[ANN/TFM/NEWS] Sendai Quake special [12.03.2011]

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I will be posting anything I could find on ANN and TFM (which can overlap) for 12.03.2011 here as a separate post as I believe this will be a special on the Sendai quake which happened on 11.03.2011. Many thanks to the translators for translating the news, mostly from Sou-chan's Twitter updates! All times quoted is Malaysian time where we are 1 hour behind Japan.

12.03.2011 - 1.30pm
Sou-chan has confirmed via twitter that tonight's ANN will be broadcast live. His latest twit a few minutes ago describes the streets as in chaos. It's likely that Masha is returning to / has returned to Tokyo for the ANN live today. [Izumisano]

Sou-chan will be running the TFM nation-wide special broadcast on the earthquake from 13:00 onwards. He is now in FM Sendai! The water has retreated. [Izumisano]

Sou-chan said they're in FM Sendai in his tweet [Izumisano]

Question now is, will Masha go there as well or stay in Tokyo? Because Sendai is in chaos right now and still quite dangerous from the tremors. But I believe things are manageable so I applaud Masha and Sou-chan for wanting to be there, not for sensationalised news reporting but to assist in comforting the people. Right now no confirmation where Masha really is, but if he's going there, it means he is probably traveling by car or plane to Tokyo.

12.03.2011 - 3.15pm
It is almost certain Masha is on or may be back in Tokyo and my sneaking suspicion is he will join Sou-chan in Sendai. How he is going to get there is anyone's guess. Probably by car then by foot.

12.03.2011 - 6.02pm
He may still be in Hiroshima since coming back may be difficult with road closure so ANN may be broadcast from Hiroshima with Sou-chan as the eyes in Sendai or Tokyo. We shall see. Anyway Sou chan is actively tweeting and the news ain't good. Just stay away from Fukushima for a very long time. But if there is one nation more efficient in handling crisis, Japan is it.

福島第一原発の敷地の境界で、計測器では通常のレベルをはるかに超える放射線量が観測されているとのことです。屋外にいる方は速やかに屋内に退避して下さい。屋外にいる方は、肌の露出を防ぎ、ぬれタオルで口を覆うなどして放射性物質を吸い込まないようにして下さい。10キロ圏外の方も屋内へ!- 5.30pm

The Fukushima No.1 reactor monitors have detected radiation in huge excess of normal levels. People are called to stay indoors immediately. People who are outdoors must protect themselves from skin exposure, they should cover their mouths with wet towels to prevent inhalation of radioactive particles. People should stay indoors even when they are over 10 KM away! - 5.30pm [Izumisano]

まだ国からの発表はありませんが、福島第一原発で重大な事故が発生した可能性があります。 10キロ圏外にいらしゃる方は速やかに10キロ圏外に避難して下さい。また念のため、福島第一原発の周辺10キロ圏外にいらっしゃる方も、速やかに屋内に避難して下さい。屋外では濡れタオルを口に当てて下さい - 5.40pm 

he radius of evacuation has been extended from 3 km to 10 km. They are calling for all people to retreat to 10 km away from the plant. - 5.40pm [Izumisano]

12.03.2011 - 6.15pm
Team Fukuyama are still in Hiroshima and if I am not mistaken, is organising a donation drive. Good for them! So if they're still there, Masha I am now certain must still be there. I hope they stay there for now.

12.03.2011 - 8.40pm
Sou chan is in Tokyo, Masha still in Hiroshima and thus just in; no ANN tonight, which is replaced by a special news program.

The following is Masha's message over ANN cancellation which I believe he was apologising profusely for the cancellation.







To all TamaRadi listeners

Tonight's Fukuyama Masaharu's Tamashii no Radio will be cancelled to make way for the broadcast of the special programme on yesterday's "North-Eastern Region Pacific Ocean Earthquake" . We apologize to all listeners who have been looking forward to hearing Fukuyama-san and Souguchi-san's voice.

Please find attached a message from radio host Fukuyama Masaharu-san.

All Tamashii no Radio staff

I have been listening to the latest news in my present location in Hiroshima. It goes without saying for the disaster victims, I believe everyone in Japan is following the situation closely through the television, radio and internet, I guess we will be facing another restless night tonight.

I am also very anxious at the little that I can do, but I can only pray that everyone is safe and for the day I can meet with you (listeners) over the airwaves of our normal programme soon again.

To everyone who has been looking forward to tonight's programme, I am very sorry.

As for the broadcast next week, I will let you know as soon as I know.

Fukuyama Masaharu

And TFM tomorrow is also cancelled, replaced by special program and I think this must be due to the fact that Masha may still be in Hiroshima. Cancellation is rare and this is one occasion which made cancellation unavoidable.

13.03.2011 - 7.10pm
Masha's message on cancellation of TFM for today. Translated by Izumisano.




まずは、今 本当に一番大事な情報を


To all listeners of Talking FM:

Today's broadcast of "Fukuyama Masaharu's Suzuki Talking FM" has been cancelled.
To all who have been looking forward to today's radio show, I am very sorry, for (we are in) such a devastating disaster. It goes without saying for the disaster victims, but I believe there is no-one without any relatives involved.

As yet, the situation is changing every minute, and we are continuously in a state where we cannot predict what comes next. While I would be delivering this 1 hour every week, I believe at this moment we should use this time to disseminate the truly important news, so please allow us to suspend our broadcast for this week.

While offering my condolensces to the disaster victims, I pray for the safety and well-being of everyone involved.

Fukuyama Masaharu

That I think ends this post.


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