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The following is a partial recap of about 6 minutes of the entire broadcast (they spoke so much?!), transcribed directly from Japanese (!!!) of the ANN broadcast on 03.09.2011 and is far too long to copy and paste into the ANN/TFM snippets post. So here it is, in summary, Masha talks about nudity, Okinawa and beaches. It is a must read. And all these thanks very very much to Vspirit who had the patience to transcribe and made it all sound so conversational. Of course the number 1 advice given by Vspirit is better to learn to Japanese to enjoy everything Masha but for me, it will take me at least some years to even understand half of what they're saying, and they have mouths like bullet trains. Meanwhile, thanks again to Vspirit for making it all look so easy and letting us enjoy a bit of what Masha and gang is saying! 

The whole thing after Read More link.

The following by Vspirit. For the snippets only version, click here (look for 03.09.2011)

FM: Fukuyama
SA: Soguchi

-Mikizo from Tokyo, 29, office worker-

Mikizo: Dear Masha & So-chan, kon-M-sta!

FM&SA: Kon-M-sta!

Mikizo: I watched Msta last night and got the shock of my life when Masha said what he did in the mini-sta section. The beaches in Okinawa are really beautiful so I wished I was there, too...okay it's really just the nudist beach I want to go to. Hey Masha, were you serious when you said you were walking around buck nekkid?

FM: It's not exactly a nudist beach, actually, It's just this beach with nobody on it and we just sorta hid somewhere we wouldn't be seen and stripped down there.

SA: So you guys basically just stripped yourselves bare and went TA-DA!

FM: Well, it's no so much as "TA-DA!" as it was say, peek-a-boo!

SA: Uh, yeah, thanks so much for sharing...

FM: Peek-a-boo! I see yooooou~~~

SA: But still, there's a risk you'll get seen...

FM: Hmm...I said on Msta that people ran away when they saw this bunch of perverts naked but the fact of the matter is we were already in the water.

SA: Eh? So you're saying people actually came up to you and watched?

FM: No, no, nothing like that at all. The beach part is basically a way people use to walk pass.

SA: That's cutting it a bit close, don't you think?

FM: Well, it /is/ a beach after all, and a long one at that...

SA: Oh, so people can actually come and go as they please...

FM: People go there to fish usually, since there's no one around.

SA: OIC...

FM: Yeah, so it was more the case of these folks ranging from middle-aged to old coming to fish but saw the lot of us there and gave up and left.

SA: Haha, who would've thunk that if they'd taken a closer look, they would've seen Masaharu Fukuyama skinny dipping right there. I bet no one can imagine you doing just that right there.

FM: I guess it's hard for these 32,000 people who came over those two days to imagine me doing something like that but it's precisely because of that that I had the guts to do it in the first place.

SA: I heard your managers all stripped as well.

FM: That's right. They did.


FM: And cos we can't jeer and poke fun at each other if we all stripped at the same time so what we did was we each took turns to do it instead. First it was Ono, then it was Ishida and then next was me and finally it was Sato. We all stripped and went into the water one by one.

SA: Haha, that's some pretty good thinking there. You won't  have  any ammo to use against each another if everyone were to all strip together, especially if something interesting were to happen.

FM: Exactly, and without ammo, it'd be like the pot laughing at the kettle so we went in rotation and took turns instead.

SA: Haha, all right. I see you guys had it all planned out.

FM: Uh-huh. *smirk*

SA: But nothing happened, right? I mean it sounds like you guys were all able to somehow pull it off and enjoy yourselves fully.

FM: Well it wasn't really much of a feat since there's nobody around.

SA: It was if you think about how you're all grown-ups pulling a stunt a like this.

FM: Think about it. It's our--our being Team Fukuyama--one and only day we could call summer vacation. It's very precious so we really didn't want to waste it so there we were cracking our heads going "What to do? OMG, WHAT TO DO???!" and the general consensus in the end was: GOING NUDE ON THE BEACH.

SA: Ah, nothing beats letting your dicks hang loose on the beach, innit?

FM: Yup!

SA: Yeah, I bet it must've felt reeeeally good...

FM: I've actually done this several times before.

SA: Oh?

FM: This whole going nude on the beach thing, I mean.

SA: Right, on beaches with nothing but beautiful sand and seawater...

FM: Yeah, it's kinda like going back to the earlier stages of human evolution. I mean, weren't we humans originally all like this back then? Before we became all stuffy and civilized, no one's even heard of underwear much less going into the sea with them on.

SA: Well, if you put it that way, it's only really recently that we all started putting them on.

FM: You said it! I mean when compared to the long, long, loooong history of human evolution, this whole civilized society where we're all required to put on underwear is practically a new trend.

SA: So back then it was the other way around. Letting everything hang loose was the norm and hiding behind clothes would make others go WTF?!

FM: Come to think of it, women didn't use to wear underwear under all that kimono back in the Bakumatsu era, did they?

SA: Right. Wait, I think it was right up until slightly after WWII...basically back when wearing kimono was still the norm, women actually didn't use to put on underwear.

FM: Wait, you mean they don't even put on loincloths back then?

SA: Nope, nothing at all apparently.

FM: ...oh.

SA: They figured draping a kimono's enough so it's all commando underneath.

FM: Ah, no wonder those amasans* in those old pictures I saw had their chests all exposed for the world to see...

(FM means this:

SA: ...?! Where'd you see something like that?!

(SA's thinking this:

FM: In Chiba.

SA: Yeah but where in Chiba?

FM: Well it's really been quite a while...

SA: What, and they were just walking around with their chests exposed?

FM: I wouldn't exactly call it that... it was more like they were wading in the water, I think?

SA: Oh. OH. You mean those...!

FM: ...? Ah! Was that what you're thinking? I don't mean the ones you see in temples, I mean the ones you see in the sea!

SA: Yeah, I get it now. The ones who dive around fishing for shells, right?

FM: Yeah, those.

SA: I see! Wait, you mean those had to go into the water with more or less nothing on?

FM: Yeah, cos they didn't have wetsuits back then.

SA: They had these huge tub-like things to put their pickings in...

FM: Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's it. Theirs were all just out in the open.

SA: Whoops. I was totally thinking of those like Jakucho Setouchi walking around with their chests hanging out...:-[

FM: Nonono, I was talking about the super hot ones**. Those.:shifty:

SA: Right, the ones in the sea. ^_^"

FM: Yeah, the ones in the sea. :shifty:

SA: Okay, all right.

FM: Those had everything exposed.

SA: So putting on underwear is more like a recent habit then?

FM: I guess going around naked all the time has lost its appeal somehow.

SA: You've done this before so you're used to this but I really can't imagine your managers going along with it just like that.

FM: Ono--he went first--was totally not into the idea at all, in fact.

SA: I mean it's like the high school swimming club all over again. Like, "C'mon, stop it man!"

FM: Yeah, it was like, "C'mon, don't be chicken, Ono. Just take it off!", " ???? You mean, like, now??! Right here??!", " :glare No, over here. Of course right there!"

SA: So while the rest of you strip out of your trunks as your turn came...

FM: "Yo, Ono! Toss your trunks and sandals over! C'mon, give 'em over!" " ???? B-b-but w-what for?!" LoL! Dude was so totally thinking I was gonna run off with his stuff and hide 'em somewhere he can't find or something.

SA: Ah, I see how much managers trust the artistes they work for now.

FM: But I wasn't thinking that at all, really! The reason I asked him to toss them over is 'cos if he'd just left them there, chances were the waves were gonna wash them away. So here I was asking him to give them over to me so I could put them away somewhere safe and he looked so unhappy when he went, "Uhhh...o-okay :(" like he didn't believe me at all or something.

SA: Yeah, I bet he was thinking, "Do I believe this guy or not?"

FM: That or he's thinking, "So this is what bullying in the business is like, huh? Who'da thunk I'd end up a victim?" You should've seen the suspicion written all over his face!

SA: What I find amusing is the image of a well-respected artiste like you pulling juvenile pranks like hiding your managers' trunks and running off buck naked like a little kid LOL!

FM: LoL! Well I didn't do it but I'm positive he was thinking I would.

SA: Kind of like, "This dude might really do it...whoa! This business sure is tough!"

FM: I was just trying to be nice! Honest! The waves were really strong that day, so we kept only to the shallow parts. What with the typhoon approaching and all, the waves were also pretty high.

SA: Well, it's true that if everything gets washed away, you'll have a real situation on your hands.

FM: Situation? It'd practically be a holiday-turn-disaster! And what's more, the beach wasn't like a public one so to get there, we had to go through a small wilderness of sorts. Which meant there were a lot of all these exotic-looking bushes and plants you'd usually only find in southern-climate areas, like the sort that was introduced on NHK's Hotspots program, and some of these strange flower plant species even had thorns on them. So imagine poor Ono having to walk through all that without a shred of clothing on for protection when heading back.

SA: Come to think of it, that'd be an even worse sort of bullying. "You! Strip and walk through all those thorns and brushes NAO! Hey! Ono! I'm talking to you!!" And he'd be like, "Ow-ow-ow" all the way back.

FM: LoL! I mean, it's our one and only day off, you know? So I really didn't want it to end on a sour note.

SA: "Ow-owie-ouch!"

FM: Anyway, we had a great time,

SA: Yeah, you sure sound like you had fun.

FM: We did. A lot of it.

SA: Who could have imagined a bunch of middle-aged farts taking turns to get naked on the beach?

FM: Oh, and on the way to the beach, we bought a float and a beach soccer ball from this shop. You know the sort you have to blow up yourself?  We bought those.

SA: Haha, so the lot of you had a bit of a naked beach soccer match.

FM: Yeah.

SA: You're starting to make me feel jealous.

FM: LoL. And whenever one of us tried to get onto the float, we almost got washed away together with it.

SA: Whoa! Now that's a close one.

FM: Haha but it was fun getting carried away by the currents so we had a lot fun that way, too.

SA: Ah, okay.

FM: Of course, the float and beach ball are going to be presented as giveaways to the fanclub through the mobile site so don't worry, lol.

SA: Oh, really?

FM: Yeah.

SA: Nice. Your one-day vacation sure sounds like a great one indeed.

FM: It was fantastic.

SA: Good, good.

FM: And by the time I got back, it's already the single release date.

SA: Oh right. So this means you did all that and right after getting back, there was Heyx3 going on air and your appearance on Music Station.

FM: We did the whole naked on the beach thing on Tuesday and by Friday I was already yapping about it on Music Station so that bit of info was practically hot out of the oven.

SA: And Meisa Kuroki-san standing next to you there was looking on very approvingly when you were talking about all that.

FM: Well, that's because Kuroki-san knows all about these secret island spots.****

SA: Ah, yeah, she would, wouldn't she? Her being from Okinawa and all. Right.

FM: Uh-huh. She was shooting me these "I know, right?" looks.

SA: Haha, So she knew exactly what you're describing.

FM: Yeah, she was like, "So you went and did all that, huh? It was a looot of fun, right?"

SA: Everyone was very curious when you said all that. I mean, no one knew if you were being serious or not.

FM: I was being very serious.

SA: I guess we all just wanted to know if you got seen or not.

FM: want pictures?

SA: ...! You don't mind?

FM: I have videos, too. Wanna see?

SA: ..............

FM: LoLoL!

SA: I'm more wondering why the heck you even had a video camera with you.

FM: We didn't. That was a joke.

SA: Ah, okay. You hear that? It's just a joke.

FM: Alritey now, if you have any nice summer memories like that, do send them in. Oh,  there's a lot of feedback about the concerts in Okinawa...

SA: Yup, there are loads. Thanks, guys!

FM: And lots of people also wrote in their reviews of the Heyx3 and MS performances and we also got a lot of reviews sent in by those who gave the new single some pretty heavy rotation. Thanks, y'all! And , oh! Big news! Today's also the day we'll be doing a lucky draw followed by a rock-paper-scissor contest and the winner will get to have a brand new Toshiba Regza HDTV sent to their doorstep! Now this isn't just any Regza, it's The Fukuyama Regza that I helped design=D! So! Let's get this show on the road!

FM's amasan: 「海女」 meaning women shell divers
What SA thought FM meant:「尼」 meaning Buddhist nuns

Jakucho Setouchi: []

There's this whole talk of the town about this bunch of too-pretty-to-be-true shell divers (Kawaisugiru Ama--think they even have their own documentary DVD or something like that) so he's probably referring to that. FYI, though, Setouchi-san may be old now but she was a real thing of beauty when she was young, as can be seen in that old picture of her in the link above.

What Soguchi-san said has a bit of a double-meaning which I think FM either completely missed or just pretended to. 


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