Mikan Iro No Natsuyasumi (Tangerine Summertime) ~LYRICS~

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UPDATES - 05.09.2011
Updated the English lyrics by Vspirit


I love love love this easygoing sounding song! I can only recognise one word; Obachan so maybe he is singing about his family, hometown, grandmother? I just love the oooooo-ooooooo-ooooo part. I just feel so swayed by the simplicity of this song. How I miss this style of his! I did some check on what the title means and this is what I found...

Natsu yasumi = summer vacation
Mikan = mandarin/tangerine
Iro = colour
No = possessive particle

Mikan (Tangerine) Iro (Colour) No Natsu (Summer) Yasumi (Vacation/rest).

So it should mean Summer Vacation's Tangerine Colour? Then I did a Babel Fish translation and for once the translation makes sense! It is "Summer vacation of tangerine color". Ahhhhhh.... makes sense!

Since his grandma grew tangerines, I suppose he was singing about his summer vacation amongst the tangerine fields! Like describing his experience amongst the fields of tangerine as in tangerine colour perhaps? The sentence may not make sense but reading it in context I kinda understand the meaning.

Anyway lovely beautiful smooth music. Love his vocals too. No translation as of yet. I trust babelfish so that's the title I will put as the translated one. Correct me if I am wrong. The video is from his 2001 concert and you will find this song in his album, f.

UPDATES - 02.09.2011
I was fortunate enough to hear this live when I was at Yoyogi for the Live Bang and it was beautiful. I always knew this was a positive song, something about reminiscing his childhood but I didn't know the depth of how personal this song was until Vspirit was kind enough to translate it into English and maybe some choice of words may seem odd, like nana instead of grandmother but it gave this song a very personal edge, something I am very convinced Masha will approve if he commissioned an English translation. The main I suppose chorus, Our tangerine summertime is here just captures the eagerness of a kid awaiting for summertime and the joy when it came. The entire song is about anticipation, the journey towards that anticipation, the feeling he felt as he sat on the train. Some part of the lyrics incorporated his love of nature. But the lyrics that got me tearing up is;

Oooh, ooh, ooh   I wonder if she is healthy, I hope she is well
Oooh, ooh, ooh   Our nana and her warm smile 

I always knew Masha loved his grandma very very much but I never knew the depth of his love for her until I read what Mashamasha translated in MORE magazine (Oct 2011 issue). Her death sometime in 2008 or 2009 (I really can't remember but it was in early of the year) must have affected him very very much. Frankly I still don't know if this was paternal or maternal grandma. Anyway I love the use of "nana" in this context; it felt warm, it felt personal, it felt like Masha's own words. This is definitely one of the more relaxed and happier song. I never knew how deep the words were for such a simplistic melody sort of song.

Well, I wouldn't delay any further your precious time. Please find the lyrics after Read More link.

Translated by Vspirit of MashaPlus

Gettin' on the diesel train leavin' at 08:06
We're off again to see our tangerine nana's smilin' face

Change of clothes: check, homework: check
The pillar full of cuts as we check how tall we've become again this year

Openin' up the window a lil' bit
The wind rushin' pass brings with it the scent of summer

Oooh, ooh, ooh   Look how big and bright the sun is
Oooh, ooh, ooh   Our tangerine summertime is here

Cicadas that go buzz buzz plus rhinoceros and stag beetles
Ice-cold cider and big round kitties all waitin' fer us

Terraced fields outside the window
The shiny glitterin' sea, yep, we're almost there

Oooh, ooh, ooh   The big blue sky and fluffy cloud peaks
Oooh, ooh, ooh   A summer adventure just for me

One tunnel crossed, two tunnels crossed
The sea is as glittery shiny as ever before

Oooh, ooh, ooh   I wonder if she is healthy, I hope she is well
Oooh, ooh, ooh   Our nana and her warm smile

Oooh, ooh, ooh   Look how big and bright the sun is
Oooh, ooh, ooh   Our tangerine summertime is here  

Thanks to Vspirit

8時6分発 ヂーゼル汽車に乗って
hachiji roppun hatsu jiizeru kishani notte
蜜柑のおばあちゃんの 笑顔に逢いにゆこう
mikanno obaachanno egaoni aini yuko

着替えは入れました 宿題も持ちました
kigae wa iremashita shukudaimo mochimashita
hashirano kizuato to ichinenburi seikurabe

mado wo sukoshi aketemitara
走る風は 真夏の匂いですね
hashiru kaze wa manatsuno nioi desune

ふ~う~う~ 太陽が大きかった
fuu uu uu taiyoga ookikatta
ふ~う~う~ 蜜柑色の夏休みです
fuu uu uu mikanirono natsuyasumi desu

ミンミン蝉の声 クワガタにカブトムシ
minminzemino koe kuwagatani kabutomushi
冷たいサイダーと まん丸猫が待ってる
tsumetai saidaa to manmaru neko ga matteru

窓の外は だんだん畑
madono soto wa dandanbatake
光る海は ほら もうすぐですね
hikaru umi wa hora mosugu desune

ふ~う~う~  青い空 雲の峰
fuu uu uu aoi sora kumono mine
ふ~う~う~  僕だけの夏の冒険
fuu uu uu boku dakeno natsuno boken

ひとつ ふたつ トンネル抜けて
hitotsu futatsu tonneru nukete
やっぱり海は キラキラ光ってました
yappari umi wa kirakira hikattemashita

ふ~う~う~  元気かな 元気かな
fuu uu uu genkikana genkikana
ふ~う~う~  おばあちゃんの あったかい笑顔
fuu uu uu obaachanno attakai egao

ふ~う~う~  太陽が大きかった
fuu uu uu taiyoga ookikatta
ふ~う~う~  蜜柑色の夏休みです
fuu uu uu mikanirono natsuyasumi desu


TP said...

His maternal grandma.

This is one of his lesser known song, but I really love it.

The first time I heard this song, I think the lyric is very lovely and he sang this song with relaxing voice. Also love the up-tempo arrangement in Inasayam Live too.

Funn Lim said...


Lesser known and rarely sung I suppose. I love it too, more so now that I know what he is singing.

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