[NEWS] Masha in Doraemon SP & movie [02.04.2011]

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Remember Fukuyama Masaaki in Doraemon [Ep 226 - 17.09.2010] (see post 18.09.2010 here and post 18.09.2010 here)? He is making another appearance soon! The last time he wasn't invited to voice his alter ego and everybody knew Masaaki was Masha. Now after Daikanshasai 2010's Masaharu Den, make no mistake, he is Masaaki. Now with the following news, the obvious becomes even more obvious! News thanks to River and Izumisano of MashaPlus, translated from the article from tv-asahi

It mentions Masha narrates the CM for the upcoming Doraemon movie that will be released on March 5th. The CM has already started airing since mid-January (where?!). It's also confirmed that Masha will be guest star as Masaaki in the next Doraemon SP (when?!). So he will appear both in the 3-hour special to be shown on 11.02.2011 (7:30pm Japan time) and the movie which starts on 05.03.2011 (to be confirmed). Masaaki even has his own official website!! 

The news proper and more after Read More link!

Thanks to River for the translation below from the original source in the official web!!

Big News: The appearance of Fukuyama Masaharu as Fukuyama Masaaki.

Fukuyama Masaaki first appears on 17th Sept (2010) broadcast of the Doraemon anime series. The character is based on Fukuyama Masaharu himself. During that time, he wasn't the person who provides the voice.

However, the character will make another appearance next week (11/2) in a 3-hour Doraemon SP episode. Not only that, he will also appears in the upcoming Doraemon movie in March. This time, it was Fukuyama himself that did the dubbing.

Fukuyama first heard about this character last year from the fan. And he himself is interested in dubbing the character himself. When the staff offers him the role, he quickly agreed.

This will be Fukuyama's first seiyuu gig. A special CM with Fukuyama Masaaki is also being produced and will be aired during the SP. A special Masaaki website will also open next week, on the same day. This is all our news today!


Name: Fukuyama Masaaki
Occupation: Stars
Songs: Hatsukoi is a big hit with Sakuramochi, thus, granted a special appearance in Kohaku.
Specialities: Dazzling smile.
Hobbies: Onsen (hot spring) and Photography
Favourite food: Turkish rice (Nagasaki's food - Mashamasha)
Recent project: ローマ伝 Roma-den, an epic drama about knight in ancient Rome who's working for a change.
I finally got the last part! ローマ伝 is Roma-Den which translator says Story of Rome, a wordplay of Ryoma Den! Funny! Roman Knight? Special skill is dazzling smile, hobby is hot spring (cheeky Doraemon!!), smash hit single is Sakuramochi (is that what the character is holding?).

The above picture may be old screencap, because Masaaki can't be wearing the same stuff? Well at least the Doraemon team smarten up a bit haven't they? What's next for Masha in terms of animation? Miyazaki Hayao's animation, PLEASE! After all, that guy did one (and I must admit, a great job at that!) and Masha should be asked to do one as if I remember correctly his radio voice has been voted no. 1 voice before or thereabouts?

Anyway check out Doraemon official site here. Masaaki's official website here. Related news on Doraemon official site here. ALL IN JAPANESE. I must admit, I find the runaway success of Fukuyama Masaaki very very amusing! If he is in the movie, I might even watch it! Now Masha, the haircut...

Anyway guess who will be talking about this in ANN show this week? I would bet Masha will talk non stop on this one! Exciting stuff and ten thousand cheers for Doraemon team for the witty profile!

More news, from Tokyohive

Fukuyama Masaharu to challenge voice acting for “Doraemon”
Actor/singer Fukuyama Masaharu will be challenging voice acting for the first time. His role will be “Fukuyama Masaaki“, who is the favorite star of one of the main characters, Shizuka-chan, and of course, Fukuyama Masaaki was created in the image of Fukuyama Masaharu.

Fukuyama Masaaki’s first appearance was in an episode which aired abck in September 2010, and Fukuyama was informed about Fukuyama Masaaki by one of the listeners of his radio show.

After discovering the existence of Fukuyama Masaaki, Fukuyama aspired to play the voice of the role. He confessed, “That was the second happiest thing that has happened to me since I entered the entertainment industry. By the way, the happiest thing was that I was told, ‘I like Fukuyama’, by Beyonce. Since two of the big Western and Japanese beauties (Beyonce/Shizuka-chan) told me that they like me, I have no regrets. I’m really glad to be in this industry.”

“Doraemon” is one of the most familiar animes anywhere, as Fukuyama explained, “Of course I love ‘Doraemon.’ He is a great idol and a big star since he keeps delivering dreams, not only to kids, but also to adults who grew up watching ‘Doraemon’. There are many things I learned from ‘Doraemon’ as an adult, and that is why it has been popular for a long time.”

Fukuyama Masaaki will make an appearance in the TV anime, “Doraemon 3 Hours SP” (will be broadcasted on February 11th), as well as the upcoming “Doraemon” movie, “Doraemon Shin – Nobita to Tetsujin Heidan ~Habatake Tenshitachi~“, which is scheduled to be released on March 5th. Moreover, there will also be a “Fukuyama Masaaki Version” CM for the movie, which will start airing in the middle of February, and Fukuyama will take the place of the narrator for the CM.

After sooooooooooooooooooo long (as in years) he is still talking about Beyonce? No offense but I doubt she remembers him now. But Masha has long memory!

On the SP

Trailer 1
Watch the trailer here. They really got his vacant look perfected!

Trailer 2
Fully on Masaaki with Masha saying "Fukuyama Masaaki desu"

Trailer 1
SP, very short clip on Masaaki, more on Doraemon. MPG, 12.9MB

Trailer 2
SP, fully on Masaaki with Masha saying "Fukuyama Masaaki desu", AVI, 6.13MB

"Fukuyama Masaaki desu" sound clip
Thanks to Yan from Facebook for permission to repost, she cut out that audio part of "Fukuyama Masaaki desu", converted to MP3 and says you can put this into your phone and use it as a ringtone! As if Masha calling you! And the sound is rather clear! 29.43kb.


HKFC posted the same news printed in the papers and some pictures as follows:-

The following are screencaps from the trailer, taken by Izumisano.

The following from the new trailer of the SP with Masha as Masaaki saying "Fukuyama Masaaki desu". You can see Roma-Den as well as onsen + monkey + naked Masaaki + camera (poking fun at hotspots? I wish Masha would do that for real!!) and a closeup of the Sakuramochi!


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