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I feel this little snippet which is actually quite a huge snippet merits a post on its own. Previously posted in ANN/TFM post [see post dated 22.01.2011], I wrote;

Izumisano explains what's so special about tonight's show;

For anyone interested, today's show was all about the Great Hanshin earthquake (aka Kobe earthquake) of 17.01.1995, 16 years ago. Masha also talked about it in that Music Fair 21 show we looked at a few days ago, before he sang Naitari Shinaide .If I remember correctly, the ANN request last year same time was specially recorded in a studio in memory of the Earthquake as well. masha was in osaka at that time and experienced this earthquake"

Naturally I was curious about this little snippet and also on the fact that there's still another aspect of Masha I never knew so I asked and Mashamasha responded on the connection of Masha and the date, 17.01.1995 and Mashamasha provided a very startling revelation, all after Read More link.

yes, he did mention it last night, actually in ANN every year near 17 Jan. The official name of this earthquake is Hanshin earthquake, Han here refers to Osaka. Compared with Kobe, the destruction to Osaka was less serious, but masha still experienced that when he was in osaka on that day.

He said he had drinking with the staff after work till midnight on that day. When they were on the way back to hotel, they felt the shake but at that time they did not realise it's earthquake. When they returned to hotel, Ichige-san (amuse's management) who did not join the drinking told them what had happened, and she was very nervous. Masha said he took out beer from the refrigerator to calm her down, but she scolded at him angrily and said it's not the right time to have drink.

Since the fans knew masha was in osaka, they were all very worried about his safety. Right after he was back to Tokyo and did the ANN in that week, masha started the ANN request song section, as he said, that's the thing he could do to give some encouragement and cheer to those people suffering from the earthquake.

Maybe because masha himself experienced this earthquake, he is still doing earthquake special in ANN even after all these years. Every year near 17 Jan, he would talk about this earthquake and this year he invited the two guests who have drama which is about this earthquake.

Some fans who have experienced this earthquake left posts in 2ch and said they really appreciated masha for doing this because in recent years, while even the local news do not have much coverage on this earthquake and people seems to be forgetting about it, masha is still doing the special as a memorial to this incident.

First of, I believe he meant well with the offering of beer since alcohol calms people down in times of panic but I can't blame her for panicking since they must have felt pretty shook up. Looking at pictures of what happened to Kobe, Osaka must have also been hit quite badly but of course, not directly. I don't recall a high number of casualties but reading Wikipedia, it was high, an estimated 6434, mostly from Kobe and I remember thinking if this was in China or India, the number would be hundreds of thousands. I remember the news of the flattened buildings and toppled highways if I remember correctly. Frankly until I read about the original snippet by Izumisano, I myself have forgotten about this. Much like the Tsunami tragedy that happened the day after Christmas in 2004 or 911 or WWII and "race killings", I suppose lack of memory numbs the pain of loss but some things must remain in the memory so that it never happens again. For me the distinction between natural disasters and man made disasters is you can't avoid natural disasters, but you can minimise the effect and thereafter remember those who perished in a yearly memorial, after all the perished were someone's loved ones. You can see the strong shake here. Secondly, now I know how ANN request song came about.

This is quite an interesting snippet. I understand why the press did less coverage on that now but one memory stuck with me all these years about the Kobe earthquake; the fact that there was not one report of looting and everyone lined up to accept aid as I recalled, unlike the LA riots. And also the no show by the Imperial family during the earlier hours or rather days of the earthquake which was odd and discouraging and to me a generally bad move.


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