• Anan [Issue 1667 - 15.07.2009] : All about the boys

  • [UPDATES] D-Addicts page stuck at "renew domain" placeholder & how to get around it if all methods fail

  • Ryoma-Den [Episode 33] : [S][P][I][D][RR][JS][ES][SS]

  • [AWARDS] 4th International Drama Festival (Tokyo Drama Awards)

  • Ryoma-Den [TV] [NHK] : SEASON 4 : Information

  • Ryoma-Den [Episode 43] : [S][P][I][D][RR][JS][NSY]

  • [Ryoma-Den] The end of filming [11.10.2010]

  • [NEWS] Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Award

  • [NEWS] Masha's latest news & more [01.07.2010-23.10.2010]

  • [PHOTOGRAPHY] Photo Stage & Masha's recollection of his hometown, Nagasaki

  • Ryoma-Den [Episode 42] : [S][P][I][RR][D][JS][NSY]

  • THE BEST BANG!! Album cover versions

  • Ryoma-Den [Episode 32] : [S][P][I][R][D][JS][ES][SS]

  • [INTERVIEW] Jonetsu Tairiku X Fukuyama Masaharu [21.08.2005 Vol. 362] : Fascinating insights into the professional Masha

  • [CM] Toshiba Regza "Great Journey" & a preview of 心color ~a song for the wonderful year~ [15.10.2010]

  • [ANN BLOG] This week's Ryoma-Den [04.10.2010]

  • [CM] Toshiba Regza "Great Journey" - Printed Ads [Part 2]

  • [Ryoma-Den] Opening theme live performance

  • [NEWS] Ryoma-Den wrap-up party [11.10.2010]

  • [Dear Masha] I'll take your word for it!

  • Ryoma-Den : Airing in other countries, soon!

  • [ARTICLE] All about Masha [Mingpao - 13.10.2010]

  • [NEWS] Ryoma's Fukuyama to be married within a year?

  • Ryoma-Den [Episode 31] : [S][P][I][D][RR][JS][ES][SS]

  • [Ryoma-Den] Hope = 希 interview of Masha

  • [RANKING] 76th TV talent image survey [August 2010]

  • [NEWS] To all ASTRO Subscribers

  • [RANKING] Most Loved Celebrity of 2010

  • [NEWS] Change of layout

  • The 14th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix

  • REVIEWS : Bijo Ka Yajuu [TV]

  • Michishirube 2010 [Signpost 2010] ~LYRICS~

  • TV Guide [Issue 25.09.2010] : Masha, in a suit

  • NHK Stera [Issue 02.10.2010-08.10.2010] : Masha close-ups

  • [RANKING] Nikkei Talent Power Ranking Top 10 [Aug 2010]

  • [TMO] Niji [Rainbow]

  • Ryoma-Den : NHK Taiga Drama Ryomaden OST Vol.3

  • Ryoma-Den : Updates on episodes

  • Ryoma-Den [Episode 30] : [S][P][I][D][RR][JS][ES][SS]

  • [Fan-made] GALILEO BLUES


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