[OT] SMILES - A message from the world to Japan

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Izumisano of MashaPlus together with Midori P and Mashamasha made a special music video incorporating messages from fans and well wishers alike from all over the world to the tune of Naitari Shinaide and a series of sketches by Inoue Takehiko specially for Japan having suffered from the earthquake and tsunami disaster on 11.03.2011 called Smiles to which the title of the video is taken from. Feel free to repost if you like.

The lyrics and some comments after Read More link.

For your convenience, I am reposting the English translated lyrics of this favourite song of mine, Naitari Shinaide ("Don't Cry")

Don't cry, come here
I'll embrace everything about you

Don't be scared of being alone
It hinders your heart

I want to understand your sadness
I want to send you my warmth

Don't cry, look at me
Tell me in your true words

Forget about the things you've lost
As I thought, your true smile is wonderful

Don't mistake this kindness
I want to share happiness with you

You're here, and with that I can be strong
I'm here, I'll show you that I'll always protect you

We can start over, no matter how many times
Don't question your dreams, which are important

You're here, and with that I can give it my all
When I'm with you, I can go on living no matter what tomorrow is like

Don't cry, come here
I'll embrace everything about you

Let's talk a lot tomorrow
That's right, just like I thought, I love your smile
Hey, smile

I personally think it is beautifully made, and the sketches were wonderful with the messages of encouragement although when I watched it, my heart felt heavy because at this moment, Japan is still having a hard time. Children orphaned, parents' losing children, homes lost, lives lost, threat of more earthquakes, aftershocks, hypothermia, little food, little medicine, and now the ongoing problem, radiation. I know Japan will pull through, and whilst some part of the world may worry about radiation reaching them or debating on the efficacy and safety of nuclear energy, I feel at this time my thoughts are less about radiation cloud (which I know it is not harmful and I know whatever happens, nuclear energy is here to stay) and more on the men/women fighting to avert nuclear disaster at Fukushima and the many many people who have lost something, someone, now somewhere in Japan. It is disheartening to know so much they are going through and as if they're not getting a break and anyone who has witnessed the 2004 tsunami disaster will probably know what they're going through and those who didn't will emphatise with their plight. This video is a small respite, not just for Japan but those who are as involved as Japan as we all are, glued to the news and TV to see what's the outcome, for whatever reason. I have been reading a lot of positive stories but more on very pessimistic ones. Radiation seems to be on most minds where it is dire, but not the absolute end. It takes away the notice from the plights of the Japanese men and women, adult and child who were directly hit by this double tragedy and I do not wish for a third tragedy. I wish the Fukushima 50 success and from the looks of the news, it seems hopeful. And when things stabilised, there is no doubt that the people of Japan will stand back up and rebuild, which was what happened in Kobe. Right now, as heavy as my heart, even if I am a bystander looking in, I feel a great sadness over what has transpired and the impossible reaction by the world, some of which is bordering ridiculous and I suspect the news with their constant fearful headlines were the culprit. As much as I wish this to be over soon, I know the mourning will come and the rebuilding will take time. There isn't much I can do frankly but to not contribute to the scaremongering. And I hope you won't succumb to that too. The last thing Japan needs is more speculation. Let them do what they must do and I am sure they will come out stronger, and I have nothing but admiration for their steeliness and their calmness even in the face of total and utter destruction. My respect for them tripled over the past week and I am sure the world agrees when I say Japan has showed us how to behave when struck by tragedy, that is with calmness, dignity, honour and most importantly, hope. My nephew asked me "Are you still gonna go to Japan in August?" and without blinking an eye I said "If all things are well, yes" and he smiled a little, perhaps thinking how silly I was to walk to what he perceives as a death trap but to me nothing more than a nation who suffered a bit of s setback. I am not worried about my health as there is nothing to worry about, not the way things are going right now. I sincerely wish them well.

If you wish to donate, here is one you can donate to although there are many many more. 


Anthippi Fiamou said...

Wonderful Video, excelent choice of a song!
Hope, faith, love and prayer are the most powerfull things in the world and they can move whole mountains.
We keep hope, we love the Japanese people and believe in their power to endure, fight and prevail in end.
But most of all, we keep praying!

L Analu said...

Very well done. With such simplicity, this work precisely captures and expresses all of our deep sentiments & heartfelt words. May this, and all other messages of love & support for the people & country of Japan, find their way to those who have been directly, severely impacted by the unforeseen events. May they be blessed, lifted, strengthened, & receive hope in spirit for ongoing survival & relentless revival. // Sincere mahalo, thoughts, & aloha from Hawaii

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