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I would like to announce my own happy news that I know will bankrupt me since will have to consider taking a loan! I just won the ticket ballot for 2 tickets to Masha's concert on 3rd August 2011 at Yoyogi, probably a popular place next to the Osaka ones. My ballot was in less than 24 hours due to a few hiccup and I put in for 2 shows, weekday and weekend and I won weekday. So I will be flying to see Masha in action in August. But before that, there's the tiny problem of

1. money
2. visa application (will they ban me?! when should I start applying?)
3. company (which is ok since I am going with a fellow Masha fan who has free accommodation)
4. language barrier
5. annual leave (very little left)
6. want to buy another day's ticket too but I know that is next to impossible. Anyone who won for Yoyogi for 2 tickets but can't make it (for shows other than 3rd August) and if you're planning to sell, please contact me! I am interested if the price is right.

Overall per ticket spent about 12,000 yen or maybe thereabouts.

I will be sure to take loads of photos. Hopefully I get good seats, not too far away but will be bringing my binoculars along. Somehow I am not too hot about SB seats (Stage back seats where you're facing Masha's back the whole time but fans said it is closer to the stage, you get to see behind the scenes stuff and Masha does sometime wave high to the ones behind but frankly I rather looking at his front all the time).


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