[REVIVED AND STRONG!] Asia Tour 2011

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Albeit a handsome one. Masha's message to Taiwan, in the video below. I am just confused; is this guy the guy in this post of mine? If yes, where the heck is the interview?

What he said? Thanks to Szeying for translating;

Actually, I planned to hold a concert in Taiwan this year. However due to the natural disaster in Japan, there are alot of changes in schedule and thus I regret that I'm unable to hold a concert in Taiwan. However, Japan receive many help from Taiwan and Japanese are very grateful to Taiwanese. I'm one of them.We are discussing on the timing to hold concert in Taiwan next time. I hope to see everyone soon but before that please wait for a while. I hope we will meet in concert one day. I'm Fukuyama Masaharu. Thank you.

Now speculation is high again as to when is Asia Tour. First it was Asia Stopover with Taiwan only getting the love but maybe come 2012, there may be more stops. Fans are certain he will announce the dates and places in Daikanshasai later this year and I suspect so. So far Taiwan is confirmed. But I hope for HK. Malaysia is out of the race, and my feelings is Singapore too. Anyway if the places are at least confirmed (Taiwan at least), so when will it be? My feeling is either 1st quarter of the year or next year's Daikanshasai. Why? There is Olympics in London in the middle of the year and I suspect he will go with his trusted camera. Frankly I would avoid London since it will be jam packed and with the negative news, wouldn't be wise but Masha will most certainly go though he has yet to say anything. So my feeling is first quarter of the year. Since I've been wrong before, this is only my speculation.

I was right!!!! See Izumisano's post;

He's confirmed it himself.

UMG Taiwan just posted a new video of him addressing the Taiwan fans. You can see it
at (the clip saying 福山雅治給台灣歌迷的一段話~)

Basically, he said to Taiwan that they had planned to hold a concert there this year, but the East Japan disaster had forced them to reschedule their domestic dates and so they cannot no longer make it. But on the other hand, Taiwan has given them such a lot of support on the disaster, the people of Japan people are all very grateful to the people of Taiwan and he too would like to thank them with all his heart. With this consideration, they're looking into an appropriate timing for the concert in Taiwan and he's very much looking forward to seeing them. In the meantime, he asks them to wait for a while longer and hopes to see them when the concert comes.

I was right about the timing, I was right about his intention and what caused him to cancel, I am also right I think he had wanted to announce this concert when he was supposed to go to Taiwan when promoting Best Bang. I was wrong only on intended venue; it was only Taiwan so I was right about the stopover. So... there's always next year! Asia Tour 2012, maybe more places eh? Start saving money now!

BROS just announced there will be Daikanshasai end of year at Yokohama Pacifico. So no more Asia Tour? Never has there been any Asia Tour? Anyway if you wish to ballot for this year end concert, do join BROS before 30th September which is the cut off date. I wish I could go for 31st though. But I think I don't have that luck. If by then you have an extra ticket and the seat is good, offer to me first, give me a chance to accept or reject.



And it is back to Asia Tour again. Why? Masha recently recorded and UMG Taiwan posted I believe in FB a 10 seconds message by Masha to Taiwanese fans (you can see in my FB account). This is due to the release of 27th single in Taiwan on I think 05.09.2011 (or maybe 09.09.2011 which I originally thought) and everyone is asking why release this single in Taiwan? (Normal, Masha's albums are usually released there it seems). But why a special announcement in BROS this time? (maybe promotion?) Why keep mentioning Taiwan, HK in his concerts? (Taiwan was the biggest donor for the charity collection fund I believe, hence the special shoutout to Taiwan, and he does have a big fanbase in HK). Now why this special video just for Taiwan that some Japanese fans didn't even know exist? (Ermmm...promotion?). So what is he doing in December? (Ermmm not getting married I hope?). Truth is I don't know. But I speculate the following so see if I am right and if I am right, well no prize for guessing right.

1. he will have a Asia Stopover (meaning smaller scale than Tour, 1 night here, 1 night here sort of thing)

2. he will have this stopover in December 2011, like I always said, his Daikanshasai out of Japan

3. he will have them in HK, Taiwan. Other possible venues may be Singapore, Korea, China. But I think he will limit to 2 or 3 countries only. It is either HK or China. I want HK. Why? I know HK.

4. when he does stopover, he may have a meet the fans session but my guess is, he won't. Probably interviews. He doesn't look the sort who will appear at shopping complexes.


5. I won't be able to go because can't get tickets. How to fight with so many people. As I have said many times before, any extra tickets, spare some thoughts for me. Don't care HK, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore.

We shall see. I always thought he was gonna announce something when he was supposed to go to Taiwan to promote Best Bang before the whole tsunami-earthquake happened. Just gut feelings. Of course December could be his wedding date for all I know. If nothing announced in December, my bet is it will be Asia Tour 2012!! And hopefully some series. He has been traveling a lot this year itself, he needs rest.

More speculations after Read More link.

Back to square one. Fans are speculating, hoping against hope for the much speculated then died out then alive again Asia Tour 2011. My feelings have always been the same; he will spend winter Daikanshasai out of Japan. Question is where, which stop? Again I speculate December, from looks of it I will say Taiwan is a definite stop, HK hopefully too and that's about it. Why Taiwan? Because he mentioned Taiwan and HK several times, maybe Korea too. Moreover a specific announcement was made unofficially as to the impending release of 27th single in Taiwan, if I am not mistaken the Mini Live DVD version on 09.09.2011. Fans ask why specially announce? Don't read too much into that announcement, maybe they just want people to know hey! got album selling. Because if they want statistics, I am sure online sites can help compile a full list of purchasers and he will easily know foreign fans buy his albums as well. Let's not torture ourselves but I always believe the intended press conference in Taiwan for The Best Bang Asia edition before the whole tsunami/earthquake disaster was meant to announce something. Maybe he will do so for this Taiwan release. So far no news if he is going to Taiwan thought but I wouldn't be surprised if he does. But he doesn't need to break into international market, it is a novelty rather than a necessity, like thanking fans. I just hope I can be wherever he chose as his first, middle and last stop out of Japan!

Can't be Asia Tour 2012? At least not for the whole year. Since I speculated the usual Winter Daikanshasai will be overseas, my thinking is 2012 will be back to acting year. Question is, is Galileo 2 in the equation? Well, let's see first, if his hair is of any indication.

Szeying translated some news on Masha and it has something to do with the possible Asia Tour 2011 [SourceSourceSource]. Yes, it was the countdown 31.12.2010 show.

"Masha had an press conference(including media from Asia) before the concert. He was late for 3 hours due to the rehearsal and he appear in an athletics suit with an apologetic face. He express that he wish to further develop his career in Asia. Amuse request the media from Asia to stand in a row for handshaking purpose."

My prediction for Sept - Dec 2011. A possible Asia Tour. No Winter Daikanshasai but a possible year end concerts with overseas fans. If true, my prediction; first stop, HK, then Singapore will be somewhere in it. Malaysia will not be in it. If true, would appreciate anyone in HK and Singapore to get me a ticket, which will be like winning lottery tickets. I have been to HK, I am familiar with HK, I don't mind going to HK.

A more specific translation by Izumisano;

"he made it a point to meet with media from Asia before the start of the concert, but because of delays in rehearsal, we finally saw him appear in the conference room after a near 3-hour wait, dressed in a tracksuit and looking apologetic. Fukuyama's management company had requested media representatives from each country to stand in a line, and walk up to shake hands with him one by one, as if we were lucky fans who won in a draw to go backstage and meet their idol."

You ARE lucky fans won a draw to meet idol. If you don't want that, quit your job and let me do it, for free!

There was a shrine at the daikanshasai 2010. I think it is tongue in cheek, however the media may not find it amusing.

Thanks to Izumisano for explaning what's the shrine is about, which is not to say he is god but it is a very Japanese thing and as you know Japanese culture, takes a bit of time to understand! She also explained why Daikanshasai.

"The Japanese have shrines everywhere, you can find tiny ones even by the side of the road. They are just places for people to pray for blessing. He's had a shrine set up in all his daikanshasai concerts, not for people to pray to him as a god, but because daikanshasai means a "big festival to give thanks". He held his first daikanshasai in 1998 year-end to thank the fans for staying with him throughout his 2 years of hiatus. They don't burn incense but they do ring the bell, clap their hands and pray. It's just a very Japanese thing to do.

They call it the Fukuyama shrine because it's set up at the Fukuyama concert.  While "daimyojin" 大明神 can be translated as demigod, if used on a torii, it means a big torii of the "myojin" style. See here and here for ref.

So "Fukuyama daimyojin" 福山大明神 was the name of the torii. The Chinese article simply copied it and used it out of context in their title [福山大明神很神] turning it into a play of words where they are sarcastically saying he's now a god. They follow up in the content by referring to how they were made to wait for 3 hrs and then being treated like fans who won a lucky draw to see their idol, rather than the media. But the way the article wrote it was terribly misleading, they can't expect everyone to understand the use of "daimyojin" here. The whole article simply paints Masha as high and mighty. That's why River was saying to take the Chinese press with a pinch of salt."

Pure speculation. With the announcement of additional concert dates in 2nd half of the year (We're BROS concert tour 2011), speculation is rife that since these are called Summer Daikanshasai, there may not be the yearly usual Winter Daikanshasai (year end concerts). I myself am thinking what about Asia Tour 2011. Fans are buzzing of course; it could really mean no year end concerts, it could mean they may also be year end concerts, it could mean new TV series, it could mean personal vacation, Asian Tour 2011 (maybe he wishes to spend new year with overseas fans??) and it could also mean the usual wedding rumours aka a winter wedding, even if as of now he is officially not getting married, yet. He denied it flat (see 18.12.2010 post), in his own way. Ok, ok joking, if he's gonna marry I think he will do the Ayumi Hamasaki way; just announce he is getting married but first wear a tux or something in some big show (don't you dare Masha! We fans deserve proper full page BROS announcement notice months ahead, so that we can pool resources and buy you a great big wedding gift!). I hope, and my guess is if there is really no year end concerts, it should and hopefully mean filming obligations. He should make it a point to film 1 series and 1 movie per year apart from all those yearly concerts and concert tour every 2 years or so. Wedding? Nahhhhh, he can still marry and do all that in the same month. Since he will marry a very obliging and understanding wife! Honestly though, my new year wish for Masha is to be happy. if he is happy married, then so be it. If he is happy single, well so be it. From his recent musings about lonely life, life without children, etc, I wish him only happiness. Moreover, I do not wish to push him to choose between career or marriage. I am sure he has earned enough to retire very confortably but I believe he can be like Takuya Kimura; married, successful and with that attitude you just love to hate but gotta respect.


Is it true that Masha may be planning an Asia Concert Tour in 2011? And that rumoured first stop is Hong Kong? Rumour has it he had wanted to hold a concert in HK this year itself but Ryoma-Den got in the way. If it is true, I think it is far cheaper for me to go to HK than to Japan then! Accommodation is fair, transport is ok, plane ticket cheaper, closer as well and in Chinese so won't be lost. But as usual the biggest problem? Tickets. I wonder if he does go to HK and not stop anywhere near Malaysia, will someone or anyone in HK spare me a ticket. I won't mind paying double (or triple) as long as I don't need to go through the hell of auctioning or in a foreign languaged land. I've been to HK before so it is familiar territory. In fact it would be less hassle than going to Singapore and don't ask me why. I just have this impression and I don't mind another cup of that tasty best drink ever, Iced Lemon Tea HK style. In fact that is what I miss most about HK, apart from the cool weather.

I wish.. I wish... 


vspirit said...

ballot? now i'm curious. how does this whole daikanshasai thing work anyway?

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