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This post is all about Masha and his guest appearance in Andalucia: Revenge of the Goddess.

- Official website, go here
- Trailer with Masha in it at Official Site's Trailer (click 2nd Vol 2 Trailer).
- Pictures from news site, HKFC and my own screencapture.
- For the 1st movie, Amalfi, click here.
- Date of Release : 25.06.2011


From HKFC, DVD will be released on 21.12.2011. Frankly all I wanna see is his scenes. Don't suppose there will be such a version for download!

Wanna see one kissing scene first? See it in this GIF image here at Post #863 Page 58. Or see it in action with sound effects and I suppose Masha speaking Spanish in this Youtube  video here. There's another one here but I don't know what it is since uploader does not permit Malaysia to watch. If you can see what it is, do tell. Screencaps is better! Meanwhile some blurry screencaps:-


And more from fans who saw the movie. There is one bed scene. I don't think there's any nudity but apparently the luckiest woman/actress in the world was wearing a camisole and NOTHING ELSE underneath, not even underwear, and we know because Masha said so in I believe his ANN show on 03.07.2011.  And how was the kiss? In addition to what I was told  in the 07.07.2011 post below, "long kiss is in the last bed scene but not kiss directly "mouth to mouth", there is a blanket in the middle". I repeat, only 1 bed scene which I suppose is that one we see in the trailer, and as described previously. But I am still confused. It would seem there is more than 1 kissing scene? Since long kiss is last bed scene seems to suggest that. I am sorry but until I see for myself, you can expect for perv sort of post like this by me. Yes, that kissing/bed scene is to me the highlight of any Masha movie unless he is Yukawa sensei and doing the same thing! Great news though. Fans generally liked Masha's performance and a few consensus on the fact that this sequel is better than the 1st movie. Wow, no one burnt down the cinema! Great news then! I suspect it is because we don't know the actress and she is a foreigner. I can't imagine if she is a local actress, well known and unmarried, no doubt rumours will start circulating on an impending marriage. I wonder how young was the I suppose Spanish(?) actress? 

Ok, a fan saw Andalucia and she is Vspirit and she said of THAT scene; " I gave Andalucia a watch. It's pretty interesting. it wasn't much really. i thought they'd both be semi naked but turns out it's just the girl and even she's in her underwear. it's essentially a morning after scene so they're both still in bed. he's in this deep blue yukata watching the tv about the news pertaining to the case that unfolded in the movie, she's trying to distract him (she: is it me you're trying to get closer to or are you only using me to dig up dirt on my father? he: .........why, you of course. Your father has nothing to do with it.) and then it was all smooch smooch" and his name is Bond, James Bond! Underwear huh? Was she half naked, body exposed? And I suppose all of us are interested in the smooch smooch part! Thanks to Vspirit for the summary, so now you know what to expect. When is the DVD coming out? Where are the screencaps?

Yes, it is a fact! Masha mentioned it on ANN on 18.06.2011 and he did mention how good the girl was and how he had to be better! I have the screencaps up in Facebook but since things are messy now, I just let you download the file ripped from Tudou so quality is not very good. It is MP4 and 30MB. DOWNLOAD HERE. You won't see the French kiss on bed but you will know who's that lucky girl (unknown ke-le-fe) and a bit of a prelude. I will post another ripped video later with screencaps.

Rumour has it, well actually it is a fact that some Japanese fans saw the movie and said yes Masha has a small role but in that small role is a breakthrough. Some were rather shocked to see him ermmm... you know French kiss some girl it seems. I don't know, and this movie is now my must see movie. French kiss? Seriously? Oh Masha, why didn't you warn us? I bet he will talk about that in his next ANN. Additional info! "Deep kiss in bed" and "inside the mouth". The rest you can fill in with your imagination until some screencaps or videos appear. Hopefully soon because I am dying to know who's the lucky girl. I am however never in doubt of his French connection!!

Fukuyama Masaharu and Oda Yuji to pick up the chase again in "Andalucia"
Thanks to Izumisano for the translation from this original source

Fukuyama Masaharu will star in Oda Yuji's movie "Andalucia: Revenge of the Goddess". Following in the footsteps of its prequel, he plays freelance journalist Saeki Shōgo and sole confidant of Oda's character, Kuroda Kosaku. Fukuyama and Oda came together again in Barcelona, Spain at the beginning of January. The atmosphere in between filming was friendly and relaxed. Filming was done on location outside the Catalonia National Museum of Art (Museo Nacional d'Art de Catalunya) and the Central Post Office along the beach of Barcelonata (platja de la Barceloneta)

Fukuyama was excited upon reading the script and felt it was very well written and interwined with riddles and underplots and was looking forward to an enjoyable time with the cast as he had worked with Hiroshi Nishitani, Oda Yuji and Ito Hideaki before, but this was the first time with Kuroki Meisa.

The story starts with the discovery of the body of Japanese businessman Kawashima (Tanihara Shoshuke) by Shindo Yuka (Kuroki Meisa) and involves Interpol agent Kotari Makoto (Ito Hideaki). Kuroda will have to uncover the secrets through an intricate web of clues and intelligence.

From Tokyohive.
Fukuyama Masaharu will reprise his role alongside Oda Yuji in “Andalucia”
Previous announcements (here and here) regarding “Andalucia: Revenge of the Goddess“, the second movie about diplomat Kuroda Kosaku, starring actor Oda Yuji, which follows “Amalfi: Rewards of the Goddess“, already revealed the appearances of two new faces, an Interpol agent portrayed by Ito Hideaki and an elite banker portrayed by Kuroki Meisa.

Today, we also got the confirmation that singer and actor Fukuyama Masaharu will once again reprise his role of Kuroda’s only true friend, and freelance journalist, Saeki Shogo. Many people worried that he might not return, since he didn’t get to appear in the drama “Diplomat Kuroda Kosaku” that aired earlier this year.

This time his role is said to hold an important key for Kuroda to solve the case about a murdered Japanese investor in Andorra and the darkness hidden behind this international crime.

Fukuyama said about the movie, “The script of ‘Andalucia’ was very entertaining, making me both puzzled and anticipating what is going to happen next. Starting with director Nishitani Hiroshi, with whom I already worked together for ‘Suspect X‘, and the wonderful cast including Oda Yuji, Ito Hideaki, and Kuroki Meisa, you sure can look forward to a very exciting movie.”

Oda and Fukuyama hadn’t seen each other since the filming of the previous movie, “Amalfi”. They are both from the same generation, and the distributor, Toho, revealed that the two immediately shook hands and had a lot of conversations as soon as the latter arrived at the set in Barcelona, Spain.

“Andalucia” is scheduled to open in cinemas on June 25th.

More after Read More link.

Vol 2. 13.7MB. MP4. Thanks to Anthippi for sharing!




vspirit said...

Hn? That dude next to Erika Toda on the website looks an awful lot like that dude who played Katsura/Kido on Ryomaden...they the same actor?

vspirit said...

er the dude on her right i mean. cos the dude on her left looks an awful lot like the dude who played Ryoma Umetaro Saidani Sakamoto...albeit a lil bit older.

vspirit said...

Heeeey...come to think of it, doesn't that old dude in the last picture strikingly resemble that Matsudaira lord or whatever? Talk about reincarnation...

(sorry for spammin' >.<)

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