[CONCERT] 10th Fukuyama ☆ Fuyu no Daikanshasai aka Daikanshasai 2010

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UPDATES - 07.03.2011
A reminder. WOWOW will broadcast a repeat of the same concert but with new editing. Masha gave his approval as HK fans noted "Masha said during ANN that the re-broadcast version is very very high quality, whether in editing or sound quality." Please, someone, record and upload... please... Anyway time is either 3.30pm according to BROS or 7.30pm according to WOWOW. Since WOWOW is the boss, I think WOWOW is the right time.

UPDATES - 29.01.2011
Another article on the concert by Malaysian press can be read here


[LATER] Some related news of this event and one particular Fukuyama shrine can be read here (see post 02.01.2011), where Asian media, from China, HK, Taiwan, Singapore were invited to cover the concert on various days (a big indication of the much rumoured Asia Tour 2011). Thanks to Szeying for the following translation of some choice quotes that Singapore media chose to quote from their very glowing report of the concert ;

One of the local reporter(invited by Universal Music) went to his Daikanshasai on the 28th Dec. She reported a very good review of the concert! She mention that Masha who has a strong ability in singing is still energetic after singing for 3 hours. Even though, there isn't a gorgeous stage but the superior skill of the band and the sound effect has prove that there isn't a need for packaging if one has the ability. 

And the reporter even added some Masha quotes;

He told the audience: "I often ask myself what do I have? Now standing on this stage, I finally know, I have you guys!."

He ask the audience on where do they come from and after hearing some fans shouted Okinawa, he joked that Yokohama is very cold!

When he walk to the center of the 工 shape stage, he told the audience that are in front of him that you don't need to use a telescope because it's already so close.

He joke that this year he have gotten the Number 1 in the Oricon Style 2010 Most Popular Artist, it might not be him for the next year

He boast about his 2010 popularity, album and television results.He joke on "I often ask myself, what do I have? This time, I'm going to say that I have the towel(concert merchandise). Take it out and use it now. It's alright even if it is old.   

[PREVIOUSLY] All videos at youtube deleted by uploaders! However you can still watch the same clips plus the countdown clip that I never seen before at Tudou! But I have downloaded all clips so if you want scroll below to DOWNLOAD to find out how to get the 23 videos.

The song list for your reference (this is the countdown show and ** means videos uploaded). It has been verified by fans at the concert.

HEY! **
Sou ~ **
Peach!! **

Niji **
Ano Natsu mo Umi mo Sora mo **
Kokoro Color **



Ishikure no Pride **
Koufukuron **
Hatsukoi **

Masaharu-Den 2010. Watch this funny clip here.

Shonen **
Marcy's Song **

Rebo-ebo **
Hard Rain **
Nigerarenai **
Gang **
Heaven **
Tsuioku no Ame no Naka **
Keshin **
Ashita no Show **


Kiss Shite **
Hotaru **
Gunjou (acoustic) **

A fan posted a report on the 1st day concert which  can be read here. And he posted some very very funny that happened during Hotaru where he wrote;

Listen about 50 secs in, in the middle of this song, someone from his crew seemed to be doing construction work underneath the stage during the concert and I think he dropped a steel pipe or a spanner at the most 'apt ' time.

It's true! I laughed very hard at that but very apt! And great rendition. I think Masha must have heard it since it was so loud!

Just take it with a pinch of salt but apparently Masha earned 320 million yen (that's like USD3.9 million only) from this Daikanshasai. If it is true, try and imagine next year's earnings. Source news is here and thanks to Szeying for the link. Anyway that is not a true number. I doubt it is that much. His fee maybe ...


Most favourite part of the 31.12.2010 concert was to me the end of Kiss Shite, as he ran around playfully and then started to play the guitar, standing rather still but yet shaking all over with such intensity in every fibre of his being. I always like that intensity and guitars and performance all combined into one. He seems rather possessed by that moment as he strummed his guitar. What a moment! And yes, he does look pretty doing it.

Download links and previous news after Read More link.

Watch the HQ version of the same concert in 2 parts at tudou, PART A and PART B. Thanks Christina Chiu for the tip off!

The following are download links to ripped youtube videos from 2 uploaders. Please note the original clips from the first uploader are not truly 720p, rather 480p expanded up. You'll be able to see the difference when the video switches to the second uploader's songs.. You can choose to download one of the 3 choices, since all are same sources. Quality wise, the original youtube rips were part HD and part not quite HD. However from what I can see, they're still high quality. The WOWOW broadcast of the Daikanshasai on 31.12.2010 consisted of in total 23 songs, therefore 23 youtube videos. However, some MC has been cut off, Peach!! performance truncated, and the beginning and end credits are not available. However the rest are intact. I have included a brief into to each version, so that you can make an informed choice since the file size is rather huge.



All 23 youtube files in individual files, clearly marked the sequence of performance. I have also included the song list in the RAR file. The total size is 2.37GB and all files are MP4 format. Please download all 7 split files, do not rename, make sure all are in same folder and rejoin using HJ Split or similar. Then extract.

007 -

Anthippi Fiamou's version
All 23 youtube files are merged and divided into 4 avi files. No need to rejoin since it is 4 individual avi files. Difference with my version is it means the videos are merged. I haven't done downloading yet but those who did said the video quality from original rip is maintained and considering the original files, the output file in avi is of good quality. Please note as there were 2 uploaders of different quality, you can see the difference in the merged videos.  Total file size about 3.5GB. A great big thanks to Anthippi for this wonderful version!


Full broadcast
The full concert as broadcast by WOWOW in 2 files due to the length, MP4 format but lower quality than the youtube rips can be found here. At least the Masaharu-Den 2010 sketch plus all MCs are in it as did I say, full broadcast?

UPDATES - 28.12.2010
Concert started yesterday and here are some responses to the first concert;

By River who got the following info from 2ch

The song list ...



And Masha has backup dancers (?!). They appeared during rebo-ebo and probably Keshin, getting the crowd works out their towel. Vocally, he's fantastic. Though some people are complaining the acoustic of the place isn't that good. 

By Izumisano who was actually there!

Esentially, last night was heavenly, very rock in some parts and very funny video clips. His tone was a bit shakiy at the beginning, I'm not sure if it was his earpiece or otherwise, but it improved beautifully as it went on. Heavy Rock Marcy's Song almost got me in tears. Thank you Masha!!! We had to sing Ode to Joy against Peach. That was so fun! He burnt the guitar in many places.

By Roadsong who was also there! You can read more in his/her blog here.

Last nite con was great. Most of the songs that were sang last year remain with the same arrangement, and some older songs sang in the past with new arrangment. The stage was really narrow, so that the hall can hold more seats, ie 12000.  Dancers were a big surprise to us! But well, it was really fun to see something new on the stage. The choreography was nice too!  MC was super short as mentioned in the opening, more songs this time, lesser MC. Masha was rather nervous initially, but got calm after a few songs. He enjoyed himself so much on the stage with his band. Great to see the musician back in action again! 

UPDATES - 15.12.2010
Details of the cinemas broadcasting the live concert can be found here. All in Japanese.

UPDATES - 07.12.2010
Official announcement from BROS to every BROS members going to the concert (lucky you!) as translated by Izumisano. 

NOTE : Related news here

To all of you coming to the 12/31 "10th Fuyu no (winter) Daikanshasai":

Fukuyama had decided to perform in the 12/31 "61st NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen", but it will be broadcast live from the "10th Fukuyama ☆ Fuyu no Daikanshasai" in the Yokohama Pacifico Exhibition Hall! Because he would like all of you there, to have a great time together with him at the Kouhaku, we would be most grateful for your help and full co-operation!

Previously for 12/31, the venue will open at 21:30 and the show will start at 23:00, but because the Kouhaku broadcast is scheduled sometime between 22:00〜23:00, after the venue has opened and before show start, we hope that you could please be seated by 22:00 that day, so that staff can explain and instruct you on what to do.

Also, please wait for the Kouhaku song list and sequence, which will be announced anytime after mid-Dec. We ask for your understanding and full co-operation. Your kind assistance would be most appreciated.

※ The lobby is now scheduled to open at 20:00 on 12/31. To enjoy the various corners set up in the lobby, please come early and have some fun, by all means!

UPDATES - 28.11.2010
Is this a first? Japan fans just got luckier. I am not sure what to make of this but what is written is 31st Dec 2010 Daikanshasai Live Countdown will be broadcast in theater. Theater?! Aka cinema. CINEMA?! Then TV as well. Wow. He is covering all ground. It would be complete if he stream live through online website. Read the announcement here. Anyway, Izumisano translated as follows:-

"It will be broadcast live by satellite to theatres around the country. Ticket prices - 3,000yen. Details of the theatres to be announced. Under 18 not allowed by regulation. Tickets for sale 24/12 onwards."

Further updates thanks to Irene;

"He said that they will broadcast in movie/cinema theaters, but which theaters is still to be determined. Also, the sponsors (not clear if there will be new or different sponsors or his current ones) will give out "omiyage" or souvenirs (because the ticket price at 3,000 yen is a bit high). He mentioned they are doing this based on complaints or comments that there were not enough tickets available"

Strange solution since the complaints is due to the fact people want to see him live in a concert, and not in a cinema watching him performing live in a concert.

UPDATES - 19.10.2010
Angelreii says "WOWOW will broadcast live from Pacifico Yokohama exhibition hall. Broadcast Date - December 31, 2010 - 23:00 (Japan time)" [Source]. Malaysia time is 10pm. Not that you will have it locally so hoping there will be some TV uploads.

UPDATES - 16.10.2010
Public sale today and sold out in 30 SECONDS. How can it be sold out in SECONDS? How?! Someone or some organisation must have been keeping a whole chunk of the tickets and sold them to some others. If there is such thing as book a ticket, why not just say so? Why bother with public sale in the first place? Very unfair to fans who will join a long cue. It is not physically possible to sell all tickets in 30 SECONDS considering you need to line up, pay, give receipt, tear ticket, choose sits, give back ticket, walk away which will take more than 10 seconds unless it is a public sale of 3 tickets or the 1st 3 persons bought ALL tickets.

Anyway some good news to those who couldn't get tickets and have access to WOWOW. Source from HK Fans Discussion Forums said BROS said that WOWOW will broadcast the concert on 31.12.2010 from 11pm. Don't take my word for it though since it is in Japanese so I took a big guess. If it is I am very sure someone will post each clip to Youtube and I will be there to post them all here just like I did with the Michishirube 2009 concert!


Daikanshasai, the year end concerts held every year by Masha which is not a tour concert but rather I suppose thank you concerts cum ushering new year concert for limited of days. The news as below thanks to MashaPlus Info Forums and blogged previously in ANN post since Masha himself announced the concerts during the show on 21.08.2010...


[FUKUYAMA☆FUYU NO DAIKANSHASAI sono 10] confirmed !!!

2010 12/27 (Mon) 17:00 (hall opens) / 18:30 (show starts)
28 (Tues) 17:00 (hall opens) / 18:30 (show starts)
30 (Thur) 15:30 (hall opens) / 17:00 (show starts)
31 (Fri) 21:30 (hall opens) / 23:00 (show starts)

Venue Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall (※ Different from the Pacifico Yokohama Convention Hall used before) at Yokohama City, Japan
Prices All seats 8,000yen (tax included) (about MYR 293.83/USD 93.71 which is cheap to me but beware, auction bidding may double that or more!)
Queries Kyodo Yokohama 045-671-9911

Public Sales 2010/10/16 (Sat) 10am onwards    

BROS Fan Club tickets Priority Information Advice has been sent out today on 08/18. (Priority tickets are available to all BROS memberships valid on 08/01. New members who have paid their fees on 08/15 are also included.)

Masha said the seating capacity is 10,000. But it could be more depending on the arrangements. So if you're a BROS member, wherever you are, I wish you best of luck in the ticketing draw! For those buying through public sale, good luck! The tickets may be sold out in hours! As for me, frankly after much thought, I am afraid my budget is tight. Notwithstanding plane tickets and accommodation, I am not a BROS member, I am not in Japan and the idea of bidding in auction sites will kill me so until I have confidence in saying I can certainly afford that, I am afraid my only source of watching his concerts is through his DVDs. I really do wanna go, it will be a lifetime experience, even if just this once. Moreover I often read how you can buy the concert booklets and all, how I wish I can do that. Anyway, if you are able to go, congratulations. I am sure it will be a wonderful experience! And yes, I hate you! Kidding! Kidding!


Anonymous said...

So, I just stumbled upon this and I need some clarification?
He perform for 3 hours each day for 10 days at the end of every year? EVERY YEAR? 10 days?

I had never heard of any musician doing this before. OMG. <3 awesome. wow. So each day is a different ticket, right? This mean, there will be 10 concerts total, so if I want to go then I will have to buy 10 tickets or will 1 ticket allow me to go to all 10 days?

So confused. ahhah

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