Saboten no Hana [The Cactus Flower] ~LYRICS~

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Since Masha often sings other people's songs in his Live Request and also some series the themesong may not be by him, it is only fitting my first post is the series that made his name. He sang this in his ANN Live Request which is the version above and it was beautiful. However the original version which was more oldies and had a pleasant feel to it despite the rather serious lyrics is also a classic. The series was Hitotsu Yane no Shita or Under One Roof or Under Same Roof and he of course played Chinii-Chan. By the way just found out his ex girlfriend of 7 years was in the series too and nope, she wasn't the lead, and she wasn't the painter either [Source, Source,  Source]. Interesting! A must see series, the themesong was beyond fantastic. I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Romaji, Kanji AND even English lyrics as well as info on the original singer! What a lucky day indeed and I am writing this just 5 minutes into this golden discovery. Lovely lyrics even if very very depressing (can rival Masha's most depressing song!), great classic song and what a singer. Like I always said, a good song, sung by anyone and any style is still a good song. The lyrics (all versions) were taken from Snap!Japan-Japan In A Snap!, the translator being the webmaster known as RICK COGLEY. A great big thanks to the wonderful RICK COGLEY! The original singer is Kazuo Zaitsu (still alive!) and from Snap!Japan-Japan In A Snap!, some interesting info as below:-

Kazuo Zaitsu (kanji: 財津和夫) of the Japanese band Tulip, is the singer of a favorite song of mine, "Saboten no Hana" or The Cactus Flower, which is a song about hope despite love lost. It was the theme song of an enormously popular 1993 drama called "Hitotsu Yane no Shita" or Under One Roof. Zaitsu san has a unique and pleasant voice that I like, and this song always brings a tear to my eye. The song features a simple piano solo in the bass register, which to me is the man's sad voice mixed with hope.

Click Read More for the lyrics as well as the video of the original singer AND the series!

UPDATE - 13.11.2010
Added Masha's ANN version for download

UPDATE - 10.12.2009
Added the clear single mp3 version of the original singer's version (Masha as far as I know never released this song as a cover version) and also added the link where you can download the mp3 version. Since it is so old, it really doesn't matter. Further, if you wish to watch Under One Roof/Under Same Roof aka Hitotsu Yane no Shita, here are actually 2 parts; 1st and then the sequel. Masha is heavily featured in the original but the sequal not so. Moreover I find the sequel rather tiring although the ending does truly reflect Masha's fame; he got the girl at last! Anyway I found a good torrent, the quality is still old quality since it was never re-released as in cleaned up but from what I can gather from the Galileo subs, I am pretty sure the English subs would be beyond fantastic. So if you can't understand Japanese and your BM version (as in VCD) is gathering dust, now is the time to update your Hitotsu Yane no Shita version. Get the SARS Fansub version.Scroll down the page, look for

The torrent files are all there from episode 1 to episode 12. As for the sequel, I am sure it is somewhere out there. Frankly the original is the best and the sequel is only worth watching to know who got the girl at last. By the way like I said above, watch out for his girlfriend of 7 years in there. Pretty easy to spot. That lucky girl who got to kiss him, that's the one!

Click Read More for the original version (video, themevideo, mp3 player versions as well as download the mp3 version) and the translated lyrics.

At Megaupload, MP3 format, 2.98MB. If you're from banned country, turn on Hotspot Shield first.

The Opening Theme - Single version
Click the play button. Sound may be a bit loud so do turn down your speaker.

Download The MP3 version

The original I mean. Right click the link below and choose Save As or Save Target As. Or copy the link below and download with your Download Manager. Great ripped copy, downloaded somewhere else. Not by me.


The Opening Theme
This series was wayyyyyy back in 1993 by the way

The original singer, Kazuo Zaitsu
The youtube video says the performance was in 1999. So old...

The Lyrics, Kanji-Romaji-English Versions
Saboten no Hana
The Cactus Flower

ほんの小さな出来事に 愛は傷ついて
Hon no, chiisana, dekigoto ni, ai wa, kizu tsuite
The smallest things, can damage love

君は部屋をとびだした 真冬の空の下に
Kimi wa, heya wo, tobi dashita, mafuyu no sora no shita ni
You ran out of our room, mid-winter

編みかけていた手袋と 洗いかけの洗濯物
Ami kaketeita tebukuro to, arai kake no sentaku mono
There's the gloves you were knitting, and some undone wash

Shabon no awa ga yureteita
The bubbles were drifting

Kimi no, kaori ga, yureteta
Your scent was drifting

たえまなく降りそそぐ この雪のように
Taemanaku, furisosogu, kono yuki no you ni
Like this everlasting, driven snow

Kimi wo aiseba yokatta
I should have loved you

窓に降りそそぐ この雪のように
Mado ni furisosogu, kono yuki no you ni
Like this snow runs down the window

Futari no ai wa nagareta
Our love ran away

思い出詰まったこの部屋を 僕も出て行こう
Omoide tsumatta kono heya wo, boku mo dete yukou
I think I'll leave this room, full of memories

ドアに鍵をおろした時 なぜか涙がこぼれた
Doa ni kagi wo oroshita toki, nazeka namida ga koboreta
When I latch the door, for some reason I cried

君が育てたサボテンは 小さな花をつくった
Kimi ga sodateta saboten wa, chiisana hana wo tsukutta
The cactus you had been nurturing, grew a small flower

春はもうすぐそこまで 恋は今終わった
Haru wa mou sugu soko made, koi wa ima owatta
Spring's just around the corner, but our love is over now

Kono nagai fuyu ga owaru made ni
Until this long winter ends

Nanika o mitsukete ikiyou
I think I'll find a reason to live

Nanika wo shinjite ikite yukou
I think I'll find something to believe

Kono fuyu ga owaru made
Until the end of this winter

Kono nagai fuyu ga owaru made ni
Until this long winter ends

Nanika o mitsukete ikiyou
I think I'll find a reason to live

Nanika wo shinjite ikite yukou
I think I'll find something to believe

Kono fuyu ga owaru made
Until the end of this winter

La la etc...

An alternate translation found at which is kinda same as above but more lyrical, more in some ways poetic.

It was such a little thing
But it hurt you
You ran out of the room
Under the winter sky
Half-knit mittens
And half-washed laundry
The soap bubbles shimmered
Your fragrance wafted through the air

I should have loved you
Like snow
That never stops falling
But our love drifted away
Like the snow
Falling against the window

I'll leave this place
So full of memories
When I locked the door
For some reason tears spilled down my face
The cactus you planted
Had a small flower
It was almost spring
But our love was over now

Before this long winter is over
I'll find something to live for
I'll find something to believe in
Before winter is over

Before this long winter is over
I'll find something to live for
I'll find something to believe in
Before winter is over

La la la la...


zung said...

OH MY GOD !!!! Are you serious ? So the spoiled actress was his girl friend for 7 years ? Where did you get the information? She was very pretty and decent actress. I like her. They had chemistry between them though.

Again, thank you for the information. I found your blog just like my mom closet, you know. Everytime you dig in a little deeper, there more you love.

Kisses from Vietnam

Funn Lim said...

Hi zung! It will be irresponsible for me to confirm on his behalf but like you I too was shocked. I was looking for info on his girlfriends, rumoured or otherwise. I even found his rumoured boyfriend but frankly I didn't believe it. Then I came across this thread on his rumoured relationships, and this was the actress that was confirmed, that he didn't deny. I didn't know who she was until I googled her name and then I realised she was that actress who played that character. I knew she was in that series, I thought she was the painter but didn't realise it was the entertainer who died in the end. Well seems logical. They played lovers. I suppose that was the start of the relationship? But don't quote me on that since I am not a fan of his that knows all the gossips. I found the info in MashaPlus when they were discussing about possible relationships.

Confirmed also he had a childhood sweetheart back in Nagasaki when he left when he was 18, apparently the girl went to see him in Tokyo but I suppose in the end things didn't work out. He often sing and talk about this young love though.

As for his other girlfriends, I have no idea. I think he is still single now. With his busy schedule I don't think he has the time, energy and concentration to have one.

zung said...

thank you, Funn Lim-san ! You are the expert ! I hope that he truly finds someone who loves and understands him, eventually. Loneliness sucks when age gets in :D

マーティン・イアン said...

Hi Funn,
I can't seem to get the ANN version Masha did to play? Was it taken down? If so, is there any chance it can be re-posted?

Funn Lim said...


I just tried, and it loads as soon as I click the play button and the file is still there. If you click the first time it may take a little time to load. Give it another try.

Ahh never mind. I will put up the download link in the post. Give me a bit of time.

マーティン・イアン said...


I got the link from the mailing list. Very much appreciated.

Yeah.. for some reason, all the other links with that player embedded were working fine for me. Except, the one I wanted. *laughs*

Regardless, many thanks.

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