SNIPPETS : ANN & TFM [28.8.2010 - 29.05.2011]

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I must have accidentally deleted the contents! I will be re-adding whatever I have later but alas will be missing possibly 3 ANN contents.

Some interesting snippet thanks to Mashamasha;

masha said his manager  recently asked his permission to use Kazoku ni Narou yo in his sister's wedding party, so he gave the CD to him. After the wedding party he returned the CD to masha and said because the song has not been released as a single in a CD, he hasn't handed over the disc to anyone. This shows that this  manager is very responsible and dependable person.

He really trusts his manager! But the his manager is probably contractually bound, also he himself is dependable.

Perfume was guest. Some interesting snippets thanks to MashaPlus Forum;

Masha got excited just listening to Perfume. they're talking about the Pixar movie Cars... Perfume's describing it to Masha who doesn't seem to know what it's all about. he said Mickey-san. Masha: "Do you have friends?" Perfume mentioned KARA   And a member showed Perfume around Korea before, and when she was asked "Who's your favourite Japanese person?" she answered "Fukuyama Masaharu." Perfume and KARA email each other in Japanese.  Someone wrote in telling Perfume that Masha wants to be like DBSK or Beast or 2PM and be able to dance and sing. Masha said the only people who don't dance at MS are like him and B'z, the over-40's. Masha was gushing about Perfume's legs, something about their legs not just being long and pretty but being attractively toned.

Oh Masha... you gotta admit, he has got an eye for good looking women doesn't he? Perfume does have nice legs, all of them.

There are more posts after Read More link.

ANN request was Kaze wo Sagashiteru. Perfume was guest.  Kodama Kiyoshi, Masha's co-stars in Beauty Or Beast and recently, as his father in Ryoma-Den as well as his travelling partner/co-host for Olympics recently on 16.05.2011 passed away at the age of 77 of stomach cancer. Tonight, Masha took some time to talk about their close relationship as translated by Mashamasha;

masha said he received many requests from the media to give comments, but he would rather talk about it in radio tonight. masha then talked about the episodes between he and ryoma papa, Beauty Or Beast, athens olympics, ryomaden etc. He said during ryomaden, he felt he and ryoma papa's relationship is really like father and son, not just acting in drama. He said he has sent lots of messages to ryoma papa but didn't receive any replies after his health turned worse. Finally last week he received reply from ryoma papa. But he said he wouldn't tell the details of the reply here. Then he went to visit ryoma papa, Ryoma papa's family was also there. He said although he lost lot of weight, he kept talking to masha for 2 hours. Masha said although it was the last time they met, but in another sense, it wasn't because ryoma papa will always live in his mind . Then he broadcast Let it be, because it was the song ryoma papa requested him to sing during the closing party of Beauty Or Beast (in 2003)

More great snippets courtesy of Mashamasha;

the listener said her Regza and Vardia were lost during tsunami, and lost her tv recording, masha said he will give his TV (from CM) to her as present

Even more by Halad!

Masha said that the first time he performed in Nagoya, he got a really sore neck the next day because he wanted to look up and sing to the people in the balcony seats or something. "I couldn't lift my head the next day"

[ADD] More from Mashamasha who summarised from Japanese fan forums on what transpired in today's show with regards to Masha's feelings on Kodama Kiyoshi's passing;

In the opening masha first said he received many requests from the media which asked him to give comments about Kodama san's death.  But he turned down because he didn't want to talk about it in the form of "comment", instead he would rather talk about this through radio.

masha said the first time they met was Beauty or Beast. At first masha thought Kodama san was a bit cool but when he had chance to have a chat with him, he found he was very knowledgeable about many things and he learnt many from him.

During the conversation, Kodama san told that he always wanted to see Olympics, so masha later invited Kodama san to go to Athens Olympics together. Since then, they developed closer relationship and often exchanged messages.

About ryomaden, masha said he was really hesitant about whether to accept the drama offer or not. And Kodama san was the one who made him finally decide to take the offer. Kodama said to him that the public always think masha is a gentle handsome boy, but he thought masha actually is a man of toughness and backbone, so he did have common areas with ryoma and which made him suit the role (masha used to think he can't be Sakamoto Ryoma because their images were so different). He also wanted to see this side of masha in drama. His words encouraged him and made him make up his mind.

When fliming ryomaden, masha thought their father and son relationship was not just inside the drama. What they showed in the drama was not acting, but out of real feelings and emotions. That's how he personally thinks, but he can feel Kodama san shared the same feeling with him.

After ryoma papa finished his part in ep 7, every week Kodama san sent message to masha and told him his comments on each episode and gave him encouraging words. He gained confidence from his support which made him overcome the difficulites he encourtered when shooting the drama.

Then two weeks ago he received message from Kodama san so he went to visit him. Kodama san told him that he really wanted to come back to work and act again. A famous writer has written a script for him (for that movie he grew a moustache) and he really wanted to take it.

Masha said, to him, Kodama san is like a youth at heart, a 77 year old man with young man's heart and delicateness, a person he admires. If his father was still there, he would be in the same age with Kodama san (Masha's father died of illness I think when he was around 15 or 16 and their relationship was at best rocky). He admired him as his father figure. Masha said, honestly speaking, he still hasn't really got the actual feeling and accepted the fact that Kodama san has passed away, but he knows that he will continue to live in his dramas and he is always father of ryoma.

Toilet habits were discussed. Yes, toilet habits. Thanks to Mashamasha for a really interesting snippet;

when he was in his primary school graduation trip to Kumamoto, and first time used western toilet in hotel, He held the water tank to avoid slipping and thought it was really difficult (?) to get used to western toilet. He described it as standing on "The edge of chaos"......

Thanks to VSpirit for further explaining the particular interesting part about what he said on the whole western toilet and his preference of sitting down rather than standing up. Let me be honest; these are intimate details so if you do not wish to know do not proceed any further. But please do because they're funny! The translation is by memory and is a rough translation only.

he resorted to sitting down cos he doesn't want his loo to smell like ammonia-tinged human waste after a while. and he sits even up until today, when there are no urinals to stand against. 

during the course of this conversation, he also mentioned that his first encounter with western toilets was back when he was 12, during a school trip (his home back in nagasaki had loos that were practically holes in the ground). he didn't know what to make of it, much less use it, but when a boy's gotta go, he's gotta go. so he lifted up the toilet seat and squatted on the porcelain edges, hanging on for dear life by hugging the water tank ("This must actually be when the inspiration for Edge of Chaos first made itself known to me LoL" -MF). 

AS: Haha, must be tough, doing your lil' business and worrying you might fall off halfway through.

MF: Yeah, tell me about it. I remember thinking, "How do them Westerners use this thing? Man, it's so gonna take me ages to get used to this..." 

AS: Most people would actually squat on the toilet seat though...

MF: Yeah, I dunno why I didn't think of it. I remember lifting it up and down wondering what it was for and then decided to just leave it up.

AS: So why didn't you just ask someone, if you didn't know how to use it?

MF: Hey, you're male, too. So you must know about this thing called male pride? I may have been a kid but I /was/ a pitcher for my softball team and some of my teammates were there, yanno. I just couldn't bring myself to ask...

so! he's the sitting sort. and upon his confession, some fans wrote in telling him that's not a very manly thing to do and threatened (jokingly, i'm sure) to leave his fanbase. lol. ("OMG, whodda thunk I'd lose fans just cos I don't want my toilet and legs smelling like ammonia???!!!" -MF) 

Request song is Girl and can be downloaded here at Post #441 Page 30 or hear it here

Request song is Koufukuron. Download the song at Post #198 Page 14

Some interesting snippets thanks to Izumisano;

One listener wrote in to give a list of songs to be used in an all-Masha song wedding reception.She suggested to start with Utsukushiki Hana, Peach for the toast, followed by Niji and vs ; Koufukuron for the candle service and then *no more as her connection broke*. 

In the last part, a teacher from Miyagi-ken wrote in to thank Masha for the toys he sent in for the children. I think this was during the 24 hours musicthon special, where the ANN announcers went in to report on the affected areas.

Another go for  Kazoku ni Naoru yo

Debut for Kazoku ni Naoru yo. Request song is Saiai. 

Debut broadcast (for Masha) for the song Let's Try Again. The request song is Utsukishi Hana. Is this live? Since didn't he just have a concert? Where does this man find the energy?! 

In case you're wondering how Masha has got the energy to host TFM after staying up 24 hours, traditionally TFM is pre-recorded except for big events. Fans said he played 2AM's Saiai version. Thought you might be interested in knowing that.

Some snippets thanks to Mashamasha;

at 19:08, 今浪 wrongly called masha as Fukushima. Masha said he was disappointed as he has worked with him for so many years, still called him wrongly. Then masha said he still remembered clearly that many years ago he met an old schoolmate in the street, he greeted her and then she replied "Ah, 久し振り! 福島くん!" (Ah! Been quite a long time, Fukushima san).  今浪 said sorry to make him recall this painful memory.

I have a feeling Masha was joking, trying to diffuse his guest's embarrassment

An entire post dedicated to the Radio marathon called I'm With U can be found here. That post will be updated with more stuff as I find them. For more pictures go to my Facebook account.

Mostly about the 24 hour live show next week on 09.04.2011 starting 1pm Japan time and Masha considering streaming live feeds over the internet! Well, just considering. Something about him having to buy pyjamas which he doesn't own and what to wear during the live broadcast. Also on time for brushing teeth and going to the bathroom. Well, someone is planning ahead!! Hopefully the live feed is free access and worldwide as well. Moreover it will  give "Best Bang" promo some good. Anyway request song I think is Melody. 

I think fans say Masha and Sou chan in the studio in Tokyo, together, again, like they're meant to be. Lots of announcement tonight. All explanations thanks to Mashamasha.

- for charity/fund raising, Masha will be on radio for 24 hours! His session is from 1pm Japan time on 09.04.2011 to 1pm Japan time on 10.04.2011. I am not sure if he is gonna be there LIVE for 24 hours though, but the show itself is live broadcasting. The significance of this date it is it was supposed to be Miyagi concert days.

- Masha joins the band 猪苗代湖ズ (Inawashirokozu), which is formed by fukushima 出身 artists for supporting fukushima, including 箭内道彦 (Top Runner host) (the guitar play and harmonica in the version just on air are performed by masha). The song is I Love You & I Need You Fukushima. A great song, very addictive. You can listen to the song here.

- about the tour (Live Bang), masha said they will remove stage setting and make everything simple, because it used to need 10 sets of trucks to transport the stage setting equipment, and they don't want to waste gasoline in this critical moment

And fans say Masha cut his hair, again. I tell you, this is a work in progress!

ANN request Jidai 時代 by 中島みゆき Nakajima Miyuki (thanks to Izumisano for the info). 

Masha is on air, with Sou-chan but fans say not together as Masha himself said he is somewhere else. Where? No one knows. Sou-chan is in Tokyo but Masha can be in Tokyo but work from home or as I suspected, Nagasaki. Anyway tonight is a special show because the songs are request songs and Masha sang live. And he read letters from fans, some who was involved in the disaster which also consists of request song. General consensus is fans appreciated Masha's understated way of showing support and concern and for the comfort of his voice. And certainly all had a good laugh when fans said Masha himself called himself Masha ojichan (Uncle Masha) and I do remember reading his niece and nephew (not sure how many of respective gener but the last I remember is 3) call him that. He's your friendly uncle for tonight!

The songs he sang live (not sure if full list):-

- Asuneno March
- Heart
- Milk tea
- Ashita no show

I must add, when the nightmare is over, somebody please request Beautiful Day.

[ADD] Very reassuring news from Masha thanks to Mashamasha;

masha said he and the staff are prepared if the tour cannot be finished this year, they will continue it next year. He knows it is still too early to talk about revival, but he thinks holding concert and seeing concert is an evidence of revival, a symbol of restoring to normal life, so he will try his best not to cancel any of the shows.

He said he was told about the earthquake news when having meeting in Hiroshima. After deciding to cancel the concert in Hiroshima, he and the staff changed the rundown and song list for the coming shows. Because at that time when they were in Hiroshima, they were not sure when the concert can start again, they rehearsed the new rundown to get prepared for Saitama concert

The show is cancelled and replaced with special program. Click here to read why.

The show is cancelled and replaced with special program. Click here to read why.

ANN request is 結婚しようよ(魂リク) (Let's get married)/吉田拓郎 (Yoshida Takuro), Sorry, I have no idea what song so I just copied the title from MashaPlus. Anyway tonight is all about the K-pop remake as Masha played Niji (by Beast) from the album, to very appreciative audiences. I almost didn't recognise Niji but come chorus there's the familiar sound. Which shows good melody, however you mess with it, in whatever language is still great melody; moreover the k-pop stars did justice to the songs. I think even Masha thought the remake versions were better than his original versions! He also talked about the THE BEST BANG!! Asia Edition which you can find more info from the link same as the K-pop remake and his concerts at Osaka and Wakayama. Not sure if he talked about his upcoming press conference in Taiwan on 24.03.2011 or any indication of what the press conference is really about. 

Doraemon is the special guest tonight. masha talked about 2 channel and nico video  he holds the premium membership of nico video. Topic of discussion; marriage and happiness. Thanks to Halad, Masha said "There aren't any people I know that became happier when they married."  Masha also said he is a premium subscriber to video service Nicovideo. The people at Nicovideo were very happy to hear that (they also responded here). So when is Masha gonna have his own channel at Youtube which is accessible worldwide and is free? ANN Request is old song In My Heart.

[ADD] More on the Doraemon clip in this show thanks to Mashamasha, and by the way, Masha, can't you just pretend Doraemon is real?

in the clip doraemon said thanks to masha for appearing in the movie etc and in the end it promoted the movie, then masha immediately said "promotion again!"

and masha said he felt strange to hear what doraemon said because in doraemon world, there should be masaaki only, no masaharu. But what doraemon said shows it knows masaharu = masaaki, he does not know whether he should reply its comment in the identity of masaaki and masaharu. 

Doraemon also said it can give one of its treasures/gadgets to masha as present, then masha said it knows it cannot fullfil his promise but still said this, and in fact it does not exist. Then sou-chan reminded him doraemon does exist, it appeared in Osaka live. Then masha said it is only a man inside a costume and maybe the guy even took cigarette behind the scene. 

Then sou-chan asked what he wanted from doraemon, he said he does not need anything. Then sou-chan said "anywhere door" can bring him to Valley of Beauties (beautiful women), then he immediately replied he wanted "anywhere door".

(fans and people in nicovideo liked his words very much, they think he is very honest and interesting)

 I am not sure if this part as translated by Mashamasha is from ANN or TFM but I will just post here;

in the part he talked about best bang selling in asia, he named a person/an item representing that place (in his mind), for taiwan, he said Vivian Tsui (徐若瑄), for HK, he said Bruce Lee and Jacky Chan, but the most funny one is Thai, he said はるな愛 (the famous jp tv talent who got No 1 in Miss International Queen Contest held in Thailand, a contest for sex changed women). For Malaysia, he said Tamaru Maki (Malaysia's Tourism Ambassador in Japan), for Singapore, he said Merlion. for korea, he said ユチョン? not sure for this one

Tamaru Maki is our Tourism Ambassador?! I didn't know that! I believe ユチョン is Yoochun, from Tohoshinki? Because I did the translation thing and it says Yoochun and Tohoshinki is from Korea. Click here for his interview where he mentioned Masha (he mentions him a lot)

ANN Live Request: I Love You by Yutaka Ozaki. F

Taken from MashaPlus and HKFC:-

He just announce The Best Bang Asia version, mentioning the countries, Malaysia being one of them. He spoke Korean "Annyeong Haseyo". Mentioned Doraemon (again) and Beyonce (again). Topic is on dance. Any hopes of announcement of Asia Tour is dashed as he didn't mention a thing. He talked about other artists dancing skills. He love DBSK (aka Dong Bang Shin Ki aka Tohoshinki aka TVXQ - so many names!) dancing in their new song. He also mentioned Madonna's concert (which he can outsing her any time, but she can out muscle him any time), in her last last concert tour (The Confessions Tour)  that the dancers were really really great. And lastly Masha said " dont worry, I will not dance in my concerts"

But he did! Heaven. Wait! That's not dancing. That's gyrating. Ok, I rest my case.

More snippets.

After Fukuyama-san said, “I was happy when KARA’s Gyuri said that she liked me,” he said, “Although he’s not Tohoshinki at the moment, but for Yoochun, when he said he liked my song “milk tea,” I was also happy~” [Source]

By the way Yoochun has previously many time publicly acknowledged his admiration for Masha, citing Masha as his favourite singer. I am just surprised Yoochun is no longer with DBSK. So he's gone solo?

Thanks to River for finding the following, clearly a DBSK or Yoochun fan who translated that specific part (I suppose MC here is Sou Chan) where you can find it originally from here (thanks tolinhkawaii @

[TRANS] Found the audio of Fukuyama Masaharu mentioning about Yoochun and Tohoshinki

MC: You're very popular, Fukuyama-san~ 
Fukuyama: No, I'm not~
MC: No you are! You're popular in Asia, even to foreign artist!
-mentioned about how he was happy that Gyuri likes him-
MC: When are you the happiest that people like you?
Fukuyama: 1. Beyonce said she liked me. 2. I appeared on Doraemon. And yeah Gyuri too… And also, although he's not Tohoshinki right now, Yoochun-san, he often says *imitating Yoochun*: "I love Fukuyama-san's "milk tea"~"
MC: You haven't danced even once, even at this age? 
Fukuyama: Because male dancers at my time don't dance that much!
MC: So at your times only Johnny's singers danced?
Fukuyama: But you know what, now, Tohoshinki is very cool~
MC: That song "Why" right? Even if they became 2 members they really are powerful.
Fukuyama *sings*: Keep your head down~~~ *continues singing gibberish lyrics* 
MC: Hahaha
Fukuyama: Well let's put Tohoshinki on today!
MC: Haha why?
Fukuyama: Because they're cool~ 
MC: Hmmm speaking of which, which Japanese artists are good at dancing?
Fukuyama: I don't know, it's hard to tell what is "good"… but Tohoshinki is really good. I was watching them & thought that it would be hard… they're really good!

Masha, please don't start dancing. Let the young ones do it. Just sing, that will do for us "old" fans! I bet though Tohoshinko would have no idea what to do with that cup of water. I am not surprised these days all the boy bands are so good at dancing. Even singing slow songs, they dance. I think I have never seen them stand and sing. And they dance so much until I wonder are they dancers or are they singers? I am still surprised the group is down to 2 members. I never do follow their news.

Tonight will be special on Valentine Day. He wants to talk about it from a men's point of view. [Angelreii]

many requested masha to sing 桜餅 (Sakuramochi), but he said he wouldn't sing it because it is not his song, it is masaaki's song. From his opening talk, i can feel his jealous of masaaki's 人気  (popularity amongst the common folks) [Mashamasha]

They're commenting on how Masaaki doesn't do dirty jokes but is vaguely sexual too, he went into the girls' onsen [Halad]

Anyway Sou-chan sang the song!

Request song is 吾亦紅 [Waremokou] by Sugimoto Masato (Watch the original performance here)[Szeying]. Download the request song here at Megaupload [MP3, 3.2MB]

Thanks to Irene for the following snippets;

it is one of his goals, to have a few months off and he wants to go overseas to study English conversation! He said he wants to learn overseas, like in a school and not in Japan! There was lots of really fun conversation - much of it focused on his personal goals, expectations for his life, what he has and has not accomplished and so on. There was also a fair amount of chatting about marriage. He also said he would enjoy learning to surf. 

At 42? Surf? Oh I worry for his bones!! Anyway fans said in 2007 or somewhere then he did go to UK to study English for several weeks. But Masha, unless you want English accent, anyone can teach you. I can! For free! Of course fans noted we must know a bit of Japanese to teach English. No need! For communication in the School of English Language Taught By Funn Lim Especially To Masha, body language is the key. Yeap! In all seriousness, I always believe to learn a foreign language you must immerse yourself in that community speaking that language. That's the only way to learn. So if Masha is serious, he may wish to seek out the English speaking community in Japan because that's the only way to learn, or hire a full time tutor. All those learning whilst travelling sounds exotic and good, but for that few weeks, how much can he learn except for personal enjoyment? It is like a rich man's way of learning. Learning languages in a few weeks is impossible. If Masha is serious, and I hope he is because then he can converse more than just "hello" and such, it is time he should go back to school as in hire a full time tutor.

Masha's b-day on 06.02.2011!! 

Fans said this may be pre-recorded again because "earlier this week some already left post that he was seen in ann studio for recording during the week. It is sometimes easier to find out whether it is live or not by checking what emails or faxes he has read in the program. And tonight, he did not read any emails about masaaki, while it should be the topic of the week. In the opening of the program when he told the news by himself, he was actually unsure whether he can read out masaaki's profile (he asked the staff whether it has been announced or not)" [Mashamasha]. Well it is his birthday, so he may wish to celebrate with his friends by getting super drunk! Anyway he started off his show by introducing himself as Fukuyama Masaaki. See! He will talk till no end about this! He talked about Sakuramochi and Roma Den. Masha talking about the guy who voiced Masaaki last time losing his job and all the dubbing he can do, naming Nic Cage, Leo DiCaprio, Kevin Spacey, Robbin Williams, Matt Damon. He even played Doraemon theme song. "Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!" as he counted down to his own 42nd birthday. And he was asked "What's the favourite part of your face that you think is your charm point?" and his answer and I believe this is snippet of the month; ".... ALL of it" [Thanks Halad for this snippet!]. Masha, you're so vain but you're so right! ANN live request is my own favourite, Shounen but he didn't sing it to himself but rather to someone; "The request was by a mom I think, whose son got to have her ticket for Daikanshasai because someone got sick or something(?) and she couldn't attend, so he got to go instead. He was already a Masha fanboy, and he immensely enjoyed it, apparently. The song was for his birthday!" [Halad]. The kid was 8 by the way, around 7 when he went for the Daikanshasai. ALONE! Wow!

Can't wait to hear Shounen as the request song! Download the request song Shounen from here or here (MP3, 4.31MB] Anyway read my birthday wish for Masha here. For Doraemon post, click here

Frankly I can't determine which is the request song tonight since for the better part of the show, it featured SOH+ (the 2 hosts singing and jamming live on air to various song - rather popular with listeners), "Read on ANN they will sing for 30minutes only" [Angelreii]. Quite a few fun facts tonight as follows:-

"He finally mentioned where he has gone in the previous weeks. He went to Nagasaki for 2-3 days (probably for some R&R), Hawaii for CM (Which one?Asahi? For a CM which was shot indoors?) then Paris (for what? A photoshoot? For We're Bros 2011 perhaps?), then Spain (Amalfi sequel?). He said he cut his hair for the CM (Asahi?)" [Scott]

"he just said he cut 20cm of hair" [Mashamasha] Prove it Masha! Pictures!!

"Complained about the cold weather" [Halad] Masha come live in Malaysia. It is HOT here.

Then some hilarious moments where they were trying to sing a AKB48 song, Heavy Rotation, Masha tinkering with the guitar, trying to figure out the right key when in the end they finally got the right note and sang the song. I checked out the song Heavy Rotation, and let's just say I understand why Masha wanted to perfect his delivery in which the video would seem like what Masha would call "my PERFECT day" if he was in it!

And he talked about something about birthday cakes and wedding parties? I don't know and I do not wish to know! Ok, read a bit on that and I believe birthday cake is about his impending birthday and wedding party.. no idea.

[ADD] Ok by Mashamasha response on other's response to what Masha said in TFM recently, I gathered he must have talked about weddings and all. She said they said he said;

they think if masha has plans to get married soon, he will have done the research about wedding party by himself (cost, procedures etc), instead of asking Imanami in radio program openly. In fact, if he really has the plan, he will not mention anything about "wedding" or "marriage", because he should keep this as secret until public announcement. What he does recently (i.e. keep asking questions about wedding in radio) seems to be telling you that "I know nothing about holding a wedding party"

Or it could be a subtle hint? Anyway I do agree with them. But that being said, someone of Masha's position need not plan for the wedding. His fiance and mother will, and there's the thing called Wedding Planners. I wouldn't make too much of what he said but frankly why all these sudden wedding parties talk? A close friend getting married perhaps?

Request song is Asuhe no March. Request song can e downloaded from Mediafire or Megaupload 9MP3, 2.83MB]. Izumisano explains what's so special about tonight's show;

For anyone interested, today's show was all about the Great Hanshin earthquake (aka Kobe earthquake) of 17.01.1995, 16 years ago. Masha also talked about it in that Music Fair 21 show we looked at a few days ago, before he sang Naitari Shinaide .If I remember correctly, the ANN request last year same time was specially recorded in a studio in memory of the Earthquake as well. masha was in osaka at that time and experienced this earthquake"

Apparently tonight he talked about BL and I asked what is BL and someone said boy's love and what the heck is that and I was told it is homosexuality. Really? Now what did Masha say on this?

[ADD] BL is Boy's Love and despite what is read about girls liking such mangas, in essence it is manga about teenagers or pretty boys being involved in sexual relationships with other teenager or pretty boys. And if that is not about homosexuality I don't know what is. And like Masha, I am scratching my head on why girls would like such stuff;

(Translated by Mashamasa) he said he knew nothing about BL, and asked listeners and sou-chan what exactly it is. So last week the listeners told him some BL knowledge and sent BL manga to him, he took a look at the manga and said he still can't understand why female is interested in BL. he joked in his personal opinion, there is also some BL element in ryomaden. He also asked sou-chan about other internet terms, and sou-chan seems to be very knowledgeable in this area 

Further on hair news, Mashamasha says "according to those fans waiting for masha outside ann studio tonight, masha's hair style is shoulder length, like amalfi one"

Why Masha? WHY? If that is the case I prefer the Kokoro Color hair. Maybe he kept it long and trimmed  a little for Amalfi sequel.

Some snippet by Mashamasha;

why masha went drinking with yama p + kame + tamori after MS super live is because, as masha said last night, yama p and kame chatted with him in the backstage while they were waiting for the opening line-up, and they told masha they had no appointment or work after the show, so they suggested to go for drinking together. Then in the ending line-up, masha told tamori they three were going for drinking and invited tamori to join

It wasn't as posted before that Masha originally went drinking with Tamori and Kame and Yama P invited themselves.

Request song can be downloaded from Mediafire or Megaupload. Not live today since Masha should still be in Barcelona, Spain shooting sequel to Amalfi. Request is Konya Kimi wo Daite. Not much else I can say except there were some discussions on Galileo, songs from Galileo as well as back to his usual dirty talk, which I am sure is a topic he loves. Would appreciate any choice quotes or snippets from this show.

Thanks to Mashamasha, we now know both TFM and ANN for today and yesterday respectively were pre-recorded. So where was Masha? Not quite as complicated as you may think.

listenting to tfm, masha said he went back to Nagasaki after 1 Jan ANN live broadcast. It seems this tfm was recorded after he returned from Nagasaki. But ann last night was not live broadcast, so masha is now away again.

he said he had muscle aches on the day after the new Superdry CM filming because he ran too much 

btw, masha talked about one news article in tfm today and actually that article is today's news, that means the tfm was recorded today (although not live broadcast), so masha is back to tokyo today (last night ann was pre-recorded). So he spent a week in nagasaki?he said he is back with 3kg increase in weight after eating a lot of Chompon mee and he himself said it was awful ......he must have enough rest

He must have ran many many times. I worry for him. He isn't young anymore! And 3kg increase in weight is... not a good sign since he seems pretty filled out in the year end concert, hopefully he is not losing his muscles! But that would mean he spent new year at home and his mother must have fed him well during that 1 week, if he was at home. Which we all know is a good thing.

Request song tonight is Sayonara originally sung by オフコース (OFF COURSE). See original singer here.

Speculations are rife this may be another recorded broadcast. Not sure why, rumour and I write a huge RUMOUR has it he may be in Taiwan. If that is true, maybe checking concert venue? Definitely not because of this [post 09.01.2011]. Anyway tonight's show is about guessing cup sizes again which last year Masha got all the cup sizes right. You know, breast size? Frankly I did not listen nor do I understand so I don't think I should write any more than I could gather from fan discussions.

Request song tonight is Michishirube. 

Anyway he talked about Ryoma-Den being the highest rated drama of the year I think. Also about the hair cutting at Kouhaku and how Kagawa Teruyuki kept the lock of hair he cut! Also on additional shows next year for the We're Bros Tour 2011. Also on the bag he forgot to bring to the studio (see 25.12.2010) which he did now. No bad at all, he has got taste or more accurately his assistant got taste. Rather girly bag. I like!

Also still long hair despite the hair cut, shoulder length as Sou-Chan says. Anyway thanks to Irene for the snippet not connected to this show at all but ...

In one segment from Daikanshasai, he is saying how much he wants a vacation but he has to start touring in about one month's time, so he said that he will rest while he tours. 

A rather surprising topic which was translated by Mashamasha which speaks for itself as Masha was talking about family life and singlehood;

masha said in tfm that he still hopes to have chance to see his own children, but he already gives up the hope of seeing his grandchildren-if his future children do not get married so late, he should still have chance to see his grandchildren

Well Masha, it is not too late. I don't imagine he dies before a grand age of 90, since he takes good care of himself and if his family has a history of longevity. So if he has a child within the next 3 years,child marries maybe when he is 25, gives birth 2 years later, Masha can still see his grandchild's face. What's stopping you Masha? Your fans? Of course not! He has been very reflective lately on his singlehood and possibility of children. If marriage is an obstacle, consider adoption or being a single father. I mean you're Fukuyama Masaharu for heaven sake, take your pick on your ideal woman. But I hope he marries wife first, mother next, meaning choose a wife, not a potential good mother. I may be hysterical over his announcement of marriage (which is fake) and all, but at the end of the day, if he is lonely and he wishes to have children, the only thing stopping him is himself. But don't marry for marry sake, have children for children sake. Whoever's the girl he marries will be a lucky girl indeed but I hope he chooses wisely.

Request song tonight is Kissing In The Holy Night. Well it is Xmas. 

Mashamasha says ...

Masha sporting the beanie hat look tonight. masha just said after MSSL, he had drinking with other 3 perfomers, but he said he wouldn't tell who they were, unless they themselves told first.Masha announce about Ryomaden being the highest rated drama or average highest drama of the year.  A 3D regza TV to be won and this time masha asked 問題咸濕但答案正經謎語 (I suppose serious question?) to give the 3D regza, the previous 2 couldn't answer. The last one is a boy, but his mother picked up the phone. Since masha just I am Mr Regza, his mother thought it is 整古人 (prank call?) phone, and became a bit angry. When she gave the phone to her son, his son was not listening to ann, and also did not know what's happening. And suddenly someone "cup" 線 (put down the phone?) (probably his mother helped him "cup" 線 (put down the phone?) )

Anyway no one won in the end.

I suppose any mother will have the same reaction when some stranger says "I am Mr Regza"! Well, Masha can't charm every woman with just his voice!


as in the past, masha and sou-chan and ANN script writer use 10,000 yen each to buy a present to listeners. This year masha bought a girlish bag, but he left it at home and forgot to bring to the studio last night, so he drew a picture to illusrative how it looks like... [Source]

Request song tonight is Sandy. 

A very special guest tonight who happens to be a big Sakamoto Ryoma fan who happens to be rather successful as well, Masayoshi Son (chairman and CEO of Softbank Corp).

Anyway very interesting snippets translated by Mashamasa and Izumisano;

he said he got a bit annoyed when he saw the recent ranking news on who should get married, and then he added 「余計なお世話、俺の何を知ってるんだ! 仕事尽くしですよ」 ("It's none of their concern, how much do they know about me. My work is what matters.") He said if he's still not married next year, then he'll vie for the first place with Tsutsumi Shinichi again. He also mentioned he's had dinner with Son-san before, and they'd also watched Ryomaden in cosplay together. But he couldn't wear NHK costumes over, so he got a Ryoma cosplay set from Don Quixote (not sure if it was Lily Franky who bought it for him)

I am a bit surprised he commented on that ranking and from the translation it is as if he rather dislikes being pressured into marriage since the ranking is on who should get married. And yet he said nothing of this storm. Listeners of the same show, did he really mean that or did I perhaps get it wrong?

[ADD] I think sometimes I am lucky to have fans of Masha who understands what he is saying without him saying it out loud. Mashamasha has answered my query;

he is using this ranking to deny the marriage rumour. The key point is this " He said if he's still not married next year, then he'll vie for the first place with Tsutsumi Shinichi again." That means he does not have plan to get married at least within this year or early next year, i.e. the previous report saying that he is going to get married this month has been denied.

Well, he is busy until next year (early next year). Wish he would just say it straight! I know! I know! None of my business.

Request song tonight is Midnight Blue train by 浜田省吾 (Hamada Shogo).

Some very interesting snippets from tonight's show taken from various sources.

Talking about 'Hot' things in 2010, amongst them- Ryomaden, Gegege and AKB48. When he was selected as the ideal face amongst the men, which he replied something funny... People wanted to look like this?

masha is talking about the ideal face ranking, his choices are River Phoenix (older brother of Joaquin Phoenix), yama P and Yusuke Iseya (in Ryoma-Den as Takasugi Shinsaku). He just complimented Yamapi kakkoi. **

he has started concert rehearsal, maybe because of that, his singing becomes more stable compared with previous weeks. sou-chan said in his twitter that masha is still long hair...

and next week ann will have special guest, but they haven't told who he is

Note on **
Translated by River of Masha [Source]

Which face do you want?
In the first place is Fukuyama Masaharu, who won this ranking two years in a row. He was ranked first from men all ages. 'He has a good face as a taiga drama lead.' (30s/Saitama). There's also a support for Fukuyama, the voice actor. His voice is definitely his greatest assets.

From the looks of it, I suppose he will only unleash his new hairstyle for Daikanshasai 2010 instead of those TV appearances.

Full broadcast is here at Post #183 Page 13

No request song, sigh... 

Anyway today's topic is on AIDS as Izumisano explains, "first Tamaradi show of every december is dedicated to AIDS because 1 Dec is World AIDS day". He did talked about FNS Music Festival which he just appeared in earlier and Ryoma-Den DVD but frankly I can't understand what the forums are buzzing about. Did he say anything interesting? Do use Post A Comment or email me if you did hear anything worth sharing.

He said a lot of things today but nope, not that one clarification I am sure many hoping he would say. So that's that. Anyway summarised from various fan posts, basically he talked about the food poisoning, his travel experiences, where he stopped by, THE BEST BANG!! and of course Kouhaku. Anyway fans said "
he has been to Washington DC, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Johannesburg and in transit in Singapore too!". On the food poisoning, you can read more here.  Request song is Dear.

Further, "Masha is giving away souveniers. Brazil - photo book, Argentina - magnet, stickers, playboy book, Madagascar - postcards, Thailand - postcards, SIA - eyemask & slippers"[Angelreii] [Source]

Playboy?! Joking right? If one item is from one country, Playboy is America? So he took SIA. No wonder he stopped at Singapore.

Pre-recorded again although some might suspect he is back in Japan since he has a live show on Monday. Request song is his own song Ashita no Show. Tonight's topic is underwear it seems which Mashamasha translated (last line by Izumisano);

he said around 2 years ago, he told in ANN that he was looking for his dream underwear, which was loose and comfortable. Then one listener sent him some specially designed underwear, and masha said it is really closed to his dream underwear. He described that underwear is tight except for THAT PART. Then some fans in 2 ch searched in internet and found this one, which is suspected to be the one he described. He drew that underwear to let Tanihara understand how it looks like, and Taniharu said it was very weird. He drew an illustration but said it can't be posted out.

No wonder he prefers to go commando. Indeed, a very weird underwear, well not really if ermm... well.. never mind.

And some more interesting snippet thanks to Irene;

"Masha was talking about Hawaii in ANN because a listener wrote in and asked his opinion about going to India as a post-college graduation trip. She thought it would be "life-altering" and she wanted his opinion if it would be a good idea or not. Masha thought about it and he figured that she would have more fun in Hawaii, so although she didn't ask about Hawaii, that was his first recommendation to her. He mentioned that she would probably go with other girlfriends and they would have more fun in Hawaii. He also mentioned the cheap US dollar as a significant reason.  So he didn't think much her idea of going to India for a "life-altering" experience. It's always interesting to follow his thought process."

Masha obviously is on a different wavelength with the girl. She meant life altering experience as in to devote time to help others and Masha was probably thinking of life altering experience as in to see natural beauty and a true holiday. I agree with Irene; his thought process is interesting!

Older posts after Read More link

Pre-recorded since Masha is not in town. Maki Yoko guest. Request song is old song by the title 時の過ぎゆくままに (Toki no Sugiyuku Mamani) by Kenji Sawada.

Full broadcast can be downloaded from Post #34 Page 3.

This is suspected to be a pre-recorded show again since Masha did not comment on a lot of current events that he normally will. Probably still on vacation but I am sure on every fan's minds, the question is not where but with who? Not sure if I am right, but a certain rumoured someone is in HK? Could Masha be in HK? Ok, ok just pure gossip. I have a feeling if he is on a vacation it will not be somewhere famous for being a huge city. And if he IS in HK, believe me, HK paparazzi will have found him and took many many pictures. Mashamasha says "he won't tell in advance the program is pre-recorded and where he is going to, but he will tell when he is back (usually). I mean he will tell us where he has been when he returns to Japan Just like last year he went to rumania and italy, and in 07 or 08? He went to england to study english ". Probably he will be back next week for more coming promotional stuff? Anyway he was in England? To study English? NOT AMERICA?! Ok, just joking. Very easy to study English Masha. Just speak more, best way to learn? Unless he wants to read and write English. ANN Request is Maki Modoshita Natsu.

"The HK fans are guessing last night's show was pre-recorded because they didn't read listeners' comments on the new songs, and that maybe he's on holiday, from signs like his radio scriptwriter (and crazy horse touring member) Obara Shinji hasn't done his weekly update of his Tamaraji blog, nor Sou-chan his twitter. Some are wondering if that's the reason he had said so early on that he wouldn't attend the travel award ceremeny. He also mentioned Kimura Yoshino from Perfect Love but didn't talk about her marriage at all (which she announced yesterday)." [Izumisano] Well, after 1 year of filming 5 days a week and also getting some rest before rehearsing for his end of  year concert and what nots, well maybe he is on a holiday. Question is is it within Japan and with who? Anyway, Mashamasha of HK Fans Forums translated some interesting snippets .."this is best album special interview. One listener asked him whether he has experience of finishing the song just before the release. Then he said Koibito is one of them. He said that during the recording of the song, his staff found that the melody of the intro part of the song is almost the same with another artist's song, but masha himself did not notice it. So he had to re-write that part while keeping the lyrics already written. Also masha told in ann tonight that originally they planned to use masha's baby nude photo (half body) as the best album cover, but then they think this design is a bit too playful, so changed to use young masha photo instead."

I disagree! Should have been baby photo! But truthfully the 19 and 41 year old is a good contrast and very suitable for the theme of the album.

Not sure what's the title of the request song tonight. Could be an old song of another artiste. The singing is energetic though. Anyway debut of Kokoro Color in full tonight. 

A day of many surprises. Masha was reportedly drunk, to those who was listening in. He also dropped a bomb albeit a happy one and announced his We're BROS concert tour 2011. More details here . SION was guest. I think he debuted Ishikura no Praido (the DUNLOP CM song in full). Request song tonight is Motto sobani kitte. And next week he will debut the much awaited 心Color.

An auspicious day indeed, with all 10s. Anyway if you're interested, download the full broadcast here at Post #463 Page 31.

No request song tonight. Thanks to Mashamasha for the snippets and Izumisano for some of the translated version, listeners said he sounded tired, reason being he filmed the assassination scene of Ryoma-Den until 5am on the same day. Further, "it seems he is not going to cut his hair very short because he is afraid of the cold winter. pls help to vote for ANN poll this week, and choose その他 (5th option being others) please (i think none of us here will want to see the other 4 hair styles which is 1. Punch Perm, 2. Regent (ducktail), 3. Flat-top, 4. Crew-cut)".  Ahhhh they should have just put the options as "Meguri Ai, Galileo, Ryoma-Den but shorter, etc". I shall miss his current hairstyle but I really do want to see him his Milk Tea/17 Nen Mono hairstyle.

Was also wondering if this was a live show and Mashamasha explained that "Based on the content, it should be live tonight (he mentioned about Tanihara san's new baby news). And he already said in the opening that there wouldn't be ANN request tonight due to his voice condition"

Must have been a rough night. Well it won't be long since Ryoma-Den filming will finish on tentatively 14.10.2010. By the way his first line in ANN tonight was reportedly something along the lne of "I got killed today, guys.".

Request song tonight is Asakusa kid, an old song and not his song. From discussion, he may not attend the  Japan Travel Agency awards ceremony. Debuted Michishirube 2010, one of 3 new songs from his  THE BEST BANG!! album. Well actually a reworked version or violin version. And he announced his concert title which is ...

福山☆冬の大感謝祭 其の十

Very long, as usual. It incorporated one of his new song's title, 

心color. Translated using Online translator ...

I wanted to feel it only by ten desires of large Thanksgiving [sono] of Fukuyama * winter. 

Ahead and mind color later.


Request song tonight is Ii Dasenakute, an old song from his album Calling which I love! Interestingly I like his album version better. I blogged about it here.

Fantastic snippets tonight with a rare look at angry Masha, for real thanks to Mashamasha for the invaluable translation:-

Request song is Naitari Shinaide. 

The girl requesting the song said she decided to give up learning piano after learning for 9 years because her piano teacher said very harsh comment to her every week. Her teacher told her that he/she feels very tired when listening to her piano, this makes her feel deeply hurt. 

And masha said he felt very shocked to know that a person in music industry can make such comment to others. The girl's teacher is not qualified as a teacher, he/she should be hit by thunder and sent to hospital (can feel his anger there). And he asked the girl to forget what the teacher said to her and plays her music as she likes.

I agree with Masha. Very mean of the teacher to discourage the student as such. Further if you have been following his latest news post (date : 18.09.2010), you will know he appears in 3D in Doraemon cartoon, or rather a representation of him. Anyway as speculated, he did mention about this surprising "special appearance" in the ANN show tonight;

he said this time is the second happiest experience after joining this entertainment industry (the happiest one is last time Beyonce said "I Like Fukuyama" in jp tv program). 

He said he is extremely happy this time because doraemon, all know him, but the happiest thing is 靜香 (Shizuka) is his fan. He said if the producer told him there's this part, he will do the 配音 (voiceover) by himself, no matter how busy he is for ryomaden now. And he wants to play a role in Doraemon movie next year.

Thanks to Izumisano for the translated snippet;

According to mashamasha & scott's translations here at post # 894 & 895 (page 60), Masha said in ANN last night that filming is going very slow now and he joked that maybe the last episode will end simply with Yataro's narration "Ryoma was killed shortly after this. Then Yoshinobu stepped down and restored power to the Emperor, and the Meiji restoration began. Please tune in next week, for Saka no ue no kumo (坂の上の雲 - online translator says Cloud On Slope - I don't get it - Funn)"

I have no idea what some Chinese words meant but there is some intriguing facts about how old Masha is or maybe for so many years he has had assistants to help him do mundane things so perhaps there may be some things he does not know. Anyway Mashamasha translated this post of the date above in ANN Blog through Post #691 Page 47, I used google for the Chinese words;

Masha recently went to 渋谷東急百貨 (Shopping centre at Shibuya Tokyo - he was going there to buy wine? sake?) with his two young managers and this experience let him realise how outdated he is, so last week he asked listeners to tell him more about 世間常識 (world knowledge which I suppose means general knowlege of the ordinary stuff). One thing surprised me most is he has not heard of JR's 弱冷房車 (果卡車冷氣弱D, for 怕凍嘅乘客) (no idea what the whole sentence meant but looked at the original text and it has something to do with basement parking, car washing and coldness). He also does not know self-served checkout.

Alarming! He didn't know self service checkout?? Ermm what does self service checkout mean? We don't have that in Malaysia. Self service yes, checkout yes but self service checkout? When buying things? Wouldn't people just run off without paying? Only in Japan? You know what I really don't understand the entire article but interesting that he goes out to buy something with TWO assistants. Are they bodyguards as well?

Did he start the show with Disney's Under The Sea? Cute! Today's is all about kids as Masha duets with kids, answered their questions! Rather cute and thanks to Sasa and Mashamasha for explaining what the heck is going on ...

Masha just talked to his little fans via the phone (just like a father talking to kids!) Then the little boy sang Shonen with oyaji as backing vocal this time .  How lucky this kid is! Afterwards, he talked to another kid and the kid did ask him a question before this child turned to sing Melody [Sasa] this girl's little sister told masha she watched ryomaden at the beginning, but stops watching it because the story becomes too difficult to her nd the girl's 3 years old little brother asked masha where he can meet masha, masha answered him Tokyo [Mashamasha]

Good answer but evasive. Masha, Tokyo is very big! I wonder if Masha were to do a one day workshop at his studio for kids about guitar playing and music, how many minutes before all the seats are filled?

And additional snippet by Mashamasha which is not in TFM show but rather an observation ...

saw a post in 2 ch (Japanese forum) that a person said her friend told her that she recently saw masha in a restuarant. When she asked masha for autograph, masha's manager helped him to reject, but then masha told her he would sign for her when he finished the meal. her friend said how come he is so nice 

Indeed, very very nice!

Anyway request song is Himawari. 


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