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The celebrated entertainer who wrote and sang the double digit million hit single, his 15th, Sakuramochi, the avid photographer and onsen lover well known for his dazzling smile, the star of the epic Roma-Den, who is also the star of the alien invasion movie, Gone White The Windows as well as the frequent guest in Doraemon series and movies and appearances in Music Stage and more importantly, Doraemon lover (who doesn't love Doraemon or we Chinese call him Xiao Ding Dang?), I don't even need to introduce him since you all know who I am talking about, yes....


Learn more about this handsome singer-actor-songwriter-photographer-onsen lover-Doraemon fan right after Read More link!


- Fukuyama Masaharu, his alter ego in his radio shows [05.02.2011, 06.02.2011, 18.09.2010] and latest news [18.09.2010]

- There may be more photos in Fukuyama Masaaki folder in my Facebook Photo Gallery!


Name: Fukuyama Masaaki [福山雅秋]
Occupation: Stars
Songs: Hatsukoi is a big hit with Sakuramochi, thus, granted a special appearance in Kokuhaku Manjuu (Red & White Bun Singing Festival)
Specialities: Dazzling smile.
Hobbies: Onsen (hot spring) and Photography
Favourite food: Turkish rice (Nagasaki's food)
Recent project: ローマ伝 Roma-den, an epic drama about knight in ancient Rome who's working for a change.

To his fans, I suppose on the making of Sakuramochi. Read the Chinese translation here and here.

Translated by Rapere of MashaPlus. The only part I don't get is the [Hawthorn] part. 

It was last year's spring, at Tako-ne* onsen where cherry blossoms were in full bloom. I was in the middle of a tour, at a room at the onsen hotel, fretting that "I had no ideas to write a new song". Because there really wasn't any idea appearing, so in order to change my mood/feelings, I decided to go to the **rotemburo. For once to let my body and my spirit/heart become naked (laugh).

In the rotemburo, there was somebody there already. At first because of the steam, I could not see very well but.... in fact the person there was a pretty young lady! I had accidentally entered the ladies rotemburo!!! (sweat)

Naturally I reflected on my wrong-doing....  I had hurt the pride of a promising young lady. As an apology, I took the speciality of Tako-ne onsen, "sakura mochi", and went back to apologise to that young lady.

Luckily, that young lady immediately forgave me. (Phew) After that, the young lady while eating the sakura mochi, said "So it is true then, leaves can also be eaten. I know someone who would peel off the leaf. (By my intuition the "someone" she knows is probably her boyfriend)

At that moment, I thought of something! Long ago I had also, by a girl I liked, been gently admonished before [on this]!! After that, at one go, I wrote the song "Sakuramochi".

Isn't it common, that when you were a student and in love, your feelings were not conveyed, and you continued to do nothing, and so regrettably it ends [before it has even started]? But it is only because of this that all of you can know the meaning of what "something precious" is.

--- I want to use this song to convey that [message]. For the young lady who gave me the opportunity to create this type of song, and to that important friend of hers, I want to say thank you very much and love.

Fukuyama Masaaki

*translation note: pun on "Hakone onsen"?
**Open air bath


There's a scrolling twitter post at the official website, like twitter and  it says ...

(Romaden on location in Italy now. Ciao!) [Thanks to Sunnydolphin for the translation]

(the armor in romaden is very heavy, but the pressure of playing the role is even heavier, but i will try my best!) [Thanks to Mashamasha for the translation]

(Now filming Angel Mayonnaise CF. Seems like Calorie Half) [Thanks to Izumisano for the translation]

(New song for May confirmed! "Kashiwa Mochi".....just kidding now) [Thanks to Izumisano for the translation]

I love the onsen! So I came to the "Arema Onsen" (aremaa = oh my god) [Thanks to Izumisano for the translation]

I'm gorging on turkey rice now! Yummy! [Thanks to Izumisano for the translation]

I want to thank my fans again now. Thank you for your eternal support! [Thanks to Izumisano for the translation]

"Roma-den" crank-in. I won't be able to cut my hair (cry) [Thanks to Izumisano for the translation]

Heavy snow now. Bought a yellow muffler while on location. [Thanks to Izumisano for the translation]

Mandatory schedule today. On the move now.  [Thanks to Izumisano for the translation]

It is an off day. One day off in a year [Thanks to Angelreii for the translation]

Now filming "Romaden". Hoping to have some Japanese meals soon. [Thanks to Izumisano for the translation]

Tokyo Dome 10 days, confirmed. Let's heat up the suumer nights, people! [Translated by Izumisano]

It's Valentine's Day. Presents from fans, are all sakura mochi....!! [Translated by Izumisano]

Moving to Sunset TV. Have not eaten dinner yet. Only had sakuramochi received from fans. [Translated by Angelreii]

Sold double digit millions of copies, his 15th single

Thanks to Halad of MashaPlus for this translation!

When I keep looking at you my heart hurts a little
Let's be like this together always

After getting tired after playing
we have sakuramochi together
Sitting beside each other, a light pink
You look at me and smile
And teach me, "You eat the leaves too"

I'm always with you but I feel a little shy
Let's be like this together always

君をずっと見てたら 胸がちょっと痛むよ
いつも君と 今のままで

遊び疲れて ふたり桜もち
ならんで座る 薄紅色
僕を見て ダメねと笑う
葉っぱだって食べるのよ 教えてくれた

君とずっといるのに なぜかちょっと照れるよ
いつも君と 今のままで

kimi o zutto mi te tara mune ga chotto itamu yo
itsumo kimi to ima no mama de

asobi tsukare te futari sakuramochi
naran de suwaru usu koushoku
boku o mi te dame ne to warau
happa datte taberu no yo oshie te kure ta

kimi to zutto iru no ni naze ka chotto tereru yo
itsumo kimi to ima no mama de


Spring Live Tour 2011

Ep 226 - 17.09.2010

3 hour SP - 11.02.2011

Doraemon Shin – Nobita to Tetsujin Heidan ~Habatake Tenshitachi~ - 05.03.2011
No pictures yet

Watch here! (around 1:50 mark)

Gone White The Windows

From his official website.

- Gone White The Windows trailer (silent) : HERE (FLV plus screencaps) or HERE (MP4, just the video)
- Trailer 1 (less Masaaki) : HERE (MPG)
- Trailer 2 (all Masaaki) : HERE (AVI)

Here's hoping someone will at least upload the BEST BANG!! Spoof CM at Youtube and eventually the episode proper somewhere!

- Masha was not the original voice in the Ep 226 which was broadcast on 17.09.2010 and like his fans he found out after the broadcast as everybody knew Fukuyama Masaaki was Masha himself. He commented on this on his ANN show on 18.09.2010

- Masha redubbed the character in that particular scene in Ep 226 in his Masaharu Den 2010 video broadcast at his Daikanshasai 2010 concerts.  You can read more about that here. 

- I suppose Doraemon producers smartened up and decided to invite the very eager Masha to his first ever seiyuu (voice acting) role  and perhaps his first ever anime role (as himself) and thus he became involved and is the voice for Masaaki in the 3 hour SP as well as in the upcoming movie in March 2011. In between he participated in voiceovers in trailers and in the spoof of THE BEST BANG CM for Doraemon, he sang "Doraemon... Doraemon.." instead of the original "Best Bang... Best Bang..."

- Sakuramochi's CD artwork is the same as Sakurazaka's CD artwork, the lyrics similar and being known as the 15th single, Sakurazaka, released in 2000 was really 15th single and sold about 2.3 million copies, making it I believe his biggest selling single ever.

- The Doraemon trailer spoofing THE BEST BANG!! CM almost exactly except at the end Doraemon appears in the trailer whereas in the CM Doraemon naturally does not appear.

- Masaaki appears in Doraemon Ep 226 (17.09.2010), 3 hour SP (11.02.2011) and the movie Doraemon Shin – Nobita to Tetsujin Heidan ~Habatake Tenshitachi~ (05.03.2011) as well as in TV Asahi's very own Masaaki fansite and countless of trailers.

Never had any artiste been spoofed with such wit and such style. And his facial expressions and his eyes were certainly so well captured in the animation! Certainly Masha help with the publicity. Fans of Doraemon will watch the series and movie no matter what but non fans who are fans of Masha will now take notice of the series and upcoming movie. The publicity is pretty aggressive, with a beautifully created website so called Masaaki's official website and the ultimate, asking Masha to do the voiceover for what is a certainly ill concealed spoof of the man himself certainly gave such amazing publicity to an already iconic character and series, that is Doraemon himself. The producers did buried the earlier boo-boo in not asking Masha to do the voice over and we all know the man is eager and willing and ever ready. I feel Team Doraemon did such an excellent job in promoting themselves and promoting Masha, for Masha's fans and for Doraemon's fans, it is a win-win situation! And Masaaki is so handsome too! And at least he has Yukawa sensei's hair even if at the time of posting, the real Masha does not! Thank you to Team Doraemon for a job so well done I wish they were his PR company for real!


michael said...

lol'd at Sakuramochi hahaha.. I even sing the lyrics posted here, and that's when I realize it's sakurazaka.. :-D

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