Sou~new love new world [Imagine~new love new world] ~LYRICS~

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Frankly I am not keen with the music video. Maybe just too much white colour. Which is why I am posting the live version. But looks and songs wise, no complaints. Sou is imagine..and I shall!! Since you can't find the following Kanji, Romaji and English translation anywhere I decided to copy and paste all 3 versions for your convenience. All translated by Eureka 101 from the MashaPlus(dot)Info Forums, the link is at the bottom of this blog. The Kanji and Romaji versions also taken from there. You will find this song in his album, Zankyo.

It’s the beginning of infinite possibilities when two intelligences and two instinct tie together.
When two fates and two blood mix together, the ultimate pleasure begins.

The truth of the basic of all lives (/ shapes) has kept this planet together.
On a genetic level, at the atomic level, the key to evolution is LOVE.

Will you take me to the most beautiful place, the world that does not exist?
To the end of pleasure at the other side.
Our new souls will overcome any theoretic Love.
This is the time to start the journey.
The destination is only one. Imagine

Full freedom begins when all orders and all chaos melt together.
With the river of passion and the sea of desire, let’s concrete this impulse.
In this planet, we are just a pair of animals.

Have no fear, as it was permitted to be crazy,
Let’s go to the top at the other side.
Naked new souls have been liberated from any calculated plans.
It's time for awakening.
At the time to go, we will be together. Imagine.

Will you take me to the most beautiful place, the world that does not exist?
To the far end of pleasure.
Our new love will overcome any theoretic Love.
This is the time to start the journey.
The destination is only one. Imagine. Imagine.

Mugen no kanousei hajimaru
Futatsu no chinou to futatsu no honnou ga
Tsunagari tsunagaru

Kyuukyoku no yorokobi ga hajimaru
Futatsuno chishio to futatsu no unmei ga
Mazari mazari au

Subete no katachi no kiso no shinjitsu ga
Kono hoshi wo tsunaide kitanda
Genshi reberu de Idenshi reberu de
Hoshigaru shinka no kagi Ai

“Dokomademo utsukushikute Dokonimo nai sekai” no koto
Tsuretette kurenaika
Kairaku no hate sonomukou he

Kijou no kuuronteki ai wo oikoshiteike
Bokurano new soul
Tabidachi no toki ha ima
Ikisaki ha hitotsusa Sou

Kanzennaru jiyuuga hajimaru
Arayuru chitsujo to arayuru muchitsujo ga
Tokeru tokeau

Kono shoudou wo katachi ni shiyou
Jounetsu no kawa yokubou no umi de
Bokura mo mata konohoshideha
Tada hitokumi no dobutsu dayo

Konnanimo kuruoshikute
Mou konnanimo yurusareteiku
Osorenante iranaisa
Zetchou no hate Sonomukou he

Keisanjou no kouzu kara Tokihanaretareta
Hadaka no new soul
Kakusei no toki ga kita
Ikutoki ha isshousa


“Dokomademo utsukushikute Dokonimo nai sekai” no koto
Tsuretette kurenaika
Kairaku no hate sonomukou he
Ki jou no kuuronteki ai wo Oikoshiteike
Bokurano new love
Tabidachi no toki ha ima
Ikisaki ha hitotsusa



無限の可能性 はじまる
2つの知能と 2つの本能が
繋がり 繋がる
究極の喜びが はじまる
2つの血潮と 2つの運命が
混ざり 混ざり合う

全て形の基礎の真実が この惑星を繋いできたんだ
原子レベルで 遺伝子レベルで
欲しがる 進化の鍵 愛

「どこまでも美しくて どこにもない世界」のこと
連れてって くれないか?
快楽の果て その向こうへ
机上の空論的愛を 追い越して行け
僕らのnew soul
行き先は ひとつさ 想

完全なる自由が はじまる
あらゆる秩序と あらゆる無秩序が
溶ける 溶け合う
情熱の川 欲望の海で
僕らもまた この惑星では
ただ 一組の動物 だよ

こんなにも狂おしくて もうこんなにも許されていく
恐れなんて いらないさ
絶頂の果て その向こうへ
計算上の構図から 解き放たれた
裸のnew soul
行く時は 一緒さ 想

「どこまでも美しくて どこにもない世界」のこと
快楽の果て その向こうへ
机上の空論的愛を 追い越して行け
僕らのnew love
行き先は ひとつさ 想 想 …


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