[Ryoma-Den] The end of filming [11.10.2010]

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UPDATES - 24.10.2010
Added link to NHK's report with pictures at the bottom of post


Really? Is it really over? I thought 14.10.2010 is the last day. But article seems to say 11.10.2010 is the last day of shooting and everybody was saying thanks and felt immense relief. I will wait for some translation. Meanwhile, some very nice pictures of Ryoma-Den cast get together.All I know is that he said thanks with a smile and that  "It was a tense year". Frankly that is an understatement looking at his schedule for 2009-2010. He does look very very happy. I suppose it is like an achievement in itself which is why he is happy.

More updates,  translated news, a video and pictures after Read More link.

[UPDATES] No, the celebration is in anticipation of the filming almost over, from the translation by River of MashaPlus Info Forums, based on the Oricon article. So that means 14th is the last day I suppose? Whatever it may be, celebration is indeed apt!

Anyway, some snippets from the article;

The crank-up ends with smiles and a thank you!
Source news : Mantan | Oricon
The shooting for Ryomaden is complete, and NHK holds a special presentation to celebrate the end of filming. Also present are Hiroaka Yuta, Hirosue Ryoko, Oomori Nao, Kamikawa Takaya, etc...The drama presents the turbulent years at the end of the bakumatsu period towards Meiji Restoration, and Fukuyama remarks: It feels like everything wasn't really over yet.

Kagawa said I do not want to think about the end of filming yet. But during the week, I feel so sad of thinking that end of near. This is a great drama and I had a great year. Thank you to everyone.

[Masha words are ommitted because I don't fully understand...*.* Something about I want to embrace Ryoma's spirit?]

Filming begins in Aug 26th last year in Iwate Prefecture. Currently, Ryomaden is in its final season, Season 4. The final shooting involves a scene from episode 45, which will be broadcast on Nov 7th, titled Ryoma's Holiday. The whole Ryomaden production team comes out to celebrate the end of filming which also includes the Kaientai members. The last episode, episode 48 'Soul of the Dragon' will be broadcasted on Nov 28th.
[UPDATES 2] Yeap, filming HAS ended. Is that considered earlier than scheduled? So no more Masha in traditional clothes? I will miss that. So there will be haircut? I welcome that! Anyway, an English translated news from Tokyohive;

Popular Taiga drama, “Ryoma-den”, cranks up!

Popular Taiga drama (NHK’s annual, year-long, historical fiction drama series), “Ryoma-den“, in which Fukuyama Masaharu stars, recently finished shooting on October 11th. The shooting of “Ryoma-den” started a while back in August 2009, and this marks the first time Masaharu has starred in a Taiga drama.

At the crank up ceremony, Fukuyama said, “To be honest, I still don’t feel like it’s ended, but at the moment of this crank up, only the words, ‘thank you’, popped up in my head.”

“Ryoma-den” is currently on the final chapter (the four chapter), and it will end with its 48th episode on November 28th.

Took me a while to understand what cranks up mean. I do think the proper word to use is finished filming? Anyway thanks to Izumisano for explaining what the banner says, the one behind Masha and the man who  shall forever be Yataro to me; "Literally 'Filming has ended!'"

[UPDATES 3] Click here for a video of the celebration and press conference, sort of. Click PLAY in the Masha image you will see on the left. I find the release of the confettis incredibly funny, they looked like they were almost "drowned" by those pink papers! Some screencaps taken from HK Fans Discussion Forums which I believe was in turn taken from the video in the link I posted.

or watch the Youtube video of the same video whilst it lasts.

[UPDATES 4] Masha's filming is over but the real end of the filming is reportedly 2 more days . Anyway a after production party was held and Mashamasha was kind enough to translate some news on this...

and according to 2ch and blogs, the party last night (11.10.2010) was held in hotel in 恵比寿 (Ebisu, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan??), 600 actors/actresses + countless staff were there. even that AV actress only appeared for a few minutes in ep 4 also joined the party, that's why there are over 600 actors/actresses.

Fans speculate it may be The Westin? Expensive! Must be quite a party.

More news of the press conference in English ...

Actor Fukuyama says playing Ryoma Sakamoto has improved his life [Source]

TOKYO (Kyodo) -- The experience of playing legendary revolutionary Ryoma Sakamoto in a high-profile TV drama has helped actor Masaharu Fukuyama improve his own life, he said during an event Monday.

"Playing Ryoma gave me a new chance to ponder how I can live my own life better," Fukuyama said, referring to the Japanese reformer in the 19th century, after the final shooting of the "Ryoma-den (Ryoma Story)" yearlong drama on Japan Broadcasting Corp., or NHK.

Co-actor Teruyuki Kagawa praised Fukuyama, also a popular musician, for a high-quality performance in a climax scene in which Ryoma was assassinated for the last episode to be aired Nov. 28, saying, "He outdid himself as an actor."

Fukuyama Masaharu Finished the Shooting in his Role as Sakamoto Ryoma [Source]

For the NHK "taiga" dorama "Ryoma Den" Fukuyama Masaharu has been playing the lead role of "Sakamoto Ryoma" and on October 11th, the filming eventually came to an end. The last scene of that day has been that of the 45th "Ryoma no Kyujitsu" as the main part of the Nagasaki Kaientai with Ryoma heading to the city of Tosa, is seen off by Iwasaki Yatarou.

At the ceremony succeeding the end of the filming, Fukuyama and "Iwasaki Yatarou", played by Kagawa Teruyuki appeared together smiling.
"The filming is eventually over, yet I can't quite realize that yet. It had been a year spent with a steady feeling of excitement. The moment that it is over now, I am very grateful for it", Fukuyama said. Equally Kagawa commented: "Until now there has not been such a full taiga dorama And I am saying this after having been at the set for a full year. It was an incredible 'Taiga'. From here is will be very lonely all of a sudden."

Concerning Fukuyama he praised: "He reached the highest stage as an actor that he still can act even without preparation."

Also, as they were asked about what he would say if he was to meet Ryoma or Yatarou, Fukuyama said: "If you don't learn to get along with people just a little better, you'll be killed". And Kagawa answered: "I am sorry for the shame I put on you."

On the ceremony, Kusakari Tamiyo, who had finished her filming, also came and expressed her gratitude to Fukuyama. A final picture was taken with the entire cast smiling together.

Very gracious of Teruyuki Kagawa, forever Yataro to me, who is of course the better actor between the 2, I shall be honest.

And an interesting anecdote courtesy of Izumisano ...

Another episode at the crank-up conference. Sponichi news had "misquoted" what he said before (Maki's G-cup, bath with Oryo etc.) Come the crank-up meeting and the same reporter asked him his views on marriage after starring across so many beautiful actresses.

(courtesy mashamasha for the news)(Source)

F: (points to the reporter) "Oh Sponichi-san again! I'll talk to you in private later."
And he did (at least according to the Sponichi reporter) he specially took the time to talk to them, holding back on the group photo for that. Now the reporter thinks he's a great guy.


[UPDATES] NHK Studio Park reporting on 16.10.2010 the above press conference. I still laugh watching the pink confettis fell onto his wide open mouthed face! Since this is youtube, no doubt NHK will have it removed in a day or 2. Video quality is so-so but since this is probably a long time before you'll will see Masha dressed as Ryoma or anywhere that traditional or at least the last time as Ryoma himself, this report is a keeper. 

Here at youtube as embedding is disallowed. 

Ripped from youtube. MP4 format, 8.2MB.


[UPDATES] NHK Ryoma-Den site posted an excellent summary of the event with high-res pictures. Has questions and answers in Japanese as well.


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