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UPDATES - 21.11.2011

The tour has officially ended. Guests at the last show was Doraemon and gang, and I believe they were the guests in the first show. This should have been MY last show!!! Anyway, no complaints. Like I said Saitama last show would be a great show and see! I was right! He sang for 30 min more it seems. And Mashamasha who was there said Masha said;

In one of the MC parts, masha told some statistics about this tour: no of audience over 600,000, distance travelled 20500 km (masha said it is approximatley the distance walking from 南極 to 北極, total show time 120 hours), total no of songs played 1310. In the double encore, he said 2011 is the year which makes him re-think the meaning of life, so he chooses to sing Michishirube. The donation collected in the donation box in all concert venues is 22,000,000 yen.

And he also made some announcement of what he is doing next year. No no nothing about that doomed Asia Tour (maybe during Daikanshasai?) but Izumisano added;

Theme song for Doraemon Movie in March 2012 whereby someone said it was an uptempo song which sounded like Hey! So it seems he sang it or a part of it. (Yeah! Finally an uptempo song, hopefully "uptempo" lyrics as well)

Someone said he sang the new melody using the names of all the venues and prefectures.

I am sorta jealous. Should have been my show! MY SHOW!! But seriously, the data is amazing. more than half a million audiences, more than a thousand songs, more than 100 hours, more than many many things. This is todate his biggest tour. Will he top this? Maybe... maybe. Anyway end of this post until he releases a DVD which I am sure he will.

UPDATES - 04.09.2011
Thanks to Thithirat for the into, WOWOW will rebroadcast Okinawa live on the same day as Mini Live on WOWOW at 4pm Japan time. Problem is I am not sure if it is 1st or 2nd October. Will keep you posted. The rebroadcast will include new angles, better sound and better editing. It will be on 1st October and will be about 3 and a half hours long.

UPDATES - 01.09.2011
Thanks to Anthippi for the links, the following when joined and extracted will be the joined 2 files from Tudou for the Okinawa 28.08.2011 WOWOW broadcast, 10 split files, about 3 GB, MP4. The quality is admittedly not good, pixelated at some parts and audio not great as well but watchable. If you are looking for the HD or Full HD versions (MP4 or MPEG), please put your email in this post or join my contact list. You must however agree to not share/repost/redistribute the list which is given to you. For the following links from the tudou source, you are free to repost. I will post some screencap later.

Okinawa.rar.010 (33.07 MB) 

Okinawa.rar.009 (300 MB)

Okinawa.rar.008 (300 MB)

Okinawa.rar.007 (300 MB)

Okinawa.rar.006 (300 MB)

Okinawa.rar.005 (300 MB)

Okinawa.rar.004 (300 MB)

Okinawa.rar.003 (300 MB)

Okinawa.rar.002 (300 MB)

Okinawa.rar.001 (300 MB)

The detailed locations, news, and many many many more, everything after Read More link.

UPDATES - 31.08.2011
For full files, please join contact list. Meanwhile Mezamashi interview on 31.08.2011 can be downloaded at Post #612 Page 41.  Download fast, links to be removed later today. A snippet thanks to Izumisano;

A bit on the ending part, guessed from the subtitles. Karube-san (Mr Bowtie) interviewed some fans in swimwear, they admitted they want to catch Masha's attention, but they also feel embarrassed because people say he doesn't look at girls in bikinis. Masha's reply was,  Well I wouldn't stare... (Karube: But you'd still look) He said: People are blessed with a very wide angle of vision, aren't they? So with glasses like Karube-san, you can look out of the rim of the frame (Karube: What, turn you head as well?) Masha said he wouldn't, and then demonstrated at once what he would do. 

Mashamasha explained further;

the girls said masha is a shy guy, people said he does not look at fans wearing bikini. Then masha said even though he does not stare at them, he does look at them. Since Karube-san  wears glasses, if he looks at things outside the glasses frame, the image will get blurred, so he needs to move his head to "gup" things. But masha does not have this difficulty, then he demonstrates how he "gup" without moving his head.

Ahhh the joy of contact lenses.

UPDATES - 29.08.2011
No sign of full file yet. But got clips. Kazoku song is here at Youtube, but grainy.  Squall and the ending scene is here at Tudou, super clear and Masha super skinny! And he did announce in the same concert of his not so secret would be appearance at Live Fukushima on 17.09.2011.

UPDATES - 28.08.2011
Okinawa concert on 2nd day that is 28.08.2011. Sorry friends, no one is uploading to Youtube at all so all I have is Angelreii updating on what song is being sung, and so I will update as she updates. Hopefully later there will be a full file. All italics by Angelreii of MashaPlus and some as noted by Izumisano.

He is wearing a shiny white sneakers. Reported around 16,000 people attending.

Begin with the CM Regza~Dunlop~QP.

Yakusoku no oka  約束の丘  (good arrangement) 
vs. ~chikaku to kairaku no rasen~ 
Heart ♪
Peach!! (Okinawa version)

Firing water cannon. ~~~~~Come on Okinawa!!!
MC time. He chats.
A moment of silence.


Sore ga Subete sa それがすべてさ (a different version)
Ashita no SHOW 明日の☆SHOW (Sunset falling and fans are waving with the song) 
MC time. (Talking about the typhoon) 
Niji 虹 (Beautiful Okinawa sunset sky with the perfect song)

A comment says Masha looks a little reddish like sunburn.

Ano Natsu mo Umi mo Sora mo
milk tea 

He's talking about Hotspots and the Okinawa mangroves now [Izumisano]

Ammonite no Yume
Gunjou ~ultramarine~
Fighting Pose
Fighting Pose backdrop lights are awesome. [Izumisano]

The sun has just set and it's starting to get dark now.
He's talking about his appointment as the WOWOW image character and the image song now. New CD out at the end of August.

Dancers are out for Rebo//Ebo but they're all standing on the sides now. Fireworks in Rebo//Ebo!! [Izumisano]

Sou ~New Love New World~

He's on the moving platform which is taking him around the field. He's moving in between the blocks. Stopped at the back in between the 2 Blocks D. That's a really good of them. There's a not-so-mini stage at the back and he finishes Sou there. There's smoke jets coming out of the mini stage and everyone is holding up their fists at him in his little island [Izumisano]

During Heaven, He's back on the moving platform. Going back to the stage. Got squeeze squeeze! [Izumisano]

Dancers at his side during Keshin [Izumisano]
Fireworks at the end of Keshin [Izumisano]

心color〜a song for the wonderful year〜
Lots and lots of fireworks [Izumisano]


He's donned the white Okinawa lion concert tee now. Talking about the new CD coming soon [Izumisano]

Kazoku ni Narou yo
He keeps wiping sweat off his forehead [Izumisano]

tsuioku no ame no naka 
Cup throwing. No water, it's sweets [Izumisano]
On the weather : There is breeze, lots of it, can see his hair blown about [Izumisano]

Stage lit up with tiny lights during Sakurazaka [Izumisano]

Introducing band members [Izumisano], also OKN 48 which is Okinawa 48, the dancers which he I was told didn't even interact with, so for me redundant except he needs some stage fillers. Will comment more when I got to see the clips.



Note on the typhoon MC segment, Mashamasha says;

he said typhoon no 11 and no 12 were like evading okinawa and moving away from it. And he thanked fans for our strong wishes which project Marine Park from the typhoon. And on 27 Sept (and also on 28 Sept?) he said we were like 16,000 teru teru bouzu (the dolls the japanese hang out of the window to pray for good weather)

UPDATES - 27.08.2011
Okinawa concert on 1st day that is 27.08.2011 is up at HKFC. Saving you the time, here is the full recap by Mashamasha, but first, the weather it seems was Beautiful Day!

When the conert was about to start, it became a bit cloudy and I expected it started to rain, but the dark cloud just passed away. So no rain at all.

And she wrote about the experience with some very surprising facts;

1. he wears white short sleeved t-shirt plus vest plus jeans plus high cut sneaker, hair is shorter and less curly than kazoku PV (sorry girls, no hotpants by Masha. sorta predicted he will have this look)

2. A bit worried about his voice in the beginning, because his voice broke for several times when he shouted in the MC, but no problem at singing at all. 

3. The MC part i remember most is: Come on Yokohama.......  he apologized and said sometimes ago in yokohama live, he did also say Come on Okinawa. He said he didn't know why he mixed up these 2 places. (This is very shocking! Mistook Yokohama as Okinawa? What happened Masha? This can be rather embarrassing if live on WOWOW. In fact it is embarrassing being confused as to where you're. Granted, Yokohama next to sea, Okinawa surrounded by sea but still.. what happened is still what I am wondering)

4. No Hotaru no hatsukoi no Gang, but added Niji, Milk tea, Heart and Heaven. The fake pat he wears is chocolate color (because it gets tanned)

5. The opening is a surprise, because he did not appear in the main stage, but in the stage  nearby Block C. We heard the scream from the fans at the back then we turned around and found him there. After playing VS there, instead of walking to the main stage, he used a mobile stage to transport him. For safety reason, the staff helped him wear "seat belt". And he also that mobile stage to circle around to get near the blocks at two sides.

6. Many many first time comers, and maybe it is because of this, the atmosphere is not as "hot" as inasayama in my opinion (at least in my block). But towards the second half with many fast songs, people got "hotter".  And as expected, the screens showed many bikini girls before the concert started. 

7. He said he and the staff were worried there were two typhoons approaching and have been discussing what they should do if the weather turned worse. But thankfully they moved to another direction. He showed the typhoon  

8. He went to a CD shop (a local cd shop, not big name chain shop) and took a picture with the CD booth there. And we also went there last night because we know there is a big poster on the window, but did not expect he also went there too.

9. Hanabi appeared in a number of songs, and the hanabi at the ending was just stunning. Extremely beautiful. And the lighing effect in Sakurazaka was also very beautiful.

10. And in some parts, I was like watching rehearsal  because he kept giving signals to the staff and to the band. Askeingthe staff to move things, giving instructions. And in Gunjou Ultramarine first verse, when Akira-san started playing the keyboard, he gave signs to Akira-san to ask him to stop the piano which surprised me. Then he sang with his guitar solo. Just wondered if Akira-san made mistake or something, or it is masha's ad-lib. (This is surprising. Akira-san wouldn't make such a fundamental mistake and Masha wouldn't have just changed the style or line up so suddenly. Maybe mis-communication. How come these things never happened when I was there?)

UPDATES - 19.08.2011
Okinawa goods have been announced here! I wantttttttt!!!!!

UPDATES - 17.08.2011
Been reading HKFC which referenced this link that there may be.. well.. sorry to break to you folks that there may be dancers at the okinawa concerts! So my guess is all these hotpants talk, will be those dancers.

UPDATES - 14.08.2011
Official news from Tokyo Hive on Miyagi concert, which somehow made me very happy to read.

Fukuyama Masaharu to hold live concert in Miyagi prefecture in November
by halicolipocky on August 14, 2011 at 10:04 am
It’s been announced that singer/actor Fukuyama Masaharu will hold a live on November 12th and 13th at Sekisui Heim Super Arena in Miyagi Prefecture!

The news was revealed during the latest broadcast of “Fukuyama Masaharu no All Night Nippon Saturday Special: Tamashii no Radio”, in which Fukuyama said, “It would be great if they can have fun with all their hearts and create a lively atmosphere. I want to do whatever I can through this live concert.”

Fukuyama kicked off his biggest nationwide tour in February, however, he had to cancel some of the performances at Miyagi Prefecture due to the Tohoku disaster.

On April 9th and 10th (the days that Fukuyama was supposed to perform), he encouraged the victims on “24-Hour Radio” by promising, “One day, certainly, to perform at Miyagi Prefecture. Please wait for a short amount of time.”

Fukuyama who believed that “This tour will not be complete without performing at Miyagi Prefecture” began a discussion with Miyagi Prefecture officials and decided to perform at Sekisui Heim Super Arena. This venue, which will complete its repairs on the 31st, will also hold a live featuring Kuwata Keisuke, Fukuyama’s senior at his agency.

The singer described his wishes for this stage with, “I would like to give these feelings of support to the victims of the disaster and to those who still are distressed at the situation at hand; I would like to help them revive Japan and to move forward towards the bright future with strength.”

Although the April tickets were refunded, those who bought tickets back then will gain priority in buying the tickets for this concert, which will officially begin sales on September 8th.

Furthermore, Fukuyama has been participating at many charity programs after the Tohoku earthquake, such as encouraging listeners of “24-Hour Radio” to donate. At his nationwide tour, he implemented a “Higashi Nippon Support Seat”, the proceeds for which will go towards charities that support the revival of the Tohoku area. Not only that, he has also announced that a part of the profits from his single, “Kazoku ni Narou Yo/ fighting pose” will be used to support the Tohoku area as well.

“Kazoku ni Narou Yo/fighting pose” will be released on the 31st.

UPDATES - 13.08.2011
[2] Saw the link to Pocari Sweat CM at HKFC and I suddenly wonder, will Okinawa concert be like this?

[1] Great news! What I said on 11.08.2011 is true! So Miyagi is on for 12th and 13th November 2011, which makes Saitama the last location which means prices will  be up for Saitama tickets since last day of the last venue in the last stop will be an exciting show! I wish I could go!! Alas... anyway location looks the same for Miyagi though,Sekisui Heim Super Arena, Miyagi. By the way, WOWOW broadcast of the Okinawa show on 28.08.2011 in its website has this fantastic picture.... Ooooohhhh, so gorgeous! Anyway, original size is here. Probably taken some time ago since hair here is shorter. Will this be in the new single's booklet? Please say yes! Are you recording this broadcast? Please say yes too!

UPDATES - 11.08.2011
We all know the concert at Miyagi was outright cancelled. BUT alert fans doing some search at Lawson ticket site says Miyagi came out in the search with the date 12 November 2011!! And later searched again and it is gone! So speculation is that 12 November 2011 may be the replacement date and if any Masha may just announce it at Okinawa.

UPDATES - 31.07.2011
Masha debuted Fighting Pose live version at Osaka on 30.07.2011. For release dates, purchase info, more details of this new song, click here.

UPDATES - 28.07.2011
Taken from HKFC, Okinawa Live on 27th and 28th August 2011 has this logo;

which in turn is inspired by the following Okinawa's symbol, "シーサー"

UPDATES - 28.07.2011
Izumisano was there at Osaka concert day 1 that is 27.07.2011, and so were some others and below are brief reports either as reported by those who were there or by those who re translate the reports. Exciting stuff.

By Mashamasha
tonight wowow used 3D camera!!! Does it mean if his coming live is shown in cinema, it will also be 3D image!!! and they added 心心 in 想 and balloons in 心Color. He did not sing the new song Fighting Pose tonight, but said he is going to announce the single release date in ANN this saturday!!!! it seems masha said in the live that the 3D movie filmed tonight is not going to be shown in wowow, but for Toshiba's 3D TV promotion use. Regza 3D TVs in big electronics shops like Big Camera, ヨドバシカメラ will show the 3D concert movies . and the fans tonight urged masha to sing Fighting Pose tonight but he said he just finished the chorus part (is he serious?), he only struck his fighting pose

By Monsoon
 Masha has lost a lot of weight it seems. Also, his hair now has many layers and importantly short on the front and has looked to me that this style can easily re-shaped into Yugawa Sensei hair style

A more detailed report by Izumisano
He announced that Kazoku will be released on CD, side B will be the new song he wrote as the "image person" for WOWOW aka "Fighting Pose" but he can't disclose the release date yet, nor give us a taster. Check out ANN he says.

The Osaka fans (good for them) wouldn't let him off. He came up with all sorts of excuses, said so sorry but I've only written the chorus (sabi), then pretended to lose his temper twice, which caused everybody to laugh so hard. In the end, we just kept complaining and clapping until he agreed to sing it but just the sabi. The he sang.... 2 words "...fighting...pose..."    Sounded like he just made up the melody to get out of it too.

Double encore was Sai Ai and he played Mikan. No Heaven, just Gang. As River and Reii said, he showed pictures of himself at the Tenjin Matsuri, no CD shops, no omikuji. I must admit though, I've sort of gotten over the novelty of the fake ass. For me, it didn't carry any purpose any more for the entertainment of this show. A bit predictable on the contrary, this being its third year (since 2008 daikanshasai, if I'm not mistaken?) perhaps because I always thought he was someone who'd constantly show us something new.

Anyway, back to the most important of all...

The musical arrangement, in particular the guitar was the best I have heard of his concerts so far. The intro to Keshin gave me serious serious goose pimples, so did Ammonite no Yume and Gunjou. Many instances, in fact I couldn't breathe during Nigerarenai and there was also another part where he and Ogura-san did a guitar duet, but I'm still too high to collect my thoughts and can't remember anything much exactly.

One thing about Ammonite no Yume though, I love the clip, it was really beautifully done and the images breathtaking, but it distracted me from the music. The way they did this piece tonight, you had to close your eyes and just let the shivers run up and down your spine. It was that good. No version on CD could compare with it. Gunjou was a guitar-piano duet. It's always been arguably my favourite song, but the emphasis tonight was on the musical arrangement and the way the 2 sounds talked together. I don't know how to explain. Since Osaka will be recorded in 3D for later release, I will have to leave you guys to hear it for yourselves. But I'm glad he chose not to engage just in solos, for the duet and threesome are for me, the absolute highlights of tonight. And that's just plain instrumental performance. At one point, I realized that I was actually annoyed with the balloons flowing down because half of me wanted to catch them and the other half couldn't pay attention to the music played. And I felt they certainly outdid themselves this time.

UPDATES - 27.07.2011
Some new concert products like hats were released some time ago. If it was an umbrella or that peach keychain, maybe I will buy. Anyway just found out a new item released, a tracksuit, black or white (BROS has Masha pictured in those tracksuits- will post later) and for a hefty price tag of 20,000 yen, you can have a made to order tracksuit! Pictures here. All I can say Masha is worth a lot of things, but 20,000 yen for a branded but boring coloured tracksuit is not one of them. I'd rather use the same amount for another concert ticket. Anyway full goods list here.

UPDATES - 26.07.2011
Great news for ones attending Osaka concerts. They may be a new song debuting. I am jealous. What about us at Yoyogi? I mean we can get to hear new song but debut? What about special debut for us?! Anyway this may be the news; is Fighting Pose the title? Or the title of WOWOW broadcast? And did it say it will be the themesong for WOWOW? Whatever it may be, I hope someone is recording and sharing!

[ADD] Confirmed. New song, themesong for WOWOW is Fighting Pose. Sounds like a rock song! And fans said they saw WOWOW trucks outside Osaka venue, which means WOWOW will broadcast Osaka concert. Not sure which one but I am betting the first Osaka show! Anyone with WOWOW, watch! Record! Upload! Share!

UPDATES - 20.07.2011
Great news! Wowow will broadcast Okinawa live on 28.08.2011 at 5pm Japan time. Rest assured I will park myself in front of the computer waiting for someone to upload to youtube and repost!!

UPDATES - 25.04.2011
Report from Nippon Nagoya Gaishi Hall (20.04.2011-24.04.2011) compiled from various sources thanks to Izumisanp

Setlist for 24.04.2011 by Emma

03.想-new love new world-
06. 明日の☆SHOW
11. アンモナイトの夢
15. 逃げられない
20. 心color~a song for the wonderful year~ 

En- 02.追憶の雨の中

By Mashamasha reporting on Japanese fans comments and Momoko who was there for the first 3 nights
On the first day (20/4), when he was getting ready for Utsukushiki Hana, he dropped his guitar pick into the guitar. He had to turn it upside down and kept shaking his guitar to try to get it out. Don't know how long it took him but he kept saying gomen all that time. He had to take it out before he could start singing.  

At the encore before the band members retired backstage, they usually shake hands with each other. Momoko thinks  Inoue Akira-san might have been too excited, he went down the line shaking hands with each member and forgot to return to the middle. Masha had to call him back a few times before they could raise their hands for the salute.  She said Inoue-san didn't dare to go too far away in the subsequent shows.

In the last show yesterday night, fans reported that Masha got really mad when he found the mic missing from the mic stand

How can someone miss a mic from a mic stand in a concert?? I wonder how mad was mad?

UPDATES - 17.04.2011
And the concert restarted on 16.04.2011 at Mie. The following is official news by Oricon translated by River with an awesome photo!

Fukuyama Masaharu resumes his Tour and added the Tohoku region support seats.
Fukuyama Masaharu has resumed his tour in Mie Prefecture that was interrupted with the earthquake and tsunami tragedy. At the beginning of the show, he and the 8700 audience observed a minute silent, as a remembrance for the victims.  He has to postpone his tour stops and in fact, has to cancel Miyaji stops. He and his team decided to resume the concert after a month. 'A normal person will look forward each day with renewed determination. I believe on the fans support and I want to do my very best.' 

There's also some changes done to the layout of the stage, by taking off the screens, thus, reducing the power consumption and cutting down the tour truck to eleven. This allows the total additional 4000 Tohoku support seats to be added into the show, which has been sold-out. A donation box was also being put at the concert halls. Fukuyama has recently finished his 24-hour radio charity project as part of his effort to support the charity. 

The following is a write up by Izumisano who compiled from posts by fans who were there. I am so looking forward to the concert!!

Setlist from 2 ch for last night. Not much change except there's a NEW SONG, supposedly tied in to a CM for this kekkon website "ZEXY".  The song's name is 家族になろうよ, which means "let's make a family" i.e. let's get married. Fans said it's another song from a woman's perspective, apparently he was thinking of the letter written by a bride to her parents on her wedding day? He's kept the rock section and replaced Ishikure no Pride with Utsukushiki Hana. 

03.想-new love new world- 
07. 蛍  Hotaru
08.美しき花  Utsukishiki Hana
09.幸福論  Koufukuron
10.はつ恋  Hatsukoi
11.アンモナイトの夢   Ammonite no Yume
12. 群青~ultramarine~ 
13.Marcy's Song 
16. 逃げられない  Nigerarenai
19.化身  Keshin
20.少年  Shonen

E1-1.(新曲)  (New Song)
E1-2.追憶の雨の中  Tsuioku no Ame no Naka
E1-3.心 color~a song for the wonderful year~ 

E2.桜坂  Sakurazaka

Reports from jp fans c/o mashamasha and iwishiamacat 

They replaced the water in the cup-throwing with sweets, which is good sense. The audience really wanted it bad, after the long break. They started clapping before the opening music was played, even before the show began at 5pm. They went crazy when Masha appeared. A few empty seats could be seen on the stands, but not obvious gaps. They only had the 2 side screens. The big one in the middle is gone. The screenshows were cut back significantly, they kept the movie @ Ammonite no Yume, but the blue earth @ Gunjou and all the other accompanying visuals were no more. She thought the lighting and the fireshow in Keshin were the same, though. He forgot the lyrics at the end of Keshin as well as the individual band member introduction at the end. They showed pictures of his visit to the CD shops (Tsutaya) and the 2 lines by the cd shop staff written as catchphrases (thanks Mashamasha). Apparently he went to Ise Jingu (shrine) and was recognised almost immediately, causing a huge commotion. He went to Iriomote-jima to film Hot Spots AFTER the 24hrs radiothon . Someone saw him on a cruise ship in Iriomote on 13 Apr (he was there on 12-13 Apr) (thanks Mashamasha)

Our man is insanely energetic. I am in awe, and very alarmed. And a new song? About marriage? Is this his way of telling is something? Hmmmmmm.... nahhhhhhhhhhhh

UPDATES - 31.03.2011
Hokkaido concerts rescheduled to 21,22,24 & 25 September 2011 respectively. Yeah! But shifted to a new hall, Makomanai Sekisuiheim Ice Arena and so sitting arrangements will change. Miyagi shows are cancelled and refunds will be given. For more info, read here (see 31.03.2011 post).

UPDATES - 26.03.2011
The concerts for Mie is gonna proceed as plan. Additional seats will be added where proceeds from sales of tickets will be donated to Red Cross Japan. I will post more when I find out. The stage will be simplified, since they can't transport a whole lot of equipments and want to save on petrol for others to use. So I suppose it will be a more acoustic and intimate settings which is great. The seats will be SB seats. That's all I know for now. Thanks to Mashamasha for the info. For more on this check out ANN post (26.03.2011 post)

[ADD] Some clarification thanks to Izumisano;

Both the stage and the performance in Mie will be "drastically changed". It seems only Mie will get those seats and news of the sales will be announced on the Home Page.  All ensuing concerts will proceed as scheduled and the donation box at Hiroshima will be set up at each of the subsequent venues. All proceeds of the additional seats and donations will be fully passed on to the Japan Red cross.

The message also clarifies the recent reports of the "cancellation" of the Hokkaido and Miyagi performances. It states that they are in discussion with the organisors regarding the postponement news to another date, and not outright cancellation as some have said. They apologise for the misunderstanding caused.

[ADD] SB seats will be for all venues if the venue permits [Source]

UPDATES - 23.03.2011
I didn't know Hokkaido and Miyagi have both been outright cancelled [Source] since I didn't see that in the official site nor did I see any replacement dates. So it must be true. That was what he meant by the revival talks. I see. And imagine if there wasn't 11.03.2011 disaster, on 24.03.2011 he would have been in Taiwan and probably announcing the Asia Tour. "Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans .." [John Lennon]

UPDATES - 21.03.2011
To overseas fans who bought tickets to the concert and am wondering if Masha's gonna cancel outright, thanks to Mashamasha who translated this very reassuring message which Masha said during ANN and TFM, 19.03.2011 and 20.03.2011 respectively;

masha said he and the staff are prepared if the tour cannot be finished this year, they will continue it next year. He knows it is still too early to talk about revival, but he thinks holding concert and seeing concert is an evidence of revival, a symbol of restoring to normal life, so he will try his best not to cancel any of the shows.

I like the way this man thinks, which is the way I think also! Now let's hope things stabilizes so that he doesn't need to reschedule anything. Now I am thinking maybe May dates may be rescheduled. If things do spill to next year, I am afraid Asia Tour may not be going on, if it was gonna go on.

UPDATES - 16.03.2011
I swear I will rearrange this post to look neater (Masha I shall follow your example!) when everything stabilizes. Great news for Saitama ticket holders. Your shows are rescheduled to 16,17 and 19,20 November 2011, respectively. For refunds, click here. Nice weather! I love the rescheduling instead of outright cancellation. Why? Like I posted in Facebook;

I like the rescheduling. It is saying (a) we are not cancelling (b) this is in future, we are optimistic things will be ok by then (Saitama was close to quake) (c) Japan is still here, hold on to your tickets! I love this indeed! If Yoyogi is rescheduled, I don't mind Dec. BUT is Oct & Dec is skipped, either venue is unavailable or he has something to do. Asia Tour seems like the one being canceled outright until 2012.

Miyagi looks like outright cancellation because I won't be surprised when things are ok there, he will hold a free outdoor concert or something over there. Masha has his plans sometimes, we can wonder, but when we do find out, I am sure it will be a pleasant surprise. Asia Tour seems like no go unless.. what is he doing in October and December? We shall see the other shows and the rescheduling. If anything spills into December, it means my often speculated Winter Daikanshasai in overseas is no more, at least not for 2011. 

UPDATES - 15.03.2011
New message and I think it says Hokkaido and Miyagi both are postponed until further notice since they can't access these places and they have equipments they need to use but can't be delivered. I will post the translation proper later. I think it even says entire concert tour. So does it mean I am seeing Masha in Autumn? Not complaining, nice weather!

Very loose translation by Izumisano. I am disappointed on the part of calling off a few dates. I hope not. Maybe move to a different venue would be better than calling off.

Notice Regarding the Hokkaido, Miyagi and other concerts in the National Tour (3/15)

We are discussing with the organisers of the Hokkaido concerts (starting 3/30) and the Miyagi concerts (starting 4/9) regarding their postponement.   (見合わす=postpone/suspend/stop)

For the Hokkaido concerts, it is not only out of respect to the feelings of the disaster victims, but transport of our concert equipment will pose an extra burden on the limited road access remaining after the earthquake disaster. This is the lifeline needed to ferry essential necessities to all in Hokkaido, and for that we have come to the conclusion that we should suspend them.

At the same time, I believe the Miyagi concerts involve many many victims. I pray from the bottom of my heart that this disaster will be over one day soon and that we will regain our smiles and restore (our lives) one day soon. And we will do all we can to meet you. It might take a bit of time for recovery, and when that time comes I really wish a visit to be arranged. Please stay strong to overcome this! (not sure)

Including the Saitama concerts mentioned yesterday, we are fixing substitute days for each venue. We may need to reschedule some to another day soon, or we may be forced to call some off. We are really very sorry, please retain all your tickets with care, and kindly wait until further notice.

We apologise repeatedly and would be most grateful for your understanding in this regard.

Team Fukuyama (2011/3/15, 18:15)

UPDATES - 14.03.2011
[NOW] Not just Saitama but according to official site, all concerts dates. I think they're having a look-see attitude since tremors are still there and now they have a possible nuclear plant meltdown. But the concerts will be rescheduled instead of outright cancelled. So let's hope things get better with the nuclear plants!

Translation proper from Izumisano. Keyword is the concerts are not cancelled outright but are rescheduled;

Notice regarding the Saitama shows and concerts thereafter
In consideration of the continuing widespread devastation of the great earthquake, the Saitama concerts originally scheduled for this week will be discontinued after due discussion with the organisers. At the moment, we are co-ordinating with both organisers and venue on alternative dates, Saitama ticket holders are kindly requested to retain your tickets with care, we are very sorry but please wait for a while longer.

At the same time, we are now in liaison with the respective organisers of the performances after Saitama. We will make an announcement on the official homepage and the homepages of the organisers, once a decision has been agreed.

We present our deepest apologies and request for your kind understanding in this matter.

In addition, the aftershocks are still continuing, please try not to be anxious, listen to the news and make judgements calmly before you act.

Team Fukuyama, 2011/3/14 13:25

[PREVIOUSLY] It was just announced at official site concerts at Saitama if I am correct is postponed since it is still not safe over there, there's still aftershocks and probably Saitama is being used as a shelter. There are some refund notice as well but I believe I need not post that for our overseas friends since you will use those tickets, but on a later date so I am sorry for the lack of refund information. I simply refuse to post those. Hold on to your tickets; the rescheduled date will be out soon and I suspect after Hiroshima so you will be looking at probably mid September. Anyway good weather by then. So rearrange your flights. At least you know a few days earlier and you just lose out perhaps on the hotel but nothing much. Imagine the Hiroshima ticket holders...Will post the translation proper when I get it. I am sure Masha's personal message would be up soon.

UPDATES - 13.03.2011
It was just announced at official site concerts at Saitama & the rest is to be decided upon consultation with respective organisers (and  I suspect venues as well for safety checks and electricity, etc since Japan is experienced outages right now). I will maintain Saitama will be postponed, Miyagi as well, but I do think May-Aug dates are safe since by then the country's operations will have to back to normal, if not, the world's stock exchange will crumble if Japan doesn't recover by April. Anyway even if postponed it is not same as cancelled. It will be pushed to probably later dates so no worries. I just hope they can announce sooner for the future concert dates as in 1 month ahead so people can cancel bookings and make alternate plans although from the looks of it we will only know 1 week before or less but I am sure most overseas fans will have to suffer some loss financially. But compared to what happened over there, I think I can handle the loss of a few thousand ringgits. Again I will repeat that I am not particularly concerned about the May-August dates. I think by April everything will be back to normal or as normal as can be. Japan I am very certain is so efficient I am sure they can meet the deadline I put, probably sooner.

Anyway thanks to Izumisano for the translation;

To all concerned:

Notice regarding the Saitama shows and all concerts thereafter

We have had to postpone the Hiroshima performances for yesterday and today, and now, we are in consultation with the various organisors regarding the safety of the oncoming shows. As soon as we have confirmation, we will advise you at once. May we ask for your patience to wait for the moment. 

The office of enquiry for each venue is different. We would be grateful for your understanding in advance.

Team Fukuyama staff

UPDATES - 12.03.2011
CORRECTION! Good news to Hiroshima ticket holders! The shows will be postponed to 10 and 11 September 2011 respectively. If the dates are not suitable, you can ask for a refund. Anyway this is good news. For Masha messages on this and the quake, click here.

UPDATES - 11.03.2011
Very sad news indeed. Today, around afternoon Japan, specifically Sendai, Miyagi, Japan was hit by a 8.9 richter scale earthquake and very high tsunami and Tokyo also suffered much loss. Masha was in Hiroshima for the 3rd stop in the concert, as you can read hereBROS just announced here that the next 2 shows in Hiroshima on 12.03 and 13.03 have been cancelled and will be rescheduled to another date or be refunded. I feel for the fans who traveled all the way there only to be told this. Masha felt in Japan's time of mourning, and the fact that probably some of his crew members also have families involved in this time of devastating disaster that he decided to postpone. A lot of stars are postponing as well for the next 2 days. As for other shows, since he did not specifically said the next stop in Saitama or the next after in Miyagi will be postponed, he may continue with them if the tremors stop by next week and all return to almost normal. He did say he will have to evaluate each day as they will be and will post further updates. Since he did not outright postponed the next stop or the stop after that, I think he is waiting to see if it is safe to continue since Saitama is close to the quake, Miyagi even closer. Frankly I don't believe my August shows or even May to August shows will be affected at all. I think he will probably slot Hiroshima some time between May and August or even probably lets you change the ticket from the cancelled shows to Okinawa. Anyway just my speculation. Whilst I understand the need to postpone the next 2 shows and also the practical reasons for the next venue to be postponed as well, but if all is ok by next week, I feel Masha MUST continue with the tour. This is the fans' time of need and what better way to cheer them up than to give them a good show so that they can forget their sorrows for just that 3 hours. If there is a better purpose to serve as an entertainer, this is Masha's chance to do just that. It is to me a public service. I understand why Hiroshima must be postponed though, not just for public sensitivities but some crews may be worried about their families since they're probably from Tokyo, the 2nd hardest hit after Sendai. Here is hope that things can return to almost normal by Saitama and I sincerely hope Saitama goes on as planned and Hiroshima will have their day very very soon.

UPDATES - 10.03.2011

Do read this piece of news concerning something rather private about Masha (see post 10.03.2011).

UPDATES - 08.03.2011
Still at Wakayama which is turning out to be a small venue so more intimate and Masha seems to enjoy it there (perhaps fueled by the 150 bowls of free ramen?) and Izumisano said "Fans said they had the clay models at the Power Spot as usual. Masha kicked over the Tama doll in the middle of Koufukuron and stooped to put it back in its place while he was singing. When he splashed the people on the 2/F balconies, he made a point to avoid the elderly and children". Cute. And Mashamasha said "some said the audience kept calling "masha! masha!" that masha couldn't start singing it seems it's masha himself who encouraged the audience to call him, he said he understands they cannot call "masha! masha" at home and in front of friends and famillies, concert is the only place where they can call as loud as they like. and some also said there were elder audience and male audience compared with the past". It seems the venue is small enough for a kid to shout his love for Masha and he heard it.

UPDATES - 06.03.2011
[NOW] Wakayama concert on 06.03.2011, encore was Sakurazaka. And Mashamasha says "Because of a huge fan turnout at the ramen shops last night, one of them sent 150 bowls of ramen to the venue for Masha and staff today". Free advertising by super star Masha and he gets 150 bowls of ramen! His staff must have a great time eating those! And Masha visited a local celebrity, Tama. Imagine my surprise that Tama is a cat, officially appointed station master at Kishi Station in Kinokawa, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. Apparently Masha found he had little to talk with the cat, unsurprisingly. What a happy cat. Reminds me of The Cat Returns by Ghibli Studio.

Anyway you may already know this; Osaka concert dates are so hot, everyone is after Osaka shows. I wonder why? Anyway Mashamasha explained "masha said in osaka live that he really feels thankful to the support from osaka, he said when he first time held tour, osaka was the one selling out tickets most quickly, and ryomaden has higher tv rating. So it seems he really has lots of fans in osaka" He may encore twice there for all I know!

[PREVIOUSLY] The entire report by Izumisano of MashaPlus quoting from other sources as noted by her. All pictures from HKFC.

Report on last night's Wakayama concert (05.03.2011) from iwishiamacat who was there herself and mashamasha via JP boards (thanks to both):

Set List:
- added Michishirube and Hello in place of 18 and Ano natsu mo Umi mo Sora mo
- Ashita no show moved into the main part

カオス (Edge of Chaos)
想 (Sou)
ピーチ (Peach)
ハロー (Hello)
明日のSHOW (Ashita no Show)
蛍 (Hotaru)
石がき (Ishikure?)
幸福論 (Koufukuron)
はつ恋 (Hatsukoi)
アンモナイト (Ammonite no Yume)
群青 (Gunjou)
マーシー (Marcy's Song)
ハード レイン (Hard Rain)
レボエボ (Rebo//Ebo)
逃げられない (Nigerarenai)
赤青 (Red X Blue)
化身 (Keshin)
少年 (Shonen)

アンコール ~Encore~
追憶の雨の中 (Tsuioku)
心color (Kokoro Colour)

Wアンコール ~Second Encore~
道標 Michishirube

(The hall seems small and intimate-Funn) Our friend who was there said Masha's curly hair fit the rock songs and his red leather jacket well. But he was sweating a lot and kept pushing his hair back so it got a bit out of control after a few songs, and looked like the one in 2008 daikanshasai. Without SS, they were able to make full use of the screen at the back. This was sponsored by Toshiba and there is more to the white screen than meets the eye. The visual effects were superb and came out brilliantly in the opening number "vs". She's never seen such a big Masha on such an HD screen.

The 2nd MC was so long that Masha told everyone to sit down. According to mashamasha, jp fans said that Masha would introduce the local Hot Spots of that area. Many Osaka fans said they didn't even know of those places in Osaka. Our friend said she couldn't fully understand what he was saying, so we don't know if he was talking about the Wakayama Hoot Spots. This part led into "Ammonite no Yume" and "Gunjou" and both our friend and JP fans felt this was the most touching and meaningful part of the concert. During Ammonite, the screen showed a video of an overseas little boy, alternating between eco messages and close-up of Masha on the guitar. Gunjou was acoustic, Masha guitar + Inoue Akira piano.

The venue was very small, 4600 in the arena + the balconies, totalling less than 10k. The screen was so big and HD, that even people sitting further away had a super clear view. Most people were flinging the Best Bang towel. Because it was so cosy and Masha's first time in Wakayama (even in private), everyone including the man himself was very high. He kept splashing his fans, the elevated stand was very close to the balconies and they got water splashed straight in their faces and all the presents were shot out to them.

As usual, he went on his secret rounds of the CD shops and he kept repeating the signs he found over his Best Bang counter, all night.


Quote from: mashamasha
not sure whether i interpret it correctly: An unexpected visit to Wakayama (i guess 来和 = come to Wakayama), we need to burn this moment into our memory and pass this story from generation to generation

Mashamasha has quoted part of the MC from JP fan reports. Since a part of it is in Chinese, I've summarised it here:

Masha went to visit Wakayama Castle. Since he always "gets hyper" in his travel pictures, the one they showed last night was hyper Masha on the stairs going up to the castle, next to a group of kindergarten children on their school trip. The poor kids were eyeing this strange man with suspicion and bewildement.

The day before the concert, Masha said he had ramen in 4 shops. He's put on weight from those 4 meals of ramen so he sweat a lot last night. (Iz: is Wakayama famous for its ramen?) He said that was the oil from his fat, "but he will turn it into energy and release all his power."

Quote from: mashamasha
In the encore part, he said he has used up all the energy from (ramen) so he had to leave. If the audience want him to stay, they need to (treat him to more ramen). Right before he really left the stage after the encore, he still reminded the audience they need to (treat him to ramen). he has told the name of those noodle shop, the following picture was taken after the concert last night (free advertising! - Funn)

The latest comment, this fan said there weren't many ballads but it was great. 

Last but not least, Mashamasha said "this booth is closed before the show, and opens only after the show, it displays an ammonite."

UPDATES - 27.02.2011
Song list for day 2, 26.2011 thanks to Airin of MashaPlus and if you really wanna know, some old favourites are back.

オープニング (opening)
カオス (Chaos)
想 (Sou)
ピーチ (Peach)


あの夏も海も空も (Ano Natsu Mo Umi Mo Sora Mo)
蛍 (Hotaru)


石くれ (Ishikure)
幸福論 (Koofukuron)
はつ恋 (Hatsukoi)


アンモナイト (Ammonite)
群青 (Gunjou)


マーシー (Marcy)
ハードレイン (Hard Rain)


レボエボ (Revo Evo)
逃げられない (Nigerarenai)
赤×青 (Red X Blue)
化身 (Keshin)
少年 (Shonen)

アンコール (Encore)
追憶 (Tsuioku)
心カラー (Kokoro Color)

明日のSHOW (Ashita No Show)

Also, although Masha does not have a blog/twitter/facebook, he has bandmates and all his bandmates have blogs where they do post interesting stuff/pictures of this tour. I think any Masha image is banned but not everything else. See the stuff at the following links:-Also, although Masha does not have a blog/twitter/facebook, he has bandmates and all his bandmates have blogs where they do post interesting stuff/pictures of this tour. I think any Masha image is banned but not everything else. See the stuff at the following links, info thanks to Izumisano:-

Violinist Kinbara Chieko -
Percussionist Mataro -
Drummer Yamaki Hideo -
Guitarist Ogura Hirokazu -
Band leader Inoue Akira -

UPDATES - 25.02.2011
1 day after opening concert and I read the setlist is pending tweaking. Well he can't just sing the same setlist every night. Izumisano wrote he wore "Red leather jacket + silver jacket + T-shirt + white sneakers", Emma wrote his hair was a little shorter, looking much like the professional Masha impersonator from Daikanshasai 2008 (NOOOOOO!!!!) AND Izumisano also wrote "He asked fans if they prefer his long or short hair. Majority said short. They think he sounded a bit disappointed when he heard this" AND "Doraemon and Shizuka-chan joined him to sing kokoro colour but apparently it is only for opening night". Got picture!! Masaaki and friends!!


There WILL be more pictures soon  I am sure. Further, we all know during Tsuioku no Ame no Naka he would throw paper cups and Heaven he will go touchy-touchy-squeeze-squeeze. Since this show has neither song, Izumisano posted "Paper cups at Sou, touchy touchy at Gang".   And the stage ..."the hanamichi is T-shaped".

Doraemon news proper translated by River from this source;

Fukuyama Masaharu & Doraemon First Live Appearance in Arena Tour!

Fukuyama Masaharu who contributes his voice in the upcoming Doraemon movie begins his arena tour last night. Making a special appearance during encore is Doraemon and Shizuka, who is a big fan of the character Fukuyama Masaaki, in which the singer's played. 

Doraemon was introduced when he was being lifted on the stage. Needless to say, the audience is surprise with the special guests. Both characters joined him during the encore, singing Kokoro Colour together. Doraemon himself replied in Kansai dialect that he was really happy to join the audience tonight. Even Fukuyama's bandmembers joined in the introductions. 

A pity sound very muted but you can see a super excited Doraemon jumping away. So cute!

UPDATES - 24.02.2011 
[EVEN LATER] Read in HKFC that no Heaven! Really? Is this his practice to make his concert family friendly for Asia Tour?? No concert favourite Tsuioku no Ame no Naka either!! What is going on?! Anyway some snippets by Mashamasha of HKFC who said "No dancers" and "In the MC part, masha asked the audience whether they prefer short hair or long hair masha, majority replied short hair, masha said he will think about it" and "another person said when 90% audience replied that they want him to cut further, masha said he's not willing to do so". Eh, 2 different versions?

Thanks to Angelreii for the list.

00.Opening SE(想) (WHAT'S THIS?!)

01. VS.~chikaku To Kairaku No Rasen~
03. Peach!!
04. 18~eighteen~
05. Ano Natsu mo Umi mo Sora mo (あの夏も 海も 空も)
06. Hotaru 蛍
07. Ishikure No Pride 石塊のプライド
08. Koufukuron (幸福論)
09. Hatsukoi はつ恋
10. Ammonite no Yume アンモナイトの夢
11. Gunjou 群青~ultramarine~
12. Marcy's Song
13. Nigerarenai 逃げられない
14. Revolution//Evolution
15. Gang★
18. Sou~new love new world~
19. Keshin 化身
20. Shonen 少年

[ENCORE] Kokoro Color~a song for the wonderful year~

en1.心color~a song for the wonderful year~


And concert goods are so tempting. Can I wait until then? Can I? I mean look at the brochure, look at that smiling Masha!! Look here and tell me you aren't as tempted as I am now to just buy it!! Anyway see The Live Bang!! special site as official website.

[LATER] So, how was the concert? How was it?!

[PREVIOUSLY] And so the tour starts TODAY at Osaka Jo Hall. To Masha; show them what you got!! To the fans who are lucky enough to get the tickets to this first show which is sell out by the way, I hope you have a great time and do post what you saw! I will be sure to repost what information I can find. And last but not least, the following is the header from BROS member site. The background is Osaka Jo Hall with Masha's message on it. Thanks to Akari of Facebook for translating the words which I embedded into the image.. Anyway have a great time

UPDATES - 19.02.2011
Starting very very soon. How time flies. Anyway concert goodies list is out!

I am not going for the concert for reasons too obvious for me to even say. But I tell you when I saw the 100 page pamphlet/brochure (Japan must have lacked the word "Photobook" in their vocabulary because there's no 100 page brochure in my vocabulary!) I became very excited. That I want and a tote bag! But there's one strange item, pink massager that can be charged using USB port. That's weird, but the price is reasonable but still weird. Anyway everything will be sold at the concert venues except for the calendar which will be told at Saitama. And I did read that AMUSE's ASMART site will also sell these stuff beginning 24.02.2011 here or at least my online translator says so but I believe you have to be BROS member to buy and if you're not in Japan, you will need an agent and believe me the item may cost at least 50% more after that. If I am desperate which I am but not yet until someone tempts me with scans from the brochure.

UPDATES - 01.01.2011
Great news I suppose ... anyway Mashamasha said Masha just said ...

but the real news he announced was extra show of 2011 tour, 4 days in Osaka (late Jul, i forgot the exact dates), 4 days in Yoyogi in Aug, and there will be Thanksgiving in the summer of Okinawa (outdoor live) on 27 & 28 Aug

So bye bye Asian Tour 2011?? Anyway added the definite dates to the list below. Venues not announced yet. Anyway this is what he calls the Summer Daikanshasai. Rumours is rife that there may not be any Winter Daikanshasai for 2011 (the year end concerts). My view is since Masha has gone concert crazy, there may be a whole lot more!

UPDATES - 16.12.2010
Guess the official title of the concert tour? Surprisingly short and to the point. From now on he shall be known as Fukuyama "BANG!!" Masaharu... doesn't sound right! Oh dear, The Live Bang!! Must be quite an exhilirating experience, you know one man in a LIVE BANG!! with many many people. And there's a fist in there as well. Sorry, can't resist! Anyway got the news from HK Fans Discussion Forums.


Masha announced it in his ANN show on 17.10.2010! There will be a Japan-wide concert tour called WE'RE BROS TOUR from 24.02 - 02.07.2011 and you can see for yourself the various stops at BROS.  Apparently the 17 stops with 46 shows, biggest thus far will now concentrate on venues he hasn't been to for a long time. What a surprise and what an early announcement! Anyway fans are speculating if there is an Asian Concert Tour 2011, it might in later half of the year. I would think so. Which means Masha will spend 2011 touring for concert and so probably no new TV series or such. Anyway great news for those who couldn't get the tickets for the year end concert. So now you all got more chance to get the tickets!

Translated by River of MashaPlus Info Forums from this original source news.

Fukuyama Masaharu to attract 600 000 people in his next tour!

Actor and singer Fukuyama Masaharu has announced he will go on tour next year and he is expected to attract a total of 600000 people. The tour will start in Osaka-jo Hall on 24th February and ends Budokan in Ehime-ken on 3rd July, with 46 performances scheduled. After spending a year as an actor, he's concentrating back to his music in 2011. 

As Sakamoto Ryoma, he has set a new record for a musician. This will be his first tour in two years. He will also release a Best-of album, titled The Best Bang!! on the 17th November. If he managed to finish the tour, it will be the biggest tour for a solo artist. Oda Kazumasa (63) entertained a total of 530000 people n 2008 while Namie Amuro (33) took the record for female, with 500000 people in 2009. 

Filming Ryomaden has taught him to face new challenges. This tour will also has a personal historical milestone for him. As an actor, he went to various locations all over Japan. Thus, he re-visited some of these places again as a musician. 

'I cannot say anything more. But please look out for me next year. As an actor, I appear in your TV screen, while next year, I will try to come to you. Please come and watch the real Fukuyama. I will do my best to give you a superb performance.'

* Cover art: 22 years of Fukuyama.
The cover art shows Fukuyama after 22 years. The younger version was taken in 1988, before his debut. The impact is strong when both photos were put side by side. 

According to Spoinichi, this is the first time he returned to Wakayama after 17 years. 

Thanks to Izumisano for the English titles.

Note : The shows on 27 and 28 August  at Okinawa Nishihara Marine Park is not considered part of this tour but is Summer Daikanshasai since the new name given has the words Live Bang on it so I just include them here. It was supposed to be the Summer daikanshasai before the earthquake and tsunami happened. There won't be any usual Winter Daikanshasai, at least not in Japan (speculation!)

2/24 Thur 大阪城オオサカジョウホール
2/26 Sat (Osaka Jo-Hall)
2/27 Sun

3/05 Sat 和歌山ワカヤマビッグホエール
3/06 Sun (Wakayama Big Whale)

3/10 Thur 広島ヒロシマグリーンアリーナ
3/12 Sat (Hiroshima Green Arena) (POSTPONED)
3/13 Sun (POSTPONED)

3/17 Thur さいたまスーパーアリーナ (POSTPONED)
3/18 Fri (Saitama Super Arena) (POSTPONED)
3/20 Sun (POSTPONED)

3/30 Wed 北海道立ホッカイドウリツ総合ソウゴウ体育タイイクセンター北海ホッカイきたえーる (POSTPONED)
3/31 Thur (Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center - Kitayell) (POSTPONED)
4/02 Sat (POSTPONED)
4/03 Sun (POSTPONED)

4/09 Sat 宮城ミヤギセキスイハイムスーパーアリーナ (POSTPONED - DATE TBA)
4/10 Sun (Miyagi Sekisui Heim Super Arena) (POSTPONED - DATE TBA)

4/16 Sat 三重ミエサンアリーナ
4/17 Sun (Mie Sun Arena)

4/20 Wed 名古屋ナゴヤ日本ニホンガイシホール
4/21 Thur (Nagoya Nippon Gaishi Hall)
4/23 Sat
4/24 Sun

4/30 Sat マリンメッセ福岡フクオカ
5/01 Sun (Marinemesse Fukuoka)
5/03 P.H.
5/04 P.H.

5/14 Sat 朱鷺トキメッセ新潟ニイガタコンベンションセンター
5/15 Sun (Tokimesse Nigata Convention Centre)

5/21 Sat 長野ナガノエムウェーブ
5/22 Sun (Nagano M-Wave)

5/25 Wed 横浜ヨコハマアリーナ
5/26 Thur (Yokohama Arena)
5/28 Sat
5/29 Sun

6/04 Sat 鹿児島カゴシマアリーナ
6/05 Sun (Kagoshima Arena)

6/11 Sat 静岡シズオカエコパアリーナ
6/12 Sun (Shizuoka Ecopa Arena)

6/18 Sat 青森県営アオモリケンエイスケート場ジョウ
6/19 Sun (Aomori Skating Rink)

6/25 Sat アスティとくしま
6/26 Sun (Asty-Tokushima)

7/02 Sat 愛媛エヒメ県ケン武道館
7/03 Sun (Ehime Ken Budokan)

7/27 Osaka
7/28 大阪城ホール

8/3 Yoyogi, Tokyo
8/4 国立代々木競技場第一体育館

8/27 沖縄県西原マリンパーク
8/28  (Okinawa Nishihara Marine Park)

9/10 Thur 広島ヒロシマグリーンアリーナ
9/11 Sat (Hiroshima Green Arena)

9/21 Wed 真駒内セキスイハイムアイスアリーナ 
9/22 Thur (Makomanai Sekisuiheim Ice Arena) 
9/24 Sat 
9/25 Sun

11/12 宮城ミヤギセキスイハイムスーパーアリーナ
11/13 (Miyagi Sekisui Heim Super Arena)

11/16 Wed さいたまスーパーアリーナ
11/17 Thurs (Saitama Super Arena)
11/19 Sat
11/20 Sun

According to official site is ¥8,400 (I don't think there's a different price between seat options because I didn't see that) (about MYR 316 which is to me cheap)


izumisano said...

The BROS message regarding Hokkaido and Miyagi was:


which by itself could mean to postpone or to stop the concert.

In the rest of the message, they've said they're looking to return to Miyagi once possible upon restoration. As for Hokkaido, they can't go now with the devastation in the North-East, since it was impossible for them to transport all the equipment up without compromising what's left of the limited road infratructure,which is now the "lifeline" to the rescue efforts and transport of resources to Hokkaido and the affected areas.

So it looks like they're calling off those concerts FOR NOW and they can't really plan when the replacement shows will be, since it all depends on the restoration work in the North-East.

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