Tada Boku ga Kawatta [It’s Just that I’ve Changed] ~LYRICS~

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The above video is I suppose from his live radio request? I do think so. I am not aware of this song and the lyrics makes me feel rather depressed. Ahhh he has changed indeed. Very old song too, 1991! I should have guessed, by the length of the title and the sentences, really mouthful! Translated lyrics by izumisano from MashaPlus forums and Fukuyama Masaharu の Heart (both links are at the bottom of this page). You will find this song in his Dear Magnum Compilation album as well as in his 1991 album, Bros. You will also find the instrumental version in Acoustic Fukuyamania in 2005.

By Izumisano from Masha Heart

Our weekends are always busy, yet we find time to meet
Waving as you run over to me when you're late, I love to see you do that

It's just that I've changed and I haven't told anyone
I've set my aspirations and to reach them, I must start running

I can't stay here anymore, I have chosen my path
It would tear us far apart, that is true
But in my heart, there's a dream, a fire that's burning
I want to try it, even if for an instant

Walking along the stone steps, I hold your hand
Joking as we climb up the slope to the hilltop park

There, you were searching for my heart
And I, I was searching for the map to my future

If we could just keep things unchanged, if we could be together
There is nothing better than that, you understand what I'm saying,
But I cannot stop my true feelings
Let us end everything today, let us start afresh today

They've turned dark brown now, those pages of my diary
As we flip through them, we gradually grow up.

If we could just keep things unchanged, if we could be together
There is nothing better than that, you understand what I mean
I'm so glad to have met you, I mean it even now
The last scene of the old movie that made us laugh that day, I can see it in my mind

Taken from Jpopasia

作詞:福山雅治 作曲:後藤次利

週末はいつも忙しさを くぐり抜けて会っていたね
遅れて手を振り駆け寄る君 見つめながら好きだと思う

ただ僕がかわった 誰にも言わず
決めた願い果たすため 走り出そうと

この場所にとどまれずに 選んだ道が
2人の間 遠ざけて行く それは本当さ
だけどこの胸の中に 燃やし尽くしたい
想いがあるよ たとえその時 一瞬の光でも

石畳の道歩きながら 君の手を握りしめてる
丘の上にある公園まで ふざけあった坂道登る

そして僕は 未来への地図を探してた

もしもずっとこのままで 一緒にいれたら
それがいちばんいいことだよね わかっているよね
だけど止められないんだ 本当の気持ちは
今日ですべてを終りにしよう 今日からすべてが始まる

セピア色に変わる 日記のページ
めくりながら 誰もが大人になっていく

もしもずっとこのままで 一緒にいれたら
それがいちばんいいことだよね わかっているよね
だけど出逢えてよかった そう思える“今”
あの日笑った古い映画の“ラストシーン” 目に浮かぶ

Taken from Jpopasia

Shuumatsu wa itsumo isogashisa wo kugurinukete atteitane
Okurete te wo furi kakeyoru kimi mitsumenagara sukida to omou

Tada boku ga kawatta dare ni mo iwazu
Kimeta negai hatasu tame hashiridasou to

Kono basho ni todomarezu ni eranda michi ga
Futari no aida toozaketeiku sore wa hontou sa
Dakedo kono mune no naka ni moyashitsukushitai
Omoi ga aruyo tatoe sono toki isshun no hikari demo

Ishidatami no michi arukinagara kimi no te wo nigirishimeteru
Oka no ue ni aru kouen made fuzakeatta sakamichi noboru

Soko de kimi wa boku no kokoro sagashite
Soshite boku wa mirai e no chizu wo sagashiteta

Moshimo zutto kono mama de issho ni iretara
Sore ga ichiban ii koto dayone wakatte iruyone
Dakedo tomerarenainda hontou no kimochi wa
Kyou de subete wo owari ni shiyou kyou kara subete ga hajimaru

SEPIA iro ni kawaru nikki no PE-JI
Mekurinagara daremo ga otona ni natteiku

Moshimo zutto kono mama de issho ni iretara
Sore ga ichiban ii koto dayone wakatte iruyone

Dakedo deaete yokatta sou omoeru "ima "
Ano hi waratta furui eiga no "RASUTO SHI-N" me ni ukabu


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