Anan [Issue 1667 - 15.07.2009] : All about the boys

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I don't think I have ever posted about this issue of Anan and this is one interesting article almost fully translated by fans. It features Masha AND KAMENASHI KAZUYA in a special interview and I will be honest, I have no idea who he is. However I find the articles revealing on the personal beliefs and habit of Masha.

Anyway the scans and the links to the translated versions after Read More link.

Taken from MashaPlus Info forums. Scaled down version with the ads can be found in All About Masha Facebook page.

My favourite image from this set has got to be the following ...

He has very beautiful profile.

At Masha Heart by Izumisano

At, divided into 4 parts, I just checked and part 4 has yet to be translated from what I can see. Hopefully she will finish soon since part 4 comes with the heading "The Dilemma of Boys in Love" and that sounds very very interesting!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Original uploader at allows for the interview to be reposted with proper credit. Since I live in constant fear such sites will disappear along with the text, here they are, reposted together with the Japanese text in case you know Japanese. All translation taken from

「2人はモテない」 (The Two Aren't Popular) [SOURCE]

Special Interview

Fukuyama Masaharu X Kamenashi Kazuya

An interview that makes you wonder, "Wait, these two...why!?" will become reality! Truth is, the two met through a friend last year. Ever since then, their friendship has been said to be growing.
Such two will share a full boys talk!

The Two Aren't Popular

Fukuyama: The very first time we met, we ate dinner and went to karaoke.

Kamenashi: Well, I was very nervous. Yamapi and I both went feeling "doki doki."

Fukuyama: We chatted about a long of things but of course, we're all boys so love talk? Boys talk? *laughs*

Kamenashi: But, the things I wanted to hide were eventually opened up.

Fukuyama: Did you realize yourself?

Kamenshi: I did realize but I'm still at the age where I want to act cooly to say something like, "Besides, I'm good with girls" but instead it was like, "I'm not popular" *laughs*

Fukuyama: I don't think you're good with girls at all. *laughs* As soon as I met you, I knew. Kamenashi is definitely not popular. *laughs*

Kamenashi: But you said, "I'm the same," so it relieved me a bit.

Fukuyama: I sensed the same feeling from him so I knew.

Kamenashi: Fukuyama-san and I aren't popular.

Fukuyama: Kamenashi-kun is a very nice person. It's just that when it comes with women, he tries to treat them as people so he blurts out small things that don't need to be said. He probably thinks it's better if he says, "You're wrong." People who are actually popular say, "Yeah~, you're right" first to support them. That way, women will feel more relaxed I guess. But, he can't do this.

Kamenashi: I don't like to say, "You're right," when I think they aren't. *laughs* I understand but at the end, I straight up just tell them.

Fukuyama: At first glance, you wear a vest with nothing underneath and seem like you are deceiving them but actually you aren't.

Kamenashi: I'm sorry. *laughs* Well, I try to get along with them but my standards are to tell someone what's on my mind.

Fukuyama: That's a factor of unpopularity. *laughs*

Kamenashi: They tell me that I don't leave them any room to breathe.

Fukuyama: Kamenashi-kun is probably a person who always want things correct which is a rule to himself. And that rule sometimes makes him blurt out, "So you should live correctly too."

Kamenashi: It probably feels like I'm pushing myself on to that person.*laughs*

Fukuyama: Sometimes ne. *laughs* But, that can't be helped. I made many girls cry because of that.

Kamenashi: That's why it led you to feel the need to write songs right?

Fukuyama: Right. That way is more peaceful. Instead of directly telling them what I want to say, if I write those feelings into a song, the girl thinks and says, "Ah~this is a good song."

Kamenashi: That led to the birth of many famous songs.

Fukuyama: I also get money so there is nothing else that can top this. *laughs* That's why Kamenashi-kun should also write songs.

Kamenashi: Yes, I'll do that. Something like "I have bad parts too♪"

Fukuyama: That's right. *laughs*

Special 対談




福山: 一番最初はご飯を食べて、カラオケに行ったんだよね。

亀梨: いや、もう緊張しましたね。山P(山下智久)と一緒にドキドキしながら行って。

福山: いろんな雑談をしましたけど、当然、男の子同士ですから、恋バナ?ボーイズトーク?(笑)

亀梨: でも、自分の隠していた部分とかも結構暴いてもらって。

福山: 自分では気づいていた?

亀梨: 気づいていましたけど、まだカッコつけていたい年頃というか。「俺、モテるし」みたいな。それを「モテないんですよ」って(笑)。

福山: 全然モテないと思うよ(笑)。会った瞬間、わかりました。亀梨君は絶対モテない(笑)。

亀梨: でも「俺も一緒だよ」って言ってくれたから、ちょっと救いでした。

福山: 同じ匂いを感じるから、わかるんです。

亀梨: 福山さんと俺はモテない。

福山: 亀梨君はとっても優しい人なんですよ。ただ、女性にも人として接しようとするから、言わなくてもいい小言がつい出ち ゃう。よかれと思って「お前、それ、間違っているよ」みたいな。本当にモテる人は「そうだね、そうだね」ってまず肯定してあげる。そのほうが女のひとも安心するじゃないですか。でも、それができないんです。

亀梨: 本当は違うとと思っているのに「そうだよね」って言うのが嫌なんですよね(笑)。わかるんですけど、最終的にちゃんと 述べてしまうというか。

福山: 一見、素肌にベストを着て、すごく女の人をだましてそうな感じだけど、意外と違う。

亀梨: すいません(笑)。まぁ、相手に合わせることもあるんですけど、基本はちゃんと話したいなという。

福山: それがモテない(笑)。

亀梨: 暑苦しいって言われます。

福山: きっと亀梨君という人は、いつもちゃんとしていたいというルールが自分の中にあって。それがときどき「だから

亀梨: きっと押しつけがましいんですよね(笑)。

福山: ときどきね(笑)。でも、しょうがないよ。俺もそれで女の子をよく泣かしていたもん。

亀梨: だから、曲を書いたほうがいい、ということになってくるんですよね。

福山: そう。そのほうが平和なわけです。言いたいことがあったら、相手にぶつけないで曲にしたほうが、女の子も「ああ、いい曲ね」と思ってくれる。

亀梨: それで名曲がたくさん。

福山: お金も入るし、こんなにいいことはない(笑)。だから亀梨君も曲を書いたほうがいい。

亀梨: はい、そうします。「俺も悪いところはあるけど♪」と。

福山: そうそう(笑)。

「男同士は難しい」(It is Difficult with Guy Friends) [SOURCE]

It is Difficult with Guy Friends

Kamenashi: On the day we first met, you were throwing out perverted jokes.

Fukuyama: That's right. But, that is to use perverted jokes as a filter to see a human side of one's personality. To use perverted jokes as simply perverted jokes is extremely pointless. Also, people who use words bluntly are those who blurt out what is exactly on their mind. Those who use words without being so direct are ones who could organize and think what they are going to say beforehand. ...and I'm talking very seriously right now *laughs*

Kamenashi: But, you're always like this. You go in joking around but you bring things to a logical conversation.

Fukuyama: Kamenashi-kun could express things metaphorically. So, most of the time he doesn't use words so directly. He is very good at talking with adults too. Also, when older people talk with younger people, there are times when we have to worry or think about things but I don't have to do that with Kamenashi-kun. That's why I thought he grew up being surrounded by adults.

Kamenashi: I have more fun being with adults. For me on the otherhand, worry about things when I'm with people who are around the same age as me. "Oh...okay, go ahead" something like that.

Fukuyama: Then don't you have a hard time with younger people?

Kamenashi: I'm fine with younger people too. But when it's the same age group, the little differences between feelings and thoughts are at times irritating. I want to say "No, no, you should do it like this," but we're the same

Fukuyama: Oh. You were trying to say that with people in the same age group too. That's not good *laughs*

Kamenashi: When Fukuyama-san was around the same age as me, how was it?

Fukuyama: I really worried about things when I was with people around my age too. Like Kamenashi-kun, I wanted to say things like, "I'm working hard too, so you should also work hard," and that lead to fights. *laughs* But actually, you shouldn't stick your nose into things like that and, they're working hard at their own pace.

Kamenashi: That's true.

Fukuyama: Also, when I visited my hometown and went out to dinner, I worried about things and made the bill fifty-fifty, at that time. In terms of income, I probably had more, but I thought they wouldn't want me buying dinner. But once everyone started to have their own family and have children, they got used to me buying them dinner. *laughs*

Kamenashi: Like if you ask them to go out to dinner, they think you'll be obviously paying.

Fukuyama: Exactly. They don't bring even one bottle of sake. *laughs* It's okay now, and things will be better with people around the same age as you become older, but with Kamenashi-kun's type, it'll still be tough until you're about 35.

Kamenashi: As expected.

Fukuyama: By that time, it's pretty straightened out who can do their work or who has a good idea of what they want to do, the ones who are left are sure of themselves, so when that happens I'm sure things will get easier.

Kamenashi: Yeah, you're right. It's at the hardest point right now. Everyone is around the same age but there are little differences.

Fukuyama: That's right.

Kamenashi: It's not like my level of mental age is high or anything. It's just, I think I have areas where I've cooled down to be more modest. That's why I want to be crazier, like onii-san (Masha), forever.

Fukuyama: Me? I'm forever in my teens. *laughs*


亀梨: 会ったその日に、下ネタも普通にしましたよね。

福山: そうだね。ただ、それはあくまで、下ネタというフィルターを通すことで垣間見られる人間性を知るためですから。下ネタのためだけの下ネタ、というのは非常に無意味なんです。そして、露骨な単語を使う人は、考えていることをそのまま喋ってしまう人なんです。直接的な単語を使わずに話せる人は、喋る前に頭の中でちゃんと整理できている人だと思うんです。って、すごいまじめに喋っていますけど(笑)。

亀梨: でも、いつもこんな感じですよね。ふざけて入るんだけど、ちゃんと論理的な話に持っていってもらえる。

福山: 亀梨君は物事をちゃんと比喩的に表現できるんです。なので、あんまり直接的な表現は出てこないですね。大人と話をするのも上手。それに、年上は年上で若い人が入ってくると気を使っちゃう部分もあるんですけど、亀梨君はあんまり気を使わなくていいんですよ。だから、大人の人に囲まれて育ったのかなと思ったんだけど。

亀梨: 大人といるほうが楽しいですね。俺、逆に同年代のほうが気を使っちゃいます。「あっ・・・、じゃあ、いいよ」みたいな。

福山: じゃあ、年下も苦手なんじゃない?

亀梨: 年下も平気なんです。でも、同年代って感覚のズレがどうも歯がゆいときがあるというか。「いやいや、こうしたほうがいいんだよ」って言いたいんだけど、同年代だからな・・・というのもあるし。

福山: あっ、同年代にも言おうとしていたんだ。それはよくないよね(笑)。

亀梨: 福山さんが俺ぐらいの年代のときはどうでした?

福山: 俺も何か同年代にはすごく気を使っていた。亀梨君みたいに「俺も頑張っているから、お前も頑張れよ」的なことをつい言いたくなっていたし、それでケンカになったりもしたよ(笑)。でも、それは本当に余計なお世話で、本人なりに頑張っていたりするわけよ。

亀梨: そうですよね。

福山: それに田舎に帰って友達とメシ食いに行っても、気を使ってわざわざ割り勘にしていたんだよ、その頃は。稼ぎとしてはおそらく僕のほうがあるんだろうけど、おごられるのも嫌だろうなと思って。でも、みんな家庭を持ったり子供が生まれたりしてからは、おごられることにすっかりなれちゃって(笑)。

亀梨: 誘われりゃ、おごってもらえるかなみたいな。

福山: そう。酒瓶一つ持ってこないからね(笑)。今はそれでいいし、年を取ってからは同年代でも気を使わなくなれたけど、たぶん亀梨君みたいなタイプだったら、35歳ぐらいまでは結構大変なんじゃないかな。

亀梨: やっぱり。

福山: その頃には、仕事ができる奴とか形になっている奴とかがハッキリしてきて、残っている奴はしっかりしているので、そしたらもう少しラクになるとは思うけど。

亀梨: そうなんですよね。今、ちょうど難しいというか。みんな年は近いんだけど、ちょっとずつ違いもあるし。

福山: あるよね。

亀梨: 別に精神年齢が高いとか、そういうことでもないんですけどね。ただ、下手に落ち着いちゃっている部分はあるとおもうんですよ。だから、俺ももっとはっちゃけたいな、お兄さんみたいに、延々と。

福山: 俺?永遠の十代(笑)

「やっぱり丸裸にされる」 (At the End, I am Stripped Naked) [SOURCE]

At the End, I am Stripped Naked

Fukuyama: The other day in the middle of the night, (Ikuta) Toma-kun and Oguri-(Shun)kun left a message on the phone. And you know that pub we've been to before?

Kamenashi: Yes.

Fukuyama: They said, "We don't know how to get in so please tell us." *laughs*

Kamenashi: You were in the position of a company's president. *laughs*

Fukuyama: At that time, Matsu(moto) Jun-kun was apparently there with them, when we were together for "Music Station," he came and said hi to me. He's a good guy too.

Kamenashi: Yes he is.

Fukuyama: They are all good people. Well they seem so showy/flashy right? Sparkly princes from sparkly worlds right? Plus, they wear a vest on bare skin so it's like, "this person..."

Kamenashi: But actually, they don't wear it on bare skin.

Fukuyama: Oh, you wear a t-shirt underneath. *laughs* Plus, there's a ring of a skeleton on their fingers. In that case, I think girls wouldn't know what to say or talk about. But on the otherhand when you talk to them, they are extremely polite.

Kamenashi: On the opposite side, that is a great thing about Fukuyama-san. We all show off ourselves you know, but by talking, you naturally allow us to go back to a normal boy instead of forcing it. We wear a ton of accessories on our chests and seem like saying, "Huh? What do you want?" but instead we find ourselves saying, "Yes."

Fukuyama: No, no, that's not true. My normal clothes are the sweats of the sweats. *laughs* But, if you don't have that you really can't be popular, and the people who watch them now are keen at sensing those kinds of things so they react to personalities like that.

Kamenashi: Yes.

Fukuyama: But until now, you weren't the type to be told what you were doing was wrong right?

Kamenashi: No, not at all. It's been like this for a long time, it's just that in dramas, I've had many roles with cool personalities so I think that's the image I've gotten. It's not like I would say, "What the hell?" if I'm told what I was doing wrong.

Fukuyama: Everyone thinks that KAT-TUN is a badass group. *laughs*

Kamenashi: But during the Tokyo Dome live, we were all reading the manga, "Ichigo 100%" in the waiting room. On stage, we're like, "Come on!" but backstage, "What volume are you on?" "Isn't that one awesome?" like that. *laughs*

Fukuyama: What kind of manga is it?

Kamenashi: It's a romantic manga that guys read, something like, "BOYS BE..."

Fukuyama: Oh, that's good.

Kamenashi: No one reads fashion magazines or things like that. *laughs*

Fukuyama: I think that, that gap is good. I had an image that KAT-TUN's waiting room would be all smoky.

Kamenashi: Not at all. Everyone's all energetic and playful.

Fukuyama: Like there's a candle inside the skeleton.

Kamenashi: It's fluorescent light too!

Fukuyama: Really? Good. But be careful about showing too much skin in terms of clothing. People who meet you for the first time will definitely think that you're a bad person. *laughs*

Kamenashi: I'm sorry. *laughs* When I left the house, I was like, "Alright! I'm going to show off!" but when I see Fukuyama-san, I always end up being stripped naked.

Fukuyama: That's why you need to wear sweats. *laughs*

Kamenashi: Yes. *laughs* But for some reason, if someone else told me the same thing, I would be pissed. However, Fukuyama-san makes it a laughable thing and in a good way, I realize that I need to change something so I'm very thankful for that.

Fukuyama: I'm not picking on you because I want to pick on you. *laughs*

Kamenashi: Then, you make me a path to follow. *laughs* But, there's a part of me that still wants to stay cheeky, so let me be showy for some time. I want to be in a stance like, "Huh? What?" until I'm 28.

Fukuyama: So it's better to say that. It's a promise so you could say, "please let me do this." There's a style called, "Star Nishikino" right?

Kamenashi: Really.*laughs*

Fukuyama: Yeah, I'm studying it, you should learn from there. That style is truly brilliant.

Kamenashi: Maji desuka!?

Fukuyama: Yeah. He's saying because he's called Star Nishikino, Nishikino-san is saying to treat him like a star. So, I think Kamenashi-kun too should say, "I'm going to show off until I'm 28 so yoroshiku ne." That way, fans could prepare themselves and think, "Until Kamenashi-kun's 28, I'll say, "Kazuya♥' to whatever he does."*laughs*


福山: こないだ夜中に(生田)斗真君と小栗(旬)君から留守電が入ってたの。そしたら、前に行った飲み屋あるでしょう?

亀梨: はい。

福山: そこの入り方がわからないから教えてくれって(笑)。

亀梨: 会社の部長状態(笑)。

福山: そのとき、松(本)潤君も一緒にいたらしくて、『ミュージックステーション』で一緒になったときに声をかけてくれたんだよね。彼もいい人だね。

亀梨: そうですよね。

福山: みんないい人たちです。やっぱりみんな派手に見えるじゃないですか。キラキラした世界のキラキラ王子じゃないですか。しかも、素肌にベスト着ているから、この人は・・・。

亀梨: 実は素肌には着ていない。

福山: あっ、中にTシャツ着ているんだ(笑)。しかも指に骸骨の指輪がいるんですよ。そうなると、女の子とかは何を話したらいいかわからないと思うんで すよ。でも、話すと逆にすごく礼儀正しかったりするし。

亀梨: それは逆に福山さんのすごいところですよ。やっぱり俺ら、こう飾るじゃないですか。それをベラッとじゃなく、自然なトークのうちに普通の少年に戻してくれる。胸にアクセサリーをジャラジャラつけて「あっ?」とかやっているのに、いつの間にか「はい」という。

福山: いやいや。そんなことないです。僕の私服はジャージーの、ジャージー派ですから(笑)。でも、やっぱりそこがちゃんとしてないと本当に人気者にはなれないだろうし、見ている人たちも今は嗅覚が優れているから、そういう人間性に反応しているんだと思うんです。

亀梨: はい。

福山: でも今までダメ出しされるキャラじゃなかったでしょ?

亀梨: いや、全然そんなことないですよ。ずっとこんな感じなんですけど、ドラマでクールな役が多かったりして、そのイメージがついているのかなと。別にダメ出しされたからって「はぁ?」ってなるわけでもないし。

福山: KAT-TUNは世間一般には不良の集団だと思われているからね(笑)。

亀梨: でも、こないだの東京ドームのライブで、楽屋でみんなが読んでいたマンガが『いちご100%』だったんですよ。ステージでは「オラオラ!」なのに、楽屋では「今、何巻?」「やばくない?」って(笑)。

福山: どんなマンガなの?

亀梨: 男の子が読む恋愛モノで、『BOYS BE・・・』っぽい。

福山: ああ、いいね。

亀梨: 誰もファッション誌とか読んでないですから(笑)。

福山: そのギャップがいいんだと思うんですね。KAT-TUNって、楽屋がとにかく煙っぽいイメージがあるからね。

亀梨: 全然。みんなキャピキャピしていますよ。

福山: 骸骨の中にろうそくが立っているみたいな。

亀梨: ちゃんと蛍光灯です!

福山: そう、よかった。でも、肌の露出はもう少し抑えないとね。初対面の人からは絶対に悪い人だと思われちゃうよ(笑)。

亀梨: すいません(笑)。家を出るときは「よっしゃ、カッコつけていこう!」と思ったんですけど、福山さんに会うと、やっぱり丸裸にされる。

福山: ちゃんと着なきゃ、ジャージー、ジャージー(笑)。

亀梨: はい(笑)。でも不思議なもので、他の人に同じこと言われたらカチーンとくると思うんですよ。けど、福山さんは笑いにしてくれるし、いい意味で直さなきゃという部分があったりするから、それはすごくありがたいですね。

福山: 突っ込みたくて突っ込んでいるわけじゃないよ(笑)。

亀梨: じゃあ、ちゃんと道標を作ってくれる(笑)。でも、まだ生意気でいたい部分もあるので、もうちょっとカッコつけさせて。28歳ぐらいまで「えっ、何が?」っていうスタンスでいこうかなって。

福山: だから、そう言っちゃったほうがいいよね。お約束だから、これやらせてって。ほら、"スター錦野"というスタイルがあるじゃない?

亀梨: そこですか(笑)。

福山: うん、僕も勉強しているし、あそこから学んでいるんだよ。あのスタイルは実に素晴らしいですよ。

亀梨: マジですか!?

福山: うん。スター錦野っていうからには、スターとして扱いなさいと錦野さんは仰っているわけで。だから、亀梨君も「28歳まではカッコつけていくんで、よろしくね」と言うのがいいんだと思う。そしたらファンの子も、「28歳までは亀梨君が何やっても『和也♡』って言おう」って心構えができるから(笑)。

Some notes by the translator
* We wear a ton of accessories on our chests and seem like saying, 'Huh? What do you want?'..." - In Japan, wearing a lot of accessories around your neck, many piercings, etc has a negative image, similar to seeing one with many tattoos.

* "...reading the manga, "Ichigo 100%" in the waiting room. "-Ichigo means Strawberry

* "...image that KAT-TUN's waiting room would be all smoky." - Smoky meaning from smoking cigarettes.

* "...There's a style called, "Star Nishikino" right?" - Star Nishikino is refering to a man called Nishikino Akira

「恋する男のジレンマ」(The Dilemma of Boys in Love)

Pending translation I suppose. Hopefully she will upload soon.


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Sometimes I receive some media files or stuff about Masha that can't be publicly shared, but I can however share privately, such as concert clips, etc. I would love to share whatever I got with you, as a way of disseminating information of Masha to the masses. You probably have all that stuff if you're an experienced fan, but if you are new to Masha or does not know other experienced fans, you probably won't have most of what I can send to you. I don't send emails often, since frankly I don't get such stuff often but when I do, I will send the link if I am allowed to do so. So do join my contact list but be reminded, you're not allowed to repost/redistribute/reupload whatever I send you whether in whole or in part. Anyone interested, redirect them to my blog and ask them to join my contact list. But this is only open to those who will answer the questions in the form below accurately. If you're successful, you will receive quite a few emails since I group all links together into categorised documents. If you're not, I will email and inform why (probably answered some wrongly, such as title not in Romaji or wrong answer). Once you found the answer, please RESUBMIT THE FORM. If you did not receive my emails (whether the many materials or rejection email) within 3 days of joining, please do resend your request. Thanks for joining!



I do not know Masha, nor am I affiliated with him, BROS or AMUSE. This is a private fan site built by a fan for fans of common interest. The graphics were adapted from various free usage vectors and cliparts found in the internet. All pictures are collected from various sources. All text are either by me and/or collected from various sites and forums. Any enquiry please see "CONTACT".
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