Michishirube 2010 [Signpost 2010] ~LYRICS~

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UPDATES - 06.10.2010
Added youtube video


道標 2010 or Michishirube 2010, a song written for his grandmother who died sometime in 2009 if I am not mistaken. The themesong for News Zero for 2nd year running I think. If you think this is familiar, it is because it is the same version as with Michishirube released in Zankyo album (2009), except I will call this the strings or violin version. The violin version is performed by Emiri Miyamoto, who interviewed Masha on News Zero broadcast on 03.08.2010 which you can read about here. I have blogged about this version in the Latest News Post on 15.09.2010 but since this is considered a new song by itself, I am reposting the news I posted in that Latest News Post as well as some more stuff about this song in particular after Read More link. Anyway debuted on ANN show on 02.10.2010. You will find this song in THE BEST BANG!! compilation album to be released on 17.11.2010.

More after Read More link.


Previously posted on 15.09.2010 in Masha's Latest News & More

Very interesting news, if Google translator didn't fail me or rather my understanding of google translator didn't fail me. First the picture and news source here and here (which was published on the same day I am posting this so this is new news) ...

She looks familiar doesn't she? She was the violinist who interviewed Masha in News Zero dated 03.08.2010 when he was promoting Hotaru and they discussed about his music composition amongst other things. You can read that here. Her name from my last post is Emiri Miyamoto. Anyway back to the news source, it seems they're collaborating on a new themesong for News Zero (which has been using Michishirube all these while) which is debuting on October 5th? Or is it October 4th? Anyway further reading and to my understanding it may still be Michishirube now codenamed as Mischishirube 2010 but with her playing the violin. Correct me if I am wrong. Again I wish he would smile a little in pictures.

[UPDATE] The English news [Source]
Which answers some questions I posted above.

Fukuyama Masaharu and Miyamoto Emiri Hooking up for Milestone Collaboration
Singer Fukuyama Masaharu and violinist Miyamoto Emiri have come to collaborate for Fukuyama's new ballad "Michishirube  2010 (lit. 'milestone')" (preliminary title). Moreover, the song will be aired as the new theme song for new program "NEWS ZERO" from October 4th. The song "Michishirube" written and composed by Fukuyama had been the theme song of the same program since 2009. When Fukuyama heard "Michishirube" will continue to be the theme song after October, he proposed to collaborate with MIYAMOTO and realized it.

While taking over responsibility for the guitar play, Fukuyama said "The moment Miyamoto added her violin play to the song; 'Michishirube' was reborn as a completely different track. Please expect a lot!" Miyamoto added: "When I got the advice from Fukuyama to 'not think of it as classic but play how I felt it would fit best', I was surprised myself how well I was able to play. I have been able to do the recording with a completely different power from the usual."

Moreover, the recording has been made into pictures by photographer Omura Katsumi, who will be exhibiting the pictures from October 20th to 31st at his free exhibition "ZERO Shashinten 2010"


Some The Making Of clips as shown on NEWS ZERO broadcast on 04.10.2010. So far no Youtube and no HD so you will have to go to Tudou to watch.

A few minutes missing but better video quality


Since you will find the CD version in THE BEST BANG!! album come November 2010, I think it is ok to post the lesser quality for your downloading pleasure, that is the radio version first broadcast (twice by the way) on his ANN show on 02.10.2010. 4.99MB in MP3 format. I repeat, ANN version aka radio version.


MP4 format, about 11MB, ripped from the tudou link above (see TMO). If from banned country, please activate Hotspot Shield before downloading. Quality is as per the video at Tudou, meaning NOT HD QUALITY.

>> Megaupload
>> 4shared

I don't think there is any change to the lyrics this time. So I am reposting the translation I posted in the original version. Translated by Izumisano of Masha Heart.

I like those hands,
Living this simple life everyday,
To bring us up into adulthood
I like your hands.

Showered by rain, yet they kept working on the soil
Sowing each seed one by one, You
Must have had to give up your dreams
Yet, you always showed me your smile

(We) meet with Love; believe in Love; get hurt by Love,
(We) despise Love; then forgive with Love and learn how to Love
(When I was) battered by wind, confused and in doubt, on my path of survival,
Your smile showed me the way (was my sign post)

I like this sea,
This long and curving route,
Along the sea (shore) that you were born and grew up on
Coming here, I feel my regrets have lessened

(You) don’t hesitate even when hurt, (you are) not concerned even in pain,
You said that “Success” is the right way (original translation “Victory”)
As I strive to move on through failure,
Your gentleness (consideration, affection)….

(We) meet with People; believe in People; get hurt by People,
(We) despise People; then forgive People and learn to understand People
(When I was) battered by wind, in tears or laughter, on my path of survival,
Your smile showed me the way (was my sign post)

(When I am) battered by wind, I race on,
You gave (showed) me this path of survival (how to survive)

I like these hands,
Look! They look like your hands,
I like those hands of yours
Which brought us up into men.


lee woo said...

Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength. See the link below for more info.


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