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UPDATES - 02.09.2011
Vspirit updated the English translation, so I am updating the one here.

UPDATES - 30.08.2011
PV which could be seen at WOWOW broadcast of Okinawa concert on 28.08.2011 but of course with the release of the album, is now out!

UPDATES - 23.08.2011
Preview of the PV at the following stations/shows on 24.08.2011, all Japan time:-

News Zero (in HD)
Mezamashi (Fuji TV) 05:25~08:00
Yajiuma TV (Asahi) 04:55~08:00
ZIP! (NTV) 05:50~08:00


This song first debuted on ANN on 06.08.2011 whilst he first sang live at Osaka if I am not mistaken on 30.07.2011. The song is reportedly inspired by teruyuki kagawa, his Ryoma-Den co-star as he boxes (boxing) thus the "fighting pose" he adopted when singing this song live. I heard this at Yoyogi live for first time on 03.08.2011 and it sounded awesome. It is undeniably a rock song, akin to Keshin and a bit of Revolution//Evolution and I suspect it will be a concert favourite in future. Great song and reading the lyrics, looks like an inspiring song even if  a bit weird lyrically but then I am looking at English lyrics. Anyway every time I read the title, I kept thinking of Masha with red guitar, red jacket (with I believe wings at the back as motif) and his towel tuck by his side and he did the pose like he is about to box and high kick his leg which he loves to do and goes "Fight-ting Poseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!". Awesome! You can find this song in his 27th new single release, Kazoku ni Narou yo/Fighting Pose.

Vspirit says;

He apparently penned the lyrics and recorded the song in a span of  just three weeks (all while touring) 

Mashamasha says;

he explained the idea of the song in ANN last week (06.08.2011). In short, he said this song is written to cheer up those who are fighting in their living. However, instead of writing a song filled with positive and beautiful words, he wants to give courage and hope in another way. He explained that, some people may be encouraged by positive messages, but there are also some who gain courage by knowing how hard the others are fighting. He said, for example, when we are told how hard the life an athlete had in the past, we may not feel much reality (as it was already the past thing). However, when we know an athlete is now working hard to make a comeback from injury, we will think "oh, this person is also having a tough life and is now working hard, I need to work as hard as him". Before explaining the above, sou-chan said people may think fukuyama succeeds in everything and has smooth life without worries or troubles. Masha said it is not true. He said he is like a swan. People may think it is swimming gracefully and comfortably, but below the water surface, it is thrashing its legs to keep itself floating. 

I always thought you reap what you sow, or rather you get by how much you put out. May not always be the case but it is always so with successful people. So I never thought what easy life Masha has. I do think he worked hard and he earned his keep, so to speak. So I was right that this song gives a negative undertone to explain what is essentially a positive underlying message.

More details here

Download the ANN first broadcast here at Post no. 20 Page 2.

Here and here.

Thanks to Sunnydolphin where you can also find the Chinese translation.

negurushisa wa ijo kishono sei dake janai
人生の空模様 予想よりもずっとベタついてる
jinseino soramoyo yosoyorimo zutto betatsuiteru
sonka tokukade ugoku mainichi wo hajitari wa shinaikedo
tokini jibunno naniga kyozode jitsuzoka wakaranakunarunda

donna shorimo eikomo mukizujanaito surunara
da-rin da-rin itameta kokoro wa
imiga aruto itteyo
kotae wa nai
ただ目の前にある現実に fighting pose
tada meno maeni aru genjitsuni fighting pose

shinjirumono wa kane? yume? kamisama? soretomo ai?
そのすべては いったい自分の何を庇うの
sonosubete wa ittai jibunno nani wo kabauno
massugusatoka shojikisatoka soredakeja katenakute
kirisutetekita hitoya tojikometa mujakisa wo
nageku yorumo arunda

nagashita ase wo namida wo shittehoshii wakejanai
da-rin da-rin kimiwo daiteita ryoute wa
fuanto kitaiwo nigirishimete chansu wo neratteru
真夜中のfighting pose
mayonakano fighting pose

donna zasetsumo haibokumo mudajanaito surunara
da-rin da-rin taoreta kinoni
ashita wa kuruto itteyo
kagamino naka
ギリギリ踏ん張ってる自分にfighting pose
girigiri funbatteru jibunni fighting pose

真夜中のfighting pose
mayonakano fighting pose

First draft translation by Halad of MashaPlus

Difficulty sleeping isn’t because of abnormal weather conditions
The situation of life is stickier than expected
I’m not embarrassed about living according to loss or gain
But sometimes it becomes so I can’t tell what parts of me is an illusion or genuine

If no victory or glory comes without pain
Darling, darling say that heartbreak
Has a significance
There is no answer
Anyhow - Fighting Pose to the reality in front of your eyes

Do you believe in money? Dreams? God? Or Love?
What is it that all those cover up in you?
You can’t win with only something like determination or honesty
There are nights that lament
People that have been throwing away and innocence that has been locked up

It doesn’t mean I want to have my sweat and tears to be known
Darling, darling the dawn where I am hugging you close
Holding onto my insecurities and expectations
Fighting Pose of the dead of night, aiming for a chance

If there is no frustration or defeat or futility
Darling, darling to yesterday, when you fell
Say that tomorrow will come
To yourself in the mirror, just barely enduring, Fighting Pose

Alternate translation by Vspirit of MashaPlus

It's hard getting any sleep and it ain't just 'cos of the weather
Life's like it in fact but just a whole lot muggier
Win or lose I'm just goin' through each day with my head held high
But there are times I can't tell
Which part of me is the truth and which part is a lie

If there can be no victory or glory without sufferin'
Darlin' darlin' tell me that there's meanin'
To this bleedin' heart o' mine
But there ain't no answers
So all I can do is just face the truth head on in a fightin' pose

What's my religion? Money, dreams, God? Or is it love?
All these and more, which part of  me am I tryin' to hide?
I know, I know I can't win just by stayin' true to myself
So here I am spendin' many nights lamentin'
All the ties I've cut and the innocence I've quelled

Doesn't matter if no one ever knows of the sweat and tears I shed
Darlin' darlin' these arms that hold you close
Have hope and anxiety clenched within both fists waitin' for a chance
Up in arms deep at night in a fightin' pose

If there's meanin' behind failure and defeat
Darlin' darlin' yesterday has fallen
So say to it that tomorrow will always come
Here's lookin' at the man in the mirror
Barely bracin' himself in a fightin' pose

Up in arms deep at night in a fightin' pose


nina said...

i hope he does more of this kind of stuff :) lyrics are good

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