I love you & I need you Fukushima ~LYRICS~

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The above song was ripped from the ANN show on 26.03.2011. I blogged about this song, I love you  &I need you ふくしま (Fukushima) here (see post dated 26.03.2011) and here where Masha participated in this song;

Masha joins the band 猪苗代湖ズ (Inawashirokozu), which is formed by fukushima 出身 artists for supporting fukushima, founded by 箭内道彦/Machino Yakai (Top Runner host). Masha played the harmonica and guitar.

The song is very addictive, I am still humming it and I find it more moving and more "listenable" than the one sung by a group of HK artistes although both are meant for charity. If you like this song, you can buy it by downloading it and all proceeds exluding the processing fees will be donated to the Fukushima Disaster Relief Center. The price is 420 yen or about MYR16-00. You will need to register an account first but that is easy since there are English instruction. Then you will need to choose which file (there are 2, one with and the other without Masha, I am not sure what's the difference although in the version with Masha, Masha didn't lend his vocals, just the guitar and harmonica) and just pay using your credit card. Overseas fans can purchase this song. The file is WAV file. No lyrics available as yet.

Masha's Version
You can recognise his harmonica and guitar playing.

More details on where to buy this song and the PV  after Read More link.

More info below:-

Taken from official site;

Support Fukushima Charity Song 「i love you & i need you Fukushima」 which Fukayama joined in, will start downloading soon!!

The Support Fukushima Charity Song 「i love you & i need you Fukushima/Fukuyama came to Inawashiro-zu to support Fukushima with Inoue Akira. March 26th」 which we announced yesterday, download will be available from 4pm today.

Like in the previous announcement, download will be available at TOKYO FM mobile site and Chakuotafuru. New addition has been decided. It will also be available at music download site, OTOTOY.

PC downloading, Chakuotafuru, both will be the same download price of 420yen.

All profits exluding the processing fees will be donated to the Fukushima Disaster Relief Center.

Here but to make sure, look for 福山雅治 which is Masha's name. The box to the song is on the right.

For direct links; Masha's version and original version.

The price is 420yen (about RM15-00) which for one song isn't cheap BUT for this particular song and for charity, is totally worth it. Love the song, either version is fantastic. Masha's version download size is about 64MB in WAV format. For overseas fans, which is such a rare treat, you can use your credit card which will be billed on 10th of each month which is so strange. Why not just bill immediately? Very easy to register an account since there is more than adequate English there, although the download part may be a bit harrowing. Just be a bit careful, and it is easy. Make sure you filled in your credit card details first.

I don't think this is Masha's version. I love the simple PV, if it is the PV. The song is fantastic. I also see some famous faces as well. I wonder are they all from Fukushima? I like the fact that it is hopeful, it is uplifting, light and yet with a message. It celebrates life and not mourn the loss. Fantastic video. I just hope there would be some translated lyrics soon. By the way try to spot his often rumoured other half in the video.

Taken from 

To everyone in Fukushima,
we’re supporting you from across Japan.
That’s why we’ll all sing together.

Song Start
I left my true self at Fukushima, Fukushima, Fukushima
I loved the true you at Fukushima, Fukushima, Fukushima

Something will start tomorrow. Something beautiful.
Something will start tomorrow. I’m talking about you.
I love you baby, Fukushima. I need you baby, Fukushima.
I want you baby, we love Fukushima. (x2)

Let me see that you’re wonderful at Fukushima, Fukushima, Fukushima.
The dreamlike days and the beautiful you, at Fukushima, Fukushima, Fukushima.

Tomorrow, everything will begin. Your life will begin.
Tomorrow, a new life will begin. Your life will begin.

I love you baby, Fukushima. I need you baby, Fukushima.
I want you baby, we love Fukushima.

I love you baby, Hamadori. I need you baby, Nakadori.
I want you baby, Aizu. We love Fukushima.

I love you baby, Nomaoi. I need you baby, Akabeko.
I want you baby, Tsuruga Castle. We love Fukushima.

I love you baby, Fukushima. I need you baby, Fukushima.
I want you baby, we love Fukushima. (x2)

** Hamadori, Nakadori and Aizu are all regions in Fukushima. Nomaoi means ‘wild horse chase’ and refers to a military exercise carried out in Fukushima during the Edo Period, re-created to this day during the Soma-Nomaoi Festival. Akapeko is a traditional toy from Fukushima shaped like a red cow.


vspirit said...

the lyrics for this song can be found pretty easily if you google them. =)

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