Naitari Shinai De [Don't Cry] ~LYRICS~

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The above is from my favourite version, that is Music Fair 21 in 2005, a great big thanks to River for finding it again. The excellent pianist is "The pianist is Hattori Takayuki's father. Who's Hattori Takayuki... the music composer, the music conductor. Tokyo Boogie Woogie" [Angelreii]  The more I hear this song the more I love it and the more I watch the video (that one which embedding is disallowed), the more I love it. It's the way the guitar goes, the way the melody goes, the way the whole expressions on his face as well as the fact that the MV does not contain a single image of his face! I just love this song. And the lyrics is rather romantic as well. I think you can find this in his album 5 Nen Mono. Also a single realeased in 2004 as well as a themesong for a dorama, Wakaba which I have never seen before.

14.11.2009 - My favourite of all song after repeated listening. Great great song. How come this is not considered top 5 of his I wonder?

Translated lyrics, Kanji and Romaji versions all taken from And album version after Read More link.


From 15th Anniversary concert in 2005 I think. Beautiful! Because this IS a beautiful song. In fact it is quite a work of genius, melody wise.

Don't cry, come here
I'll embrace everything about you

Don't be scared of being alone
It hinders your heart

I want to understand your sadness
I want to send you my warmth

Don't cry, look at me
Tell me in your true words

Forget about the things you've lost
As I thought, your true smile is wonderful

Don't mistake this kindness
I want to share happiness with you

You're here, and with that I can be strong
I'm here, I'll show you that I'll always protect you

We can start over, no matter how many times
Don't question your dreams, which are important

You're here, and with that I can give it my all
When I'm with you, I can go on living no matter what tomorrow is like

Don't cry, come here
I'll embrace everything about you

Let's talk a lot tomorrow
That's right, just like I thought, I love your smile
Hey, smile

naitari shinai de kocchi e oide yo
anata no zenbu wo dakishimeru yo

hitori bocchi de obietari shinai de
anata no kokoro ni sawatte iru kara

kanashimi wo wakaritai n da
nukumori wo todoketai n da

naitari shinai de kocchi wo muite yo
hontou no kotoba de hanasou yo

nakushita mono nante mou wasure na yo
yappari hontou no egao ga ii yo ne

yasashi sa wo machigae nai de
shiawase wo wake aitai n da

anata ga iru sore dake de tsuyoku nareru yo
boku ga iru yo donna toki datte mamotte miseru

yari naoseru nando datte
taisetsu na yume wo utagawanai de

anata ga iru sore dake de ganbareru n da yo
anata to nara donna ashita demo ikite yukeru

naitari shinai de kocchi e oide yo
anata no zenbu wo dakishimeru yo

ashita no hanashi wo takusan shiyou yo
sou yappari anata no egao ga daisuki
nee waratte

あなたのぜんぶを 抱きしめるよ

あなたの心に さわっているから

悲しみを わかりたいんだ
ぬくもりを 届けたいんだ

本当の言葉で 話そうよ

失くしたものなんて もう忘れなよ
やっぱり本当の笑顔が いいよね

やさしさを 間違えないで
幸せを わけ合いたいんだ

あなたがいる それだけで強くなれるよ
僕がいるよ どんな時だって守ってみせる

やりなおせる 何度だって
大切な夢を 疑わないで

あなたがいる それだけで頑張れるんだよ
あなたとなら どんなあしたでも生きてゆける

あなたのぜんぶを 抱きしめるよ

あしたの話を たくさんしようよ
そう やっぱりあなたの笑顔が大好き
ねぇ 笑って


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