[NEWS] Asian Media reviews Daikanshasai 2010

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UPDATES - 05.01.2011
Added more Asian media reports, this time from HK and again thanks to HK for fixing his schedule for him eh? Look, it is not certain but I myself have been speculating that much. AND for writing the most misinformed line about the tickets to the concert! Let me reiterate what I wrote there; you don't need to accumulate any points. It is a ticket lottery system where you must enter your name if you want a ticket with a few options on which show to go for, but only for members up to a cutoff point (which is usually from inception to months prior to lottery since they do need a certain list of names in that lottery) and yes you do need to pay for the ticket because it is not a free concert! And yes a majority of the ticket is for members, that's true. I wonder how Asia Tour tickets will be distributed in the lottery? Will BROS finally ask "Anyone not from Japan here? Enter your forms now!" sort of thing?


Thanks to Slyduck for the scans and the translation where she said;

Hey funn, hope for you! The paper specifically mentioned that UMG invited S'pore, M'asia, Thailand, TW, HK and Korea press. And the article is quite illuminating! Apparently he 'shoots' a different concert merchandise a day, like on that day it was concert tees. People who get them are so lucky!

Really? So my this [02.01.2011 post], this and this all are coming true?

Oh please let me make it in time for lottery draw or maybe foreign fans will have a different system? MASHA! MALAYSIA! BUKIT JALIL! CAN FIT A LOT OF PEOPLE!

Die lar if he chooses that KLCC Philharmonic hall.

The translation and scans after Read More link

Sources are Oriental Daily and Apple Daily. Translated by Izumisano.

According to the apple daily, he met with HK media backstage before the concert and shook hands with each of the 30 or more reporters there. When they (apple daily) expressed their wishes for him to come to Hong Kong for a show, he said very simply: "Yes, for sure!", giving the HK fans a great New Year gift. The article says not everyone could get a ticket to the Yokohama concerts, it was mostly for fanclub members who have accumulated a certain level of "points" (this is wrong! it is through lottery for members up until a cut off point! - Funn), but they still had to pay 8,000 yen (about HKD720) for each ticket. And all the 4 shows were sold out to over 40,000 fans. He started the show with "HEY!", and all the fans just stood up dancing and screaming. Playing the guitar to his own song, he said "I had to put my music aside because of Ryomaden last year, now on stage again after 1 and a half years, I'll give it my all."

It goes on to talk about the things he does on stage; his fans who are mainly women in their 30's and 40's;  the fake ass during Peach imitating Kuwata Keisuke's rump flash; the message written on it "Best Wishes to Kuwata Keisuke's participation in the Kouhaku" and his congratulations to Kuwata's full recovery, explaining their close friendship. (Iz: Too much emphasis on how he gets his women fans in a frenzy and not a single word about the men and kids there unfortunately.) It finishes with a comment on the spetacular experience of the audience singing "Ode to Joy" together, and the towel moves.

The oriental daily gives a much more comprehensive and objective recount. There are additional pictures of goodies  and Hot Spots (the comment says he went to Brazil to film a documentary for NHK last month), as well as a comment that he plays the guitar himself in the concerts, showing his accomplished skills. Again it mentions "Hey!", the fake ass and the writing on it, but also "Hotaru", "Tsuioku no Ame no Naka", "Hatsukoi" amongst the 20 odd songs performed within the 3 hours. She calls "Gang" and "Heaven" as showing different sides of his charm and mentions him shooting concert goodies to the audience; throwing water cups; the female dances and his "moves".

The article praises the effort put into the concert, that not only did they produce a short film to thank the audience's support, they also asked his Ryomaden co-star Kagawa Teruyuki give a fun narration on the recount of his past year's work. He sang the ending song for "Galileo"(but she didn't mention the name of the song) and ended the concert with "Michishirube".

The immensely popular Fukuyama had fans coming from all over Japan and even Britain. (Iz: When he asked about kaigai fans, the screen showed 2 people holding the British flag.) Because it was very hard to get tickets, there were some who had gone to the venue to try their luck that day, and many more who were braving the cold to queue up hours earlier for the concert pamphlet, t-shirts and other goodies.

Both speculated on the Hong Kong show at the end of the year, but didn't quote anyone.

Anyway, the translation and very exciting read! From Singapore e-paper. Local Malaysian press called China Press also reported on the event but like all Malaysian news, we always quote from somewhere else. I wonder WHICH Malaysian press? So far no news from English papers. Full sized scan in PDF format for the following 2 scans can be downloaded from here and here or read the free Chinese newspaper here (page B13).

Further, Izumisano added "It said UMG had invited 30 reporters from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Korea over for the 28.12.2010 concert". No China?

Busy with the filming of taiga 'Ryoma Den' for the past one and a half years, Japanese 'heavenly status' singer Fukuyama Masaharu had four end-of-year concerts last week to 'diva-ishly' declare his return to the music scene. He not only 'exposed' his 'butt' and touched himself, causing the largely female audience to go crazy.

The concert, named as 'Fukuyama Daikanshasai', happened last Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at Pacifico Yokohama in Yokohama, Japan.

Last Tuesday, Fukuyama Masaharu's record company invited about 30 reporters from 6 countries: Singapore, Malaysia, HK, Taiwan, Korea and Thailand to watch the concert, and held a simple press conference in the afternoon on that day. Fukuyama Masaharu thanked the press in person.

He also revealed to the local press that he had transited at Singapore before, and later we understood from his manager that Fukuyama Masaharu was returning to Japan from Europe when he passed by Singapore and was even recognised by fans at Changi Airport, which was a pleasant surprise for him.

Although the concert only started at 6.30pm, even at 2pm there were fans braving the 10 degrees cold weather to queue outside.

From our understanding, Fukuyama Masaharu's concert tickets are difficult to obtain, the 40,000 tickets from the 4 days were sought after by 200,000 people online.

The stage has a T-shaped extended platform and 9 elevator-platoforms. At the back of the stage there were audience seated as well, called 'stage back' by Fukuyama Masaharu.

The concert lasted for more than 3hrs and was a testiment of Fukuyama Masaharu's high status in the Japanese audience's hearts. The opening song 'Hey' had the whole audience standing throughout, doing the synchronised finger-pointing action.

Later there was the towel flinging action, and although most of the audience were holding Fukuyama Masaharu's best album 'The Best Bang!!''s new towel, he still nicely (for lack of a better word oops) said 'If you are still using last year's towel, it's okay!'

While performing 'Peach!!', Fukuyama Masaharu and the backup singers all donned G-strings and 'exposed' their 'butts'; Fukuyama Masaharu's 'butt' even had the words 'Congrats to Kuwata Keisuke for performing on Kouhaku!'

Actually they are merely fake 'butts', because butts and peaches look similar from the outside, hence Fukuyama Masaharu wears it during this song for effect.

The concert also has interactive components, including 'shooting' concert merchandise to the audience. Apparently the merchandise differs each night, last Tuesday it was T-shirt.

While singing Tsuioku No Ame No Naka, he even threw cups of water down the stage, making the audience wet. Apparently this is Fukuyama Masaharu's signature move and is immensely popular especially duing summer outdoor concerts.

Although it was winter, and indoors, the action still heated up the atmosphere and everyone was fighting to get the cups thrown by Fukuyama Masaharu.

And more, translated by Szeying ...

- During the funny clips that he shown to the audience, he say that exposing himself is to "service" the audience!
- He say this at the end of the clip. He say that I have been focusing on advertisement and filming for the past 1 and 1/2 year and
I know that the fans are waiting for me
- He also say that he feels special standing on the stage as today is the first time he participated in a music event after 1 year or more.
He will challenge his limits and maintain his energy till the end in order reward everyone

Additional note: The Best Bang!!! will be on sales in Singapore on Feb 23rd

Huh? Selling THE BEST BANG!! in Singapore? Can you imagine the price? Maybe now we can have some English translation? Or just wholesale from Japan? Then that would count as import CD which will be very expensive. Want my prediction? Sales won't be good though but at least this is  Masha's first step to conquer the rest of Asia. This is positive stuff. Ermm.. what about Malaysia?


izumisano said...

Talking about wrong facts, out of the 6 or 7 press reviews (Taiwan, Singapore, HK) we've seen so far on this, I've only found 1 report which was entirely spot-on, to the best I know. Some have quoted The Best Bang!! as having moved 1 million copies in sales, assumed outrageous earnings from this concert, or even mistaken the long line for goods before the show as queuing for tickets. Granted the members' lottery needs some explanation and is not info that we can just find on the web, I guess it's time the media does some homework, now that he'll be appearing more on the foreign Music section, rather than tabloid marriage news.

BTW, to be more specific, the lottery is usually open to all members whose names are on the roster as of the month before the announcement, exact date to be confirmed each time. So anyone who would like an easier way of going to his concerts, should really consider joining BROS soon.

Funn Lim said...

Yeah I was a bit surprised with the 1 million copies sold and since I didn't quite follow the sale, didn't have much comment. I think the foreign music section news and all is just for the moment. When they run out of things to print on the concert, they will go back to not reporting at all. Not sure about HK papers but is k-pop given more prominence than J-pop?

izumisano said...

Tabloid news given more prominence to serious music news anytime in the media here, doesn;t matter whether jpop, kpop, western.....

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