Ashita no Show [Tomorrow's Show] ~LYRICS~

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I have been trying to figure out what Ashita no Show (明日の☆SHOW) means. I checked online and Ashita means tomorrow. Of course it does because 明日 in Cantonese is Ming Yat which means tomorrow! Now I was confused about the word No Show. Thinking No means English's No. But in actual fact it isn't that. Looking at the Kanji title, I have a feeling No is like Cantonese version of "dik" like in Cantonese you will read "Ming Yat Dik Show" meaning Tomorrow's Show. I have a feeling the title means Tomorrow's Show but you know me, I am afraid of being wrong so I am at present not putting that into the title above until it is confirmed. Having checked and rechecked I am fairly confident the title translates as Tomorrow's Show, no being a possesive particle. But what does the star mean? Just for show (no pun intended)? Frankly I am not keen on this song. The Romaji and Kanji versions are by Eureka101 of MashaPlus forums (link at the bottom of this page). Unfortunately no translation. You will find this song in the album Zankyo. The video by the way is from his 2009 concert, I believe when he went back to his hometown Nagasaki for concert? Because I recognise the red pants! English translation is now available and I find myself wondering, what was he fighting? Lyrically it is like a window to his soul. Was he unhappy then? Was it loneliness? Was he writing in 3rd perspective or in 1st person account? I find the lyrics rather... gloomy.

だって心は もうわかってる
自分らしくってこと 素直に生きること
ただそれだけで いい筈なのに
それが一番難しい生き方 なんて無情
Wohoo ふるさとの友よ 答は出たかい?
幸せと呼べる 涙流せる場所はあるかい?

明日天気になれ ちょっと雨宿り
キミの前で泣いても いいかな? ねぇ
憧れ描いた夢は ちょっと違うけれど
この場所で 戦うよ
倒れたって 何度でも立ち上がれ

僕のHEROは どんなに辛く
苦しい時も 自分に嘘はつかなかったんだよ
Wohoo 愛すべき日々よ 懐かしき学舎よ
生きるということは 何故にわからぬこと増えてゆくのか?

明日天気になれ ちょっと雨宿り
キミにだけはわかってほしくて ねぇ
あの日燃え尽きること できなかったけど
このリングで HEROになる
胸の奥で 握り締めた拳よ


明日天気になれ ちょっと雨宿り
キミの前で泣いても いいかな? ねぇ
憧れ描いた夢は ちょっと違うけれど
この場所で 戦うよ
敗れたって 何度でも立ち上がれ

Datte kokoro ha mou wakatteru
Jibunrashikuttekoto Sunaoni ikirukoto
Tada soredakede ii hazu nanoni
Sorega ichiban muzukashii ikikata nante mujou

Wohoo Furusato no tomoyo kotaeha detakai?
Shiawase to yoberu namidanagaserubasho ha arukai?
Mou kaerou

Ashita tenkininare chotto amayadori
Kimi no maede naitemo ii kana? Nee
Akogarekaita yume ha chotto chigaukeredo
Kono basho de tatakauyo
Taoretatte nandodemo tachi agare
Ashita no SHOW

Boku no HERO ha donnani tsuraku kurushiitokimo
jibunni uso wo tsukanakattandayo

Wohoo Aisubeki hibi yo natsukashiki gakushayo
Ikiru toiukoto ha nazeni wakaranukoto hueteyukunoka?
Mou kaerou

Ashita tenkininare chotto amayadori
Kimi ni dake ha wakattehoshikute? Nee
Anohi moetsukirukoto dekinakattakedo
Kono ringu de HERO ni naru
Mune no okude nigirishimeta kobushi yo
Ashita no SHOW

Saa! Utaou

Ashita tenkininare chotto amayadori
Kimi no maede naitemo iikana? Nee
Agokarekaita yume ha chotto chigaukeredo
Kono basho de tatakauyo
Yaburetatte nandodemo tachi agare
Ashita no SHOW

Thanks to Anthippi from MashaPlus!

Although my heart feels and understands different already
I must be obedient and live by the rules
I suppose that should be enough for me but it is not.
It is the most difficult way of life. And most cruel
   Wohoo! Hey, friend of my hometown
Did you find the answer?
How can I be happy in a place that makes me cry?
-Go back in!  

The weather will be calm tomorrow, find a shelter from the rain now
I just might cry in front of you, all right?
The dream that I longed for and I pictured for me is different than this.
Now I fight in this place.
I fell many times but I always stand up.
Tomorrow’s SHOW

-My Hero, no matter how painful it is,
No matter how bitter the time, I can’t lie to you.
-I loved our good old days in school
But did you find any reason why I should keep living this pathetic life?
-Go back in!

-Tomorrow the weather will be calmer, find a shelter for the rain.
-I only want you to understand
That day I could not burn out,
I was the HERO of the ring.
A tight fist at the centre of my chest.
Tomorrow’s SHOW
Come on! Sing!

The weather will be calmer tomorrow, find a shelter from the rain,
I just might cry in front of you, all right?
The dream that I longed for and I pictured for me is different than this.
Now I fight in this place.
I fell many times but I always stand up.
Tomorrow’s SHOW


Xiaochun Liu said...

Just for the record, Fukuyama had some really terrible years between 95-97, people picked on him and ridiculed him, and he was wondering whether to continue his work in the entertainment business. Eventually he found his answer and resumed his persuade in music, that's when he sang "Heart". This song is not actually written for himself, he talked about it on a show once, where he stated that he wrote this song for all the young people out there who are currently having problems with their lives. He wanted to encourage them and make them understand that no matter what happen, you can go on living. A song with a very good message.

Silvia Jacinto said...

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