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Thanks to River for finding these beautiful scans, they're were originally from this blog and they're scans from the Malaysian entertainment magazine, epop [Feb 2011 issue]. The article was originally in Malay and since I finally could read the news for myself without any translation, the following is my rather direct translation of the article on the report of the Daikanshasai 2010 on 29.12.2010 attended by one of epop's reporter.

Before you read the translation, please do take note the title says Saiko! may be Malay or Japanese in origin and if it is Japanese in origin, Izumisano was kind enough to explain perhaps it means 最高 which is equivalent to "supreme, best, highest" and all these just translates to The Awesome Fukuyama Masaharu which I chose it as my translated title. Alternatively River says it may be Malay in origin which comes from the word "Psycho" which may refer to the writer himself/herself. It just means "Excited" or it could mean "psyched". Which all translates to in my opinion, AWESOMENESS. I think I will leave the title as it is.

As you read the article please be rest assured I did not insert any factual mistake. I will explain why I think this is a beautifully presented article but in the end a very badly written one.

Original full sized scans is available at the original uploader's blog and scan 1 is here and scan 2 is here.

Translation and comments after Read More link.

Feel free to repost

Scan no. 1
Fukuyama Fuyu no Daikanshasai Sono 10
The Awesome Fukuyama Masaharu! **

Date : 29.12.2010 (Wednesday)
Time : 6.30pm
Venue : Pacifico Yokohama, Japan
Activity : Fukuyama Fuyu no Daikanshasai Sono 10

epop was invited to attend the concert, Fukuyama Fuyu no Daikanshasai Sono 10 held at Pacifico Yokohoma, Japan. This concert was very meaningful as it was held  in appreciation of the support and love of the fans towards Fukuyama Masaharu since his debut 10 years ago. Before the concert started, a meet the fans session known as "Meet and Greet Fukuyama Masaharu" was held. As soon as he appeared, Fukuyama Masaharu shook hands and chatted warmly with every reporter in attendance. Fukuyama Masaharu's friendliness has left a deep favourable impression on the attendees.

Many fans had lined up outside Pacifico very much earlier in the day, paying little attention to the very cold weather. Through votes, about a million fans who bought the original album were chosen to attend the concert (Fukuyama Fuyu no Daikanshasai Sono 10). According to the Japanese media, the sponsor of the concert has received as many as 100,000 enquiries from fans. These fans have voiced their wish to attend the said concert. However, only 40,000 were eventually chosen to attend a series of concerts which were held over a period of 4 days. Because of their deep desire to attend Fukuyama Masaharu's concert, many fans were seen holding banners with the message "I want to buy the ticket" written on it in front of Pacifico.

Sharp at 6.30pm, the stadium's seats were filled with the fans that came to watch the concert. Fukuyama Masaharu then appeared on the stage holding a guitar. Within seconds, the entire stadium was filled with cheers and screams of fellow fans. When the first note was strummed,  a million fans were dancing by moving their bodies. The stage with was designed to face all 4 sides made it easier for Fukuyama Masaharu to give his attention to his fans surrounding him. The concert was then divided into a few segments. In each segment, Fukuyama Masaharu would sing facing a different side to maintain a close interaction with fans.

Scan No. 2

When Fukuyama Masaharu was singing, there were TV screens located in the middle and by the side of the stage which were showing videos to encourage the fans to wave their hands or move their bodies to the sound of the music. The most touching scene was when every fan of various ages was standing and waving his or her hands in unison with the music as a mark of support for Fukuyama Masaharu.

At the concert, many fans indicated they came from various states in Japan. This fact moved Fukuyama Masaharu and he shouted out the name of every state in Japan one by one. The fans clapped their hands when they heard Fukuyama Masaharu shouted out the place they were from. When one fan replied he/she was from Okinawa, Fukuyama Masaharu put on a very shocked expression on his face as he asked "Really?"

A video clip starring Fukuyama Masaharu in a drama series in the year 2010 with the title Ryomaden was then shown on the TV screens. This video tells the story how Fukuyama Masaharu garnered more attention since acting in the drama Ryomaden. Although Ryomaden was a serious drama series, this video after some editing and addition of comedic elements caused the fans to laugh out loud.

Besides that, Fukuyama Masaharu stood mesmerizing the crowd, wearing a Kimono (a Japanese traditional costume) on stage.Originally, the fans thought Fukuyama Masaharu was being serious in his performance when all of a sudden he turned with his back facing the fans and revealed his fake "buttocks". Immediately, this hilarious action caused a great many laughter amongst his fans. After that,  he thanked his fans who had supported him in his acting in dramas all these while.

Looking back at the year 2010, Fukuyama Masaharu revealed he was very happy because his acting in the drama Ryoma Den received great support from the viewers. "Maybe not many know what is so attractive about me but I can tell you that it is my handsome face". Immediately after he finished this sentence, he laughed uncontrollably as he said "I was just kidding!". Fukuyama Masaharu's humorous banter caused the fans to laugh very hard. And then he asked "What do I wish for the most now?" and Fukuyama Masaharu's expression turned serious as he said in earnest "You (My fans) are my all"

The entire concert showcased the charisma of Fukuyama Masaharu in various aspects. In the concert, Fukuyama Masaharu has demonstrated his ability to sing whilst playing the guitar and electric guitar. When he was singing, Fukuyama Masaharu was also running around the stage whilst shouting "Yo  Yokohama! Come on, Yokohama". His passion has successfully created a warm atmosphere in his concert on the 29th of December.

I appreciate our local media publishing perhaps the best looking report on the concert BUT the factual mistakes are staggering. You can see from the ones I marked *. Some I have blogged about before from a previous I am not sure Singaporean or Taiwanese report and I believe the similarities are staggering. I wish to make certain facts clear;

- the fans who were there did not get some golden ticket from buying The Best Bang!! album. It was an actual concert where fans had to purchase the ticket

-.most fans who were there probably got their tickets from the BROS ballot/lottery which isn't the same as saying they were chosen from 1 million fans since BROS has on paper more than 1 million members. These BROS members also paid for the tickets in full

- I wish he did sing Peach!! wearing a kimono and if he had I will be the first to shout it out in my blog but I've never read him wearing Kimono singing Peach!! not on any day. I however stand to be corrected on this since I am sure for 1st and last day but not anywhere in between but my heart tells me this is rubbish

- 1 million fans in the stadium? Pacifico Yokohama would have exploded! Or the toilets would be in terrible state.

- The video Ryoma-Den wasn't about his involvement in Ryoma-Den but about him and what he did for that 1 year, most of them dominated by Ryoma-Den. It was called Masaharu-Den 2010 by the way.

- The quotes were correct from what I read from various reports

The song list is missing, facts wrong... even with nice presentation, this article is just so so so wrong.

All I can say is for a more accurate description on the concert, read the fans' report here and here as well as check out my Daikanshasai 2010 post here which also contains some bad reporting by some reporters. Which is why my letter to Masha here is even more relevant in light of the shoddy work presented in this article. It is supposed to be Feb 2011 issue? Concert was in December 2010 and it took them 2 months to publish this and in 2 months no one bothered to just google the facts? Well next time maybe someone should just say "ahem! check out All About Masha" because I tell you, I wasn't there, I can't speak Japanese and I can still describe accurately to you what went on than what the reporter who was there could.

I hang my head in shame on behalf of my countrymen.

However, the graphics is excellent.


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