[ANN/TFM] Birthday special broadcasts [05.06.2011-06.02.2011]

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I am posting specifically what Masha said on 2 radio broadcasts, ANN on 05.02.2011 and TFM on 06.02.2011, which I first posted here in brief (you can find the download links there). The significance of these 2 shows are that they were on his birthday, which was 06.02.2011 so he more or less talked about personal stuff, regarding his goals, and expectations and said quite a lot about many things you may find very interesting. TFM is directly his birthday broadcast so he had some palm reader or someone to read his destiny and some horoscope reading. ANN was the night before, and he retained his rather raunchy attitude in some answers.

I like to thank Irene for sort of transcribing these 2 shows, summarising in gist what he said (except for Doraemon part which we all already know) and I am rather happy because for the first time, I actually could at least follow what he said for the entire show. And these are very revealing stuff. At least my impression is he isn't in a hurry to get married, is baffled by people's concern and he really really really wants to live by the sea, which we all already know and I know someday he will be able to. Perhaps he may like to move back to Nagasaki? Or maybe move to overseas? Anyway thanks again to Irene!!

Please note those in italics are her own comments. I decided to leave them in because I find her observations relevant and quite a reaction!

All after Read More link.

ANN - 05.02.2011
Skip Doraemon discussion - nothing new for you I think. Yes, he thinks all of this Doraemon and Masaaki stuff is very cool and he is very keen about it! He is "tickled pink" about it isn't he?! He has watched Doraemon since he was a kid.

Terrible imitations of US actors! Masha can't remember the name of Ben Affleck.

Hot Spot...jokes about hitting AiAi's Hot Spot (Masha mean... G Spot)

What do you want to do for your birthday? I think he said "go to Yoshiwara! (The old brothel quarters in Edo period)

Thanking fans for his 21 years on radio, etc.

He'll be happy if he can keep working until he is 50.

Watched Social Network on airplane to go overseas. My how the times have changed!

Talking about Steve Jobs, Zuckerberg, Bill Gates...and comparing them to the ideals/personality/goals of Ryoma & Yataro Iwasaki.

Accomplishments by famous people at 42...Katsura Kogoro & Kobe Training Center, Yukawa Sensei, how much money Bill Gates had at 42.

He has/had dry eye condition. Tear duct function discussion.

Listener asks if there are things Masha is afraid of? He is afraid of illness/sickness.

Masha wants to see UFO and thinks they exist

He's too busy/tired to be scared of spirits/ghosts, but he thinks they exist (maybe he's just being entertaining)

Does Masha have bad habits? Picking nose discussion

First girlfriend or girl interest they traded notes between a middle person. Jokes about how it was to have to phone a girlfriends house and deal with the parents. Joke...when asked what is your relationship with my daughter, answer..."lover"! 

Question about how he washes his hair. When it was long he had to wash it like a girl...can't be helped but now it's shorter so it's different.

Question - if you get married in the future, do you want your wife to wait up for you at night (or is it ok if she goes to bed first)? Masha says "go to bed". When he gets off work he likes time to be alone. He sort of idolizes the John Lennon Yoko Ono type of relationship, but then again they fought a lot didn't they!

Masha has to ride planes that sometimes don't have first class seats. When he did live house tours he had to ride in economy. He usually has a reserved seat on the train. He used to think hotel suites were pretty cool (spacious), but now he doesn't care and doesn't think they are anything special - in Japanese hotels. He only sleeps in hotels - no relaxation time. The bed is important to him. He likes wide king beds.

What kind of girl's hair do you like? Long black hair is his preference. He encourages girls to wear hair that fits them. (Being Mr. Polite)

dreams/expectations he had for himself at 42 in 2011
living by the sea
occupation bar owner
home life married & divorced

giggles/laughing ...he was just being funny....

"really I never had any idea (no image) about what my life would be like in 2011 (back then)"

listener asks how his life is different from what he expected for himself:

things he has been able to do that he had hoped for..

traveled the world
got to have a music career
got to be a radio personality

things he hasn't gotten to yet or wasn't able to achieve...

did not expect to be in dramas
didn't get to start or join in a band but he had planned on it or hoped for it
didn't get married
doesn't live by the sea

discussion about appearing like a sad work-a-holic? it's not true...I want to take about 3 months off and just do my personal fun things - things i like to do

english language (practice speaking) and school outside of japan
writing songs
i want to surf

every time i want to do such things I get busy with work and it's not possible

i should do all the work i can while i can while there is demand for it

discussion about being a 4000 gram baby, mother was in the hospital for a week

father & relatives decided on his name

he explains the simple soup and rice dishes he makes for himself at home. as usual he has a lot to say about silly things and his own recipes/food prep. kyushu people like spicy food, tip about using sesame oil in cooking to make something spicy but not too spicy. he likes olive oil & soy sauce on salad

talked about Facebook, did an on-line search with his own name and found lots of discussion topics! hair style, marriage, tickets, radio, blog (FUNN!!!).... related to marriage discussion - "they are so interested about that?" (giggles)

next is some sort of palm reader and a personality review follows (with Mr. Iida)

discussion about people with good luck, bad luck and good timing (in their lives)

gives his birthday and now the results...hearing this man's predictions

energetic & defensive person

needs to take care of feet & knees

tell me about the strange points....

entering a period of big change but fifteen years ago was also a significant period

he may have been married about 15 years ago, but he was too young (immature) or something about wanting freedom/independence

doesn't have a chance to get married more recently, now his feelings may be changing about marriage and he may start thinking it's a good time

lots of laughing - he's feeling self conscious or he doesn't take the conversation seriously

there may be a chance for marriage in 2011 and this is a good year for it - get married in 2011 or else you may stop wanting to get married suddenly! later this year you may lose interest in getting married.

Masha finds that fascinating but it also sounds like he's not taking it seriously...sounds like he is going along with the talk for the sake of the program

As far his work he will be doing a lot of new (different) types of work this year - a surprising amount or variety of new work opportunity is coming this year -more than he realizes. he will have a lot of new challenges in terms of his work.

Masha is prone to getting too tired and must take care of his knees and feet - he eats too much of the same food.

Masha says he is worried about his health - worried that he will experience a strange illness (paranoid!) that might affect him more that he is older and he is concerned about illness being the cause of work interruption.

He knows he has to exercise but it's getting harder now that he's older - he gets hurt more (more easily)! -laughing- It's hard - I have to be careful! Masha confirms that he knows he has to take good care of his health.

Masha asks about money - some unprofitable events may occur. he might make some big purchases that are not work related - investing in things that he wasn't interested in spending money on before. Confirming the possibility, Masha relates a story that when he was filming Ryomaden he saw some historical articles (antiques) related to the Ryoma period (owned by Saigo or Katsu Kaishu) and he contemplated wanting to buy them, and I guess this was a new feeling for him.

Something about how he should buy/own a sword and (long things) like a scarf, guitar. The visitor tells him to buy a sword and his luck will improve because he has some samurai spirit in him! Jokes about buying a sword and having to make a place to display it which he thought might be too much trouble.

Is there anything to be careful about? Discussion about not falling off the stage, Mr. Iida doesn't have much else to say after that.

Discussing the fact that he was a strange kid!

Back to talking about 15 years ago and what was his big chance or change then...He said it wasn't that he got married then but there were big changes (improvements) in his career then. So he is trying to correct the comment made earlier by Mr. Iida.

But they say I will get married every year Masha says. Comment about being busy this year with the tour or that it is his priority for the year.


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