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I am, as I am writing this, looking at the beautiful Daikanshasai 2010 concert pamphlet box which was in a plastic cover. No, I didn't go to the concert, can't afford the trip but a dear friend was kind enough to take orders and I thought why not just get the concert pamphlet which is 3000 yen by the way, not cheap and comes with a tote bag. Wanted the handphone dangling thing but it was sold out! The heavy box arrived and I was sorta reluctant to open it because it was just so nicely packed. But I opened it, very confused where to open it and finally did, very carefully removing the wraparound white paper, then carefully removed the black lid box (engraved on it is golden letters of the concert's title in full  - what a long title!) and inside on top is a glossy magazine type photobook. Mostly recaps on his past concerts, goods and such but the first image when I opened the book had me captivated. Masha, with his guitar, in mid jump, shouting. That sort of pose I always love seeing him in. Looked more and more and I just wish I have a scanner because these images must be shared. But scanning is a problem since the book is very well bound so to speak. The last page is Masha and his autograph. I consider that mission accomplished. You do notice my To Do List at the bottom of this blog? I think I can cross out 2 of those already, The photos are beautiful, the paper quality is thick and high quality. I emphasise on thick because that's how photobook should be like. To call this a concert pamphlet do no justice to the quality. It is in itself a photobook, a glossy one at that and I do think the paper quality is better than Ryoma-Den Photobook 2 and why not? Just that few pages, 3000 yen!!! But was it worth it? Then I saw at the bottom layer, the tote bag, light brown. I don't think I will ever use it. I removed it, from the box but not from the plastic cover and then put it back in. How can I use it? So nicely packed! The bag is very good quality. Overall whether it is worth the price depends on who you're asking. A fan would say YES! and a non-fan will say NOT QUITE! I just hate how the Japanese are so good at presentation, I just don't feel like opening the box ever because don't want to ruin it. I just took a peek just now, packed all things back in and put it in the cupboard. Kinda defeat the purpose of buying it but I am just very happy holding it and remembering the first picture that greeted me.

To those who has the concert pamphlet (for want of better name, it should not be called that!), how did you feel when you had to go through so many layers before you could open the booklet itself? Was it like unwrapping the single most important document of your life, or at least at that moment in time?

So all these ramblings leads to a promise to myself which involves pestering others and being quite a burden. I am still doubtful if I can ever afford to go see his concert in a foreign land not nearby or whether I can ever get his tickets so that I myself can buy these pamphlets myself but if I can't, I promise myself for every year of  his concert hereafter, I shall at least try to get my hands on the concert pamphlet. He has one in every concert and if it means begging, well, I am not above begging.

Anyway, to the friend who shall remain nameless so that she won't be beseiged with requests the next time she does go to his concert to the point she will have to create an online form for taking orders, who helped me to buy that pamphlet and who took the time and effort to carry all that back home and then post them out without first asking for a deposit (I myself will definitely ask for a deposit and yes I am a cheapskate!) and has yet to ask me for her money back by the way (!), thank you for your help. Holding the box is almost the same as being there buying it myself. I hope to one day not impose on others to get my hands on these which means by then I can and could attend his concert myself but meanwhile, for the times I can't, I could only hope I could find an obliging friend to assist me, as this very obliging friend did.

Thank you very much.


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