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I have posted about my Facebook page but here is an indepth one.

I do post some pictures in here but ALL of these pictures and MORE can be found in very neatly categorised folders in my Facebook Photo Gallery, All Abt Masha, in case you don't know yet! Just search the name "All Abt Masha" or click here. You must request for friendship, I will approve you whenever I check Facebook which is every day and after that you can see the contents and all. It is still growing, and I am adding new images, shifting the images around and such, all thanks to many contributors whether those who sends me more pictures, gave me links to find more pictures, giving me information as to the sources (so that I can categorise the neatly) or just post interesting comments which I enjoy reading and replying, whether in English, Chinese or even Japanese (which by the way I can't read Chinese and Japanese!). My list of friends are growing but still just a respectable number. I don't expect to go by the thousands but I do appreciate all the contributions, tips, corrections and comments. If you haven't join me and many others there, do drop by sometime and just join! All I ask of you is comment if you have any, tell me the source is you know the source of the picture and tell me any interesting tips, links, snippets of the a particular picture if you know any. Because all Masha fans and would be fans would see them and could learn a bit more of each interesting photo. Further, you will find fan made stuff like wallpapers, sigs and avatars and if you have anything to contribute there, please do so! But most of all, if you see a particular picture which you have posted yourself and is fuming I took yours without credit (because most I found through search engines, some given by others, some collected over a period of 1 and half years so frankly I don't know the original source as in who scanned/posted them), I would appreciate if you allow me to continue to post that image with proper credits, if not just PM me that particular image and I will remove it, which I hope isn't the case! So far the images ranges from really good quality to really bad quality. I used to collect just good ones but nowadays I just collect whatever I may find, in case I can find a better quality one. Some are scanned (good ones), some are screencaptures but some are taken by camera.

I am as always on the lookout for more images to share! If you have that photobook that I don't have listed, please do consider at least taking pictures of those photobook because any Masha fan, be they foreign or local, whether proficient in Japanese or not will definitely appreciate such rare stuff!

None whatsoever except to share images of Masha to his fans all over the world, whether my own collection (very few), searched through search engines (a bulk of it) or contributed by other Facebook friends (plenty!). So if you have anything to add to the growing photos collection, please do share! Anyway in keeping with my blog, even my Facebook page is ALL ABOUT MASHA.

Comment, share links, give sources, correct my sources, help me categorise the pictures, share your collection with us all. If you know Japanese, certain images has some Japanese words embedded on it and I would appreciate help with translating them!You are free to take the images there and do what you like with them, whether make wallpapers, sigs, avatars, repost them, etc but I only ask you to do this; if you see there is a Credit embedded in the picture, please quote that as your source. If you see me writing specifically thanking someone for the image, please credit that person. If there's no credit there at all, which means I don't know the source, you may list my blog here or my Facebook page as the credit or you need not do so since I took those from elsewhere anyway.

I am always adding new images, screencaps, etc since now I am in the habit of just adding all quality pictures. So do expect pictures to be recategorised, more folders added, some folders deleted, etc. Beauty of Facebook is there is no limit to folders and images to be uploaded. Some pictures may be repeated in other folders in keeping with the theme of that folder. I will post a notice at the Wall whenever that happens. And please bear with me because sometimes I do have some emotional outbursts posting at the Wall. But it is all Masha related. 

The page may be named after my blog, All About Masha but in Facebook it is All Abt Masha, when you read Funn this or Funn that, that's me! My name is Funn Lim and I do not send spam mails and I do not reveal your information from Facebook elsewhere except if you have Masha photos, believe me I will just take and repost without asking (I know, a very bad habit so if you hate me doing that, please gently PM me and I will cease and desist), so don't worry about adding me into your Friends list.


- If you're a Facebook user, you already know what to do. If you're not, here's what you do!

1. Go to and register for a free account. Some countries are banned from Facebook to which I can't help you unless you use I suppose Proxy sites or Hotspot Shield. Give it a try!

2. Use Search function to find All Abt Masha in exact name or just click here 

3. Ask for Friendship/Adding as a friend

4. Once I approve, you have access! And the access is only for friends, not friends of friends although I do not know how the function works when you link to my image at your wall, do your friends who are not my friends see the image??

5. Comment away! Share away! PM me if you like! I will read them all since I know you will be dying to share some nice snippets about Masha that you know of. Or if you have a question, ask away. Or join MashaPlus Forums (requires registration, an English forum) if you need in depth answers (but some MashaPlus members are members of Facebook!)


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