Ryoma-Den : The meaning of the title

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I was curious what Ryoma-Den means. Since the title is in Kanji and may I add, in readable Chinese I asked my sis, who knows Chinese. I do know the first 2 words Ryoma.

Ryo - Dragon (Mandarin : Lung)
Ma - Horse (Mandarin : Ma)

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Now Den is the one I didn't understand. My sis said the word exists but not use in this context if seen through Chinese, in fact not commonly used at all. Japanese may use the same words as Chinese but the meaning or rather the context may be different. She said Den in that word is read in Mandarin as in Yun and since it makes no sense, looking at the entire context of the word, it may mean The Legend of Ryoma or The Tale of Ryoma or The Story of Ryoma. I suspect The Legend of Ryoma sounds more fitting.

So I checked using the title in the words as mentioned;


being the Yun in question.

The result at EUdict is:-

[つて] intermediary, influence, good offices, connections, someone to trust, go-between, pull

[でん] legend, tradition; biography, life; method, way; horseback transportation and communication relay system used in ancient Japan

I think the second one is more like it. So as predicted, could be The Legend / Life / Biography of Ryoma but I would guess it means The Legend since Sakamoto Ryoma is very respected and kinda legendary in Japan.

Anyway starting 3rd January 2010, every Sunday at NHK channel at 8pm Japan time. Do check it out if you have access. Someone please fansub it in English and hardcode it please!


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