SNIPPETS : ANN & TFM [06.2011 onwards]

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This post contains all ANN and TFM snippets from June 2011 onwards. For older snippets, CLICK HERE.

Request song was Asakusa Kid. Full file can be found at Post #1065 Page 71.

By Mashamasha;

he just said he has re-written the lyrics of the old songs for daikanshasai .he didn't tell which old song (s?), he only said he has not performed it since Eggman debut live. in total he changed the lyrics of 5 old songs.  魂ラジ (Tamaraji - own award?) Award Best Movie is Andaluica, the person they are talking to is the producer of the movie. Masha asked him to have a seal "魂ラジアワード賞受賞作品" on the DVD cover of Andalucia, it will help to boost up the sales of the DVD. Like those movies which get Oscar awards. 

And masha said he gives a present to the producer as the award, and the present is one persimmon (  because Katsuko mama sent him a box of persimmons today (made by Katsuko herself) . He is thinking whether he should give one to Oda Yuji too

More on the songs' lyrics he changed, by Mashamasha;

when he talked about re-writing lyrics of old songs, he explained why he had to do this is because he thinks he can't perform those songs on the stage again without changing the lyrics. He said those songs have some messages inside, but the existing lyrics can't communicate those messages clearly due to limited vocabulary he had in the past. When he started to re-write the lyrics, he intended to modify a bit only, but then at the end he re-wrote the whole songs. (he said he signficantly changed the lyrics for one song, moderately changed for one song, slightly changed for three songs, so total 5 songs)  

Then he said he actually wanted to re-write the lyrics of 追憶の雨の中, but he knows it is too late to do this after including it in best albums for several times and singing it for X times in concert (people are already too familiar with the lyrics of the song). But for the side B song of the debut single, i.e. かなしみは, he said he loves the melody very much, but for its lyrics, he wants to do something on it. But then he added that he is not going to sing it in daikanshasai this time

btw, he also said even he has re-written the lyrics of some of the old songs this time, he has not changed the concept/theme of the songs

More previous snippets after Read More link.

Not sure what is the request song. Fighting Pose? Anyway some snippets by Mashamasha;

he went to okinawa for work this week (probably CM shooting). he need to get up at 6am for the shooting so he went to sleep very early in the previous night.  He said maybe because of jet lag (back from LA) or because he slept too much in the plane to okinawa, he woke up suddenly at midnight and then cannot sleep again. He tried many methods to help himself fall asleep: open the window to have the outdoor sound coming in as background music to relax, move to sleep on sofa etc. Unfortunately all did not work. he also talked about GREE cm but i am very confused by what he said   he said writing theme song for pirate king game is the story of the CM only, it doesn't mean he really helps the game to write the theme song (吓?), though he cannot tell whether he will really write a song for GREE in the future. So this moment, writing theme song is CM story only. And the next round of GREE cm will have him drawing game characters for pirate king game. So we can have chance to appreciate his great drawing again. Best legs..... masha said his choice is Beyonce because he does not like too slim legs

More snippets, on the GREE cms by Mashamasha;

it seems the "characters" are designed by masha (at first i thought he followed the cards to draw), and then GREE uses his design and created the "improved" versions

F: Totally I have drawn about 5 pictures, with a wide variety. I drew some strong characters and also some weak characters. For the strong ones, I used some strong marine creatures in my mind as motif. Just like 幪面超人used grasshopper as motif  (how dare he compare his drawing with 幪面超人?!). I combined human being with those strong marine creatures. 

S: Did they carry weapons?

F: About the weapon, I leave it to the professionals to design, because i don't have the knowledge

The full file can be found here in Post #497 page 34. Some snippets by mashamasha;

he said he is now getting worried about no single live. He is worried the audience will leave one by one during the concert. Even this happens, he will keep singing on the stage, though he will change the rundown for the remaining shows.He said he can sing others' songs without lyrics on hand, but when singing his own songs in the concert, he needs to cross check the monitor to confirm the lyrics.

He spent 2

Full file can be found in Post #485 page 33. Request song was Tokyo nimo attanda. Some interesting snippets and I didn't even know, by Mashamasha;

He spent 2 nights and 4 days in LA this week (I think she meant 4 days 3 nights). ANN first class, planned to watch movie in the plane but was just so tired that he slept during almost the whole flight. In the return journey, he woke up just 2 hours before arrival and felt very hungry, so he ordered curry udon to eat and drunk champagne. after he said this, sou-chan asked him a question on behalf of all those who haven't had first class flying experience "Did you mean first class passengers can choose their own meal time and eat at any time they want?" Masha replied "Yes, we can. It is unlike economy class in which the flight atendant will call at scheduled time "Wake up everybody, it's time for meal!!" "Sou-chan asked him why he went to LA. Masha said he went there for plastic surgery. We would soon notice that he has bigger eyes, bigger breast, and some part is taken out from his body. Daikanshasai 2011 request forms is over 40,000 entries.

By Angelreii;

He came back from LA after filming CM. Sou chan said he was surprise coz did not even know that Masha was in LA.

Wow. Ninja moves. Never knew, at all.

Also by Mashamasha;

listener asked what he always carries with him for journey. He named a few: adhesive tape to seal the lids of shampoo bottle, wine bottle, mini screwdriver in case his glasses' screw gets loose, nail clippers, needle and thread for fixing clothing button, body exercise equipments. He also said he uses RIMOWA for more than 15 years. And he oftens brings worn-out underpants with holes to journey so he can just dispose there and doesn't need to bring them back.

Full broadcast can be found here at post #267 page 18.

ANN request was Fellow. Full broadcast can be found here at post #267 page 18.

Some snippets;

By Angelreii;

Masha is wearing a black jacket

By Mashamasha;

he revealed how and in what situation he created the melody of some of his songs. Good Night's chorus part came out when he was in toilet and the deadline was approaching. 

Again by Angelreii;

Beautiful Day was while he was riding

Masha tweet he made a mistake with the Antarctic continent. It should be Antarctica.

Again by Mashamasha;

About the tweet, he was referring to the title of Kimura Takuya's new drama. When he broadcast Nakayama Miyuki 's song (she will be the guest of ann next week!!), he said it is the theme song of the drama 南極物語, but the correct title is 南極大陸. He then apologized and corrected it (though he added it was the script writer who made the mistake in the script)

Full broadcast can be found here at post #196 page 14.

ANN request Saboten no hana. Full broadcast can be found here at post #194 page 13.

This is the 600th show anniversary special although the unofficial one as the official one was.. can't remember, a week ago? 2 weeks ago? I believe I mentioned it in my previous post somewhere in here. And Mashamasha says;

600th anniversary presents to listeners, masha bought underwear

Say what?! See here.

And thanks to Angelreii for the translation;

Masha just tweet:
(It is also erotic Christmas underwear!)

He is obsessed I tell you! Obsessed! Did he really buy all those... I am lost for words.

More snippets thanks to Mashamasha;

btw, last night masha talked about the CG effect in wowow live circuit. He said he watched hey hey hey which showed one akb48's live event, and that live used CG effect to make fans' real time online message flying out from the LED wall. He thought it is very funny and so he told wowow sp live director and discussed the possibililty of using CG effect in the wowow sp live. and he said among all the mini live, he was most worried with the first one (i.e. the morning one) because he rarely sings at such early day. He woke up at 6am to have voice training.

ANN request is Muteki no Kimi. Great song! Full broadcast can be found in Post #82 page 6.

ANN request is Muteki no Kimi. Great song! Full broadcast can be found in Post #67 page 5.

Snippets by Mashamasha;

he said album songs with tie-up are ok

Which means he definitely has some songs he wants to sing from those tie ups!

More on the whole setlist for Daikanshasai 2011 by Vspirt;

the votes are actually not going to be factored into the setlist. he's already said loud and clear and quite repetitively that he already has a pretty good idea of what he wants to do and he's going to go with that. the whole send-in-your-request thing is not actually a request thing but more collection thing? he'll use it as a reference of sorts and find out what kind of non-popular songs are actually more popular than was let on.  

Full broadcast can be found in post #1441 page 97.

Full broadcast and request song can be found in post #1439 page 96. Pre-recorded since Masha is on tour. ANN Request Kazoku ni Narouyo

Some snippets thanks to Izumisano:-

It's their 600th Tamaraji broadcast tonight! 


And more by Mashamasha:-

masha said katsuko (his mom) recently sent him a movie clip which was taken in his cousin's wedding party and they sang Kazoku in the party. 

Is Fukuyama Mama trying to tell Masha something? Like use your own song for your own wedding perhaps?

And something about Kamasutra. Why is it the part I wish I know more is always the part I never will know? Why?

More snippets by Mashamasha;

next week sou-chan on leave, so they postpone the 600th celebration to next next week, and masha asked when it's his turn to take leave and sou-chan said no, you cannot take leave

And some more snippets by Mashamasha;

ANN last week was pre-recorded, and probably the coming one will also be recorded due to wowow special live, jp fans guess it is the real reason they postpone the celebration to next week as they want to have it at a live broadcasting night. They guess maybe sou-chan's work/holiday schedule does not fit with masha's schedule to have the recording together so he need to be absent. And it seems another ANN announcer (the one appeared in 24 hours radio) will substitue sou-chan

 the listener suggested them to broadcast older album songs in ANN to let fans get familiar with those songs, and masha replied "Yup, it is a great idea......but......would you also please consider buying the CDs by yourselves?"

Full broadcast can be downloaded from post #1299 page 87

Request song is Moon. Full broadcast can be downloaded from post #1257 page 84.

Big announcement tonight, which everyone knows but still huge. Masha will be holding 5 shows aka Daikanshasai on 24, 25, 28, 30 and 31 Dec 2011 at Yokohama Pacifico. So yes, damn be the Asia Tour 2011 since I can't imagine him running around in December. Maybe 2013. Anyway, some great snippets on the nature of this daikanshasai. He has been toying with the idea of a No Singles concert. Frankly I have no idea what it means. Will this include the cover album he made? Great thing is he will accept fans request when making up the setlist. Forms are being drawn to give to fans to make their request.

Anyway more snippets by Mashamasha;

Daikanshasai 2011 announced aka no single live (he was talking about this for some time). he said he will not sing any songs from singles in the daikanshasai. he said he is worried that the audience are not familiar with his album songs and when he plays the intro, they will all look like "what is this song???" and it will turn out to be a quiz (the audience need to think out the song title ) And he joked maybe on the first day he sings no songs from single, but then find that the live atmosphere is too bad that he has to add hit songs to later shows, and then on 31 Dec all songs are from singles. 

Interesting! Which means he may sing my most favourite song and also Beautiful Day and I won't be there!!!


Great snippets, all by Mashamasha.

Masha talked about 911 in the opening and said on that day 10 years ago, he was packing luggage at home for his trip to NY when he watched the news on TV. Originally he was going to NY on the following day to attend a photo exhibition there. He was invited to attend by a photographer Elliott Erwitt (Elliott is a US photographer and he was very impressed by masha's photo and had collaboration work with masha years ago)

I wonder which collaboration? Anyone knows?

The most recent emails received from family are from katsuko, his uncle (katsuko's brother) and masha's brother after okinawa concert. Imanami said he was standing behind katsuko and masha's brother during sunday's concert and felt very touched looking at katsuko watching her son's concert<<< masha joked imanami treated himself as his girlfriend

I always wondered whether his mom and brother ever saw him in concert and this answers my question. I wonder where they stood, did the fans notice, etc. I wonder how his mother felt with his squeeze squeeze routine and whether his nieces and nephew (s) ever watch him in concert as well?

Masha said he did not have much happy memory when he was in nagasaki, except the time spent with his grandmothers. Again he talked about why he loved his grandmothers so much. Talking about grandfather, he said he did not like him very much because he always got angry with masha, and was very mean, only gave him 500 yen red pocket money

He is beginning to sound like me! 500 yen ONLY? It does seem he have very low opinion of the men in his family except his own brother.

btw, masha talked about mikan grandmother (i.e. katsuko's mother) more often than paternal one. But he said he loved both grandmothers. Sometimes ago he talked about his paternal grandmother and said they lived together. She had problem at walking so she need to lie on the bed most of the time. Because he was worried she would have bedsores, he woke up at midnight to help her change her sleeping position. But after a few seconds, she would return to her original position. After meals, he carried her on his back to take her to bedroom, and she often fart on his back (btw, in 98 daikanshasai?, he showed a picture he was carrying her on his back when visiting grave, the picture was taken by katsuko)

Very touching isn't it? I wonder do I have that 98 daikanshasai? The picture? Curious! He's a good kid by the way. I think both sets of grandparents are dead.

Request song is Heart which you can download from Post #931 page 63. Full broadcast can be downloaded from Post #944 Page 63.

A lot of snippets tonight!! I wish for a full recap since some are rather interesting. First, by Halad;

a fan wrote that she wants a live with Masha and everyone else in underwear he makes... and she wants Masha-coloured undies. Masha says that that might be "a bit difficult".  A high school student said it would be nice if they could make a Masha shitajiki so she can proudly take him to school and have an excuse to stare at him during class! LOL, Sou-chan suggested Masha erasers... They're thinking about other things that would be nice to use at school. "Gym uniforms? One that would have my face on it like BAAAAN". Other goods people suggested included car license plates, little chibi things (not sure if I heard that right), guitar picks and now a camera bag with straps.  On guitar picks, I think he said that it's perfectly possible, and they had them in some previous concerts. I think he might've said that they make them anyways (he uses them, right?) so it would probably be a go. Masha's saying that camera bags would be too expensive, but he could do them as a limited edition thing... He thinks maybe it would be better to have a more general bag for computers and things since more people could use them. A fan wants Masha pyjamas. On pyjamas,  Masha says he wouldn't have buttons on them since he thinks they get in the way  Maybe he's having a hard time deciding about this since he doesn't wear PJs himself...Masha says sex is creative.

Oh dear, why stop at the word creative? What else? WHAT ELSE?!

More by Mashamasha;

masha just talked about the kids interview in Music station. One of the girl who said masha is a nice guy and gave her red pocket money is his friend's daughter. Masha said it is totally a coincidence. When his friend knew music station was coming to his daughter's school to have the interview, he immediately told masha and asked what his daughter should say, whether she can tell about the red pocket money in the interview

This was in Music Station on 02.09.2011 I think.

what he described himself of younger days "やりたいことは分からないけどやりたくないことは分かる" 
完全明白呢種心情, 唔知自己想做乜, 但知道自己唔想做啲乜

I used an online translator, seems to get what it means but rather hard to write it out. I will just leave it up to you to do your own translation-but he sounds rather rebellious and difficult and unwilling to try new stuff when he was young if my online translator is correct. My online translator is lousy! I mustered up my pride and asked someone who knows the Chinese translation and she read it out and I can translate it as "I know not what I want to do, but I do know what I don't want to do". Does it correspond with the Japanese version?

btw, they talked about concert goods tonight. Masha said they did have plan to release sneaker (the concert logo one), but the design is too complicated so they gave up the plan. And the listeners suggested him to release plastic file, guitar pick set (it seems he also buys this idea and really considers it, and they said the set could include the picks he used in previous tours and daikanshasai), camera bag. And masha said a bag brand once offered to release camera bag, computer bag for his tour.

I agree on the guitar picks!!  I want! I want! Plastic file also!!

Camera bag as Masha have said will be too expensive. But then the recent tracksuit for Live Bang 2011 is also very expensive anyway. And Masha also talked about his participation in the upcoming Fukushima Live. You can read more about that event here.

I think this is from TFM. Something about his younger time which is rare. Anyway by Mashamasha;

he just said when he was in secondary school he was the leader of the school's brass band group. There was a tradition that if the members are late for practice, they need to be punished by beating on the buttocks using sticks (?). So he also is the "executioner"/carry out this tradition. And one day the deputy who was a female student came to him and asked him to stop doing this because those female members really hated this punishment. He thought he had done nothing wrong because he only carried out the tradition. But as he didn't want to be labelled as the annoying guy, so he stopped this tradition. 

Frankly he should. Secondary school and girls have their buttocks beaten with stick or whatever? Now Masha may be arrested for sexual harrasment or abuse or something! Such a tradition is stupid. But one wonders did he enjoy the tradition? Is everything so sexualised in Japan and no one sees anything wrong with that? He was wise to listen to his deputy. A leader who leads well is that sort of listens to his subordinates.

Anyway thanks to Irene for transcribing this broadcast;

Announcing PM Mr. Noda  - Japan has a new leader!

he was also concerned about the typhoon when in Okinawa. they had typhoons on both sides of them when he was in Okinawa. he was sandwiched in-between them. he was worried for his 32,000 guests (total for 2 days). 

reading listener letters. one of them was crying seeing masha on live show surrounded by the blue skies and blue water. someone who has been to okinawa 30+ times. 

okinawa weather was cool - breezy.

all of the stage gear was shipped from Honshu island - it was a lot of work and was costly and took time.

talking 10/1 16:00 live wow-wow re-broadcast discussion. this is to help wow-wow promote it's new all- HD broadcasting service.

more promotion for Live Fukushima. 

it's been 20 years since he participated in a live charity concert event.  he's looking forward to it, but worried about people going to buy hot dogs or to the WC when he comes out on stage. MC says not to worry!

he did a CM photo shoot in okinawa after the concert. 

(by the way, I read in bros mag that they filmed the Asahi long-hair running up hills CM on Lana'i Island in Hawai'i. The plane broke down so they flew him in on a private jet which he was excited about). 

more talk about skinny dipping on the beach in okinawa. it was a place where no one goes. People used to always be naked - when we are born and such. The swimming felt good!

talking about breathing while singing and masha's demonstrates how he breathes very quietly. 

more talk about kazoku announcement in NHK again saying he was surprised and didn't watch it but heard about it from his staff. he appreciates what they did. he heard it is popular with people getting married and divorced. (they have a lot of divorce parties now in japan) (my comments...this might be one of the first times so many people have adopted a popular song for weddings so perhaps that's the "news" element?)

talking about different summer events that students participate in. he was in the school basketball "class match". they won.

masako speaking now....

girl complaining about being nagged by her mother to be more like her sister who is popular and smarter with more friends. his reply: you are you! don't worry about being popular. encouraging her to develop skills/hobbies, and talking about how he focused on photography about 15-16 years ago. 

schedule update, Miyagi ticket info, Hokkaido Live weekday performances 9/21 & 9/22 - a few scattered tickets are still available because they changed the venue to a larger venue - contact the ticket seller on web site for info !!!

Request song is Nada sou sou (thanks Thitirat for the info), old Okinawa song. Thanks to thitirat again who said he sang this song before on 24.09.2005 on ANN, which you can hear at youtube. For current version, check this link out. FOR A FULL RECAP, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Some snippets;

they are talking about NHK news's "promotion" of the single [Mashamasha] Yes NHK prime time news I believe at 9pm, can't remember which date reported on the 27th single! Even Masha is shocked eh? he had his one and only one day summer holiday after okinawa concert. He and the managers went to a beach there to skinny dip (i.e. mini station interview part). He had did this years ago and enjoyed it very much, so this time he "forced" his managers to do the same. But they did not have skinny dip together, one followed by another one [Mashamasha] Which necessitates Masha having male managers. Force eh? he arrived okinawa on last wed and immediate had urgent meeting with amuse people, stage director and organizer to discuss whether they need to cancel the concert due to the typhoon. They need to make the decision before thur noon because he had appearance on FM okinawa on thur and if they decided to cancel, he need to announce it. They planned to have replacement show next year if the concert had to be cancelled [Mashamasha] the listener (to win the Fukuyama Regza TV set I think) need to play Stone/scissors ... (I give up! can't remember!) with 3 people, including Masha to win the white color regza, but so far no listeners can defeat one of the 3 (not Masha), so masha had no chance to play. he complained sou-chan was very bad, sou-chan cheered when he defeated the listeners, and sou-chan himself admitted he should not have this reaction [Mashamasha]

AND more snippets transcribed by Irene, thanks very much to Irene!

I, FM, 42 took first place in Oricon ranking with my new single "Kazoku". Congratulations & Thank you!

Everyone please give it "heavy rotation!"

Its not ok to "tie-up" promotions with NHK. He didn't know anything about the NHK promotion of his new single. - I wonder, was he not pleased with the free promo?

Beach Masha visited in Okinawa was just an isolated spot - not a "nudist beach" - must be very isolated that fans can't find it, or maybe very exclusively isolated

Talk about how he was able to find an isolated beach to enjoy with 30,000+ fans on the same island.

They all dove into water one after another in a line - Is entire Team Fukuyama men only or women also included?

Masha has experience with this sort of thing (skinny dipping) - Yes he did, which inspired him to write Ano Natsu mo Umi mo Sora mo if I remember correctly!

All members of Team Fukuyama decided together to spend their one day of holiday at the beach.

During Ryoma period women didn't go swimming? Discussion about swimming outfits in the "Ryoma Bakumatsu" period (late 1800's).

A team member egged him on to skinny dip. 

The waves were very strong because the typhoons were near.

The beach wasn't actually a public beach, it was a place they were introduced to by a local special tour guide (along with hot spots, etc.).

They bought a soccer ball and other things to play with at the beach at a convenience store - while naked?!

Ms. Kuroki is a native of Okinawa. She lived there until she was 15 (mentioned on MS)

Talking about the crane thing he rode around in during the concert. It moved around a lot. They used it because the concert site was flat and it would be inconsiderate for the fans out back who can't see well.

Discussion about big or small body size as displayed in the concert. His opinion about big or small changes like the seasons. Masha encouraging women to not worry if they  wear a bikini.

Many writers about Okinawa Live who attended in person or who watched on WowWow. 

Acknowledging that lots of Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong visitors attended Okinawa Live!! 

Thought it was good promotion for Okinawa due to the pretty setting of the stadium with it's ocean view, etc.

They planned to start out the Live with uptempo but they may have started with a different line up including a lot of bass play. They expected a lot of first-timers so they chose the line up according to that thought. Some of the audience waited a long time outdoors and some were rained on. Talk about wearing a blazer. 

Lots of letters today and most aren't discussing anything of interest.

Now discussing baseball batting centers....comparing the sound the balls make - they sound like golf balls. Masha knows about everything doesn't he!

A listener wants to start his own distillery/cellar after college, and Masha is encouraging him. 

Now talking about hampsters....someone has 100 hampsters?

The bell is ringing, now time for Regza give-away.

Now phoning a listener. Kyoto 2 year High School student. She's giggling. Now playing paper/rock/sissors with the listener. She lost. Now phoning Keiko in North Kyushu to a 30 year old woman. So did a 14 year old, Tokyo 27 year old man, Miyazaki 39 year old woman. They all lost. 
Masha saying sorry! They get their pictures put on a home page?

Now discussing his participation in Fukushima Live. Next week is the half-year anniversary of 3/11 (9/11!)

Oh! Final listener won the 3D pearl white Regza - 19 year old girl! Telling her it will fit in her own room because it's not big.

Should be Kid's Week. No snippets since everyone was busy with Okinawa concert.

Request song is my 2nd most favourite song, Beautiful Day!! Listen here. And finally some snippets thanks to Mashamasha;

sou-chan told masha fans' interpretation about the Kazoku PV (daddy has serious illness and knows he is going to die, daddy already died and is in heaven, but the god lets him come back to spend a day with the son as present to him) Masha laughs so hard and asked fans stop making such morbid setting, don't make him die. and masha also asked fans if they have comments, they should directly write to ANN, not in sou-chan's twitter. Don't treat him as the contact person, sou-chan has his own life

I agree with fellow fans that says his wife died and he now has to take care of his son alone. But there was little chemistry between Masha and the child actor and my impression is maybe his sister or some relative died and he had to take care of the child. Family need not be father and son. Anyway Sou-chan seems to enjoy twittering so I am sure Masha was just joking.

I haven't listened or read anything about this broadcast except something about a kid who maybe played Aishita no Show, not sure. Anyway Mashamasha says "the boy is now 12 years old, the age when masha started guitar. At the end he requested masha to play guitar together with him some day in the future". Masha started guitar when he was 12? I really wanna know more about that aspect. Anyway "there will be also kids special next week". Well, cuteness overload for sure. See here for some letters sent by kids. If you're listening in next week, would appreciate some snippets! TFM very little snippets!

ANN request is the beautiful Himawari.

Official debut as in broadcast of Kazoku ni narou yo wedding version, which Masha says has a "Santana" style, which fans says means guitar. And I thought it would be wedding bells! Anyway haven't listen yet so can't comment. Some snippets by fans;

Masha likes sweet jelly of red beans (azuki-bean jelly)

He said he carries all sort of medicines with him. Even for mosquito bites. Backstage of Osaka jo hall there are many mosquitoes that was why he mention Osaka Jo Hall. Sou chan just twit that Masha in white tshirt ... again.

And Masha just tweeted;


Thanks Ji-young who translated "Soft Azuki-bean jelly, delicious! (red/azuki bean paste)"

The day with kids, sounds fun.

A great big thanks to Vspirit for transcribing the following. So funny! Valid questions, very valid questions!!

Summer Special: Kid's Futsuota Reading:
TFM 8/14/11

From: Rida-chan, Ishikawa, Aged 7 

Fukuyama! Why do you shake your butt so much?
Fukuyama! Why are you not married?
Fukuyama! Who gave birth to you?

His answers:

Q: Fukuyama! Why do you shake your butt so much?
A: It's called 'dancing', kid, dancing.

Q: Fukuyama! Why are you not married?
A: cosinevergottachancetonext!

Q: Fukuyama! Who gave birth to you?
A: ...last I checked me mam did.

And Mashamasha added; The funniest thing is this kid keeps calling him Fukuyama Fukuyama, not bothered to call him "san"

Request song is Escape. Listen here. Debuted Hard Rain Osaka concert version which will be in the new 27th single.

And tonight, the Masha we know is back, and live broadcast since no concert at this moment! Not only that, he tweeted (ホッパン甲子園開催してえな! BY福山- via Iphone no less)! Anyway some recap thanks to MashaPlus and HKFC combined;

 the Album version of Fighting Pose is different from the ones we heard so far. Really?! I wonder what's different!! The wedding version of kazuko ni narou yo  will debut next week in ANN. He announced Hard Rain as the Live Version to be included in the 27th single, which we all already know. And he played that version by the way. Sou chan tweeted Masha was in v-neck white t-shirt and sandals, which made me wonder, no pants?! Then something about buying the various versions of Playboy magazine from airport bookshops when he has the chance to do so. Then some more things about hotpants (oh how he loves them!) and nudist beach in Spain and Italy (which you must be nude to walk on nudist beach!!), so ladies, you know what to wear at Okinawa! Talking with the Fukushima radio announcer by phone. it seems masha is not just asking fans to wear hot pants, he and sou-chan also want to wear hot pants and form middle age fashion statement with other ANN staff. That is not a sight I wanna see, but Masha has always worn super tight pants in his concerts ...

Oh, on nudist beach, he mentioned something about shaving and once again Mashamasha to the rescue to make sense what he said and let's just say, this is a gem!

he was not nude because he was not prepared to show his masha. And he also thought it's too eye catching for an Asian to nude his body in nudist beach due to the color contrast between the skin and the underhair. He now regrets why he did not just have hair shave to eliminate this worry.

Oh Masha, it would be more obvious between Little Masha and skin with no hair! Why am I blogging this?!

Request song is Nagareboshi. Fighting Pose debuted tonight on radio although he debuted the live version in Osaka concert. You can hear the clip here .

Some snippets by Mashamasha;

he said he is now trying to look at the audience more often in concerts and have more eye contacts with the fans, but when he looked at them, he found that very often the fans were looking at the screen and did not realise he was looking at them, so he told himself "ok, you guys are busy right now"

Masha, look at me! ME!!

Request song is Yakusoku no Oka.

A bit on the request song by Mashamasha;

the ann request tonight is from a girl to her boyfriend's mother. 

The girl said his mother is a big fans of masha and always played masha songs in the car whey they went shopping together, which made the girl become masha's fans too. They have agreed to watch Saitama live together in November. But unfortunately his boyfriend's mother died from cancer recently. They played Yakusoku no Oka in her funeral as this is her most favorite song.

The girl had decided not to go to Saitama live but her boyfriend wanted her to go so she changed her mind.

Then masha said if Saitama was held in March as scheduled originally, they would have watched the concert together

By Halad;

Masha talking about various concert things, like how his physical condition is often the best the day right before the concert, or having to not drinkfor weeks on end ("It's like not getting enough water! I get thirsty! D:"). He says when he doesn't drink his condition is too good and he overworks himself which isn't cool. 

Masha is now Wowow's Ma-sha kun, instead of NHK's Domo-kun 

Masha said that he may look like he's having fun in his lives but he actually gets very tired, which is why he took so long to write Fighting Pose (I think he's been writing it for a while, since the tour started, or maybe even before). He says that normally you'd have a single ready three months before the release but in his case it's not done even though there's only a month left

The Kazoku ni Narou Yo and Fighting Pose PV's are already filmed! 

Masha: "I've already filmed the PV's."
Sou-chan: "Ehhh?! When?!"

but now they're talking about what Masha's fashion was like back during his debut time

By River;

And Fighting Pose is about Kagawa-san.     

Trivia: Kagawa Teruyuki has a boxing background. 

By Mashamasha;

kagawa is the guest MC of a boxing program in wowow, that's why masha said the image person of Fighting Pose is kagawa

They were talking about Red Cliff's stage drama, in which the guest tonight Tonesaku plays the role of Zhuge Liang, this role was played by Takeshi in the movie version. it seems masha has so much interests in Chiling Lin. The guest Tonesaku is now having stage play with her (Red Cliff stage version) and masha asked Tonesaku to help him take a photo of her. He kept asking Tonesaku whether her skin is beautiful, her hair is beautiful, her style is good and how is her smell.....He wants to go to see the stage play in order to meet her

Masha, she's not your type. Too high maintenance. Just because she is famous for having seductive voice and voluptous figure does not equate compatibility. Oh Masha, look past all that! And she might be a bit too tall for you. For me, a bit too skinny.


Request song is I love you and I need you Fukushima. Download request song (MP3 - 4.07MB) at Megaupload or more choices at Multiupload

The following all thanks to Halad of MashaPlus;

Something about walking, Masha thinking of it as training...Masha says he thinks about his hamstrings and calves when he walks. I think he might've said something about his butt too, not completely sure.  I think he's been saying that he walked to Tamaraji? And something about Tokyo being cold, even at this time of year?

Masha: "I've never thought that I'd come to love walking as much as I do, when I was younger..."
Sou-chan: "Maybe it's ageing."
Masha: "Ageing?"
Sou-chan: "...."
Masha: "AGEING?

Masha just said that he liked having his hair longer for Ryomaden because in the beginning, no one could recognize him! He thought, "I can finally live properly!" But then when it got even longer, it had the opposite effect and he'd hear things like "Ryoma." "It's Ryoma-san!" "OMG IT'S RYOMA" 

And he says that the last time he got chosen as fashion leader during Niji time, he felt really pressured!

A second-year high school student asked him to tell her about fashion which she's never been very interested in, and he replied, very dramatically, 

"You see... Masha actually... has no idea!"

("sappari wakaranai", like Yukawa-sensei!)

Something about leotards. 

I hate walking so that makes me forever youthful. And how he can ever walk to Tamaraji building without being chased by fans? Tokyo is cold now? When everyone tells me it is hot? Masha, you need the warmth of a woman's body!! And his fashion sense is debatable BUT I do miss his Ryoma hair. And no, no leotards, please!

Request song tonight is an old song I believe, his song but old, Ima kono hito tokiga tooi yume no youni but slower than the original. Info by Izumisano, the song is from his 1995 album, Message (Side B).

Request song tonight is 18.  Some good snippets, never thought I read about his mom thanks to Mashamasha...

masha said if katsuko (his mother) wants to tell masha something, she doesn't tell him directly, she will tell masha's friend Kimura takuya (his highschool classmate - not the actor) and "utilise" kimura to pass her words to masha. She said the current house no longer livable, and also said mansion not desirable, does she want masha to buy an apartment to her? 

Masha renovated the small house to I believe double storey or something like that. It is the family home in Nagasaki, apparently the first stop for any Masha fan.

last time katsuko wanted to buy new sofa, she did't tell masha, he only knew it from his manager (but he did buy a new sofa to her as mother's day present)

Intriguing. So he is the one taking care of his mom financially, and not his older brother which is what it is since his older brother is married with I think 3 children. Very intriguing. And why must she tell his manager that she wants a sofa? Even she can't call him to say "Son, I want a sofa"?! I wonder did he bring her to shop for a sofa or he decided which sofa? I mean not sure whether his taste would suit the old lady...

On some stuff he also mentioned about the tenga episode. Tenga is by the way I believe brand name of sex toys, where he was once given such toys from fan at a petrol station. I think he gave it as a gift to some contest winner over at ANN later on, unused and still in original packaging, just so you know ...

his tenga was received from the gasoline station staff. When masha went to the gasoline station, the staff asked him if he knows tenga, and said if he wants to try, he can give it to him (and he really takes it)

More on the Tenga thing by Izumisano;

Apparently his regular gas station guy gave him one set a couple of years back, and said it's great, try it. He didn't but announced it on radio and put the set up as one of the write-in presents for listeners. There was a picture of it on the radio site many years back. If I remember correctly it was only much later that he tried it at the recommendation of his friend. The english version of the jp tenga site (I mean and not the european site) has an interview some months back with Masha's best friend vouching for its awesomeness (it's still there - back number Voice section).

Quote from: Lily Franky
I had my preconceptions .... before I used it ..... But when I gave one to a friend he told me how great it was, so I gave it a try ....

Lily Franky? How honest! And highlighted, his friend I assume is Masha? Oh my god! Oooh la la!

Of course there was also the famous declaration on radio back in March (?) 2009 which started with a proud "I have something very automatic and something very manual at home". The first one was his 2 pet iRobots and the second one was that something that allows him to fantasize he's dating Rio as he watches her. 

Yes, that's Masha, the real guy, who can say anything on radio, except who he is dating.

Some interesting snippet thanks to Mashamasha;

imanami asked masha whether he was a quiet student during the lesson. He said yes, as most of the time he was sleeping in the class, very quiet Even though he didn't sleep, he would do other things quietly, e.g. writing lyrics, thinking other things. He wouldn"t disturb others. He said he would also practise guitar quietly during the lesson, for this part i am not sure whether i get it right, but it seems he would put strings on utensils(?)/plates (?) to practise tehcnique (finger). He did it quietly, but inside his heart he was in "rock" mood (you can hear him imitating guitar sound in that part

Full broadcast can be download at Post #59 Page 4. I am not sure what is the request song but in fan forum I read "Koi" and I believe it is a cover version.

Great snippets tonight!

By Halad;

Masha was talking about Arashi and AKB's income and sales, saying that it's something that really only happened in the 90's. Someone was very close to Masha, close enough to see him sweating in a live and said that during Gang the inside of her head just went white... Someone's asking what Masha eats to get so much energy. Her friend said "Maybe something magical", and Masha replied that it's more about the muscles. He exercises a lot normally. Someone asked Masha what kind of manga he likes and apparently he doesn't look at the covers of the manga so he has no idea what the titles are. he liked Crows. Now he's talking about the magazines he buys, since he prefers them over tankobon. He reads Young King. And somehow he memorizes what happens in all the weekly magazines even though he doesn't even know their titles  And he has to look for manga according to the art since he doesn't know the titles when he buys tankobon. Someone asked when Masha became so good at speaking, and he said that he practiced a lot in the beginning of his radio career, and listened to recordings of his show again and again, looking for mistakes. He said that he's never thought that he's a good speaker, and he talked about when he was asked to walk home together by kids in kindergarten he was so embarrassed that he went home by himself crying. And he never talked to girls in middle school. 

Really so shy? What happened in between that made him into the man that tells his listeners everything? Well, almost everything. He can tell you his exercise habits, his obsession with cleanliness, how he folds his underwear and even his toilet habits bur he will never ever tell you who he is dating. Coy man!

By Mashamasha;

they just talked about pirate cd in china, masha said he saw his unofficial cd in TW and HK, and thought "when did i release this cd?"

Pirate producers can even remix your songs! Nowdays terribly professional. 

More by Mashamasha;

One asked him to talk about his salaryman period in nagasaki.  Masha said there are 3 reasons why he applied that company (the timber company? ). First, it only took him 5 minutes to walk from his home to the company. Second, it only had oral interview, no writing test. Third, the company would pay the driving license fee for its employee.  Masha said after the training he was assigned to Sales department. He was asked to go to the customers' offices and introduced the products to them.  But he found it very difficult to do this, so later on what he actually did was leaving his business card and catalogue to the reception and then left  After he "finished" his mission, he would drive the company car to pier and slept

Never knew he was so lazy! But I suppose if you're unmotivated... anyway is this the timber company>

Some great snippets. ANN Request was Transistor radio by RC Succession. 

By Halad:-

he's being modest about getting the Galaxy award! "I just went as a representative." And Sou-chan commented that it was surprising to see him go, and that he hasn't seen him receiving an award with such formal attire, and Masha replied that he was nervous! Talk about Team Amuse and those spots in the lines; Masha was saying that someone like him or Kuwata-san would probably get pushed back to the second or third line by new powers like Haruma or Takeru... They mentioned that they look on Wikipedia sometimes and there're lots of mistakes, and Masha commented that he's become friends with random people and stuff. A person who went to the concert with her three sons said that her son said that he wanted to grow his hair long after watching Ryomaden, and that he enjoyed the concert very much! Another fan, a 19-year-old who was on the subway listening to Masha music, saw a couple who was making out and found it unpleasant, but then saw that the guy was holding a ribbon from Masha's concert! She thinks that his concerts bring people together. Discussions on favourite books and Masha said he likes manga and magazines and specialized magazines. Someone (another new fan through Ryomaden) asked if Masha likes natto. Masha: "I. LIKE. NATTO." (in English).

Specialised magazine?? And he goes to Wkipedia? Does he log in and change the wrong facts? Does he come HERE?

Mashamasha explained; "the specialized magazine he mentioned is business and economy magazine. and he said he doesn't read novel, but he likes reading poems. His favorite poet is Miyazawa Kenji"

I am kinda convinced when he retires from music business he will open a business, maybe sell guitars. Not surprising he lies poetry, since it helps in lyrical wise doesn't it?

By Mashamasha;

Listeners are invited to ask some basic things about masha, e.g. does masha read book and which book does he like the of them asked which guitar player masha likes, masha said he likes John Mayer and Muse's guitarist (he forgets his name - Matthew Bellamy). and another listener just asked when masha cries. He said he often cries when using internet (reading/watching some touching things).


vspirit said...

he forgot bellamy's name. i am upset.

Funn Lim said...

vspirit, I am even more surprised he named someone rather contemporary? I expected he would name someone either dead or old.

vspirit said...

lol! like who? hendrix? he's mentioned liking neil young, too, and can play a lot of his songs. he seems to like country and western and contemporary guitarists who focus more on acoustic guitar than the rock arena bigwigs (tho no doubt he likes them---he's mentioned going to a pearl jam concert in LA b4).

maybe it's cos muse is one of the newer leading acts of the current generation, and they do have the kind of talent that made rock legends of the old legends, that he acknowledges them (or rather, bellamy) but maybe it's cos of his age (he's an old man, after all xxD), he can't really remember actual names of younger foreign musicians (unless they're lady gaga, of course, but that's a stage name).

i wonder what he thinks of rhcp's frusciante, though. dude's my fave guitarist. =)

vspirit said...

hmm...i'm now curious about what your online translator said.

Funn Lim said...

Vspirit, probably wrong thing anyway. I will retrace which translator I used and cut and paste.

Funn Lim said...

Vspirit, I just asked someone to just read the chinese words to me and I realised my translator is crap. If the Chinese is correct, it should be "I know not what I want to do, but I know what I don't want to do".

Is it the same as Japanese version?

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