[INTERVIEW] Jonetsu Tairiku X Fukuyama Masaharu [21.08.2005 Vol. 362] : Fascinating insights into the professional Masha

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I could not believe I have missed this totally when it was there all these time! Jonetsu Tairiku or 情熱大陸 is a TV series ala documentary on famous people I suppose, not just celebrities. I checked out what show is this and here says ...

TBS program Jonetsu Tairiku has been a fixture on Japanese televisions since April 1998. The popular program focuses on famous people from different fields, following them around closely to learn more about their job and lives.

I can even see one show being sold but I wonder, can you buy Masha's episode? I checked at the same link but can't find his. Maybe not for prior to 2008? But pointless since no subtitles. This version I am posting is better. It is free.

I have no idea what the title in Japanese means but did some googling and one says "Passion For The Continent". Having watched it with subtitles, this episode is rather in depth with heartfelt interviews and never before seen footages. It focuses on Masha's relationship with Ueda Shoji, his mentor, teacher, father figure I suppose and you will hear his thoughts and I feel some major insecurities of his fame, talent as well as why he stopped all activities save for some very few and went on a sabbatical for 2 years beginning from 1996 at the height of his popularity (at that time). In fact, the following auction item from Yahoo was released during those sabbatical years and I will let Izumisano explain;

Apparently, this limited edition was done during Masha's sabbatical. The release date was 1997.12 and available only to BROS. The lyrics were written by BROS members and Masha wrote the song and recorded it. The public release of Heart of X'mas in the 1998 Peach single was a different re-recorded version.

If I am not mistaken that cover picture was taken by his mentor.

You will also see his growing passion and philosophy for photography and the making of Homage, the unreleased instrumental music dedicated and written specifically in memory of Ueda Shoji who has already passed away when this was broadcast. It was heartfelt, like I said before and I saw another side to Masha. It is also interesting to watch about Project Fukuyama and how he views his own "name" or "brand".

Why this is now one of my favourite interviews is because it is fully subtitled. Whilst Shin Domoto Kyoudai's interview was more about the mundane stuff and you hear Masha talks about everyday activities away from the limelight, this interview focuses on the contrast between masha the professional and Masha the lay person and how he balances these 2 in his exceedingly popular professional life. Which makes this documentary a must watch for all Masha fans who has yet to watch it.

Frankly I am not a follower if not for one episode that is Vol 362 which concerns Masha.A pity such documentary on Masha is rare and even rarer, translations and subtitles.

Thanks very very much to Izumisano of Masha Heart who meticulously translated the entire show's dialogue based on the original Chinese subtitles available from the video as well as referring to translations by  Midori  and then thanks to River of MashaPlus Info Forums for timing it into subs, thus making my life much much easier.

More information after Read More link.

Don't think you can buy this. I checked Yesasia, don't have.

First of the English translation is based on the chinese translation and both may have taken a liberal approach towards the translation instead of literally. Do bear that in mind in case you know Japanese and somehow the words translated doesn't quite tally. Both these translators have reputation of being meticulous and they won't mess up what Masha said. That much I am certain.

Chinese Translation : By Midori at her blog

Chinese Translation : By Midori at her blog

The RAW version was posted in 2009 in a blog but sadly the link is no longer there. I looked and looked, can't find at all. So you might ask how the hell I got a copy? Through graciousness of net friends of same interest. However you can still view this RAW version at Tudou. Since I did the same for Shin Domoto Kyoudai, I might as well practice the same here.


File type

Almost 25 minutes

File size

Banned countries activate Hotspot Shield first. SRT format. Click here.

Banned countries activate Hotspot Shield first. Here at

I have however made for myself a hardsubbed copy which was quite difficult even if 99% of the hard work was done by River of MashaPlus Info Forum who did the timing. The 1% involves rearrangement, readjustment and of course cleaning up some weird symbols and this is one long show, with 24 minutes of non-stop dialogue. My hats off to her for timing it. In short all I did was clean it up and hardsubbed it. Again the words are not in literal meaning or in exact position so to speak but I believe it is basically accurate. I am just happy I found this copy and got the subtitles. You can see the video and subs quality. Video quality is just ok.

File type

Almost 25 minutes

File size

English hardsubbed

Where to download
Use Post A Comment in here and leave your email address and I will send you the links to download at Megaupload.  If you don't wish to post your email here, just send me an email at funnlim(AT)gmail(DOT)com. Make sure you specify the file you want.  No reposting or reuploading of this version at any blog, forum or sites allowed. You may however refer them to this post as to the availability of this version. 

Taken from subbed version.


Izumisano said...

Need to point out a correction, Funn, since due credit is needed.

As I had mentioned in the translations, the English version was translated against the Chinese SUBTITLES on the clip, which were done on a sentence by sentence basis against the dialogue and subbed by mark.ET

Midori had translated only parts of the programme, so I could only refer to hers as a supplement.

Dialogue that is not translated on a sentence by sentence basis, cannot be used for subs. That is why all video translations I've made, is always against the subtitles which were available with the video. said...


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