Good Night ~LYRICS~

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Which is not the same as another song, Good Luck. A very old song as shown in the video above, way back in 1992. Really old song. How does it do now using the test of time standard? The performance above is in 2008. Not sure actually, even if I am being really honest but what I do know is from the Romaji lyrics, he seems to have learned the value of brevity over the years. His lyrics then were looooong! Anyway another morose love song but quite sweet in some areas. He seems to have been rather love struck in the past, writing songs about love and how he managed to screw things up and is trying to patch up! Serious! Check his other similar love songs. As he got older, he seems to take less effort in patching up and more in remembering the times when all that could have been. Oh Masha, the past is the past. Sometimes with songs like these I want more of The Edge Of Chaos or Keshin. Translated lyrics and Romaji version taken from You will find this song in both the Dear Magnum Collection released in 1999, the Slow Magnum Collection released in 2003 and the acoustic version in his album Live Fukuyamania - Acoustic Live Best Selection. You will also find this in his 1992 album, Boots. I am posting 2 versions of the lyrics because there is a marked difference between the 2, surprisingly, especially the last phrase. I am not sure which is more accurate. The second translated lyrics is from which makes more poetic sense but again the last sentence is very different with the other!

The more fondly I think of you
The things I want to do for you grows and grows
So you can get to know me even better
This time I'll take you to my favorite place to go

So that the two of us can grow just a bit closer
I want you to talk more about you
Because it's all something I still don't know

So aimlessly, just growing is the quiet
And today, I still can't have you all to myself

If I'd only turned down that street tonight... Good night

We didn't have to go and see the show
I just had to be with you
Tonight at the park, I played the comic
And made you laugh so hard you spilled your juice

On the road home, with you in the passenger seat
Watching you gaze out the window, the light turned green
Before I could tell you what I wanted to say

Without reason or rhyme, the time just passes by
And today, I still can't have you all to myself

The hood of your black parka flutters... you're so far away

Without reason or rhyme, the time just passes by
And right now, all I want is you

If I'd only turned down that street tonight... Good night

The more you mean to me
The more I want to do for you
This time I’m going to take you to my favourite place
So you can understand me more

I hope we can get closer, even if it just happens little by little
I want you to tell me about yourself
Because there’s so much I don’t know

The silence just spreads out aimlessly
Today, once again, I can’t have you to myself

At the corner I flip the door handle, and for tonight…it’s goodnight

I don’t really mind not going to a movie
If I can be with you
In the park at night, you mimicked a comedian
And made me laugh so hard I spilt my juice

On the way home, you sit in the passenger’s seat looking put the window
The lights go green again before I can tell you

The time just passes by for no reason
Today, once again, I can’t have you to myself

I see the hood of your black parka fluttering…you’re far away

The time just passes by for no reason
Now I just long for you, only you

At the corner I flip the door handle, and for tonight…it’s goodnight


Kimi wo taisetsu ni omoeba omou hodo
Shite agetai koto bakari fuete
Boku wo wakatte moraeru you ni
Kondo wa boku no suki na basho e tsureteku yo
Sukoshi zutsu demo futari wa chikazuite ikeru you ni
Kimi no koto wo hanashite hoshii yo
Mada shiranai koto bakari dakara
Tada atemonaku tada shizukesa ga hirogaru
Mada kimi no koto kyou mo hitorijime dekizu ni
Ano kado HANDORU kireba konya wa... oyasumi
Betsu ni eiga ja nakutemo yokatta
Kimi to issho ni ireru no nara
Yoru no kouen de KOMEDIAN mane shite
Kimi ga JUUSU wo kobosu hodo warawaseta kedo
Kaeri no michi kuruma no joshuseki
Mado no soto miteru kimi ni tsutaekirenai mama
Shingou wa mata ao ni kawaru
Tada wakemonaku tada jikan dake sugiteku
Mada kimi no koto kyou mo hitorijime dekizu ni
Kuroi PAAKAA no FUUDO ga yureteru... kimi ga tooi
Tada wakemonaku tada jikan dake sugiteku
Tada kimi dake wo ima boku wa motomete iru
Ano kado HANDORU kireba konya wa... oyasumi


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