theme, to be broadcast during the 36 hours run!!!! Seriously, Masha is insane. Anyway bookmark THIS LINK which they call social viewing because you may get to watch all these for free online, and when it is online, it means anyone outside Japan who doesn't have WOWOW and who can log on and is not restricted can watch!!! But I am still hoping for a kind soul to record, upload and share. It will of course be much better quality.


This is sorta great news for me and for all fans at Osaka and Japanese fans in general and whoever has access to WOWOW, which isn't me.

Anyway as I wrote here, Masha has a spanking news songs believed to be called Fighting Pose to debut during Osaka concert shows (July 2011) and we shall know more from fans reaction. My guess is this might be a rock song or at least in the vein of Kokoro Color because you don't call Hatsukoi sort of song as Fighting Pose do you? I hope it is like Sore gasube tesa sort of song (I apologise if spelling is wrong). Anyway this new song is in conjunction with Masha as... I can't really be sure if this is the right word to say but as the face for WOWOW's new HD broadcast (?) (satellite TV, broadcasts a lot of live concerts and much more)! Anyway there were more! Rinko, fellow Masha fan explains this news;

On 10/1~2 WOWOW special for 38 hours.In the event,he will performance!! He becomes an image character of WOWOW and he made the New Song "Fighting Pose" for WOWOW. Plus On 10/1~2 We can watch WOWOW for free if we have BS antenna.(Sorry,some foreigners can't watch,maybe) Some movies will broadcast in 38 hours. Then,He will performance like his concert!! Of course,He'll play the new song! His performance is 30 minutes and This performance will take place 6 times each different time! But I'm not sure when these will start.

Meaning on 1st and 2nd October 2011 whoever with the correct equipment to change to WOWOW channel or whatever can watch the 38 hours continous run of movies, specials, etc to celebrate WOWOW's new HD format or something. This will include a specially made for WOWOW concert by Masha, which is a 30 minutes performance to be broadcast a total 6 times throughout these 2 days. Not sure when he will be on but surely you will see him at some point!

This is like great news! Anyone with access to WOWOW I hope will record and upload and share! I am excited to see this 30 minute mini concert! AND the new song Fighting Pose is the new anthem.

I wonder will I hear this song when I am at Yoyogi?

OR I could be mistaken and what she meant is actually 36 hours instead of 38 hours, 5 or 6 different concert performances, each 30 minutes, with different themes. As of now, not sure and will confirm later!

I will post more about this WOWOW related news and Fighting Pose song in this very post later and I am sure I will have more news on this, and so do bookmark this post!

Also Rinko said;

Some trucks of WOWOW is stopping at Osaka hall now. According of twitter,some trucks of WOWOW is stopping there. Maybe it's because his concert in Osaka will be recorded during 4days. The recorders are maybe DVD,but I'm not sure. Of course,his concert in Okinawa on 8/28 will record and broadcast on WOWOW surely.

This I have already previously posted here. But Rinko clarified that this could be for the definitely soon to be released Live Bang DVD (as in like his old concerts you see?), so it may not be WOWOW broadcast of the concert on TV. However yes, Okinawa will be broadcast and you will find details here.


vspirit said...

oh each color represents a different wowow channel:

blue = prime programs
green = cinema
red = live (what? as in concerts?)

one of them's supposed to be a music channel and i'm thinking it's the red one...

so since green represents movies, all those green characters are movie characters come to live. not too difficult. nice execution, really. interesting to say in the least. ;)

vspirit said...*

i should probably seriously think about going back to school.

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