Hatsukoi : The Album Cover and Screencaps of MV

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This is a follow up post of this previous post. The album cover is apparently out and strangely only one choice. And even more strangely no title, no name, just a huge big F on the cover and I didn't even know it was F until I noticed it. He looking melancholic (please smile Masha! Work the dimples! Show me your crooked teeth!) and the entire shot, the more I look at it, the more my eyes hurt. Something with the colour, way to striking. If Masha takes his own pictures, I wonder how would it be? Black and white? Maybe more classic. I am sorry but I don't like the cover. I suppose it goes with the song you know, the whole melancholic look. Anyway see the cover after Read More. Also added the screencaps for the MV preview thanks to izumisano of Masha Heart and MashaPlus Info Forums. Quite a lot of rolling on bed I hope.

This is not the album cover. It is actually the poster for the CM using Hatsukoi.

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This is not the album cover also. This is the T-Shirt that you get when you buy the most expensive of 3 versions. I suppose comes useful when during his concert. I don't think I can even fit into it. Maybe use it to fling it around like the Keshin towel?

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Now this IS the rumoured cover album which I hope will be spruced up a bit. My eyes is still hurting from the over contrast of the picture. No title, no nothing. Maybe by the side? And you know you're famous when you're known by your initials or in this case the very first alphabet of your name, his being F. Not M since for Asians surname comes first. I suspect he likes his surname, the Fuku part which does mean fortune or rather good fortune.

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Why can't it be carefree, happy, smiling and upbeat like the following? I know why... sad song you see... sad sad song.

And the following are the screencaps for the much sought after preview/teaser/"get on with it and just release the darn MV" caps that I wrote about before the Read More link. Again morose, sad. I want happy song. Where is the MV for Koufukuron?? Anyway still don't feel for the hair. I want Yukawa sensei back!

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As for the track list, I remember seeing it at the JPop Forums where it has a reworked version of a song called On And On (karaoke and song itself) as well as Hatsukoi and perhaps one more song. Since I haven't added On And On into the song list, I will be hunting for the original version and post it up as soon as possible, if I can find it. Hopefully we will get to see Hatsukoi MV soon. I call MV (Music Video), they all call PV. What's a PV?

The track list will include an updated version of a 1994 song On And On. He sings better now so I am sure it will be great. But what song is On And On? Well found the 1994 version. A rather dated song so good that he is updating this. And oh yes, he really sings better now!


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