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Masha appeared on Music Station on 02.09.2011 to sing Kazoku ni Narou yo and frankly, excellent singing! I was watching Keyhole TV, terrible visuals, ok audio and whilst spamming the FB obtained some great snippets thanks to Thitirat, Angel, Halad, Pillow and basically these few. At the very very beginning Masha stood next to Meisa Kuroki and Ji-young says "Masha likes Kuroki's face in tamaradi ...Masha said  favorite face : for a man, Yasmashita Tomoshisa, for women, Kuroki Meisa & Arakaki yu", which explains his manic laughter at some point. Anyway Mashamasha explains what happened was "he was asked what he recommends to do in okinawa, and he said he recommends to find a secluded place there and swim naked. After he said this, don't know whether the cameraman did it intentionally or not, the camera zoomed out and tried to film his whole body (originally close up his face). Then masha told the camera "why did you need to zoom out? close up is ok!!". There was this many laughter moment where Halad explained Masha recommends skinny dipping in Okinawa not fearing anyone peeking as "Actually, it's opposite of what should happen... they run away upon seeing someone naked. It feels quite good to go swimming completely naked" and that "It felt good!". Then there was a top 10 segment of songs from the year a bunch of kids were born that is I believe September 1999 and every kid screamed when Masha was on in I think was in No. 10 and Halad explains "They're saying he's very cool. Even the boys think he's awesome. And their mothers are all fans"! Very funny reaction. And more funny quotes from the Nagasaki kids thanks to Halad;

"My mom loves him so much that if I don't put 'sama' after his name she gets really mad..."
"My dad's friends with him."
"My mom's a huge fan. Every night, before she goes to bed, she looks at his picture and kisses her cell phone."

Seriously?! No wonder he was grinning the whole time!

In the talk part, Masha was asked about his latest favourite craze and it is (still) fitness related equipments. Then there was CD single countdown and Masha got no. 1. Yeah! Before his performance, he was naturally asked about marriage since he is going to sing what is tagged as a wedding song and he replied that as Halad explains "Masha says that he's been thinking about marriage for 20 years..."! Keyword, thinking. He's a thinker but is he\a doer or is all these talk just for that talk segment? Seriously Masha who was the girl you came close to marrying or at least thought about it? Who?! Anyway.....Ohhhhhhh and? And? "His ideal wedding", thanks to Thitirat... Ohhhhhhhh and? AND? "Masha seems to have detailed plans", according to Halad. WHAT?! And?!?!? "Something about throwing a ball around... and he wants a dog", says Halad. Huh? "2 children" says Thitirat. And then he laughed very hard. So... he wants a family with a wife, 2 kids, 1 dog? And Meisa Kuroki was one of the guest and let's just say she earns the coveted spot of standing, laughing, everything next to a rather smiley Masha. Anyway I am very happy to watch with my MashaPlus chums because at last I know what's the ha ha ha and he he he about.

Another snippet moment thanks to;

Question: What is your ideal marriage?

Tamori: How would you play with your kids if you ever have any?

Fukuyama: Playing with the kids? Catch-ball, yup! 

Tamori:….so normal…. 

Fukuyama: aw, is wrong to be normal? 

Tamori: no, it’s just, nvm, shouldn’t have asked *disappointed* so you want the weekends free, your mother to move in to look after kids, and just play catch ball with your two kids on Sunday?

Fukuyama: yup, and maybe have a dog too, haha!

Tamori: ok, and a dog, gosh, nvm I shouldn’t have asked! I feel bad now…

Fukuyama: lol geez why  do you feel that bad?

Tamori: no, no, nvm, nvm! 

Ya Tamori-san, what is wrong with an ordinary weekend with the kids?

More snippets by Mashamasha related to this as was discussed by Masha on ANN on 10.09.2011. It seems one of the girl interviewed in the clips shown is Masha's friend's daughter and  masha just talked about the kids interview in Music station. One of the girl who said masha is a nice guy and gave her red pocket money is his friend's daughter. Masha said it is totally a coincidence. When his friend knew music station was coming to his daughter's school to have the interview, he immediately told masha and asked what his daughter should say, whether she can tell about the red pocket money in the interview. I suppose Masha said ok to what she said!

More after Read More link.

The starting point can be seen here.

Some blurry ones. For the HD version, I will be uploading to my All Abt Masha Facebook account in [TV APPEARANCES] Screencaptures [Folder 2] much later.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Jpopsuki has released Masha's performance clip and also the full show.


vspirit said...

i just saw this on tudou. golden bomber was...shocking, the girls from 2ne1 are pretty interesting and i like ayu + UN's ANother song =) FM was flawless (no surprise there).

just curious, were you able to access the forums? i haven't been able to access it since this morning =(

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